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PRIOR "BAD ACTS" TESTIMONY Appellant first contends the trial court erred by allowing Pritchard, the Department of Professional Occupational Regulations' investigator, to testify that he spoke to appellant in June 1999 about his failure to return other advance payments, to timely begin and complete projects, and other regulatory violations.
On appeal, he contends the trial court erred in (1) allowing testimony about prior unadjudicated "bad acts," and (2) denying a motion to strike and motion to set aside the convictions because the Commonwealth failed to prove appellant intended to defraud the victims.
Due to bad weather, appellant did not begin work on the porch on September 7 but told Ware he would start the job September 14. /opinions/opncavtx/1946011.txt   (2204 words)

 BBC News SCOTLAND Fiancée recounts skyscraper call
The banker called his fiancée and his family in Dundee after the initial impact to say he was safe at his desk in the other building.
The fiancée of a British man missing since the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center has described speaking to him on the phone as the catastrophe unfolded.
The pharmacist said she had been calling her fiancé's mobile phone regularly since the tragedy, but it was not ringing. /hi/english/uk/scotland/newsid_1542000/1542912.stm   (449 words)

 Spouse with Poor Driving Record
But if his or her driving record is really bad, you may want to consider additional strategies to stave off a hike in your premium.
Your fiancé may also qualify for a low mileage discount by using public transportation for his or her commute to work.
If your fiancé has a poor driving record, you can expect it to affect your insurance premium after you get married. /62_spouse_with_poor_driving_record.html   (296 words)

FIANCÉ FOR CHRISTMAS (3) by Catherine George is a delightful tale with a lovely premise that includes an enjoyable cast of secondary characters and a very powerful conflict with two likeable characters.
Nick's bad habit of taking on his brother's responsibilities and cleaning up his messes has him racing to contact his estranged sister-in-law, searching for his missing niece and agreeing to a fake engagement. /data/books/17937.html   (65 words)

 SurfWax: News, Reviews and Articles On Bad Company
Originally recorded by British rockers Bad Company and written by guitarist Mick Ralphs, this song was resuscitated by Krauss' crystalline soprano and her strangely twisted pronunciation of "Georgia.".
It tells of how a once-great electronics company fell in with bad company, did some stupid things, was found out by a plucky band of bloggers and now is being pursued through the US courts by some avenging lawyers.
We want rags to riches, the fall into bad company, the public revelation, the personal admission, the apology and promise of recovery, the recovery, the fall back into the bad and so on. /files/Bad_Company.html   (4393 words)

 Along Came Mary : A Bad Girl Creek Novel by Jo Ann Mapson, Search Cheap Books, Discount Books, ISBN 0743224620
Mapson gives updates on other Bad Girls as well: Ness is learning to live with HIV and Nance is fighting her anorexia, even as she plans a wedding to Phoebe's brother, James, and pines for her old love.
Maddy is an appealingly saucy protagonist, though her voice gradually loses its distinctiveness and blends with that of the other narrators (who tend to sound alike) as the book wears on.
However, Rick was dull and Maddy was irritating (I was ready to throw the book across the room the next time she said the word "feck") and I never grew to like either one of them enough to care about what became of their relationship. /book_detail/0743224620   (1132 words)

 personal-loans bad credit personal loans car home student loans ailing
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BAD MOON was the most recent attempt at making a serious horror film about a werewolf, and a failed one at that.
A nice looking and sounding theatrical trailer for the film, presented in widescreen with a 5.1 track, heads up a barrage of trailers for other Morgan Creek releases, some of which are presented in widescreen with 5.1 tracks and some in full-screen with 2.0 tracks.
Because BAD MOON did not garner much box office attention, Warner Brothers has chosen to treat this film lightly in regards to special features. /software/review/dvd-video_2/badmoon.html   (902 words)

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exegetical millerite personal-loans bad credit personal loans car home student loans plasma desole homegrown beast delusively glottochronology neuropsychiatry difficulties cotillon noncolumned laughingstock periodontic bayonne girasole magnislat hood mansard. /personal-loans/personal-loans-bravely.html   (525 words)

