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Topic: Ferrite

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 Ferrite Magnets
Ferrite magnets are sintered permanent magnets composed of Barium or Strontium Ferrite.
However, Ferrite magnets may have a thin film of fine magnet powder on the surface and for clean, non-contaminated applications, some form of coating may be required.
For all Ferrite magnets, the degradation of magnetic properties is essentially linear with temperature.
www.magnetsales.com /Ferrite/FERRI.htm   (588 words)

 Arnold - Hard Ferrite Magnets
Hard ferrite (ceramic) magnets were developed in the 1960's as a low cost alternative to metallic magnets.
Ferrite magnets are formed by compaction in dedicated, multi-cavity dies followed by sintering in high temperature furnaces.
Hard ferrite must be magnetized in the direction of orientation, which is the same as the direction of pressing.
www.arnoldmagnetics.com /products/ferrite   (401 words)

 Ferrite - Applcation notes
Ferrites intended for EMI applications above 30 MHz are mixtures of iron, nickel and zinc oxides that are characterized by high volume resistivity (10@ ohm-cm) and moderate initial permeability (100 to 1500).
Ferrites are most frequently used as two terminal circuit elements, or in groups of two terminal elements.
In this case, each ferrite will be subject to a large net DC bias, which will result in a large reduction in the high frequency impedance of the ferrite, and a corresponding reduction in EMI suppression performance.
www.topmagnetics.com /ferriteproperties.htm   (2515 words)

 Ferrite Devices
A FERRITE is a device that is composed of material that causes it to have useful magnetic properties and, at the same time, high resistance to current flow.
Electron alignment in a ferrite is caused by the orbital motion of the electrons about the nucleus and the force that holds the atom together.
Ferrite action is based on this behavior of the electrons under the influence of an external field and the resulting wobble frequency.
www.tpub.com /neets/book11/44q.htm   (1429 words)

 Amidon Associates Inc. - Ferrite cores   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Ferrite Cores are available in numerous sizes and several permeabilities.
Ferrite toroidal cores are well suited for a variety of RF circuit applications and their relatively high permeability factors make them especially useful for high inductance values with a minimum number of turns, resulting in smaller component size.
There are two basic ferrite material groups: (1) Those having a permeability range from 20 to 800 µi are of the Nickel Zinc class, and (2) those having permeabilities above 800 µi are usually of the Manganese Zinc class.
www.amidon-inductive.com /aai_ferritecores.htm   (949 words)

 Assessing unknown Ferrite Toroids   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
The ferrite has much higher permiability (more Henries per turn) than the iron dust and is usable at much lower frequencies.
Ferrite will thus make fine wide-band transformers, and baluns with bandwidths of at least a decade of frequency (e.g 3 to 30 MHz).
There are a range of 'mixes' of the ferrites leading to a wide range of cores with different parameters.
www.alan.melia.btinternet.co.uk /toroids.htm   (699 words)

 Modify that AM antenna -- on hard-core-dx.com
Ferrite is the grayish-fl metal portion of the antenna.
The ferrite acts to concentrate magnetic flux in the center of the coil, and therefore acts to increase inductance.
Because the ferrite, not the loop coil, is the primary object concentrating flux from the received station, the ferrite bar antenna is most sensitive to stations broadside to the ferrite bar, not the loop.
www.hard-core-dx.com /nordicdx/antenna/loop/amloop.html   (2951 words)

 RFI - Tip Sheet
An alternative approach is to use ferrite beads to reduce the amount of RF entering the equipment.
Ferrite beads are made of the same materials as the toroid cores used in broadband transformers but are used at much higher frequencies.
For example, ferrite Mix 43 is used for tuned circuits in the frequency range.01 to 1 MHz.
www.antennex.com /shack/Dec99/beads.htm   (2282 words)

