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Topic: File storage

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In the News (Sat 15 Dec 18)

  Online File Storage
file storage system either computer file storage is not flat file storage, medical storage file, file networked storage both free internet file storage.
The file reporting storage system or file paper storage into basket file storage, file storage yahoo, office file storage.
This website has information on cd file storage is plastic storage box file related to lateral file storage cabinet.
www.web-a-file.com   (140 words)

 File Storage
This page is designed to inform Winona State University network users of their network storage options, how to access the storage, what the limit is on size and content for the storage space, and when the files are backed up.
The storage space is for the sharing of files inside the department, all members have read/write access.
Personal storage is available to faculty and staff members and is located on \\store\users or the J: drive.
www.winona.edu /its/networkservices/filestorage   (420 words)

 File Storage
This is the preferred location for large CAD files, archived data files or documents, and important image-files which cannot be saved to the "Z" drive.
Normally those files are deleted after the particular program closes, but quite often programs do not cleanup after themselves and so leave a clutter of strange files in the "Temp" directory.
The media used for this storage are generally less expensive and they allow up to 700 MB of file space.
www.mae.virginia.edu /meclab/storage.htm   (1037 words)

 File system - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
File systems share much in common with database technology, but it is debatable whether a file system can be classified as a special-purpose database (DBMS).
The file system software is responsible for organizing these sectors into files and directories, and keeping track of which sectors belong to which file and which are not being used.
A disk file system is a file system designed for the storage of files on a data storage device, most commonly a disk drive, which might be directly or indirectly connected to the computer.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/File_storage   (2909 words)

 File Storage Design Document   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
File Storage was created to provide a mechanism for non-technical users to collaborate on a wide range of documents, with minimum sysadmin overhead.
Previous versions of File Storage allowed only administrators to actually delete content (although users could mark content as "deleted" using a toggle in the data model, deleted_p.) However, the proper use of versioning should allow users to avoid accidentally losing their files.
Files and folders are presented with size, type, and modification date, alongside hyperlinks to the appropriate actions for a given file.
www.schoolnet.ph /doc/file-storage/design.html   (2334 words)

 File Storage Space (Shared Drives and Folders)
Network drives are central storage space allocated to people, departments, and organizations that may be mapped from a personal computer.
File Server Disk Quota: The Colleges use a disk quota manager on its file server to ensure that disk space is available for academic purposes.
Large File Transfer System: Faculty and staff are encouraged to use the Colleges’ secure file transfer system for sending large files to people on- and off-campus.
www.hws.edu /administration/itservices/services_file.asp   (648 words)

 Davinci file storage
In general, files in $SCRATCH will persist for at least 7 days, but users are "taking chances" by using $SCRATCH to store files longer than 7 days, and should not rely on it to be "semi-permanent" file storage space.
file system is actually part of the root file system, and is not very large.
File space in NGF is not automatically allocated to individual users; it must be requested by project administrators.
www.nersc.gov /nusers/resources/davinci/storage.php   (606 words)

 File hosting service - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A file hosting service or online file storage service is an Internet hosting service specifically designed to host static content, typically large files that are not web pages.
Personal file storage services are aimed at private individuals, offering a sort of "network storage" for personal backup, file access, or file distribution.
Prior to the advent of personal file storage services, off-site backup services were not typically affordable for individual and SOHO computer users.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Online_file_storage   (335 words)

 CC - File Storage - Temporary Storage
UNIX defines the file systems /tmp and /var/tmp as temporary storage only; these file systems are not backed up and there is no guarantee that files placed there will remain on the system for any length of time.
While we try to provide as much flexibility as possible in providing temporary storage, files left in these areas can be removed at any time, without warning.
To ensure that normal functioning of the cluster is not endangered, these files are removed frequently.
www.bu.edu /cc/support/filestorage/tempstorage   (178 words)

 FileStorage - FastMailWiki   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
File storage quota and mailbox storage quota are completely separate and will be kept separate for the foreseeable future.
In order to use a stylesheet in your File Storage all you need to do is creating a folder called 'styles' as a top-level folder (ie: not as a subfolder of anything), and set it's access to 'Public'.
If you put a file in a directory called "index.html" (.html not.htm) then this will be served when a visitor goes to the relevant url.
wiki.fastmail.fm /wiki/index.php/FileStorage   (2818 words)

