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Topic: Fighting World of Japan Pro Wrestling

  Professional wrestling - Encyclopedia, History, Geography and Biography
Modern professional wrestling is commonly associated within a company (often referred to as a fed), where the participants create an entertaining show simulating a dueling match.
The question of whether professional wrestling is a sport comparable to its freestyle, Greco-Roman, and collegiate counterparts can seem irrelevant, maybe even impossible, to compare as the key difference between both concepts is that professional wrestling's main focus is maintaining its audience and profiting as a business rather than as a form of athletic competition.
Midget wrestling has been a unique aspect of professional wrestling, and can be traced to professional wrestling's carnival and vaudeville origins.
www.arikah.com /encyclopedia/Professional_wrestling   (2287 words)

 Power Move Pro Wrestling reviewed @ www.vidgames.com
Now wrestling has gone from the confines of 2d sprites to the world of 3d gourad shaded polygons in the form of Power Move Pro Wrestling.
During wrestling, your character's face isn't exactly visible anyways, due to movement, zooming, etc. The wrestlers are not exactly overflowing with polygons, but are adequately equipped with enough.
Each of the wrestling moves has a priority over the other, for example: a power move overrides a punch/kick; a submission move overrides a power move; and a punch/kick overrides a submission move.
www.vidgames.com /ps/reviews/powermove2.html   (1925 words)

  Fighting World of Japan Pro Wrestling - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Fighting World of Japan Pro-Wrestling, frequently shortened to World Japan or WJ, and also known as "Riki Pro", is a professional wrestling promotion formed in Japan in 2003.
Yoshiaki Yatsu (who had been Chōshū's ally in New Japan, Japan Pro, and All-Japan in the 1980s), was also brought in along with some of the talent of his small-time SPWF promotion.
World Japan, however, was viewed by Japanese fans as just another independent promotion in the saturated world of pro wrestling, so it wasn't able to make a dent in the major promotions' fanbases.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Fighting_World_of_Japan_Pro_Wrestling   (337 words)

 Mixed Martial Arts FAQ: Pro Wrestlers in Mixed Martial Arts
He won his first fight and lost his second.
- Japanese pro wrestler Michiyoshi Ohara fought at Pride 17 and 22.
- New Japan Pro Wrestling legend Jushin "Thunder" Liger fought in Pancrase (11-30-02) and lost to Minoru Suzuki.
mmafighting.com /faq/prowrestling.html   (283 words)

 Matt Furey's Farmer Burns Catch Wrestling Submission Fighting Book and Video Course   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
Real pro wrestling is NOT the learning of as much amateur wrestling as you possibly can, then spicing it up with flying dropkicks and other nonsense.
To be known as a "hooker" in professional wrestling, you had to be highly skilled in the art of submissions.
Professional wrestling's equivalent of boxing's knockout artist is called the "ripper." It is the highest form of praise that a shooter can receive from his peers.
farmerburns.com /hookers.html   (1933 words)

 Review - Fire Pro Wrestling // GBA /// Eurogamer
Fire Pro Wrestling from developer Spike and BAM Entertainment harks us back to those cherished days of yore when a grip was hard to get out of, and a choke meant you choked, and also brings us up to date with the latest fighting styles from all over the world.
Fighting games need to be energetic and although Fire Pro Wrestling is a special breed of fighting game, and a very good one to boot, it doesn't have that electricity found in rival fighters.
The difficulty is, for a multiplayer fight to be fun in Fire Pro you need two (or indeed four) calm, collected players who enjoy calculating their fights instead of pumping iron into them.
www.eurogamer.net /article.php?article_id=1853   (830 words)

 A Matter Of Pride - marketing of hand-to-hand combat events in Japan - Brief Article Wrestling Digest - Find Articles
Pro wrestling is probably the inventor of it So, with this type of show, people are entertained before and during the fight.
Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, who follows MMA and pro wrestling on a regular basis, said there is great potential in the crossover appeal of pro wrestling and shoot fighting.
With special effects galore, an appearance by Inoki and a fight between kickboxer Vanderlei Silva of Brazil and former pro wrestling babyface extraordinaire Sakuraba, MMA fans and wrestling fans were treated to an unforgettable evening of entertainment--exactly what PRIDE hoped to deliver.
www.findarticles.com /p/articles/mi_m0FCO/is_2_3/ai_76726500   (933 words)

