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Topic: Fibrocartilage

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In the News (Fri 24 May 19)

  High-Resolution Sonography of the Triangular Fibrocartilage: Initial Experience and Correlation with MRI and ...
of the triangular fibrocartilage and that high-resolution sonography
MR evaluation of triangular fibrocartilage complex tears in the wrist: comparison with arthrography and arthroscopy.
Limitations of MR imaging in the diagnosis of peripheral tears of the triangular fibrocartilage of the wrist.
www.ajronline.org /cgi/content/full/182/2/333   (1764 words)

 Medcyclopaedia - Triangular fibrocartilage
In young persons usually but not invariably the normal triangular fibrocartilage is of homogeneously low signal intensity on virtually all MR pulse sequences, whereas in older persons, T1-weighted spin-echo MR images regularly show regions of higher signal intensity within the fibrocartilage as a consequence of Degenerative
The detection of lower signal intensity in the triangular fibrocartilage on T2-weighted spin-echo MR images is useful in differentiating degeneration from perforation, which is characterized by high signal intensity on T2-weighted spin-echo MR images.
In the ulnar impaction syndrome, chronic impaction of the ulnar head against the triangular fibrocartilage (and associated soft tissues) and ulnar-sided carpal bones results in progressive deterioration of the triangular fibrocartilaginous complex and various other abnormalities.
www.medcyclopaedia.com /library/topics/volume_iii_1/t/triangular_fibrocartilage.aspx   (469 words)

  Dorlands Medical Dictionary
Fibrocartilage, the chondrocytes (C) in rows interspersed with thick bundles of collagen fibers (arrows) (132× magnification).
fibrocartilage in which strong bundles of white fibrous tissue predominate.
fibrocartilage containing bundles of yellow elastic fibers but with little or no white fibrous tissue.
www.mercksource.com /pp/us/cns/cns_hl_dorlands.jspzQzpgzEzzSzppdocszSzuszSzcommonzSzdorlandszSzdorlandzSzdmd_f_06zPzhtm   (3268 words)

Three different types of cartilage (hyaline, elastic, and fibrocartilage) are recognized on the basis of type and visibility of the fibers present.
This is the most widespread type of cartilage, forming nearly all the fetal skeleton and persisting in the adult in costal cartilages, the cartilages of the nose, trachea, and bronchi, and the articular cartilages of joints.
Fibrocartilage occurs in intervertebral discs, the pubic symphysis, and in some tendons and ligaments at their attachment to bones.
www.mc.vanderbilt.edu /histology/labmanual2002/labsection1/CartilageandBone03.htm   (2050 words)

 Cartilage Summary
The overall appearance of fibrocartilage closely resembles dense connective tissue, and many researchers regard it to be a transitional tissue.
Cartilage is found in the joints, the rib cage, the ear, the nose, in the throat and between intervertebral disks.
Fibrocartilage (also called white cartilage) is a specialised type of cartilage found in areas requiring tough support or great tensile strength, such as between intervertebral disks, the pubic and other symphyses, and at sites connecting tendons or ligaments to bones.
www.bookrags.com /Cartilage   (3030 words)

 Histology of Cartilage and Bone
It is found in the intervertebral disks, the symphysis pubis, the articular discs of the sternoclavicular and temperomandibular joints, the menisci of the knee joint and some places where ligaments or tendons attach to bones.
The amount of cartilage in fibrocartilage is variable, it generally occupies a smaller amount of the tissue.
Because of the staining on this slide, the fibrocartilage may be harder to identify than that which you saw in the section on cartilage (Figures 7 and 8).
courseweb.edteched.uottawa.ca /medicine-histology/English/Musculoskeletal/default.htm   (5066 words)

 ORTHO SuperSite - Distal Radioulnar Joint Problems and Treatment Options   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-25)
The joint is mainly supported by the triangular fibrocartilage complex, which consists of the triangular fibrocartilage (articular disk), the dorsal and palmar radioulnar ligaments, the meniscus homologue, and the sheath of the extensor carpi ulnaris.
Repetitive impaction of the ulnar head against the triangular fibrocartilage complex and the ulnar carpus leads to triangular fibrocartilage complex perforation; chondromalacia of the ulnar head, and the lunate; and tearing of the lunatotriquetral ligament.
A portion of the ulna is retained to maintain the integrity of the triangular fibrocartilage complex and a portion of autologous tissue is interposed between the radius and the ulna to prevent impingement.
www.orthosupersite.com /view.asp?rID=5183   (6150 words)

 [No title]
Fibrocartilage: Fibrocartilage is intermediate in character between hyaline cartilage and dense connective tissue.
Fibrocartilage is characterized by abundant type I collagen fibers; at low magnification, it closely resembles dense connective tissue.
Fibrocartilage is always associated with dense connective tissue, and the border between the two is usually indistinct.
www.loyno.edu /~chood/histnotescb.html   (5444 words)

