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Topic: Film industry

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In the News (Fri 22 Mar 19)

  Darcy's Korean Film Page - 1999
At present, Korea's short film industry is enjoying a renaissance, thanks to expanding sources of funding, increased public interest, accolades from abroad, and a series of remarkable films shot by young, talented directors.
This is the second film this year to portray North Koreans in a sympathetic light; the last director to try this did so in the 1960s, and was subsequently jailed for his efforts.
What makes this film so bad is not so much the cast, chosen from a growing population of Western actors working in Korea (although in truth their acting is quite terrible), but rather the script, which is packed with more tired cliches than I ever knew existed.
www.koreanfilm.org /kfilm99.html   (6941 words)

 Film-industry Seoul search - Film - www.theage.com.au
At this time of year, as the AFI awards loom, the Australian film industry is put under a spotlight, a process that is a mixture of celebration and interrogation.
Films are singled out, performances highlighted - and, inevitably, an assessment of the overall state of the industry is made.
Film is widely studied - there is a high school in the town of Busan that specialises in film - and a constant supply of new recruits to the industry: 30 per cent of films have first-time directors.
www.theage.com.au /articles/2004/10/19/1097951680724.html?from=storyrhs   (752 words)

 Film Industry in China -- china.org.cn
The film industry was severely restricted and no film was shot in the period 1966 and 1972.
However, these films encountered more and more criticism, in particular for their stylized form and neglect of audience response and absence of representation of the spiritual bewilderment of the people during the transformation of Chinese society.
Their serious attitude toward the art of film and life was to create youthful vigor in China's film industry for the start of the new millennium.
www.china.org.cn /english/features/film/84966.htm   (1000 words)

 Nasdaq 100 Flash Quotes
An identical number of films released or scheduled to debut in 2007 were made in one of those three cities.
The film industry's development in the region hasn't been without its flaws, and there are concerns some producers are abusing the tax credits.
The institute was one of the biggest film producers in the region, but McConnell says the case is isolated, and that new rules now require an audit to insure tax credits are received legitimately.
www.nasdaq.com /aspxcontent/NewsStory.aspx?cpath=20071123\ACQDJON200711231143DOWJONESDJONLINE000617.htm&   (1353 words)

 It's an honor for five in film industry - The Boston Globe
The collection of short film narratives, music videos, documentaries, and public service announcements is curated by the Teen Media Project at the Community Art Center in Cambridge.
The HFA is presenting a retrospective of 16 of Rivette's films through mid-February (617-495-4700 and hcl.harvard.edu/hfa).
The film is a documentary about the bittersweet return of 57-year - old Mexican musician Carmelo Muñiz Sánchez to his hometown after years in California (617-734-2500 and coolidge.org).
www.boston.com /ae/movies/articles/2007/01/07/its_an_honor_for_five_in_film_industry   (928 words)

 British film industry - Uncyclopedia, the content-free encyclopedia
One of the most successful film industries in the world, its wise and far-sighted producers realised in the mid-80’s that people were afraid of any form of innovation or originality in the cinema, and so endlessly re-make the same 3 movies.
These films star Hugh Grant, Colin Firth, and anyone else who is deemed posh, but is unlikely to appear in Lord of the Rings, or play a convincing baddie despite having a posh English accent.
To highlight the comedy the film is interspersed with social commentary, as the gay, fl, disabled, Mexican, single mother friend of Hugh Grant dies of AIDS.
uncyclopedia.org /wiki/British_film_industry   (915 words)

 The Canadian Film Distribution Industry
In general, the majority of films released theatrically are not profitable-- a variation of the 20/80 rule where 20% of the films released by the distributor generate 80% of the profits, and as such, the importance of maintaining such portfolios.
Since film producers are interested in maximizing returns, they would seek to allocate distribution rights to a distributor with past performance or reputation for successful promotion, since the producer's revenues are contingent on the distributor's performance.
With a glut of film properties in the theatrical market (Canada currently sees an average of 200 releases per year, or four for every week of the year) and a generally declining audience, the exhibitor is inclined to 'turnover' films quickly.
www.mediacircus.net /filmdis1.html   (4686 words)

In terms of the industrial infrastructure, however, it is more proper to say that the history of the Korean film industry started only five years ago since 2000.
Thus, film festivals and the film industry are in the same boat.
The Korean film industry the first generation has been devoted to is left to the next generation on how to maintain and expand it.
www.ljfilm.com /eng/production/vision_story1.asp   (3518 words)

 BBC NEWS | Business | UK film industry focuses on future
Ministers claimed it was being exploited by film investors to maximise their eligibility for relief, by putting money into a film but pulling out before it reached cinemas.
The government and UK Film Council are keen to keep skills at a peak, and a £50m training programme is being introduced to ensure advanced British talent continues to win work.
The UK Film Council is introducing a scheme to assist in film prints being made, and the government may introduce incentives to encourage the distribution of UK films.
news.bbc.co.uk /1/hi/business/3917147.stm   (948 words)

