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Topic: File sharing

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  File sharing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
File sharing is the practice of making files available for other users to download over the Internet and smaller networks.
Usually file sharing follows the peer-to-peer (P2P) model, where the files are stored on and served by personal computers of the users.
File sharing first came into the public eye with the popularisation of MP3 files in the mid- to late 1990s.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/File_sharing   (2661 words)

 file sharing - a definition from Whatis.com
File sharing is the public or private sharing of computer data or space in a network with various levels of access privilege.
File sharing allows a number of people to use the same file or file by some combination of being able to read or view it, write to or modify it, copy it, or print it.
More usually, however, file sharing implies a system in which users write to as well as read files or in which users are allotted some amount of space for personal files on a common server, giving access to other users as they see fit.
whatis.techtarget.com /definition/0,,sid9_gci212119,00.html   (492 words)

 How to configure file sharing in Windows XP
Files and folders that are created in or copied to a folder inherit the permissions that are defined for their parent folder.
Shares that have passwords assigned to them are removed, and shares that have blank passwords remain shared after the upgrade.
When Simple File Sharing is turned on, remote administration and remote registry editing does not work as expected from a remote computer, and connections to administrative shares (such as C$) do not work because all remote users authenticate as Guest.
support.microsoft.com /default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;304040   (2558 words)

 File Sharing   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
File sharing is a phrase of dubious meaning.
Instead, file sharing is the ultimate method of creative expression and freedom.
File sharing enables the budding poet, artist, programmer, or other such person to distribute their work to the general public in a way never seen before.
www.pcmech.com /show/network/733   (822 words)

 How To Set Up File Sharing in Windows 98/Me
The shared folder can be made accessible to anyone who has the password and is using a Windows machine on the Wellesley campus network.
If you are setting up file sharing on a personally-owned computer, it must be connected to the campus network in order to set up file sharing.
File sharing is now available on the computer.
www.wellesley.edu /Computing/FileSharing/Windows/win98me.html   (988 words)

 EFF: DeepLinks   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Once again, rather than offering collegiate music fans "all you can eat" sharing plans in exchange for a sensible fee, the entertainment industry is trying to deputize universities to act as their unpaid on-campus police force.
In fact, the migration to sharing on "small worlds networks" like college LANs is a confirmation of one of the now-famous Darknet paper's [PDF] central predictions: so long as people are able to make and share copies, they are going to do so.
On the heels of criminalizing half the teenagers in the state for sharing music with their friends, Murray is training his crosshairs on the California technology industry.
blogs.eff.org /deeplinks/archives/cat_file_sharing.php   (12903 words)

 RCT: File Sharing   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
When you create a file or directory, that file is associated with your login id and with the group you are currently in when you create the file.
The types of files with which you'll predominantly be working are regular files and directories.
These display the read ("r"), write ("w"), and execute ("x") permissions for the owner of the file (the first set of three), for others in the user's group (the second three), and everyone else in the world (the last group of three).
www.ats.ucla.edu /rct/beowulf/data_storage/disk/file_sharing.htm   (1263 words)

 Internet 101 - The World's Most Popular Internet Guide - File Sharing   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
File Sharing is one of the fasted growing and most talked about applications of the Internet.
File sharing can occur when two computers are connected together via the internet or a network.
The server stored information about the shared files on the computers that were connected to it which allowed Napster to facilitate searching for files by name.
www.internet101.org /filesharing.html   (933 words)

 Nuclear Elephant: The File Sharing Report
File sharing has now become taboo to many; 87 year-old women who mortgaged their houses to pay settlements aren't likely to bother us again, and thanks to the RIAA, many 11 year old girls will now grow up knowing that if you share music, somebody's going to come and hurt mommy and daddy.
File sharing as related to the movie industry appears not to be one of trust or preview, but one of convenience and timing.
In order for the music industry to capitalize on file sharing, they must make it just as easy to preview and purchase the music they want on line as it is to download it for free.
www.zdziarski.com /papers/sharing.html   (2972 words)

