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Topic: Fieldwork

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  Fieldwork - Open Encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Fieldwork refers to scientific activity conducted in the "field", outside the laboratory, of subject matter in an as-found state, by anthropologists, geologists, botanists, archaeologists or others who study the natural or human world.
For instance, archaeological fieldwork may involve surveying, excavations, and mapping.
Fieldwork can also refer to the scientific collection of physical samples or data from an experimental field site, where various environmental factors or variables are controlled or altered to produce experimental treatments.
open-encyclopedia.com /Fieldwork   (100 words)

 POLICY ON FIELDWORK   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Fieldwork is one of the strengths of the department.
Fieldwork takes the form of work undertaken in the school grounds, visits to local sites close to the school, longer day trips or expeditions, and residential fieldtrips lasting from a couple of days to an entire week.
In general no fieldwork should be undertaken in the immediate vicinity of the swimming pool without close supervision, in the graveyard, in the immediate vicinity of the weather station's ground enclosure or the area occupied by Pitsford Time Travellers.
www.ngs-geography.fsnet.co.uk /Fieldwork_Policies.htm   (4777 words)

 Fieldwork   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The fieldwork portion of the academic program is the most important practice element of the curriculum, because it is the element that allows students to have intensive and extensive contact with clients and to move toward professional competence.
Level II fieldwork sites are arranged all over the country, and again, because of the scarcity of fieldwork sites, the number of students needing placement, and facility requirements, it is impossible for every student to be assigned to their first place choice.
While students are on fieldwork, the policies of the fieldwork facilities in use will apply to them, such as requirements for dress, professional behavior, health, safety, hours of practice, etc. Students are to make themselves aware of any such policies, and be prepared to comply, prior to the start of their fieldwork experiences.
www.gvsu.edu /ot/fieldwork.htm   (1514 words)

Fieldwork will be performing at the Jazz Standard on July 21 in celebration of the release of their second album SIMLUATED PROGRESS on the Pi Recordings label.
Fieldwork dazzled audiences across Austria, the Netherlands and France during their recent tour of Europe in May 2005.
Fieldwork will perform at the Jazz Gallery in NYC for the first time in several months with new drummer Tyshawn Sorey.
fieldworkmusic.info   (116 words)

 fieldwork guidelines
In the spirit of service learning the fieldwork is intended to help the student gain (1) further understanding of the profession as practiced; (2) an expanded appreciation of the contextual and social significance of librarianship; (3) an enhanced sense of civic responsibility that demonstrates an understanding of the institution and its constituency.
The fieldwork, taken near the end of the Master’s degree program, gives students the opportunity for professional experience while still in a situation where mentoring, advice and support are available.
The fieldwork coordinator will keep in close touch with the student during the progress of the fieldwork, and will be available for help and guidance and to discuss the progress of the fieldwork.
www.cas.usf.edu /lis/mccook/fwGuidelines.htm   (2680 words)

 fieldwork   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Academic Fieldwork Coordinator/Fieldwork Educator/Responsibilities of the Student/Purpose of Fieldwork
Fieldwork Educators may also be known as clinical educators, fieldwork educators, or student educators.
The fieldwork experience is to provide students with the opportunity to integrate academic knowledge with the application of skills in a practice setting.
www.sunyjcc.edu /college-wide/ota/fieldwork.html   (1247 words)

 Fieldwork Symposium   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Failure to find solutions to this shortage of fieldwork may mean that the University training could be reduced to three years (Bachelor degree status questionable), with an intern year (in which allocation of fieldwork rotations, assessment of practice, supervision and assurance of outcomes becoming the responsibility of OT Australia).
Fieldwork is an essential part in the development of future occupational therapists and provides occupational therapy students with the opportunity to integrate academic knowledge with practical skills.
Fieldwork education is instrumental in the development of professional behaviours and is the most influential factor in the choice of practice areas.
www.otqld.org.au /fieldwork_symposium.htm   (3274 words)

 Ethno::log: fieldwork
Finding adequate means of presenting fieldwork material and other scientific publications in the internet has become a growing concern to some of us in our institute lately.
Fieldwork is a hot issue if one considers the stressful and delicate situations, the packed places and of course the striking sun that the researcher has to cope with.
This photographer was most eager to get the very best shots the royal funeral scenes were offering to her - and had to immerge totally into the hot and dusty crowd.
sonner.antville.org /topics/fieldwork   (976 words)

 Fieldwork International   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Fieldwork International is an international agency specialising in providing data collection services for Pharmaceutical and Healthcare market research projects.
Established in 1992 by Isis Research plc, independently, Fieldwork International (FI) has grown rapidly to become one of the largest pharmaceutical and health-care field agencies in the world.
Fieldwork International executives have considerable experience in fielding both qualitative and quantitative multi-country studies.
www.streamlinesurveys.com /Streamline/estore/FieldworkInternational.htm   (466 words)