 Despite incentives, official optimism, S.F. film industry takes tumble in ’06 - Examiner.com
A booming industry in the 1990s — with a production costs high of $461 million in 1996 — the industry began to decline in 1999, reaching an all-time low in 2003 and the first half of 2004, when no major picture was shot in San Francisco.
Coyote said the film industry is “bottom-line driven” and that San Francisco cannot compete with other states and other locations, such as Vancouver, Canada, that have a lower cost of living and offer better cost-breaks for film productions.
Coyote, and other film industry insiders, say the only way to revive the local film industry is for the state to step up and adopt a competitive film incentive program of its own, making it more affordable to shoot films.
www.examiner.com /a-485659~Despite_incentives__official_optimism__S_F__film_industry_takes_tumble_in__06.html   (1070 words)

 United Press International - The Washington Times, America's Newspaper   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The announcement was viewed as a coup for the British film industry, which continues to firm up its stature as a viable option for Hollywood because of new new tax incentives introduced by Chancellor Gordon Brown, the Times of London said Saturday.
Britain's film industry sector had been slumping since previous tax rules were scrapped, creating uncertainty.
Film production investment in Britain fell by about 30 percent in 2005 to $1.1 billion, but has been recovering this year on the strength of the proposed tax rules that are expected to be introduced Jan. 1
www.washtimes.com /upi/20061209-095908-9132r.htm   (257 words)

 Film History of the 1920s
Films varied from sexy melodramas and biblical epics by Cecil B. DeMille, to westerns (such as Cruze's The Covered Wagon (1923)), horror films, gangster/crime films, war films, the first feature documentary or non-fictional narrative film (Robert Flaherty's Nanook of the North (1922)), romances, mysteries, and comedies (from the silent comic masters Chaplin, Keaton, and Lloyd).
Film theaters and studios were not initially affected in this decade by the Crash in late 1929.
The basic patterns and foundations of the film industry (and its economic organization) were established in the 1920s.
www.filmsite.org /20sintro.html   (2357 words)

 Film Schools: Find out about the Costs of Different Film Schools.   (Site not responding. Last check: )
In some cases people go to film school and graduate only to find out that they don't really want to work in the film industry anyway.
If it turns out that after working on real movie sets a student decides that film making is something that have to do, then pursuing that goal is worthy and has been confirmed by real life experience instead of just thinking about it, reading about it, or just talking with friends.
Film Connection puts students in real film production situations so they can get the real experience they need to decide if they want to pursue film as a career, and it helps them jump start their film career if that is what they want to do.
www.film-connection.com /film-schools.html   (645 words)

 Film Industry   (Site not responding. Last check: )
British Columbia is a popular destination for American filmmakers and workers in the film industry have dubbed it “Hollywood North”.
Film and television production has become one of British Columbia's most exciting and fastest growing industries.
The British Columbia Film Commission is the gateway to film production in British Columbia.
www.cse.gov.bc.ca /ProgramsAndServices/FilmIndustry/default.htm   (197 words)

 Notice to employees and employers in the adult film industry
Workers in this industry need to know there are laws written to protect them from injury and illness on the job, and where to go for help if their employer doesn't follow those laws.
Employers in the adult film industry must know how to protect their employees from health and safety hazards and understand the consequences of failing to comply with state regulations.
Currently, some workers in the adult film industry are paid as employees (they get a paycheck with taxes and other deductions) and some are paid as independent contractors (they get a 1099 at the end of the year).
www.dir.ca.gov /dosh/AdultFilmIndustry.html   (1647 words)

 A Short History of Korean Film
Although accomplished films continued to be made up until the end of the decade, such restrictive policies would ultimately have a severe effect on the industry's creativity.
This film -- the tale of a manipulative housemaid who seduces her master -- transgresses the laws of contemporary cinema to the same extent that its heroine tears apart the Confucian order of her household.
The end result of this is that by the late 1980s a new generation of young producers had entered the film industry, and their new approaches to filmmaking would eventually have a major effect on Korean cinema.
koreanfilm.org /history.html   (2752 words)

 eFilmCritic - The Aussie Film Industry - bust or boom?
The local industry is inextricably linked to global trends, worldwide issues and cycles that are not specific to the local industry or the way it works.
In financing film the Government has a particular agenda which is to enrich Australia's culture and develop the local film industry.
Similarly the film travelled to festivals around the world, made a number of sales and was seen by a small section of the global market.
www.efilmcritic.com /feature.php?feature=135   (1965 words)

