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Topic: Fermilab

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  Fermilab's Importance
Fermilab is the home of the world's highest-energy accelerator and helps maintain our nation at the forefront of science and technology.
In short, Fermilab is a world-class research facility, an important contributor to the local economy, and the largest public park in the area.
Fermilab has told us that this route would have as bad an effect on their experiments as the route through lab property.
www.concentric.net /~lgard322/fermiimp.htm   (700 words)

  Sloan Digital Sky Survey
Fermilab is recognized worldwide as a center of study which ties together particle physics, astrophysics, and cosmology, the study of the origin and evolution of the universe.
Fermilab's contributions also include the monitor telescope pipeline, the pipeline for selection of candidates for spectroscopy, data simulations for testing the pipelines, and the database to be used for operations, as well as bringing the pipelines together into a working system.
Fermilab is also involved with quasar target selection and the overall strategy for running the Survey.
www.sdss.org /tour/fnal.html   (279 words)

  Fermilab - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (Fermilab), located in Batavia near Chicago, Illinois, (Google Sat Map) is a U.S. Department of Energy national laboratory specializing in high-energy particle physics, operated for the Department of Energy by the Universities Research Association (URA).
Fermilab's Tevatron is a landmark particle accelerator; in fact, at six kilometers in circumference, it is the world's highest energy particle accelerator.
The MINOS experiment uses Fermilab's NuMI (Neutrinos at the Main Injector) beam, which is an intense beam of neutrinos that travels 735km through the Earth to the Soudan Mine in Minnesota.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Fermilab   (1350 words)

 NREL: Regulatory Support - Fermilab on Target for 20% Reduction in Motor Vehicles' Fossil Fuel Use by FY 2005
Fermilab on Target for 20% Reduction in Motor Vehicles' Fossil Fuel Use by FY 2005
In FY '99, Fermilab vehicles used 100,578 gallons of gasoline and 28,166 gallons of diesel fuel.
Fermilab is a U.S. Department of Energy/Office of Science national laboratory, operated under contract by Universities Research Association, Inc.
www.nrel.gov /vehiclesandfuels/reg_support/archives_fermilab.html   (462 words)

 The Why Files | 2. Makin' 'trinos
Fermilab's neutrino-maker is expected to outstrip the K2K project in Japan, which sent a neutrino beam to a detector at Super-Kamiokande, producing the first confirmation of neutrino oscillation.
Fermilab's large neutrino gun gives it a better shot at solving the 50-year-old neutrino accounting problem, and pinning down neutrino mass.
According to Fermilab physicist Gina Rameika, head of Fermilab's neutrino detector, the larger number of neutrinos at Fermi, combined with the long distance to the detector, should double the accuracy of the mass estimate.
whyfiles.org /217neutrino/index.php?g=2.txt   (1020 words)

 Universities Research Association, Inc.
Fermilab currently provides research facilities for nearly 3,000 particle physicists and their students, from 259 institutions in 37 states (plus the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico) and 31 foreign countries.
Fermilab is moving ahead in its collaborations in non-accelerator projects at the forefront of research in astrophysics: the Cryogenic Dark Matter Search; the Pierre Auger (Cosmic Ray) Observatory Project; and the Sloan Digital Sky Survey.
Fermilab is studying the design of a remote LHC operations center, located at the Laboratory, to serve both LARP and LPC.
www.ura-hq.org /reports/report_2005/fermilab.html   (3887 words)

 Neutrino Measurement Surprises Fermilab Physicists | SpaceRef - Your Space Reference
Experimenters at Fermilab's NuTeV (Neutrinos at the Tevatron) experiment measured the ratio of two types of particles-neutrinos and muons-emerging from high-energy collisions of neutrinos with target nuclei.
The collaboration included physicists from the University of Cincinnati, Columbia University, Fermilab, Kansas State University, Northwestern University, the University of Oregon, the University of Pittsburgh and the University of Rochester.
Fermilab is operated by Universities Research Association, Inc. under a contract with the U.S. Department of Energy.
www.spaceref.com /news/viewpr.html?pid=6539   (1342 words)

