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Topic: Filipino-American Friendship Day

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Friendship, Arkansas Friendship is a town located in 2000 census, the town had a total population of 206.
Friendship, Tennessee Friendship is a city located in 2000 census, the city had a total population of 608.
Friendship, Maine Friendship is a town located in 2000 census, the town had a total population of 1,204. /topics/friendship.html

 Filipino - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Filipino American, see also List of Filipino Americans
Filipino is a term that originally referred to the Spanish population who were born and settled in the Philippines.
The Filipino language, which is heavily based on Tagalog /wiki/Filipino

 Filipino-American Friendship Day - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Filipino-American Friendship Day, July 4, is a day in the Philippines designated by President Diosdado Macapagal to commemorate the liberation of the islands by joint Filipino and American forces from the Japanese occupation at the end of World War II, in 1946.
Filipino-American Friendship Day was created in its place, and coincides with the United States' July 4 Independence Day.
Originally, the islands' Independence day, Araw ng Kalayaan, was on this day but Macapagal moved it to June 12, the date on which the Philippines declared independence from Spain in 1898. /wiki/Filipino-American_Friendship_Day

 Balik Bayan - Back to your Homeland, the Philippines
Annual commemoration of the day on which the Filipino national hero, Jose Rizal, was executed by the Spanish.
This day pays tribute to Filipinos who have shown exceptional courage in the service of the country.
This is a day of remembrance for the battle which led to the fall of Bataan in 1942, the capture of many soldiers by the Japanese and the infamous Death March. /travelinfo.shtml

 July 4th is "Filipino American Friendship Day"
He felt that the Fourth of July activities in the United States overshadowed the Philippine independence celebration, so he declared July 4th as “Filipino American Friendship Day” in the islands.
It is important that we remember throughout the year, but especially on Filipino-American Friendship Day, the important role Filipino-Americans have played in the history of the United States and California.
Though the American treatment of Filipinos on their native land was at times no better than the treatment by Spanish conquerors, the Americans did, however, introduce democratic processes and public education, and they developed an infrastructure throughout the islands as well. /members/a12/oped/op122003009.htm

American literature -> A New Nation and a New Literature The approach of the American Revolution and the achievement of the actual independence of the United States was a time of intellectual activity as well as social and economic change.
The ordinary day, or solar day, is measured relative to the sun, being the time between successive passages of the sun over a stationary observer's celestial meridian.
day day, period of time for the earth to rotate once on its axis. /searchpool.asp?target=Filipino-American+Friendship+Day

 July 4 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The phrase "Fourth of July" has acquired widespread significance in American lingo as a reference to the Independence Day celebration in the United States and that celebration's many cultural accoutrements.
1863 - American Civil War: Battle of Vicksburg - Vicksburg, Mississippi surrenders to Ulysses S. Grant after 47 days of seige.
July 4 is the 185th day of the year (186th in leap years) in the Gregorian Calendar, with 180 days remaining. /wiki/July_4

The Philippines became fully independent after American rule on July 4, 1946 -- a day that for a long time had been marked here, many believe oddly, as 'Filipino-American Friendship Day'.
In fact, historians say the war and pacification campaign from 1899 to 1902 waged by the American government under a policy of ''benevolent assimilation'', ''civilising'' and ''Christianising'' the Filipinos was marked by torture, cruelty and racism.
''Come to think of it, many Filipinos and Americans are not aware that there was such a thing as the Filipino-American war,'' wrote Ambeth Ocampo, a historian and professor. /anti.html

 In the Philippines, major export is people - 2002-08-26
Likewise, July 4 is Filipino-American Friendship Day, a major holiday when people have barbecues, drink beer, dance and light fireworks.
American pop culture overwhelms the world, but nowhere quite like the Philippines, where it seems everyone wants to emigrate to the U.S. To a friend I mentioned that all Philippine flags I saw were weathered and faded, while more-popular American flags always look fresh.
It included excursions to a banana plantation, a farm -- where workers were baffled that American farmers survive without water buffalo -- and hiking in a jungle area where I later learned that kidnappers were active. /memphis/stories/2002/08/26/editorial3.html

Allizabeth Aguirre, 23, of Westboro, talks Friday with Lawrence Freeman, of Worcester, during Filipino-American Friendship Day.
The Bataan Death March, in which some 80,000 American and Filipino soldiers were forced to march more than 60 miles through intense heat and with little food and water to a prison camp, stands as an example of the brutal campaign waged by the Japanese in the Philippines.
Clarke helped in the rebuilding of Filipino villages devastated by the war and noted that the first thing the villagers wanted to rebuild was their churches. /wtg.htm

 Filipino-American Friendship
For Boone-as he was called by his Filipino and American friends-strongly opposed, and fought, the interventionist policies and practices of the United States government, especially as these applied to the Philippines.
He took pains to make Filipinos and Americans understand that the basic interests of both peoples are the same, but it is the interests of corporate America, the US defense establishment, and global capital that continue to dominate much of US policies and US-Philippine relations.
These days, the American friend is also the pen pal who woos a Filipina or the US embassy official who helps one get a visa. /main/articles/boone.html