 Stowe Woodward - Products - Film Industry Overview - Blown Film
Film extrusion lines and metalizers present a special set of challenges to roll cover manufacturers.
The draw, or deflate roll is used to collapse the air column from the blown film.
The pull, or tower nip rolls are used to collapse the air column from the blown film.
www.xerium.com /stowewoodWard/products/filmIndustryOverview/blownFilm.aspx   (175 words)

 Film Entertainment (tdctrade.com)   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The film industry is represented by two major industry associations, the Movie Producers and Distributors Association of Hong Kong Ltd (MPDA) and the Motion Picture Industry Association (MPIA).
Hong Kong's film industry as a whole is reliant on overseas revenues, given the limited size of the domestic market.
For Hong Kong-mainland co-produced films, existing CEPA provisions lift the restrictions on the ratio of principal creative personnel from Hong Kong and only require one-third of the leading artists to be from the mainland.
www.tdctrade.com /main/si/spfilm.htm   (1534 words)

 Film/TV Industry @ Suite101
A snapshot of the movie industry through the use of hard data gathered throughout 2006.
The imminent arrival of such films as Transformers, the fifth Harry Potter and the sequel to the Fantastic Four herald that we are in the thick of the summer movie season more...
Filming on location in Florida has its own unique set of opportunities and challenges.
filmtvindustry.suite101.com   (248 words)

 KwaZulu-Natal Film Initiative - Home page
It was with the realisation of this potential and a general frustration at the lack of infrastructure and crew that local filmmaker Keith Blair founded The KZN Film initiative in the city of Durban in 1999.
After acquiring some film equipment the Initiative produced their first short 16mm film entitled "Pisscat." This slapstick comedy was screened as part of a workshop at the Durban International Film Festival, and although still in a work print stage generated rave reviews and had those present in hysterics.
Upon realising the future potential of The KZN Film Initiative, we were fortunate enough to have film enthusiast, broadcast and special effects expert, Leon Breytenbach sign up as our project co-ordinator.
www.angelfire.com /film/kzn   (403 words)

 Darcy's Korean Film Page - 1998
Through an interesting visual juxtaposition at the beginning of the film, Kim transfers this notion to the general perception of his uncomprehending audience: Arriving at the seaside village with a large painting under her arm, Jin-a stops at the beach and props up the painting in the sand.
An incomplete version of the film was screened in the Directors' Fortnight section of the Cannes Film Festival, and later in the year it won the Gold Prize for new directors at the Tokyo Film Festival.
This film is noteworthy for a couple reasons: it is a co-production between Korea and Japan, and the first Korean film ever to be shot in Japan with Japanese actors.
koreanfilm.org /kfilm98.html   (5237 words)

 SA Film - News and resources for SA filmmakers
It however never developed a vibrant film industry for a number of mainly political and social reasons.
The broadcast industry was tightly regulated in the past, but is now opening up, with a new free to air broadcaster being created soon.
While most of the ingredients for a thriving film industry are there, Apartheid's fragmentation of the country's artists has left a void in writing and storytelling skills.
www.safilm.org.za /reading/safaq.html   (1463 words)

 Film industry partnership information
The film industry partnership will provide Tax Office senior executives and senior representatives of the film industry with a forum for dialogue, consultation, and resolution of issues concerning the administration of the tax system relevant to the industry.
Any other costs associated with the film industry partnership (eg catering or any venue hire) will be met by the Tax Office.
The film industry partnership will be assessed against the Tax Office’s best practice principles for consultation and will review outcomes and membership.
www.ato.gov.au /businesses/content.asp?doc=/content/63469.htm&page=2&H2   (605 words)

 Film industry resources for the BC film industry in Hollywood North
If a film producer wants to film on your property they contact you and meet with you to view your property.
If you get an inquiry from an industry scout or other industry personnel, we recommend you simply collect details of their needs, film project name and details, studio or organization name, address, etc, first.
This information can then be cross-referenced by checking the BC Film Commission's film list or by contacting the BC Film Commission and asking them questions about the upcoming film project or the industry person inquiring.
www.hollywoodnorthpr.com /services1.html   (765 words)

 NETRIBUTION - Torrents, piracy and beyond: will the film industry survive?
Shift this across to the world of film and you may get a glimpse of quite how things are changing, and why some people in the industry are - to put it mildly - concerned.
Or to provide the powers that be with the details of a single organisation or server farm which, if they shut it down, could put an end to these threats and guarantee the multi billion dollar media conglomerates an unimpeded flow of their multi billion dollar revenues.
What we may be witnessing is a massive shift in the way the media industry operates from a relationship between creative people and consumers that is mediated by large multinational business, to one which is mediated as transparently as possible by technology, by the web.
www.netribution.co.uk /2/content/view/916/277   (4827 words)

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