 Riki Chōshū - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
He is considered one of the most influential wrestlers in Japan in the 80's and 90's and known as the first wrestler to popularize Sasori-gatame, better known in English as Scorpion Deathlock or Sharpshooter.
After Mitsuo left New Japan Pro Wrestling in 2002, he formed Fighting World of Japan Pro Wrestling(WJ), which is now known as Riki Pro as he is the promoter of the promotion.
In 1983, upset at not being selected for the inaugural tournament for the IWGP World Heavyweight Championship, he turned on Tatsumi Fujinami during a match and formed his own stable, Kakumeigun (Revolutionary Army), which was the core for the later Japan Pro-Wrestling promotion that "invaded" All Japan Pro Wrestling.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Riki_Choshu   (374 words)

 WFA - The Official Site of the World Fighting Alliance   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
Jackson, regarded as one of the world's best light heavyweights and the last man to defeat Ultimate Fighting Championship titleholder Chuck Liddell, said many pro sports should learn from how skillfully professional wrestling markets itself.
"If pro wrestling is popular here (in the United States), then I knew that sooner or later MMA would also take off," said Jackson, who fought much of his career in Japan.
Kimo Leopoldo is out of his fight against Bas Rutten tonight after testing positive for the anabolic steroid stanozolol.
www.wfa.tv /news-story.php?id=48   (423 words)

 Ken Shamrock Interview
World’s Most Dangerous Man was given to me by a deal they did on NBC about the world’s most dangerous jobs, etc. Of course MMA has that mystique about it being very dangerous, and I was the champion at that time, so I got labeled the World’s Most Dangerous Man.
It was one similar to with Tito right now, the first fight I went against him I was very confident that I would win the tournament and I went in there not totally aware of all the opponents I was fighting and got caught with choke and went back to the drawing board.
Prior to the fight, they can be as cocky as they want to be because that helps promote the fight, but after it is over, it is done.
www.valorfighting.com /shamrock.html   (2770 words)

 Obsessed With Wrestling   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
While territories may not dominate the world of wrestling today as they have in the past, there are still alternatives to mainstream American wrestling, perhaps most notably Japan.
The "strong fighting style" of Japan is an aspect of the country that has developed in recent years as Valiant stated after being contacted through www.jimmyvaliant.com that during his tours of Japan in the late 70's and early 80's that "It was all Western style, it was all our style."
Also intriguing about deciding to wrestle in Japan is the worldly experience that the country gives to wrestlers and subsequently creating an easier transition in traveling to other nations to wrestle abroad.
www.obsessedwithwrestling.com /columns/misc/danieljohnson02.html   (900 words)

 ExtremeProSports.com: UFC News
Wrestling occupies a prominent place in legend and literature; near the end of the Iliad the poet Homer records Odysseus fighting a titanic wrestling match with fellow Greek Ajax; in Genesis, Jacob wrestles an angel of the Lord Jehovah.
In ancient Greco-Roman wrestling one merely had to throw the opponent to the ground three times, though the sport was rough: wrestlers quite often ended their careers with broken noses and cauliflower ears.
Professional wrestling in the U.S. reached its zenith during the early 20th century, then slowly gave way to modern exhibition wrestling, which is intended purely for entertainment.
www.extremeprosports.com /full_contact_fighting   (955 words)

 A Matter Of Pride - marketing of hand-to-hand combat events in Japan - Brief Article Wrestling Digest - Find Articles
Pro wrestling is probably the inventor of it So, with this type of show, people are entertained before and during the fight.
Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, who follows MMA and pro wrestling on a regular basis, said there is great potential in the crossover appeal of pro wrestling and shoot fighting.
With special effects galore, an appearance by Inoki and a fight between kickboxer Vanderlei Silva of Brazil and former pro wrestling babyface extraordinaire Sakuraba, MMA fans and wrestling fans were treated to an unforgettable evening of entertainment--exactly what PRIDE hoped to deliver.
findarticles.com /p/articles/mi_m0FCO/is_2_3/ai_76726500   (933 words)