 Fieldwork - Encyclopedia.WorldSearch   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Margaret Mead, Gregory Bateson, and Highland Bali : Fieldwork Photographs of Bayung Gede, 1936-1939
Shadows in the Field: New Perspectives for Fieldwork in Ethnomusicology
Constructing the Field: Ethnographic Fieldwork in the Contemporary World (European Association of Social Anthropologists)
encyclopedia.worldsearch.com /fieldwork.htm   (171 words)

 AOTA - Student Area - Fieldwork FAQ
Because fieldwork is considered a part of your academic program, your school sets the policy on repeating Level II fieldwork.
For Level II fieldwork, an occupational therapist can supervise an occupational therapy student as long as the therapist meets state regulations and has a minimum of 1 year of practice experience subsequent to the requisite initial certification.
After a student is accepted for the fieldwork placement, the student, academic fieldwork coordinator, and fieldwork educator should determine the appropriate and most effective accommodations.
www.aota.org /featured/area2/links/LINK13.asp   (1602 words)

 Fieldwork   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
In the introduction to Linguistic fieldwork, Paul Newman and Martha Ratliff state...
intellectual excitement of linguistic fieldwork; and (b) to give a realistic picture...
class-based relations of fieldwork and suggests ways of undoing and unlearning fieldwork.
hallencyclopedia.com /Fieldwork   (298 words)

 Fieldwork Online Training
Fieldwork Education Ltd cannot be held responsible for any inconvenience, loss or damage which may arise from the information or from the use of any of the information regarding Fieldwork Online Training contained in the website or in the Online courses.
Additionally although Fieldwork Education Ltd and its agents make every endeavour to ensure that the Fieldwork Online Training courses are free from viruses or other software or hardware contamination, Fieldwork Education Ltd does not offer any guarantee that the website and courses are free from viruses or other contamination.
Fieldwork Education Ltd reserves the right to remove from any course Discussion board any comment, word, phrase or sentence it regards as inappropriate, but does not guarantee to do this within a specific time scale.
www.cobisec.org /fw/content/terms.htm   (835 words)

 Good Practice in Earth Science Learning & Teaching: Fieldwork
Fieldwork is regarded as a fundamental scientific activity in the geosciences and has been described as a scientific birth right for geologists (Keller 1963), although fieldwork in undergraduate courses has come under scrutiny as issues of safety and finance have placed increasing pressure on the provision of fieldwork (Smith 1996).
Thompson, D.B. On discerning the purposes of Geological Fieldwork.
This encourages an organised and structured approach to the fieldwork, although greater input may be needed from staff members due to the relative inexperience of the students at this early stage.
www.gees.ac.uk /essd/field.htm   (17371 words)

 Fieldwork Placements   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
This introductory fieldwork experience aims to provide students with exposure to the professional role of occupational therapists, roles played by other health professionals, and the needs and problems of healthcare consumers.
This fieldwork placement will allow students to consolidate academic knowledge and clinical skills learned in prior months at university.
This fieldwork unit will provide the 3rd year student with an opportunity to experience fieldwork in a community context while participating in a project that will benefit a community based group.
www.uws.edu.au /about/acadorg/cshs/sehs/programs/occupationaltherapy/fieldworkplacements   (992 words)

 Fieldwork   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
These fieldwork opportunities really bring alive environmental education; when children have been exposed to the smells and noise of a landfill site, they will latch on to appreciating the problems.
Some of the fieldwork sites are new and some existing sites are highlighted in case you have not yet had the opportunity to use them.
fieldwork: heathland and woodland habitats, recycling runways, role of the business park, how people have affected the environment and how and why people seek to manage and sustain their environment.
www.futureinyourhands.co.uk /fieldw.html   (806 words)

 Classroom Applications of Fieldwork Basics
Finally, fieldwork develops students into independent, life-long learners by opening their eyes to all they can learn, even in their immediate surroundings-their own home, their own neighborhood, their own part of our state-and by having them rely on their own skills as they interact with people and the work around them independent of the teacher.
Fieldwork is an integral part of Louisiana Voices teaching strategies and you will find fieldwork activities in many lessons.
If you would like a quick overview of fieldwork or are not working in a classroom setting and would like a less structured approach of teaching fieldwork, Fieldwork Basics provides more concisely the same fieldwork process.
www.louisianavoices.org /Unit2/edu_unit2.html   (1193 words)

 Equinox - About
Fieldwork in Religion is a new, peer reviewed, interdisciplinary journal seeking engagement between scholars carrying out empirical research in religion.
Fieldwork in Religion seeks to promote empirical study of religion in all disciplines: religious studies, anthropology, ethnography, sociology, psychology, folklore, or cultural studies.
A further important aim of Fieldwork in Religion will be to encourage the discussion of methodology in fieldwork either through discrete articles on issues of methodology or by publishing fieldwork case studies that include methodological challenges and the impact of methodology on the results of empirical research.
www.equinoxpub.com /journals/main.asp?jref=55   (371 words)