 Seaborg file storage
In general, files in $SCRATCH will persist for at least 7 days, but users are "taking chances" by using $SCRATCH to store after the job finishes and should not rely on it to be "semi-permanent" file storage space.
Files are removed strictly based on age (access time), oldest files first, until utilization drops to a predetermined level (typically 85%).
Please use HPSS to store files that are not being used on a daily basis.
www.nersc.gov /nusers/resources/SP/storage.php   (679 words)

 File Cabinet and Storage
File cabinets are a staple item everyone needs more of.
We have a huge selection of mobile file cabinets and lateral filing cabinets to choose from in a wide variety of finishes.
All file cabinets are in stock and deliver fast.
www.everythingofficefurniture.com /lateralfiles.html   (108 words)

 FilesAnywhere -- The #1 Leader in Online File Storage, with Internet Backup, File Sharing, WebDAV WebFolders, Secure ...
Just select any file or folder, then type the email addresses of the people you would like to share the files with.
This is the best solution for teams who need to store and share files between offices, from home or when traveling.
Version Control provides a structure for working on files in a team, along with detailed tracking, alerts, and the ability to open any prior version of a file.
www.filesanywhere.com   (1042 words)

 Online File Storage, Data Storage, Data Backup: Reviews, Ratings
Files can be accessed from your desktop or any Web browser, data can be e-mailed directly into your storage account, and online drives can be configured to appear as local drives on your computer.
Xdrive also offers file sharing and technology that allows users to "sideload" files directly to their virtual drives from other Web sites (instead of downloading them first to a PC hard drive).
Files are encrypted, and you the service to backs up designated files in real time, as you make revisions or additions.
www.consumersearch.com /www/internet/online-file-storage/fullstory.html   (2356 words)

 Online File Storage, Data Storage, Data Backup: Reviews, Ratings
Online file storage is one option, allowing users to store their most important files on a secure remote server.
Online file storage services provide solutions to folks who want to make backup copies of important documents, exchange files with friends and family members, or store data that would take up too much space on their hard drive, such as music, photo and video files.
Reviews warn that online storage is not a replacement for traditional backup systems, but it can be good secondary protection against unforeseen issues such as fire, theft or damage.
www.consumersearch.com /www/internet/online-file-storage/index.html   (1139 words)

 CC - UNIX Support - File Storage
Find out what transferring files from your ACS space to tape or disk entails.
Use various temporary storage areas instead of your ACS space for short-term needs.
Learn how to move files between ACS and your personal computer with the File Transfer Protocol.
www.bu.edu /cc/support/filestorage   (81 words)

 Online File Storage
It is a web based storage system for organizing your important documents, files, music and digital photos for easy storage, access & sharing.
Those important files and documents in the event of a system crash or a disaster.
It is a web storage system for organizing your company files, records and documents for easy storage, retrieval and access.
www.thefilingroom.com   (856 words)

 Modern File Storage
Keeping all of your paper files crammed in ratty accordion files, rusty cabinets, and cardboard boxes is just as bad.
Our selection ranges from one file box to stackable rolling files; from a desk with built in file space to a system that could house every TPS Report at Initech.
Since a picture is worth a thousand lousy words, our advice is to click on the one that looks like it will meet your modern file storage needs, check it out, order it, and keep your tax receipts and everything else in it.
www.designpublic.com /shop/workspace/file-storage   (204 words)

 Data storage solutions for enterprise storage
OmniTraak data storage software offers network storage product developers fast, feature-rich, enterprise storage software components that provide the foundation for next generation NAS file storage systems.
The OTFS file system is fully journaled to meet enterprise storage requirements that mandate journaling protection of both metadata and user data.
Simplified interfaces allow for porting of the file storage system to a variety of platforms, and a preport to NetBSD is available.
www.traakan.com   (134 words)

TrueShare is used to transfer graphics files to vendors, receive audio files from clients, store pictures and videos, distribute spreadsheets to co-workers, keep offsite backups of your databases, send power point presentations and marketing materials to client prospects, share product information sheets with remote employees, centralize bid document distribution to contractors, and so much more.
TrueShare is an easy to understand, simple to use, secure File Sharing, off-site File Storage and off-site File Back-up System that is web based.
TrueShare is a web-based file storage, sharing and backup utility that enables you to send, receive, backup, store and access files, pictures, spreadsheets, databases or collateral material with co-workers, remote employees, vendors and clients, anywhere, at anytime.
www.trueshare.com   (186 words)