 9. Cartilage   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-25)
Fibrocartilage is made up primarily of the thick bundles of Type I collagen but with cartilage matrix filling in the interstices.
Fibrocartilage typically has a more pronounced bluish hue than tendon does when stained by HandE, as a result of its content of chondroitin sulfate.
Another is that the transition from regular dense ordinary connective tissue to fibrocartilage along an inserting tendon often is not sharp.
neuromedia.neurobio.ucla.edu /campbell/cartilage/wp.htm   (2056 words)

 CJO - Abstract
The fibrocartilage can be located within fascicles, or in endo- or epitenon (where it may protect blood vessels from compression or allow fascicles to slide).
Fibrocartilage is a dynamic tissue that disappears when the tendons are rerouted surgically and can be maintained in vitro when discs of tendon are compressed.
Enthesis fibrocartilage is most typical of tendons or ligaments that attach to the epiphyses of long bones where it may also be accompanied by sesamoid and periosteal fibrocartilages.
journals.cambridge.org /action/displayAbstract?fromPage=online&aid=9471   (397 words)

 Triangular Fibrocartilage Complex - Wheeless' Textbook of Orthopaedics
Partial excision of the triangular fibrocartilage complex articular disk: a biomechanical study.
Isolated tears of the triangular fibrocartilage of the wrist: results of partial excision.
Tears of the articular disc of the triangular fibrocartilage complex: results of excision of the articular disc.
www.wheelessonline.com /ortho/triangular_fibrocartilage_complex   (542 words)

 eMedicine - Triangular Fibrocartilage Complex Injuries : Article by James R Verheyden, MD
The triangular fibrocartilage complex suspends the distal radius and ulnar carpus from the distal ulna.
Sigmoid notch of the distal radius with distinct dorsal, palmar, and distal margins and an indistinct proximal margin; the triangular fibrocartilage complex arises from the ulnar margin of the lunate fossa of the radius.
Radially, the triangular fibrocartilage complex arises from the ulnar margin of the lunate fossa of the radius.
www.emedicine.com /Orthoped/topic349.htm   (5822 words)

 SIU SOM Histology SSB
It appears to be a section through the pubic symphysis, with a more-or-less symmetrical arrangement of bone and muscle on either side of the midline, with the bones bound together by a fibrocartilagenous joint in the medial region of the preparation.
Fibrocartilage is exemplified in your slide set by a section of the pubic symphysis.
Fibrocartilage may be seen the in the medial region of this symmetrical preparation, characterized by visible bands of eosinophilic collagen.
www.siumed.edu /~dking2/ssb/skeleton.htm   (4150 words)

 Mechanobiology of tendon adaptation to compressive loading through fibrocartilaginous metaplasia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-25)
The fibrocartilage has a proteoglycan content five times higher than other regions of the tendon (3), and its glycosaminoglycan content is 2-10 times that of normal tendinous tissue (4,5).
Although it appears clear that fibrocartilage formation in tendons is related to compressive loading, the stress states associated with the compressive loading are often poorly characterized.
Giori and colleagues (17) were able to show that the location of fibrocartilage in the rabbit flexor digitorum profundus tendon corresponds with the specific stress state of hydrostatic compression or hydrostatic pressure (compressive stresses of equal magnitude from all directions).
www.rehab.research.va.gov /jour/00/37/2/wren.htm   (4378 words)

 An Immunohistochemical Study of the Rabbit Suprapatella, a Sesamoid Fibrocartilage in the Quadriceps Tendon Containing ...
The rabbit suprapatella is a sesamoid fibrocartilage in the
was evident in the fibrocartilage cells of the suprapatella.
Ralphs JR, Benjamin M, Thornett A (1991) Cell and matrix biology of the suprapatella in the rat: a structural and immunocytochemical study of fibrocartilage in a tendon subject to compression.
www.jhc.org /cgi/content/full/50/7/955   (3043 words)

 Symposium on Enthesitis and Ankylosis in Spondyloarthropathy Focuses on Current Knowledge   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-25)
The calcified fibrocartilage serves to anchor the ligament/tendon into the bone by an irregular interface, with little direct continuity of collagen fibers penetrating directly into the bone trabeculae.
The uncalcified fibrocartilage zone creates a vascular and cellular barrier and is prominent at sites where joint movement results in a great deal of bending of ligaments/tendons, probably because the fibrocartilage helps reduce wear and tear by stress dissipation (as does the articular cartilage).
The ability of the entheseal fibrocartilage to resist compression is the result of the presence of type II collagen and aggrecan in the extracellular matrix, synthesized by fibrocartilage cells that develop by fibroblast metaplasia.
www.rheuma21st.com /archives/Enthesitis_Khan.htm   (3781 words)

Fibrous cartilage can be distinguished by the presence of cells in lacunae aligned in rows and wavy, eosinophilic bundles of collagen fibers in the matrix.
In the region where ligaments join hyaline cartilage there is an transition zone of fibrocartilage.
Again the key to distinguishing fibrocartilage from the other kinds is shown outlined by the yellow dotted lines.
www3.umdnj.edu /histsweb/lab4/cartilage/lab4fibrocartilage.html   (369 words)