 [No title]
The creators of Fatbubble are major web surfers and IM users who wanted to create a system for sharing recommendations on local restaurants and entertainment in addition to the normal IM and file sharing features (IM tools, browsers, e-mail, and phone service).
File Rogue, Inc. is the developer of File Rogue, a Java based Peer-To-Peer file sharing client application and service for Windows, Macintosh or Linux.
Filetopia's file sharing tool includes public key encryption and a choice of strong ciphers to protect the IP addresses of its users.
www.openp2p.com /pub/t/75   (4835 words)

 Shirky: File-sharing Goes Social
With their current campaign against Kazaa in full swing, we are about to see another shift in network design, one that will have file sharers adopting tools originally designed for secure collaboration in a corporate setting.
It would make the shared space inaccessible to new users without some sort of invitation from existing users, and it would likewise make all activity inside the space unobservable to the outside world.
Small amounts of social file-sharing, by sending files as email attachments or uploading them to personal web servers, have always co-existed with the purpose-built file-sharing networks, but the two patterns may fuse as a result of the Crush the Connectors strategy.
www.shirky.com /writings/file-sharing_social.html   (1837 words)

 File-sharing « FAQ & Resources « CIPPIC
However, most of the music downloaded and shared by consumers is copyrighted and hence, subject to laws limiting the rights of consumers to reproduce and distribute it.
A survey of 2755 musicians and songwriters on the effects of filing sharing was conducted between March and April of 2004.
In 2003, Madonna took aim at file-sharers by deliberately uploading a spoofed file of her release, American Life, in response to the number of music fans sharing her music.
www.cippic.ca /en/faqs-resources/file-sharing   (4251 words)

 File-sharing program - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
File-sharing programs are used to directly or indirectly transfer files from one computer to another over the Internet, over a smaller Intranet, or across simple networks usually following the peer-to-peer (P2P) model.
It is common for commercial file sharing clients to contain abrasive advertising software, or spyware.
Revision control systems are specialized file sharing systems.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/File-sharing_program   (312 words)

 Howstuffworks "How Gnutella Works"
The legal concept behind Napster was, "All of these people are sharing the songs on their hard disks with their friends." The courts did not agree with that logic, but it gave Napster enough time to prove the concept and grow to massive size.
Currently, the most popular system for sharing files is another peer-to-peer network called Gnutella, or the Gnutella network.
It does not have some of the bells and whistles of the more sophisticated clients, but it does work, it is a small file to download (only 600 kilobytes or so), it has no "spyware" or bundled pop-up advertising mixed in with it, and it is very easy to install and use.
computer.howstuffworks.com /file-sharing.htm/printable   (2099 words)

 Open Directory - Computers: Software: Internet: Clients: File Sharing   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
The Ballad Free File Sharing Network - Allow users of several file sharing programs to connect to their network of servers to search for and download items in a P2P environment.
The Poisoned Project - A free, open source file sharing application for Mac OS X. Publius Publishing System - Web publishing system that is highly resistant to censorship and provides publishers with a high degree of anonymity.
ZPoc - File sharing software for the Christian community to share beliefs through songs, with their friends.
dmoz.org /Computers/Software/Internet/Clients/File_Sharing   (942 words)

 File Sharing - Lifehacker
If you register for a free account, you can send a file up to 1.5 GB and GigaSize will store it on their server for a minimum of 90 days (if you don't want to register for an account, you can upload 1 GB and are guaranteed at least 45 days).
You choose the file you want to split (say a document over 10 MB that you want to send with Gmail), then you decide the size of the chunks you'd like to split it into, click start, and your file will be split.
It's very easy to send a file via BitTorrent, and you can send it to many people at once and the speed will still be very good, so I decided to write a small tutorial to show people how easy it is and how well it works.
www.lifehacker.com /software/file-sharing   (2058 words)