The origin of current shoot-style wrestling can arguably be traced back to April 10, 1984, when a group of professional wrestlers, led by Akira Maeda, formed the Japanese group UWF.
Held inside a standard wrestling ring, competitors are allowed to kick, knee or elbow any part of the body except the groin, as well as head butts.
Fights are won when a competitor is knocked down for a ten-count, knocked down five times or forced to submit.
www.atlantamartialarts.com /styles/shootfighting.htm   (1005 words)

 WFA - The Official Site of the World Fighting Alliance   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
He has delicately balanced a dual life of being a high school wrestling coach and art teacher as well as exploring a career in pro wrestling and mixed martial arts.
He continued to fight both here in America and in Japan, appearing in some of the biggest organizations throughout the world.
Right at the turn of the century / height of the pro wrestling boom in America, Ron secured a "developmental deal" with the then-WWF.
www.wfa.tv /fighter.php?id=23   (270 words)

 Smash Wrestling - Interview with Dan Severn
Dan wrestled for the WWF weekly as he continued a grueling appearance, seminar, and no holds barred fighting schedule.
He held the National Wrestling Alliance heavyweight title in the professional wrestling ranks for longer than any other previous NWA champion.
Gaining much notoriety in the Ultimate Fighting Championship and brief stints in the WWF and WA, "The Beast" is classed as one of the hardest workers in the business.
www.firetank.com /smashwrestling/interview-dansevern.shtml   (851 words)

 The College Hill Independent
If his contemporaries in the world of worked—that is, fake—pro-wrestling are any indication, he will be lucky to avoid a wheelchair.
Whereas in America Vince McMahon’s World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is a freak show in which even the most devoted fans take the wrestler’s soap-opera antics as seriously as the California electorate, pro-wrestling and mixed martial arts are the biggest businesses in Japan.
Despite the fact that some fighting styles like Bushido have hundreds, perhaps thousands of years of history under their belt, when it comes to the top competition in the world, it’s often hard to predict how styles will interact with each other.
www.brown.edu /Students/INDY/alpha/article_old.php?id=177_5_2   (1600 words)

 The New Truth   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
And as pro wrestling fan, I myself had asked myself the question many times: “What would happen if this was REAL?” I could never see a scrawny pretty boy type like Shawn Michaels ever actually winning a REAL fight.
Art Davie was a Jiu Jitsu student of the world famous Gracie family from Brazil, and along with his partner and instructor Rorian Gracie, wanted to stage an event to showcase the Gracie style of fighting, and attempt to prove it’s superiority over all other styles of fighting.
Although there is always a place in my heart for a good pro wrestling show, the drama, athleticism and realism of a MMA event gives an element of “truth” to the fighting world.
www.thesmartmarks.com /artman/publish/printer_134.shtml   (1226 words)

 FREE Health and Fitness Articles by Matt Furey
I no longer watch pro wrestling and could care less about the pumped up steroid users that seem to be injured ever other week or hooked on pain pills.
In wrestling you don't get paid if you don't work, so if you are hurt, you can stay home and lose your spot, or do what you have to do and get paid and feed your family.
Chris Benoit, he went to Japan and lived in a dojo and got his ass beat for a year buy psycho Japanese wrestlers who had him doing thousands of Hindu squats, Hindu push ups, and bridges all day, everyday, and he is ready to fight anyone, any time, and then there is me.
www.mattfurey.com /pro_wrestler_vampiro_070704.html   (1409 words)

 Shooto and Shootfighting Histories
Shooto has been regarded as one of the highest level of "total fights" in Japan and also held the "Vale Tudo Japan Open" in the summer of 1994 to challenge Rickson Gracie - the strongest fighter and representative of the Gracie Jiu-jitsu clan.
Before fighting with Rickson, Japanese fighters had been defeated by fighters from Europe and the USA by punches to the face while at the ground position (bottom position) - this was their first experience.
Shooto is "total fighting" composed of the four elements of martial arts: striking, throwing, submission, and positioning.
www.usadojo.com /styles/about-shootfighting.htm   (1708 words)