 Dr. Prodromos - Chicago (Glenview) orthopedic - knee shoulder
Definition of articular cartilage: The substance that coats the surface of the bone in a joint allowing the bones to glide freely during motion.
Definition of fibrocartilage: A hybrid mixture of cartilage cells and fibrous tissue cells.
Once in the knee, they can be transformed into fibrocartilage to fill in the defects in the articular cartilage surface of the joint.
www.ismoc.net /procedures/mcr.html   (683 words)

 Cytology Lab
FIBROCARTILAGE - found predominately in the intervertebral joints, pubic symphysis and in the additional structures of many articular joints such as the knee (menisci) and shoulder (glenoid labrum).
Fibrocartilage is distinguished by the presence of type I collagen fibers which stain blue with Mallory stain.
In this preparation, the chondrocytes are not stained as nicely and are relatively harder to visualize.
www.fsu.edu /~histo/thre~1.htm   (982 words)

 eMedicine - Triangular Fibrocartilage Complex Injuries : Article by James R Verheyden, MD
The triangular fibrocartilage complex provides a continuous gliding surface across the entire distal face of the radius and ulna to allow for flexion-extension and translational movements.
Relation of the triangular fibrocartilage complex to the distal radius and ulnar styloid.
The ulnocarpal portion of the triangular fibrocartilage complex is composed of the discus articularis, the ulnolunate (ULL), and the ulnotriquetral (UTL) ligaments.
www.emedicine.com /orthoped/topic349.htm   (5822 words)

 Fibrocartilage   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-25)
The matrix of fibrocartilage shows a preponderance of coarse collagenous fibers arranged in bundles.
It is found in the intervertebral disks, pubic symphysis and the lining of tendon grooves.
Fibrocartilage is always found merging with neighboring hyaline cartilage or fibrous tissue.
faculty.ucc.edu /biology-potter/connective_tissue/tsld008.htm   (51 words)

 Anatomical study of the carpal attachment of the triangular fibrocartilage complex Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery - ...
The triangular fibrocartilage complex (TFCC) is continuous from the articular surface of the radius, covers the ulnar head of the distal radio-ulnar joint and forms the articular surface on the ulnar side.
Palmer and Werner1 stated that the TFCC is a structure composed of a disc which separates the distal radio-ulnar joint and the wrist, the surrounding ligament, and tissues continuous from the carpal area.
Elias2, based on histological studies, regarded the tissue which continued from the triangular fibrocartilage (TFC) to the carpal bone as a meniscal homologue which is difficult to separate from the TFC.
www.findarticles.com /p/articles/mi_qa3767/is_200209/ai_n9139421   (836 words)

 Cartilage Structure and Function   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-25)
There are three major types of cartilage in the body: 1) hyaline cartilage, 2) fibrocartilage, and 3) elastic cartilage.
Fibrocartilage, as we saw in the section on fracture fixation, often exists temporarily at fracture sites.
However, fibrocartilage is permanently present in three major locations in the body: 1) the intervertebral disks of the spine, 2) as a covering of the mandibular condyle in the temporomandibular joint, and 3) in the meniscus of the knee.
www.engin.umich.edu /class/bme456/cartilage/cart.htm   (2083 words)

 [No title]
the auricle of the ear, the auditory tube and the epiglottis are composed of fibrocartilage
No, the answer is B. The fetal skeleton is composed primarily of hyaline cartilage.Intervertebral discs contain fibrocartilage to provide firm support and tensile strength.
No, the answer is A. The intervertebral discs consisting of nuclei pulposus (derived from notochord) and annuli fibrosis (concentric rings of fibrocartilage within a dense connective tissue sheath) and are examples of amphiarthroses.
www.kumc.edu /research/medicine/pharmacology/CAI/webCAI/anatomy/to05.wbc   (1672 words)

 4/02/04 Ultrasound competes well in diagnosing wrist cartilage tears
High-resolution ultrasound can be a fast, cost-effective alternative to MR and arthrography in diagnosing fibrocartilage tears in the wrists, according to a study from Canada published in the February issue of the American Journal of Roentgenology.
They found real-time spatial compound ultrasonography with high-resolution probes to be as good as the two predominant modalities for diagnosing tears of the triangular fibrocartilage.
Arthrography -- the current gold standard -- and MR imaging are considered similar diagnostic procedures for the evaluation of triangular fibrocartilage tears.
www.diagnosticimaging.com /dinews/2004040201.shtml   (407 words)

 The Bioenergy Balancing Center: MeridianLink Conference Circle: Autoimmune Part 3   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-25)
Fibrocartilage matrix is the fibrous tissue that forms the bone by embedding calcium and other minerals in its fibers.
The part of the matrix that lies on the surface of the bone draws the mineralization into the bone, replenishing and remodeling it according to the changing needs of the body, relative to weight, and exercise.
Information about how much calcium should be presented to the fibrocartilage matrix is governed by the balance between two hormones: one is called calcitonin, made in the thyroid gland, and the other is parathyroid hormone, made in the little tiny parathyroid glands that lie behind the thyroid.
www.balancingcenter.com /articles/autoimmune3.html   (1741 words)

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