 4shared.com - free file sharing and storage
Simply upload your files, make them shared, and email the sharing link to people you would like to share your files with.
Files and folders can be shared with anyone, including non- registered users, using a simple web-based link to shared file or folder.
4shared is the easiest way to share digital documents, files, and other content with your co-workers or business partners wherever they are in the world.
www.4shared.com   (305 words)

 File sharing software free download
Easy File Sharing Web Server is a Windows program that allows you to host a secure peer-to-peer and web-based file sharing system without any additional software or services.
It is also a web based file management solution that allows you to manage files on your web server just with a web browser instead of a FTP client, it also provides extended features which are impossible with FTP such as zipping and unzipping files.
Incorporating with Easy File Sharing FTP Server, it will let users download/upload multiple files and entire folders when they are in a virtual folder.
www.sharing-file.com   (1210 words)

 Windows XP Professional File Sharing
Simple File Sharing is enabled by default on Windows XP Professional systems that are members of a workgroup (typically used in small networks) rather than a domain (typically used in large corporate networks).
Simple File Sharing is the only type of sharing available in Windows XP Home Edition.
Using an ACL gives you much greater control over shared data, since it lets you determine the specific users that will have access as well as the level of access they will receive.
www.practicallynetworked.com /sharing/xp_filesharing/index.htm   (734 words)

 Groove Networks - Products - Virtual Office File Sharing   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
You can share files across multiple computers as if they were one.
You can share files with your team members seamlessly, wherever they may be.
If you can open and close a file, you are already an expert in file sharing with Groove Virtual Office.
www.groove.net /index.cfm/pagename/hp_filesharing?home=hp-files   (190 words)

 File Sharing
Shared files are files that other computers on your network can have access to.
You generally set sharing by right-clicking the file or drive you want other computers to access then select "Sharing..." from the resulting menu.
You can also require users to give you (or rather your computer) a password before they can access your files (sorry, that little trick only works on a network, it isn't a way to password protect your local files / folders).
www.worldstart.com /tips/computer-terms/termfilesharing.htm   (156 words)

 FileSharingPlace.com - File Sharing Place News Home
File Sharing Place is one of the biggest P2P communities established.
File Sharing Place spans many different sections related to file sharing.
File Sharing Place is the home of Kazaa Lite Resurrection, the successor of Kazaa Lite K++.
www.filesharingplace.com   (563 words)

 File sharing (or piracy, if you prefer)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
It's unquestionable that music sharing does hurt the income of some artists, but most of those artists are the ultra-famous elite.
This legislation doesn't apply very elegantly to P2P file sharing, but so far as it does, it says that downloading music is legal, but making music available for download isn't, because that counts as "broadcasting".
Maybe the future holds a file sharer's utopia, where less restrictive laws, a new licensing scheme, or simple mass civil disobedience stymie the music and movie industry's attempts to keep a death-grip on their properties.
www.dansdata.com /filesharing.htm   (1791 words)

 Best file sharing program download
I'm using Easy File Sharing Web Server on a LAN, my colleagues can visit my URL, but my friends cannot visit it through internet.
Note: Easy File Sharing Web Server currently does not support all type of smtp servers(does not support hotmail, yahoo mail, gmail), please try using another SMTP Server if you still have the problem.
Easy File Sharing Web Server currently can only run on Windows system, however, from a client side, it is available to any Windows, Mac, Linux or Unix environment.
www.sharing-file.com /faq.htm   (1896 words)

 Windows » Internet » File sharing Downloads - Shareware and Freeware Software
This program lets you share files with yourself, friends and...
This file sharing client for the Direct Connect Network allows...
Have you ever had problems sharing information in files or folders...
tucows.com /Windows/Internet/FileSharing   (239 words)

 IT Policy Office: File Sharing @ IU
Ensure that your file sharing program is not set to share the files you have on your computer.
If the program is set to share files, ensure that you have explicit permission from the copyright holders for sharing all of the files accessible to this application.
Confirm that the distributor of a file you are interested in downloading has permission from the copyright holder to distribute it.
filesharing.iu.edu   (287 words)

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