 Omniseek: /Sports /Wrestling /Women of Wrestling /Pro Lady Wrestlers
This is the website for the Ladies Professional Wrestling Association, known as LPWA in the early 1990's.
Pro wrestler and stunt actress Cheryl Rusa, formerly "Lightning" on the popular GLOW television show, hosts her own personal web site.
This is the official web site for the Professional Girl Wrestling Association, which also publishes a magazine devoted to the sport of women's pro wrestling, called Lady Sports.
www.omniseek.com /srch/{60185}   (742 words)

 MMA Release
Pro Elite, Inc. is headed by an impressive team of successful entertainment producers, event promoters and new media/internet visionaries.
Pro Elite, Inc. is an entertainment and media company dedicated to producing world-class sports events and specialized Internet content.
Pro Elite Inc. is creating a leading Internet destination for sports fans, athletes, and dojos to foster the growth of the core principles of competition - Pride, Spirit, and Sportsmanship.
www.garyshawproductions.com /Headlines/ProEliteInc/MMARelease.shtml   (952 words)

Nogueira is obviously a ground fighting monster with arguably the best submission skills of any heavyweight fighter in the world.
This fact should not be viewed as a negative--the Japanese pro wrestling is a drastically different animal than its American counterpart, with serious physical demands and a grueling training regimen.
Mirko enters this fight with a professional MMA record of 19-4-2, and his four losses reveal what I consider to be his weaknesses as a fighter.
www.bettorsworld.com /pride.htm   (1109 words)

 MMAFighting.com - K-1 Beast 2004 in Shizuoka
This July (see location and schedule below), Valor Fighting (Mixed Martial Arts and Kickboxing) and Ultimate Pro Wrestling (UPW) will be in town scouting fighters and wrestlers for some of the biggest organizations in the world.
Valor Fighting and Management is a California Corporation formed by Eddy Millis' Shark Tank, one of the world's most renown training organizations, and by Rick Bassman's Ultimate Pro Wrestling.
Ultimate Pro Wrestling (UPW) is one of the best-known "independent" pro wrestling companies in the world.
www.mmafighting.com /news/2004/valorfighting.html   (307 words)

 The Wrestling Voice
Similar to pro wrestling, MMA fighting has a rich history dating all the way back to the Olympic games in Athens.
Wrestling is done for the sake of entertaining the audience, who ultimately determine a wrestlers worth in his respective company.
Lately, various independent wrestling organizations in America appear to be trying to capitalize on the growing popularity of that same style.
thewrestlingvoice.com /columns/travisschaeff/headlines/164838505.shtml   (1552 words)

 New Japan Pro Wrestling's 'Wrestling World 2001'
Wrestling's growing commitment to provide in depth coverage of international wrestling, we are pleased to provide a preview of New Japan Pro Wrestling's 'Wrestling World 2001' spectacular at the Tokyo Egg Dome.
Tenzan is a stalwart New Japan worker trying to get higher into the mix, but he's still a little shy of holding off the All Japan threat.
I'm pretty sure that New Japan won't put Kawada over for their strap and will go with one of their guys (which is why Triple Crown champion Tenryu was pulled out of the tournament) so look for Sasaki to go over.
slam.canoe.ca /SlamWrestlingInternational/njpwdome01.html   (1023 words)

 RealFighting.com - Profiles and Interviews
Pro Shooto is three, five-minute rounds of punching, kicking, kneeing and throwing, with punching on the ground and total body submission.
But there seem to be several styles that everyone uses in pro fights nowadays, in grappling there seems to be a combination of BJJ, Wrestling, and Sambo; in striking they’re mostly boxing and Muay Thai.
You can fight in the confines of your art, style or discipline, karate point tournaments, sport jiu-jitsu tournaments, kickboxing or muay thai fights, boxing matches, gi or gi-less matches and wrestling or pro wrestling tournaments-each has its place and the goal is to become best in what you are doing.
www.realfighting.com /1001/ep.htm   (1800 words)

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