 Fermilab Summary
Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (Fermilab), located in Batavia near Chicago, Illinois, (Google Sat Map) is a U.S. Department of Energy national laboratory specializing in high-energy particle physics, operated for the Department of Energy by the Universities Research Association (URA).
Fermilab's Tevatron is a landmark particle accelerator; in fact, at four miles in circumference, it is the world's highest energy particle accelerator.
In the public realm, Fermilab is host to many cultural events, not only public science lectures and symposiums, but classical and contemporary music concerts and arts galleries, when the Homeland Security Advisory System permits.
www.bookrags.com /Fermilab   (1355 words)

 Factory Tours USA
Fermilab, originally named the National Accelerator Laboratory, was commissioned by the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission, under a bill signed by President Lyndon B. Johnson on November 21, 1967.
Fermilab has added the two-mile Main Injector accelerator to increase the number of proton-antiproton collisions in the Tevatron, greatly enhancing the chances for important discoveries in Run II.
Among Wilson's early imprints on the lab was the establishment of a herd of American bison, symbolizing the Fermilab's presence on the frontiers of high-energy physics, and the connection to its prairie origins.
factorytoursusa.com /TourDetails.asp?TourID=426&State=IL&Search=&CategoryID=   (479 words)

 Fermilab Prairie - Classic Prairie Restorations
Fermilab services manager Bob Lootens, a Kane County native whose family had farmed a portion of the Fermilab property before it was acquired by the government, was one of the skeptics.
By inspiring the enthusiasm of Fermilab crew leaders Bob Lootens and Mike Becker — who in turn have inspired their crew members to become excellent restorers and naturalists — Dr. Betz unleashed, among other things, plenty of mechanical creativity.
Because restoration undertaken on foot is largely impractical over such a large an area, the Fermilab crew tinkered with existing agricultural equipment — everything from combines and seed drills to seed-sorting mills and the "cultipackers" that tamp down disked and sown soil.
chicagowildernessmag.org /issues/summer2000/fermilab.html   (959 words)

 Fermilab results improve estimate of Higgs particle mass
In particular, the masses of the top quark, discovered at Fermilab in 1995, and the W boson together constrain the mass of the Higgs.
Fermilab Director Michael Witherell noted that DZero's result does not end the story of precision measurements of the top quark mass.
Fermilab is a national laboratory funded by the Office of Science of the U.S. Department of Energy, operated by Universities Research Association Inc. For a list of DZero member institutions, go to http://www-d0.fnal.gov/collaboration/.
newsinfo.iu.edu /news/page/normal/1506.html   (838 words)

This is a year earlier than most of the DOE complex, and apparently stemmed from the Labís designation as a ìpilot.î Activities include routine waste collection, storage, and disposal as well as the evaluation and clean up of contaminated soil around the site.
Fermilab has no significant ESandH risks that will not be adequately addressed at the requested bugdet level.
Fermilab's projected total operating dollar budget from High Energy Physics (HEP) funds for FY97 through FY03 based on the FY98 Congressional Budget Request and the guidance in the FY99 Unified Field Budget Call is as follows:
www-esh.fnal.gov /FISMP/Appendix_C.htm   (980 words)

 NIU launches Institute for Neutron Therapy at Fermilab   (Site not responding. Last check: )
“Fermilab is recognized as a pioneer in the field of neutron therapy.
Neutron therapy was a natural extension for Fermilab; the world’s premier high energy physics laboratory, funded by the DOE’s Office of Science, was one of the few places with the necessary technology.
While the facility at Fermilab in the past drew patients from across the country and around the world, Diaz said the institute will work to strengthen its ties to the northern Illinois region and neighboring states.
www.niu.edu /PubAffairs/RELEASES/2004/dec/neutrons/INT.shtml   (1300 words)

In 1974, NAL was dedicated and renamed the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (Fermilab).
During his administration, Fermilab played a critical role in the computing project that gave birth to the World Wide Web.
Michael Witherell became director of Fermilab in 1999, taking the helm of an enterprise with a $300 million budget and over 2,000 employees.
www.encyclopedia.chicagohistory.org /pages/446.html   (457 words)

 Fermilab Community Home
Fermilab will use these recommendations to develop a comprehensive policy for public participation, incorporating community desires and concerns to the maximum extent possible.
Fermilab's Community Task on Public Participation is supported in part by the Illinois Consortium on Accelerator Research.
ICAR's five member universities seek to ensure that Fermilab continues as a vital force in the forefront of international high-energy physics and an engine for scientific, economic and educational progress in Illinois.
www.fermilabcommunity.org /index.html   (198 words)