 Byte and Switch - Welcome to Byte and Switch - Storage Networking
In addition to the existing team, we are proud to announce that Terry Sweeney, who originated Storage Pipeline, is now Editor in Chief of Byte and Switch.
We're also happy to say that long-time Storage Pipeline columnist Jon William Toigo is making the transition with us to Byte and Switch.
We're pleased to be partnering with CMP's Network Computing for product reviews and lab tests that really bang on those arrays and put storage software suites through their paces.
www.storagepipeline.com   (569 words)

 Personal File Storage Space (disk quota)
As a Unity account holder, you have 300 MB of personal file storage space (disk quota), divided into three categories:
When you use a Windows machine in a Unity lab, this space holds your profile data as well as any files you save onto the machine's desktop or M: drive.
If you've re-allocated your 300 MB of file storage space as described above and still don't have enough, then you may want to purchase additional space.
www.ncsu.edu /it/essentials/your_unity_account/disk_quota.html   (429 words)

 Government Computer News (GCN) Storage Management home -- federal, state and local government technology
Dividing storage resources into multiple layers offers both cost and performance advantages.
The Senate’s draft of the appropriations bill for the Justice Department and the FBI would order the bureau to use “all means necessary” to try to recover funds from the vendor of its failed Virtual Case File project.
Track government’s strategies and practices for storing data in the FREE GCN Storage Update eletter.
www.gcn.com /storage   (167 words)

 File and Storage Services
Distributed File System is a network component that allows an organization to display its shared information by a single hierarchy of folders, easy to find and accessible to the users who need them.
Distributed File System Replication is the underlying technology that Distributed File System uses to replicate and synchronize information shared across servers.
Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) is a set of technologies that enrich the file sharing experience of teams that need to collaborate, whether members are across campus or across the globe.
www.microsoft.com /windowsserversystem/storage/storservices.mspx   (587 words)

 Online Backup Data Storage 4.95/yr | File Storage Free Setup | Online Data Backup
Online File Folder gives you instant access to all your important files and even lets you synchronize files on your computer with your Online File Folder so you’re always working on the latest version.
Online File Folder’s generous storage makes it a snap — and you can add storage affordably, anytime you need it, all the way up to a whopping 10GB.
Just pennies a day give you a slick interface, ample storage space and instant access to your files.
web-file-storage.com   (291 words)

 Dell Storage Solutions
The PowerVault MD1000 disk expansion enclosure connects directly to a Dell PowerEdge server to provide outstanding storage expandability and the latest disk storage advancements to handle the growing performance and capacity needs of your environment.
Based on proven seventh-generation architecture, Dell/EMC storage arrays are the perfect choice for a wide range of application environments.
This software is fully tested and qualified to work with Dell server, storage, and tape backup products available at the time of release.
www.dell.com /storage   (281 words)

 IBackup online storage features
IBackup is a secure online data storage, access and data sharing solution for consumers and businesses with several possible interfaces and options to store, retrieve and manipulate your data.
Map your online storage account as a local drive on your computer and drag-n-drop, open, edit and save files directly from office applications.
IBackup accounts are compatible with most FTP clients on most platforms providing a powerful flexible tool to transfer files.
www.idrive.com   (260 words)

 Network Attached Storage (NAS)
The Sun StorageTek 5000 Family of network attached storage appliances are very affordable, quick to deploy, easy to use, and nearly effortless to manage.
Yet they're powerful enough for storage consolidation, clustering, and centralized backup applications.
Storage Smackdown - 15% off select Sun StorageTek NAS Appliances with the purchase of a qualifying Sun server
www.sun.com /storage/5000   (396 words)

 File-Works: secure online file storage
File-Works offers high-tech file storage and sharing for the non-technical user.
File-Works is like having your own server, but without the expense and without the need for a technical expert on staff.
You set up a filing system to fit your needs.
www.file-works.com   (198 words)

 Iron Mountain - Records Management - Records Management & Storage
In addition to rising storage, labor and administrative expenses, today’s changing legal climate brings liability: tough enforcement of new regulations adds a litigation-readiness focus to the complexity of records management.
Iron Mountain provides a full range of records storage and management services to organizations of all types and sizes.
In addition to freeing up storage space and staff, customers typically reduce storage costs by 25 to 50% through our high-density records centers.
www.ironmountain.com /records/rms   (348 words)

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