 Kulick and Willson: Taboo
Indeed, the collection serves to emphasize the diversity of biographies and identities that shape and are shaped by ethnographer's fieldwork.
This is given particular relevance by Gearing's marriage to her main informant in the course of the fieldwork.
Equally intriguing is the chapter by Dubisch which explores a variety of sexualized encounters in the course of fieldwork in Greece.
www.socresonline.org.uk /1/2/atkinson.html   (774 words)

 OTA Fieldwork
Fieldwork is the opportunity to apply the theory learned in class to the clinical or community experience.
The CSC OTA fieldwork component is unique, in that it follows a "learn it-do it" model.
Students complete three fieldwork experiences which are integral to the curriculum and must be completed in a timely fashion.
minerva.stkate.edu /offices/academic/ota.nsf/pages/fieldwork   (192 words)

 Frightful fieldwork
Fieldwork biologists do it, and anthropologists, and geologists, too.
Her comprehensive report (see "Surviving Fieldwork" bibliography) should be required reading for anyone considering a career in a field science.
The most hazardous part of fieldwork, Howell says, is getting to the field in the first place.
whyfiles.org /110fieldwork   (554 words)

 GEO 466/566: Fieldwork
Fieldwork is important to geography because it contributes so fundamentally to geographical research and to our basic understanding of the Earth's surface.
Again, doing fieldwork is not complicated, provided you do a few things consistently, and this is regardless of your specific subject.
A truly outstanding, comprehensive on-line resource related to fieldwork is a set of course materials prepared by Dr. William Doolittle at the University of Texas at Austin.
www.valpo.edu /geomet/geo/courses/geo466/topics/fieldwrk.html   (1025 words)

 Doing Fieldwork
When you study the traditions of a folk group, something in your final report is bound to be disapproved of by somebody in the group you studied.
However, in the spirit of respecting the rights and privacy of members of the group you studied as well as protecting their wellbeing, you should avoid publishing "sensitive" information and any information that you can foresee its misuse if revealed to the public.
You cannot keep other folklorists or fieldworkers from studying the traditions of the folk group you study, but do not knowingly play a part in changing the traditions of the folk group.
www.ucs.mun.ca /~zharuna/doingfieldwork.html   (657 words)

 Fieldwork Inc.
fieldwork Facility Locations: 15 beautiful research facilities in 11 cities across the country, featuring award-winning recruiting and service.
fieldwork Network: A full service multi-city project management office, handling every aspect of your study in ANY city.
fieldwork Labs: Usability methodology support in all facilities and usability project management throughout the multi-city network.
www.fieldwork.com   (160 words)

 AnthroGlobe Bibliography: introduction to fieldwork
The literature about fieldwork and ethnography is extensive and I have no wish to claim that this selection is the best or the most complete possible.
The selected bibliography is organized into several thematical fields - in a similar manner to that often used by course syllabuses in field methods - both to show the variety of highlights within the broad field of anthropological research and to ease the exploration of the literature.
A similar classification was used by Malcolm Crick in his compilation of "fieldwork literature" in 'Anthropological Fieldwork and Field Methodology: A Selected Bibliography', a book he edited together with Bill Geddes in 1993.
coombs.anu.edu.au /Biblio/biblio_fieldwork1.html   (1174 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Fieldwork groups are offered in dance, theater, writing, mixed disciplines and works that combine video projection with live performance.
Fieldwork is offered according to a seasonal schedule in the fall, winter, spring, and summer.
If you live outside of the New York City area, note that Fieldwork is offered through the Field Forward Network, a network of Field sites across the country and in Tokyo, Japan.
www.thefield.org /programs.asp   (577 words)

I have done folklore fieldwork since the mid seventies, mostly in Tanzania, Kenya and the USA, with special emphasis on narratives, songs, and other forms of verbal folklore.
Researchers need to pay attention to the fact that not all materials gathered during fieldwork are for public consumption.
To obtain such information, just as in the entire fieldwork process itself, the researcher should never pressurize people, but must always be courteous and diplomatic.
www.stolaf.edu /people/mbele/fieldwork.html   (1234 words)

 Mobile Computing in a Fieldwork Environment: Fieldwork in 1996-7
Having seen our prototype fieldwork tools at work in Mull, Kathy became interested in using the technology to assist in her fieldwork in Kenya a few months later.
The aim of her project was to study the behaviour of giraffe in the Sweetwaters reserve near Nanyuki, and in particular to study feeding behaviour.
One of the main tasks of this year's fieldwork was to visit and record several seasonal upland pastoral settlements.
www.cs.kent.ac.uk /projects/mobicomp/Fieldwork/Reports/fw97.html   (2880 words)

 Fieldwork   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
In the summer of 2004, the Institute of Classical Archaeology at the University of Texas at Austin, in close collaboration with the National Preserve of Tauric Chersonesos (Sevastopol), will begin its tenth season of field research in the territory of the ancient Greek colony of Chersonesos on the Black Sea coast.
Summer fieldwork projects will be staggered, but are likely to take place between May 1 and August 15.
Fieldwork is conducted within an integrated international team.
www.utexas.edu /research/ica/field   (220 words)

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