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Topic: Ferrara

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  Ferrara: Tutte le informazioni su Ferrara su Encyclopedia.it   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Ferrara è un comune di 130.461 abitanti della provincia di Ferrara.
Il suo successore Ercole I (1471-1505) combatté Venezia, guerra proseguita con successo da suo figlio Alfonso I, che sposò Lucrezia Borgia (figlia del papa Alessandro VI e sorella di Cesare Borgia).
Ferrara è dal XIII secolo importante centro ebraico e, durante le persecuzioni in seguito alle Leggi razziali emanate nel 1938 dal governo fascista, diviene protagonista delle persecuzioni e di un eccidio ricordati dallo scrittore Giorgio Bassani (Bologna, 1916 - Roma, 2000) nel Giardino dei Finzi-Contini (1962) e in Una Notte del '43 (1956).
www.encyclopedia.it /f/fe/ferrara.html   (955 words)

He raised the glory of Ferrara to its highest point, and was the patron of Tasso and Guarini, favouring, as the princes of his house had always done, the arts and sciences.
Ferrara is on the main line from Bologna to Padua and Venice, and has branches to Ravenna and Poggio Rusco (for Suzzara).
This street was part of the ghetto in which the Jews were separated from the rest of the population of Ferrara from 1627 to 1859.
www.ebroadcast.com.au /lookup/encyclopedia/fe/Ferrara.html   (1243 words)

 MovieMaker Magazine | Issue #11 | Raising Cain With Abel Ferrara   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Ferrara's characters exist in a world where that which is normally deemed sacred is warped, and the twisted call the shots.
Ferrara's next film, Dangerous Game, is an intricately structured study of a director, Eddie Israel (Keitel), who is making a movie about one tortuous night in the break-up of a bizarre marriage.
Ferrara cuts back and forth from Israel and his actors discussing their scenes, to the film - within - a - film being shot, to the story of Israel's struggle in making the film.
www.moviemaker.com /issues/11/11_ferrara.html   (1194 words)

 Mobster Vincent Ferrara released from prison - Boston.com - Mass. - News   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Mobster Vincent "The Animal" Ferrara was freed from federal custody on Thursday after a judge cut short his prison sentence, ruling that prosecutors may have coerced him into admitting to a murder he didn't commit.
Ferrara's attorney, Martin Weinberg, said Ferrara was innocent, but confessed to the murder to avoid a possible life sentence.
Ferrara denied that, telling Wolf he'd qualify for "the hall of fame of idiots" if he returned to organized crime.
www.boston.com /news/local/massachusetts/articles/2005/05/26/mobster_vincent_ferrara_released_from_prison   (373 words)

 Ferrara still running - PittsburghLIVE.com
Ferrara, 34, is a doctor of internal medicine and rehabilitation who lives in suburban Philadelphia.
Ferrara said the 1983 injury could have jeopardized what turned out to be a standout career as a sprinter.
Ferrara said he refused to be intimidated on the track, especially when he faced other star athletes.
www.pittsburghlive.com /x/valleyindependent/news/s_265089.html   (572 words)

 The Ferrara Social Security Plan, Revised 12/22/03
Ferrara presents his reductions in government spending as though they would require only a moderate degree of restraint: a reduction in the rate of federal spending growth of one percent per year for eight years.
Ferrara calculates the assumed spending reductions as a percentage of total federal spending, he includes Social Security in the federal spending base for purposes of calculating the spending reduction percentage, despite the fact that it is off limits to cuts under his plan.
Ferrara has shown is that he is willing to adopt implausible assumptions, and that if one assumes general-revenue transfers equal to nearly twice the entire Social Security shortfall, long-term Social Security solvency can be restored (and large private accounts created) without any benefit cuts or payroll tax increases.
www.cbpp.org /12-10-03socsec.htm   (2665 words)