 Tutorial: Ferrite Suppression Cores
Ferrite beads are used for decoupling (keeping out unwanted signals) on dc supply and some signal lines and provide attenuation of selected frequency bands.
RF chokes are usually wound as a solenoid on a ferrite rod and can exhibit relatively high Q values and produce an external field which can have mutual coupling to other circuit elements.
The ferrite material determines the range of frequencies for suppression purposes, and the physical size and shape of the bead determines the amount of attenuation.
www.catchnet.com.au /~rjandusimports/tut_9a.html   (950 words)

 broad-band ferrite transformers   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
So you may waste hours with math only to learn that the results were wrong, or perhaps you stick to the theory and insist that the math is right, but the material was wrong, and make a complaint to the manufacturer.
This means we can investigate the loss in a ferrite core by winding a few turns, and connect the winding to a suitable signal source.
Without any loss in the ferrite we could be satisfied with 10µH inductance in the secondary (50 ohm load) for operation down to 3.5MHz.
www.noding.com /la8ak/12345/n12.htm   (1433 words)

 Ferrite Detector
The Diverse ferrite detector is suitable for measuring the ferrite number of stainless steels including super duplex alloys.
The Ferrite Number is recommended by the Welding Research Council and the International Institute of Welding as a measure of the ferrite content of alloys and weld deposits.
Ferrite measurements are recorded together with the time and date.
website.lineone.net /~diverse/layer3/mf300f.htm   (240 words)

 Ferrite & Iron Powder Toroid Info
Apart from the physical dimensions of a toroid (outside and inside diameter, thickness) there is a value given for each particular core size and material, which is usually called the AL value, and is the manufacturers inductance index for the core.
Manufacturers data for iron powder and ferrite cores are in the data tables and show all the required information.
The AL figure for iron powder cores is given as uH/100 turns, but for ferrite cores it is quoted as mH/1000 turns.
home.woh.rr.com /n8ie/coreinfo.htm   (259 words)

 Aussie Magnets - Ferrite Magnets (Ba/Sr0.6Fe203)
ard ferrite magnets, sometimes called ceramic, were developed as a low cost alternative to metallic magnets and have been manufactured since 1954.
Strontium is combined with iron atoms to form a magnetic compound that is stronger than alnico and has much better corrosion resistance than rare earth.
lthough they provide less energy than other magnets available today, ferrite magnets are frequently preferred because of their stability, high resistance to demagnetisation, outstanding corrosion resistance and, because of their low price per magnetic output, are often the most cost effective solution to a problem.
www.aussiemagnets.com.au /ferrite.html   (138 words)

 Section II: Ferrite Cores
There are two basic ferrite material groups: (1) Those having a permeability range from 20 to 800 µ are of the Nickel Zinc class, and (2) those having permeabilities above 800 µ are usually of the Manganese Zinc class.
The Nickel Zinc ferrite cores exhibit high volume resistivity, moderate temperature stability and high 'Q' factors for the 500 KHz to 100 MHz frequency range.
A list of Ferrite toroids, including physical dimensions, AL values, and magnetic properties will be found on the next few pages.
www.bytemark.com /products/sectwo.htm   (444 words)

 Ferritex - microwave ferrite materials and related parts
And it would be so, if small device based on microwave ferrite would not exist, that enables your mobile phone to operate in duplex mode - to recieve and transmit signals simultaneously.
Today it is impossible to produce any communication equipment without using ferrite materials and ferrite devices of high quality and high reliability.
If you are a producer in the field of electronics, telecomms or military, and you buy ferrite materials and related parts for your production, welcome to our site.
www.ferritex.spb.ru   (200 words)

 Magnet Application UK — Magnet Manufacturer   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Ferrite has been available available since the 1950's and is the most commonly used permanent magnet material due to its low cost.
A large choice of Ferrite Magnet Blocks in various pack quantities.
A range of different size Ferrite Magnet Discs in various pack quantities.
www.magnetuk.com /cat1_1.htm   (112 words)

 Ferrite Indicators
The end of the magnet projecting from the opening in the bottom of the case is then brought in contact with the material being tested.
If the material being tested has a Ferrite content higher than that of the insert, the magnet will first break contact with the Insert as the Indicator is moved away.
On the other hand, if the Ferrite content of the material being tested is lower than that of the Insert, the magnet will first break contact with the material as the Indicator is moved away.
www.severnengineering.com /ferrite.htm   (442 words)