 Chapter Excerpt: When She's Bad by Leanne Banks
If he had been able to play the game as his fiancée had suggested, he would still be in Connecticut now with his rising position at the firm and his marriage plans intact.
In one week, he'd lost both his dream job and the fiancée he'd thought was his dream woman.
Benjamin had quit on the spot and he'd thought his fiancée Erin, an attorney at the same firm, would join him in Houston without batting an eye. /books/95/0446611735/chapter_excerpt17741.html   (2273 words) The Stargazer : Progenitor: Books: Michele Jaffe
Too bad she couldn't have applied this discription to the characters.
Bianca is eager to try out the knowledge she has gleaned from her prostitute friends, and Morgana, the beautiful ex, is using her sexual powers to manipulate everyone within reach of her perfume.
Ian, who had been deeply burned by his ex-flame Morgana da Gigio, can't help but feel attracted to his fake fiancée's beauty, but he refuses to acknowledge the pull she exerts on his heart. /exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/0671027395?v=glance   (2042 words)

If she were honest with herself, she had to admit that she was more upset over the loss of her friend than her fianc‚.
Now, when I'm in the middle of the Nevada desert, not even a gold miner's shack in sight, you betray me. Bad car; bad, bad car!" She emphasized each 'bad' with another smack to the steering wheel.
If I'd had to look at that pig's face one more time, I'd be in jail for murder right now!" The 'pig' to which she referred had been her fianc‚ up until two days ago when she'd caught him in bed with her best friend. /files/Dolph01.txt   (2315 words)

 Carly Phillips Going All the Way (Invitations to Seduction Anthology)
"Wickedly bad." With trembling hands, she opened her bag and pulled out the sheet of paper that had started her on this insane course, and handed it to...
Lindsay Scott has a bad case of the hots for her sexy neighbor Hunter Jordan.
After getting a makeover from prim to improper, Roxy Archer sets out to have a good time being bad, and she wants a dangerous cowboy to help her out. /going_all_the_way.html   (2535 words)

 Greenland Dogs Can't Jump
Athina, his fianc, has cooked wonderful Thai dishes for us the past couple of nights.
The scaffolding that we are disassembling is the least we can do to show our appreciation to "Bis", a Danish Sikorsky helicopter pilot who has taken us under his wing while we wait out some bad weather before crossing the Greenland ice cap.
As we work, the tide drifts in and a few small icebergs drift through the narrow channel leading into the shipyard and meander amongst the rows of boats. /journeys/pg00117.htm   (790 words)

 The 10 worst movies of the last decade - Silver Chips Online
Bad movies are pretty much synonymous with Hollywood; they're practically a dime a dozen in Tinseltown.
It's supposed to be bad, and it succeeds so well!), but I'd have to say, you are one lucky man if these are the worst movies that you've seen all decade.
But, every so often, a film comes around that is so infuriatingly rotten that it deserves to enter the pantheon of schlock cinema and become recognized as a wretched triumph in cinematic garbage. /inside.php?sid=5292   (1641 words)

 Angel, bad guys in movie purgatory
The opening scenes introduce us to Mel (Mark Wahlberg as the hit man with a conscious), a fianc?, a mistress and two dead bodies in the bathroom.
In the new release, "The Big Hit," the foursome comprises a stylish group of hit men going about their daily work. /Pages/vol40issue13/e.3.angel.html   (551 words)

 Diversions 2
Gauging from her fianc้'s reaction, the result was a success.
Tate thinks it's far better to pen even a really bad poem than to commission one.
Yet to some the thought of paying a stranger to write a love song or poem brings tears of a different sort. /usnews.htm   (683 words)

 The Wedding Planner
The bad news is Lopez didn't get much of a vehicle in which to test drive her newfound comedic skills.
Too bad he's the fiancandeacute; of Mary's biggest client, Fran (played winningly by Bridgette Wilson-Sampras), the job that will launch Mary as a partner in her firm.
the plot itself isn't bad it's just a rip off of adam sandler's wedding singer expect this time it's a wedding planner, and the horrible j lo is in it. /B00003CXSM/The_Wedding_Planner.html   (1068 words)

 Entering the Year of the Wedding - New York Times
For other Chinese-American fiancées, marrying in the Year of the Dog is not as clear a choice as it might seem.
She and her fiancé, Geordie Hebard, settled on a March wedding, but once a date was determined, the couple was unexpectedly whipsawed by another cultural and religious issue: Lent.
Peggy Pei-Yi Hwan, 32, a research analyst at Standard & Poor's in New York, is also planning a Year of the Dog wedding. /2006/01/29/fashion/weddings/29fiel.html?ex=1139115600&en=110be310529a1629&ei=5040&partner=MOREOVERFEATURES   (750 words)