 Ferrara 2002 Anno di Lucrezia Borgia
She died at the age of 39 while giving birth to her eighth child and was buried in Ferrara, in the convent of the Corpus Domini, her body shrouded in the habit of a tertiary franciscan.
During her life in Ferrara, the Duchy of the Este was at the climax of its political and cultural prestige, a hotbed of lasting innovation in the fields of painting, music, theater and poetry.
In 2002 Ferrara plans to celebrate the anniversary of Lucretia's arrival in the city by recalling the life of one of the most famous historical characters, both symbol and victim of the vices of her time, as the city she lived in became one of the splendours of Italian Renaissance.
www.comune.fe.it /lucrezia/index_ing.htm   (303 words)

 Ferrara rebounds from stroke
Ferrara's left arm went numb, she had an excruciating headache and felt like she was drunk.
Ferrara was told by doctors that she'd had a stroke — most likely caused by a blood clot from a previous injury.
Ferrara hasn't told her parents about the stroke because she doesn't want them to worry, but she talks about it with her daughters.
www.recordonline.com /archive/2005/06/29/losporta.htm   (528 words)

 Allora, Aspetta!: 04/03/2005 - 04/09/2005
Ferrara, as Antonello and I learned yesterday, is no exception to this rule, and our day trip to the Renaissance-style city was marked with sunshine--the first sunny Sunday of spring so far.
Ferrara was a surprise of beautiful things--the castle was more exceptional than I had imagined, with its moat carved out in the middle of the city and its high towers and spacious courtyard.
Ferrara had an elegant, Renaissance court aspect to it, yet it had this religious depth as well, and the inside of the church felt like a place of worship rather than a museum.
www.stelleinitalia.blogspot.com /2005_04_03_stelleinitalia_archive.html   (768 words)

In 1796 it was occupied by the French, and became the chief town of the Bas-Po.
The dukes of Ferrara, especially Alfonso I (1505-1534) and Alfonso II (1559-1597), were generous patrons of literature and the arts.
Ferrara was the birthplace of Savonarola and of the great theologian, Silvestro di Ferrara, both Dominicans.
www.newadvent.org /cathen/06046a.htm   (1296 words)

Ferrara, a true Renaissance jewel, is still unknown to many tourists.
Lucrezia Borgia, daughter of Pope Alessandro VI and sister of the sadly famous Cesare Borgia - whom Machiavelli dedicated his treaty "The Prince"-, was the duchess of Ferrara beside her husband Alfonso d'Este II from 1502 until her death in 1519.
Even today Ferrara is a cultural city: very interesting shows are held at the Palazzo dei Diamanti, so called for its decorated facade of 12,000 marble blocks cut in the form of diamonds.
www.italianinitaly.net /en/Ferrara.htm   (263 words)

 Abel Ferrara (film retrospective)
Ferrara may be the most patient director in American movies today, possessed of a deeply contemplative sensibility under a patina of hardcore low-life.
With the hard dedication of a Rodin, Ferrara carves out a wrenchingly physical representation of movie work (which is the point of collapsing the barriers between realities), and creates a collapsible and ambiguous sense of onscreen time that approximates the lost hours of making a film.
Listening to Ferrara speak, always on a plane of bedrock necessity, you realize how much time most filmmakers spend justifying themselves, assuring their interrogators that they have a serious theme (like Tarantino proclaiming to the multitides that the pornographically violent Pulp Fiction is a film about "redemption").
industrycentral.net /director_interviews/AF03.HTM   (5004 words)

 ORDER VACATING SENTENCE OF VINCENT FERRARA   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
The court now understands that Ferrara's position was "untenable" because he felt compelled to plead guilty to the Limoli murder charges or face a real risk of what he adamantly asserts would have been a wrongful conviction resulting in a life sentence.
Therefore, proving that Ferrara conspired with Barone to murder Limoli on behalf of the Patriarca Family was especially important to the government's goal of incapacitating Ferrara and Patriarca for life.
Ferrara also claimed that even if no evidence had been suppressed and no charges dismissed, if he had known of the government's misconduct he would not have entered a guilty plea that foreclosed his right to appeal the denial of his motion to suppress the evidence of the induction ceremony.
www.thelaborers.net /court_cases/us_v_ferrara_order_vacating.htm   (8989 words)

