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Topic: Fighter aircraft

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  J-10 Multirole Fighter Aircraft - SinoDefence.com
The J-10 inherited the “tailless delta” configuration of the cancelled Chengdu J-9 fighter, and was incorporated with the design and technologies of the Israeli Aircraft Industries (IAI) Lavi fighter aircraft.
A Chinese report suggested that the aircraft could also be modified for the airborne command and control aircraft role, with the rear-seat pilot being the commander of a small four-plane formation.
The aircraft achieved initial operational capability (IOC) in 2004, with 32 J-10s delivered to the 131st Fighter Regiment of the 44th Air Division based at Mengzi, Yunan Province.
www.sinodefence.com /airforce/fighter/j10.asp   (0 words)

  P-38 Lightning Design & Development
This aircraft would also be required to operate at altitudes of 20,000 and contain firepower three or four times higher than any other existing fighter aircraft.
Essentially, this aircraft would be able to perform any mission any other fighter would be capable of, but not limited to any specific one.
The new Model 22 would be a heavy aircraft, and its wing characteristics were not considered acceptable for a fighter.
p-38online.com /design.html   (538 words)

  Fighter Factory - WWII Aircraft Recovery and Restoration
The Fighter Factory is a private collection of historical aircraft and not a museum normally open to the general public.
Many aircraft have been fully restored to their World War II condition and are available for flight demonstrations, static display or movie production.
The Fighter Factory is located in Suffolk, Virginia and is part of the Aircraft Discovery Division of Aviation Institute of Maintenance, a leading aviation maintenance school located at the Norfolk, Virginia, Airport.
www.fighterfactory.com   (424 words)

  Curtiss P-40 Kittyhawk WWII Fighter Aircraft
Great Britain subsequently transferred the aircraft to the Soviet Union, where it was then assigned to a Soviet squadron in the Murmansk region of Northern Russia to defend the homeland from the German Nazi invasion launched from Norway.
The aircraft was lost in action near the Arctic Circle and lay abandoned on the frozen tundra for fifty years.
The aircraft is licensed through the FAA under the experimental category because as a former military airplane, it was never certified for civilian use.
www.fighterfactory.com /airworthy-aircraft/curtiss-p-40.php   (935 words)

 Fighter Aircraft MIG-31
It was intended to counteract against strategic reconnaissance aircrafts SR-71 "Blackbird's", strategic bombers B-1B and long-range cruise missiles.
Fighter had weapons system, which was probably the most effective ever fitted to a Soviet fighter aircraft.
The aircraft has a fully-loaded take-off weight of 41 000 - 46 000 kg and a ferry range of 2 500 - 3 000 km.
www.enemyforces.com /aircraft/mig31.htm   (753 words)

 Fighter Aircraft - Military Aircraft
Two missions involve offensive air superiority operations to defeat enemy fighter aircraft and surface-to-air defenses within enemy territory, and three involve defensive air superiority to protect friendly territory against enemy aircraft, cruise missiles, and theater ballistic missiles.
And while air superiority missions have many components, and many types of equipment are involved, the acquisition of U.S. fighter aircraft with the capability to defeat enemy fighters and other aircraft is expected to consume about 47 percent of the resources planned for air superiority missions.
The Air Force, the Navy, and the Marines all have capabilities to defeat enemy fighters and other aircraft as a part of offensive and defensive air superiority missions using aircraft equipped with air-to-air missiles and guns.
www.fas.org /man/dod-101/sys/ac/fighter.htm   (0 words)

 The Battle of Britain - British fighter aircraft
The most potent element of the air defences during the Battle of Britain was provided by the excellent fighter aircraft which were the backbone of Fighter Command, the Hurricane and the Spitfire.
In a quantum leap, the aircraft with which the Royal Air Force was equipped jumped from the slow, obsolescent, open-cockpit biplanes with top speeds of no more than 250 mph to the sleek, stressed-skin monoplanes which could go 100 miles-an-hour faster and had much superior armament and all-round performance.
In battle, the Hurricane was inferior in most performance aspects to the German fighter the Messerschmitt 109, which was faster at all altitudes and could out-climb and out-dive the Hurricane with ease.
www.iwm.org.uk /upload/package/27/battleofbritain/fiaircraft.htm   (452 words)

 Chinese fighter aircraft makes its debut
China has become the fourth country in the world to develop its own advanced fighter aircraft, aero-engines and missiles, said Geng Ruguang, deputy general manager of AVIC I. The Jian-10 and the Taihang turbofan engine, both with proprietary intellectual property rights (IPR), herald the third generation of Chinese fighter aircraft and military aero-engines, said Geng.
Military observers say the Jian-10 can not match American fourth-generation fighter aircraft in performance but its basic design and home-made onboard equipment are comparable to those of mainstream fighter aircraft in the West.
AVIC I is the leading aircraft manufacturer in China and provides the Chinese armed forces with 90 percent of their airborne weapons.
www.chinadaily.com.cn /china/2007-01/05/content_775966.htm   (446 words)

 Fighter Aicraft
The Lockheed Martin F-35 Joint Strike Fighter (JSF)
See Tornado for a large image by Tuomas Elenius.
J Lindberg Copyright © 1997-2006 Fighter Tactics Academy.
www.sci.fi /~fta/fighter.htm   (74 words)

 Aircraft Detail
The Lightning incorporated a number of unique design features.÷ Its over and under engine installation allows for greater thrust provided by the (2) engines without the drag penalty of side-by-side placement.÷ Its unusual wing shape reduces drag while placing the ailerons in the best position for maneuverability.
The Museum's aircraft on display is a Lightning Mk.53, an export version of the Mk.6.÷ The Mk.53s first delivered in 1966, served as interceptors and ground attack aircraft.÷ This aircraft was manufactured in 1968.
÷ It bears the markings of No. 29 Fighter Squadron, Royal Air Force, one of ten RAF squadrons to operate the Lightning until 1988.÷ It was presented to the Museum in June 1990 by officials of British Aerospace (Military Aircraft) Ltd., Warton, Lancashire, England.
www.museumofaviation.org /aircraftCollection/fighters/19-mk53.htm   (125 words)

 US Fighter Aircraft
American fighter aircraft in superb aviation art prints available from Cranston Fine Arts
Aviation art prints form most of the world major aviation art print publishers, available on one website.
The F-16 has been the most popular US fighter over the past 20 years with a total of 4,100 F-16s delivered to more than 20 countries.
www.aviationartprints.com /us_fighters.htm   (0 words)

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