 :: Welcome to Manila Bulletin Online ::
Observing June 9 as Filipino and Chinese Friendship Day is one means of fostering and strengthening the bridges that bind the peoples of the Philippines and China.
PRESIDENTIAL Proclamation No. 148 issued last year declared June 9 of every year as Filipino and Chinese Friendship Day.
Descendants of Chinese immigrants in the country were in the forefront of the Filipino struggle for freedom. /issues/2004/06/10/OPED2004061011535.html

 Philippines - Country Info
Filipinos only occupy about 1,000 islands, and about 95% of the population live on just 11 islands.
The Philippines is part of the "Ring of Fire," a narrow band of intense volcanic and earthquake activity that circles the Pacific Ocean. /exploring/philippines/info2.html

 Hopes up for return of Balangiga bells -
NEW YORK -- As the nation marks Filipino-American Friendship Day today, hope is flaring in the heart of Bishop Leonardo Medroso that the bells of Balangiga will ring over his parish in Samar province again.
The Filipino attack was in protest against American abuses on the islands and then President William McKinley's refusal to grant Philippine independence.
He said the people believe the bells were stolen by the American soldiers as war booty because they tolled to signal a surprise attack by Filipino revolutionaries on American troops stationed at Balangiga. /nation/index.php?index=1&story_id=42292

 War and Empire in Fourth of July Cartoons
Filipinos celebrated that date as the country's Independence Day until 1962 when Philippine President Diosdado Macapagal issued a proclamation changing it to the anniversary of the June 12, 1898, Philippine Declaration of Independence.
Protesting the Independence Day Colony: Fourth of July Symbolism in the Debate about Imperialism, a collection of Fourth of July speeches, poems, and proclamations by anti-imperialists that used Independence Day symbolism to oppose U.S. imperialism in the Philippines.
During the colonization of the Philippines, which required a protracted war and provoked the most heated opposition within the United States, Independence Day was used to mark transitions in U.S. rule. /gallery/4july_intro.html

 uj_casualsavant: Filipino-American Friendship Day
At any rate, for those of you who are Filipino, you might be aware that today is also Filipino-American Friendship Day.
But with the sheer volume of consistently sensible and nice American friends that I have, and the few who are crazy enough to put their money where their mouths are both today and throughout our conjoined history, one cannot help but love them individually, if not collectively.
To all my American friends and relatives, and to those who are merely in America today, hope you have a blast at the 4th of July celebrations. /users/uj_casualsavant/9852.html

 A monument to Filipino-American friendship - Apr. 13, 2004
APRIL 9 has been designated as Filipino-American Friendship Day, a historic and permanent annual event for the Kissimmee community in the state of Florida.
The trio is a powerful reminder that blood was shed and had become the common bond that brought about a special brand of friendship between the Filipino and American soldiers who fought and died side by side in World War II.
For there is no greater patriotic feeling than to see Filipinos and Americans embrace each other, this time with all hearts beating as one, both in peaceful acceptance and joyful remembrance. /opi/2004/apr/13/letter_1-1.htm

"Our historians must point out that July 4 is the Americans’ Independence Day, and never really signified friendship between our two nations," she suggested, insisting that an independent nation like ours has "no business" commemorating others’ "days of glory."
The young Marcos said she was "surprised" to learn festivities are held every Fil-Am Friendship Day.
The Marcos daughter further accused the Americans of "exploiting Filipinos by passing one-sided economic treaties like parity rights, making the Philippines dependent on the Americans long after it gained independence." /2004/02/hl/hl100598.htm

 The Manila Times Internet Edition REGIONS > Fil-American Friendship Day in Baguio
BAGUIO CITY—The spirit of Filipino American friendship is being kept alive in this upland resort, which its American founding fathers envisioned at the turn of the last to become the Philippines’ summer capital.
In his message, Yaranon cited the gallantry and heroism of Filipino and American soldiers, “who stalled the advance of the invading army that gave the US and its allies time to regroup” and eventually liberate the country and this city.
tc "In his message, Yaranon cited the gallantry and heroism of Filipino and American soldiers, “who stalled the advance of the invading army that gave the US and its allies time to regroup” and eventually liberate the country and this city." /national/2004/jul/05/yehey/prov/20040705pro4.html»Bistek
For Filipinos, July 4 commemorates the country’s special bond with the U.S. In the Philippine calendar, the fourth of July is a working holiday called Filipino American Friendship Day.
This is why then-President Diosdado Macapagal (father of current President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo) declared June 12 the country’s real Araw ng Kalayaan (Day of Freedom), downgrading July 4's importance to Filipinos, holiday-wise at least.
Soon after the Kawit Declaration, Americans took over the Spaniards as Filipinos’ new colonial masters for over half a decade. /Main/expats%20kitchen/Bistek%20Burger.htm