 The Great Facade; Christopher Ferrara, Integrists, defender of schism, Integrism   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Ferrara's unenviable task (a paid lawyer must automatically file his counter-brief on behalf of his client, no matter how hopeless and miserable the case, as John Loughnan reminds us) is to convince people that his sect is guilty of none of the errors we attribute to them based on their own published words and works.
FERRARA: From there Hand jumps to the claim that the ISOCC video and certain "traditionalist personalities and papers" declare "that the visible Church is no longer the Church" and that they are guilty of "heretical sedevacantism." This charge Hand bases entirely on a false characterization of the ISOCC video, which says nothing of the kind.
Ferrara opposes the Indult mentality because it is Catholic, i.e., because it is in communion with, and approved by, the Vicar of Christ, and his (Ferrara's and Matt's) hermeneutics of suspicion, evasion and separation would rather frame the Pope as anti-catholic, with Michael Matt as the arbiter of truth now.
www.tcrnews2.com /genferrara.html   (4353 words)

 Ferrara on Encyclopedia.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Antonio Ferrara après son arrestation en 2003 Antonio Ferrara, surnommé le "roi de la belle" après deux évasions spectacul.
Antonio Ferrara après son arrestation en 2003 L'air décontracté, Antonio Ferrara a entamé jeudi son second procès d'assise.
Antonio Ferrara après son arrestation le 10 juillet à Paris Antonio Ferrara, surnommé le "roi de la belle" après son évasi.
www.encyclopedia.com /html/F/Ferrara.asp   (1130 words)

 In re Ferrara   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Ferrara also used the word to express concern about people who might show up if she had a garage sale or those her children might encounter if Tarjeft took them shopping at a mall or camping at a Detroit-area park.
In light of the serious nature of Judge Ferrara's conduct and its negative impact on the administration of justice and the judicial system, as well as violations of the Michigan Code of Judicial Conduct, this Commission finds that Judge Ferrara should be removed from judicial office.
Judge Ferrara's failure to divulge the source and circumstances surrounding the Smith letter constitute an obstruction of justice and lack of candor with the tribunal violative of Canons 2(A) and (B) and MCR 9.205(C)(4).
www.icle.org /Michlaw/oview.cfm?caseid=10959311   (6011 words)

 AllRefer.com - Ferrara, Italy (Italian Political Geography) - Encyclopedia
the Este family founded in Ferrara a powerful principality, and during the Renaissance commerce, learning, printing, and the arts flourished about the brilliant court.
The 15th-century painters Cossa and Tura and the 16th-century writers Tosso and Ariosto lived in Ferrara, and the religious reformer Savonarola was born there (1452).
Among Ferrara's many noteworthy buildings are Este castle (14th cent.), the cathedral (begun 1135), Schifanoia palace (14th–15th cent.), and the Palazzo del Diamanti (15th–16th cent.).
reference.allrefer.com /encyclopedia/F/Ferrara.html   (235 words)

A well respected advocate for the direct market and the industry at large, Ferrara also serves as the facilitator of the Will Eisner Spirit of Comics Retailer Award, which is given at San Diego each year, and is also a member of Diamond's Retail Advisory Board and the DC Retailer Representative Program.
Ferrara says the invitation to join the Board of Directors was a humbling experience.
Ferrara also hopes to bring his ethic of positive networking and dialogue to the Fund's Board.
www.comicon.com /cgi-bin/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic&f=37&t=005341   (742 words)

 Destinations: Ferrara
Ferrara's history begins nearly 1,300 years ago, when it began as a Byzantine military castrum ('fortified city'), established on the banks of the Po.
In 1115 A.D., Ferrara became a free commune, and during that same year work began on the city's new Cathedral (which was consecrated later, in 1135).
As Ferrara grew, its illustrious university was established, and the Estense family—who dominated the court from 1208 to 1598—brought many renowned writers, painters, and musicians to the city (including Cosmé Tura, Francesco del Cossa, Ercole de' Roberti, Dosso Dossi, Ludovico Ariosto, Torquato Tasso, and Gerolamo Frescobaldi).
www.italiancookingandliving.com /travel/pf_text/ferrara.html   (479 words)