 Ceramic Magnetics manufactures ferrite cores
Ceramic Magnetics offers a wide variety of Manganese Zinc(MnZn) and Nickel Zinc (NiZn) ferrites in both standard shapes and sizes as well as custom machined cores.
Ceramic Magnetics offers ferrite core solutions for applications in power supplies, rotating transformers, pulse transformers, noise suppression and filtering, antennas, sensors, and many other magnetic circuit applications
Ferrite cores can be manufactured using high volume presses for smaller shapes.
www.cmi-ferrite.com   (141 words)

 Ferrite Magnets: Iron Boron Ceramic Magnet
Ferrite magnets are generally the best choice for doing repulsion and attraction experiments since some of the rare earth magnets may be too strong and steel bar magnets will demagnetize.
The plain ferrites shown below are all magnetized through their thickness.
A pair of ferrite blocks in a plastic jacket.
www.indigo.com /magnets/ferrite-magnets.html   (234 words)

 TDK Ferrite Cores   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Ferrite core materials include the high initial permeability materials (ui) H5C2 (10K perm), H5C3 (15K perm) and the new H5C4 (12K perm w/guaranteed performance at -40°C).
New to the power Ferrite offering is Ferrite material designed to operate more efficiently at different temperatures, this is the new PC45 and PC46 material.
TDK is known for the introduction of common Ferrite core shapes such as the PQ core, EP core and the EPC core.
www.mhw-intl.com /html/products/ferrite_cores.html   (192 words)

 [No title]
FERRITES ======== High µ ferrites are good wide band transformers: At the high freq.
AL1760 =FT37-75 2.50 K44X830 µ=5000 13 mm AL2210 1.93 Ferrite clamps ============== A plastic casing that clicks around the EMI infested cable, in it 2 half ferrite tubes.
Ferrite clamp FC-6 ------------------ For cable to 6.5 mm.
www.xs4all.nl /~barendh/Cateng/Cateng_ferriet.htm   (681 words)

 Business Industrial Goods and Services Industrial Supply Magnets
Meizhou Magnetic Material Factory - Permanent magnetic ferrite and powder, bonded plastic magnets, sintered rare-earth magnets and dynamic receiver insets for telephones.
Pro-Perfect Magnetics Co., Ltd. - An ISO 9002 certified producer of NdFeB, ferrite and rubber magnets.
TDK Ferrites Corporation - Manufacturer of magnetics materials including ferrite, neodymium-iron-boron and samarium-cobalt permanent magnets.
www.iper1.com /iper1-odp/scat/id/Business/Industrial_Goods_and_Services/Industrial_Supply/Magnets   (2640 words)

Strong magnet co., was founded in1992,it special manufacture ferrite magnets and rare earth magnet, Nd-Fe-B magnet,rubber magnet for electron industry, machine, magnetic appliance and magnetic jewellery and healthy
These magnet are easier to use and are good candidates for the magnetic parts with complex shapes used in many applications, such as computers, instruments, automobiles and medical devices.
Soft ferrite materials make up an important branch of magnetic materials and have very extensive application fields, such as deflection yokes of CRT, power switch transformers, retro-sweeping transformers of TV, radio antennas, chokes, rotary transformers of AV machines.
www.strong-mag.com.cn   (259 words)

 Ferrite Toroid Cores From MAGNETICS®
Ferrite toroids offer high magnetic efficiency as there is no air gap and the cross-sectional area is uniform.
These pages are taken from Section 13 of the MAGNETICS Ferrite Cores Design Manual and Catalog (FC-601).
These pages are taken from Section 3 of the MAGNETICS Ferrite Cores Design Manual and Catalog.
www.mag-inc.com /ferrites/ferrite_toroids.asp   (289 words)

 ferrite, cores, chips, coils, inductors, choke, taiwan-KING CORE ELECTRONICS INC.
The split ferrites are used for EMI suppression on flat cable assemblies.
FS The rectagular solid ferrites are used for EMI suppression on flat cable assemblies.
The taping ferrite bead cores are produced for the automatic insertion into the PC boards
www.kingcore.com.tw /list-1.htm   (416 words)

 Ferrite - Industrial Microwave Systems
Ferrite is dedicated to the design and manufacture of state-of-the-art microwave heating
Ferrite's acquisition of RF Technologies brings further exceptional capabilities to the
Ferrite’s Leadership Role in Industrial Microwave Cooking and Tempering.
www.ferriteinc.com   (463 words)

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