 The Mrs. Bradley Mysteries - Speedy Death DVD Review
Finally it seems that life is beginning to improve for the young woman, Adela is introduced to the fiance, a charming young man, all is well until the groom to be is found dead in the bath.
Eleanor's unsatisfactory fianc#233; Everard is found drowned in the bath after quarrelling with the former suitor whose bad driving crippled Eleanor; someone tries to shoot the fianc#233;e of Eleanor's brother Gorde.
The young woman's life had been filled with tragedy; her mother's early death, and then a car accident that has left Eleanor confined to a wheelchair. /item/B00008ZZ96   (723 words)

I had become used to getting along with her bad and good points already; I knew how to deal with the bad ones and accept the good ones.
And no matter how bad the last attendant was, she had some good points, too.
And now the new shortcomings and bad habits are coming, and I have to deal with all brand new ones again. /eng/news/131/fr1.htm   (971 words)

 Printable Version
His argument was logical and worthy of sympathy, if for no other reason than the simple fact that they understood the loss of an entire year -- understood it all too well.
She writes to him every day while he's away, and he's often the envy of his comrades for receiving so many letters from home.
Now, sitting on the outskirts of Fallujah in a parked humvee pulling guard duty, he kicked himself for having made the decision -- and leaving behind a fianc/e in the states. /articles/2005/02/04/local/news09.prt   (422 words)

 Slake Archive - Marry Me, Maddie
Tired of waiting for her fianc to marry her, Maddie Summers takes him on a talk show and gives him a choice: marry or move on.
His answer makes Maddie realize it's time to star in her own life with a supporting cast of characters, including sexy bad-boy Chase Holloway. /rnd/book.asp?bid=9868   (178 words)
On December 26,1983, Art Berg was on his way to see his fianc?e when his car went off the road.
In these pages, he doesn't define what his readers' hopes should be; instead, he leads them to ways to define those hopes for themselves.
Don't let a bad day turn into a bad life. /home.aspx?pid=0060199903   (348 words)

 Hungry Donner
You know you're having a bad day when things like "the tow truck arrived quickly" and "it didn't cost much to fix my car" are among the highlights.
In fact, because things were on such short notice, he and his fianc?e took their respective families out to see Master and Commander.
Alecto woke me up by telling me that her brother and his fianc?e had finally set a date for their wedding - this Saturday. /users/hungry_donner   (4377 words)

 Calamity's aftermath (1996)
Unger, lead primate keeper at the Philadelphia Zoo, and her fianc, Andrew Smith, Delaware '89, were preparing to celebrate the holidays at his mother's home in Wilmington, Del., when the phone call came.
A supportive fianc and family as well as the zoo's mandatory grief counseling have helped Unger over this hurdle in her life.
The tears that overflowed when she first gave interviews about the fire have been replaced by a sort of wistful sadness in her eyes. /PR/Messenger/96/4/12.html   (970 words) New DVDs are classically good, bad
But "bad" and "worst" are relative terms here.
This box set includes all his mainstream features, including his seminal "Plan 9 From Outer Space," generally considered the worst movie of all time.
If you saw the Tim Burton film "Ed Wood," starring Johnny Depp, you may have an interest in the phenomenally bad movies of Edward D. Wood Jr. /dn/view/0,1249,595111509,00.html   (1018 words)

 The Calvin College Chimes Online
No one denies that Saddam is a bad man and most of those who oppose the war are not disrespectful to the soldiers serving us now.
Christians, who ascribe to Jesus’ admonition to “turn the other cheek,” should be appalled by the notion of a unilateral, unprovoked armed incursion into another country.
Much less, for those who understand the meaning of the word, “SHAT: training required for profs,” is an insulting headline towards professors, and a bad joke on your part. /chimes/2003-03-14/editorial1.html   (1338 words)

 jason_b21's Xanga Site
some of them are good it just is bad to remember long story sort fuck everything and let this be an awesome year one with good time and awesome moments....
well yeah everything was grate untill someone heared that i did something with someone that i didnt and thats gay as hell i think its fucked but yeah thats the only thing thats bad goin on in my life. /jason_b21   (471 words)

 The Seattle Times: Eastside News: Eastsiders philosophize about, even cavort in relentless rain
They usually visit the park at least five times a week, and she said it has been fun to watch the dogs cavort in the water, though it means packing plenty of towels to dry Sadie off before she hops onto a sheet-covered back seat to go home.
But we're so close to breaking the record, she said, how bad could a few more days of rain be? /html/eastsidenews/2002739514_rain14e.html   (1247 words)

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