 Cozy John Hay library recalled -
On Filipino-American Friendship Day every fourth of July, the camp was open to the public, and the library held film showings of old-time war movies, among other activities.
BAGUIO CITY, Benguet -- In bygone days when Camp John Hay was considered the "Baguio experience" giving Filipinos a foretaste of American living, a trip to the library was the ultimate experience for the youngsters.
While the camp mainly catered to American military personnel and their children, the library was open to its Filipino civilian employees and their dependents, as well as to outsiders who were willing to pay the annual membership fee. /nation/index.php?index=1&story_id=42404

 U.S. Government Must Officially Apologize for Atrocities in Philippine-American War
It is high time that the Filipino people sought an official act of atonement and an official apology from the U.S. government for the American aggression and the countless atrocities committed against Asia's first Philippine Republic, its heroic sons and daughters.
It is also inconsistent with the desire of an increasing number of American taxpayers from U.S. churches, academe, trade unions, professionals, etc. not to use the U.S. armed forces in foreign conflicts and interventionist policies.
The term "Philippine Insurrection" implies an uprising against an already established American regime in the Philippines where for the most part, the conflict was objectively an American War of conquest, invasion and forcible occupation. /centennial/sctexts/simbulan980704.html

 passport 2 manila Manila, the Philippines and Beyond
Some Filipinos celebrate this day as Filipino-American Friendship Day because following WWII the Philippines was given Independence on July 4.
Nov. 1--This holiday is a day for Filipinos and Chinese alike to bring candles and flowers and clean off the gravesite of departed loved ones.
May 1-- This is the Filipino Labor Day, marked by parades and gatherings. /akeysections/copycat/akeysections/5mpb/L3_5mpb/pnhlev3.html

 Filipinos cheer, protest as country marks Philippine-American Friendship Day
Filipinos cheer, protest as country marks Philippine-American Friendship Day
U.S. supporters and critics marched separately to the U.S. Embassy on Friday to jeer and cheer as one of Washington's closest allies marked Philippine-American Friendship Day.
Filipino nationalists led by Emilio F. Aguinaldo, president of the First Philippine Republic, resisted, triggering the Philippine-American War which ended with the establishment of American sovereignty over the Philippines. /cgi-bin/article.cgi?file=/news/archive/2003/07/04/state0358EDT0022.DTL&type=printable

 Philippine News Online: FilAms salute Philippine-American Friendship Day
The day is important for young Filipinos whose fathers or mothers are Americans.
During the parade, Filipino Americans belonging to the Bontoc-Ifugao-Benguet-Kalinga Association danced to the native sounds of gongs while clad in indigenous red G-strings just like their primitive ancestors.
The relationship blossomed when Filipino soldiers fought side by side with American troops during the World War II to liberate the Asia Pacific. /news/view_article.html?article_id=c4e053e5789fc78b023c498b477133d9

July 4th was then declared Filipino- American Friendship Day.
American and Filipino soldiers fought side by side in Bataan and Corregidor.
Programs were held on both days where a combination of the Philippine and American culture were displayed. /DalyCity

 kervantes's Xanga Site
Filipino American Friendship Day is going to be July 3rd, at the sportsplex right next to the amphitheater.
2ndly, The Filipino American Friendship day committee is looking for three, pinoy/pinay emcees.
Kervantes will be performing at the Fil-am Friendship day on July 3rd at the Va Beach Sportsplex. /home.aspx?user=kervantes

 COMMENT: Fancy of history
And it can be a paradox that, by the way the Philippines has been conducting her friendship with the United States, June 12 as the RP Independence Day can be as much a fancy of history as is the July 4 RP-US Friendship Day.
It restored the fervor of the Filipinos' armed struggle for independence against Spain while, at the same time, commemorating a benevolent act of a friend, the 48 years of American colonization of the Philippines.
The Americans came in 1898 as friends to tutor the Filipinos in the ways of democratic government. /2002/07/1st/vws03diaz.html

As Ambassador in Vientiane, Mario invigorated the friendship and cooperation of the Philippines and Laos.
He turned only fifty-five two weeks ago, two days before he died.
He added in his handwriting a note in Filipino, thanking me for “all the support” I had given him. /news/pr/pr2003/apr/pr183.htm

The wounds of the war were almost immediately overcome by Filipinos and Americans as civilian government, under American tutelage, was established in 1907.
Manila, July 4, 2003 (STAR) The relationship between the Philippines and the United States began at the end of the 19th century, during the Spanish-American war, in which Filipino revolutionaries and American forces fought together to liberate the Philippines from colonial domination.
In the succeeding years, the role of the Filipinos in that government expanded so that in 1916, through the Philippine Autonomy Act, known as the Jones Law, the Philippines was given considerable home rule and promised independence after the establishment of a stable government. /2003/05/tl/tl012107.htm

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