 NIU to assist Fermilab in planning for its future by Tom Parisi   (Site not responding. Last check: )
"Fermilab is the crown jewel of the nation's advanced physics research program and a main element in our drive to make Illinois a leader in high technology," Ryan said.
The team of universities working on the Fermilab project is led by the Illinois Institute of Technology and also includes the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Northwestern University and the University of Chicago.
The Tevatron Collider at Fermilab is the highest energy research tool in the world, and Fermilab is the major high-energy physics facility in the United States.
www.niu.edu /pubaffairs/NT/2000/oct2/Fermilab.html   (588 words)

 CERN Courier - Fermilab turns up the heat o - IOP Publishing - article
The Fermilab recirculation system is unique in sustaining such a high current with so little loss at an energy that is significantly more than a few hundred kilo-electron-volts.
The Fermilab group plans to increase the beam energy to 4.3 MeV and the current to more than 1 A. So far, they have attained a 750 mA current for short periods of time.
This will enable the Fermilab team to study the electron beam carefully in the environment of the cooling section, determining the exact beam energy and the size of the high-current beam.
cerncourier.com /main/article/42/5/14   (1352 words)

 U.S. seeks bids on managing Fermilab, Argonne
West suburban Fermilab, the world leader in subatomic physics, is about to get new management as it faces a critical crossroads.
Since it began in 1967, Fermilab has been managed by a consortium of universities for the federal government, which pays the bills.
At Fermilab, subatomic particles are accelerated around a four-mile track and smashed together.
www.suntimes.com /output/news/cst-nws-fermilab10.html   (281 words)

 Fermilab's DZero Experiment Crunches Record Data With The Grid
Researchers at Fermilab and the participating institutions have been working for almost a year to ensure that the current reprocessing runs smoothly.
Fermilab is operated by Universities Research Association, Inc., a consortium of 90 research universities, for the United States Department of Energy's Office of Science.
Fermilab Education And Computing Experts Help Bring The Grid To Classrooms (Feb. 13, 2004) — The Grid, a global network of computational power with a potential some have likened to that of the Internet, is coming to the...
www.sciencedaily.com /releases/2005/05/050504175948.htm   (1279 words)

 Fermilab Today launches Result of the Week
Fermilab's daily online news service, Fermilab Today, launched a new weekly feature on September 18--the Fermilab Result of the Week.
The inaugural story featured two results, one from CDF and one from DZero, both focusing on the fascinating search for extra dimensions beyond the familiar three of space and one of time.
The hypothesis of extra dimensions in space large enough to be detectable by existing or near-future experiments is by far the most revolutionary attempt to solve the hierarchy problem of the Standard Model.
www.eurekalert.org /features/doe/2003-10/dnal-ftl020904.php   (487 words)

 Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
Update on low levels of tritium at Fermilab
Fermilab, the nation’s primary laboratory for particle physics, proposes a plan to maintain leadership for the laboratory and U.S. particle physics in the quest to discover the fundamental nature of the physical universe in the decades ahead.
DOE Under Secretary for Science Raymond L. Orbach addressed participants of the joint American Linear Collider Physics Group and ILC Global Design Effort meeting at Fermilab on Oct. 22.
www.fnal.gov /fermilab_home.html   (191 words)

 Theoretical Astrophysics
Founded in 1983, the Fermilab Theoretical Astrophysics Group consists of approximately 15 theoretical astrophysicists who perform research at the confluence of astrophysics, cosmology, and particle physics.
The group is partially funded by a NASA Astrophysics Theory grant.
Our weekly journal club or Munch takes place every Monday at 12:30PM in the conference room on 6W.
www-astro-theory.fnal.gov   (67 words)

 Summer Internships in Science & Technology
This Fermilab summer program focuses on giving opportunities in science and technology to undergraduate college students currently enrolled in four-year colleges in the US.
Internships are offered in physics, electrical engineering, computer programming and mechanical engineering.
These internships offer a chance for approximately fifteen college students to work with Fermilab scientists or engineers on a project within the context of laboratory research.
sist.fnal.gov   (194 words)

 Fermilab Science Education Office Beta
Please let the webmaster know if you cannot see it.
Welcome to the website of the Fermilab Science Education Office.
Click on the different audience tabs to find science education resources and information about our activities suitable for you.
www-ed.fnal.gov   (200 words)

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