 FERRARA - Online Information article about FERRARA   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Church; and the house of Este was from henceforth settled in Ferrara.
Sigismund by ordering the removal of the council of Basel to Ferrara; and one of the first acts of the assemblage at Ferrara had been to excommunicate the remnant at Basel.
transfer the council to Florence: Ferrara was threatened by condottieri, the pest was raging; Florence promised a welcome subvention, and a situation further inland would make it more difficult for uneasy Greek bishops to flee the synod.
encyclopedia.jrank.org /FAT_FLA/FERRARA.html   (2775 words)

 Hotel guide in Ferrara Emilia-Romagna Italy
Modern and industrial, Ferrara still lives up to its pastas a refined capital of the Este Duchy, proudly showing off the Reneissance town planning of its streets and somptuous monuments, amongst...
Less than ten minutes from the motorway exit of Ferrara Nord in the heart of the historical centre of Ferrara, close to the most distinguished monuments of the Estense City, as well as its public and...
HOTEL TOURING is a modern 3-star hotel in the centre of Ferrara, in the city's main street, 50 meters from the Estense Castle, in the middle of the public garden of Viale Cavour.
www.cybevasion.com /hotels/monde/ville_hotels_ferrara_italy_176.html   (499 words)

 Ferrara: A Brief History   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Ferrara is first mentioned in documents dating to the 8th century A.A. They refer to a ``ducatus ferrariæ'' or ``duchy of Ferrara'' that a certain Desiderius had pledged in 757 to Pope Stephen II.
In the meantime the city itself, the walled ring of which had already been extended to include the walls of what are now Viale Cavour and Corso Giovecca, under Ercole I (1471-1505) was further fortified in grandiose style, extended and embellished with the famous ``Addizione Erculea'' built by the court architect Biagio Rossetti.
Ferrara became a frontier province of the powerful Papal State, the principal piece of work of the 17th century being the construction of the Fortress, demolished in 1859.
www.tesre.bo.cnr.it /~mauro/Ferrara/history.html   (757 words)

 Paradox Interactive Forums - Lordship's Court of Ferrara
His grandson, Obizzo II (1264—1293), succeeded him, and the pope nominated him captain-general and defender of the states of the Church; and the house of Este was from henceforth settled in Ferrara.
Venice and Ferrara shall pledge to come mutually to one anothers defence in case of war on the Italian peninsula.
In the spirit of establishing trade relations between the Lordship of Ferrara and the Republic of Ragusa, this treaty was created with the effort and negotiations Karal Lukarevic, the Ambassador of Ragusa to the Lordship of Ferrara and His Lord Nicholas II d'Este of Ferrara.
www.europa-universalis.com /forum/showthread.php?t=201651&page=1   (5943 words)

 ABC News: Mobster Ferrara Released From Prison   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
A federal appeals court has cleared the way for Ferrara to be freed from prison on Thursday because prosecutors apparently misled him into pleading guilty to a murder he didn't commit.
BOSTON May 26, 2005 (AP)— Mobster Vincent "The Animal" Ferrara was freed from federal custody Thursday after a judge cut short his prison sentence, ruling that prosecutors coerced him into confessing to a murder he didn't commit.
The U.S. Attorney's Office argued that Ferrara intended to resume his life of crime, but a federal appeals court on Wednesday rejected prosecutors' attempt to keep him locked up.
abcnews.go.com /US/wireStory?id=793830   (355 words)

 New York's Premier Alternative Newspaper. Arts, Music, Food, Movies and Opinion   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
His gray hair is long and coiled under a grimy Yankees cap, his chin unshaven, his teeth crooked, his shoulders hunched in a loose denim shirt.
De Jesus and Ferrara feuded over money; some funding mysteriously disappeared; original cast members bailed; and now Canal Plus, the French media company that provided the major funding for the film, has yet to get it screened here.
So I met a woman who told us that supposedly she actually did it… [At this juncture, Ferrara says, there was some disputing with De Jesus over money, which held things up for a while.] Then we got serious behind the film.
nypress.com /15/27/news&columns/feature.cfm   (2956 words)

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