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Topic: Filo pastry

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  Zalatimo Sweets, LLC.: Gourmet Sweets Page 1
Fine layers of hand prepared filo pastry dough generously filled with cashews and baked to a golden brown.
Fine layers of hand prepared filo pastry dough generously filled with walnuts and baked to a golden brown.
Bite-size pieces of the traditional baklava is made from fine layers of hand prepared filo pastry dough generously filled with pistachios and baked to a golden brown.
www.zalatimosweets.com /products/sweets/sweets1.html   (571 words)

Filo dough is a beautiful, thin pastry, sold in many "sheets" or layers.
Filo dough can be made by hand, but unless you are very accomplished you can never make it as thin as it is produced by machine.
Filo pastries can be made into both sweet and savory dishes and into a multitude of shapes and sizes.
www.chilipaper.com /FDoughman/filo.htm   (417 words)

 Filo Dough
Filo, also spelled phyllo, is a paper-thin, versatile pastry dough that is used in many aspects of Greek cooking.
Filo based appetizers such as tiropites generally call for the individual sheets to be cut into thirds lengthwise, filled with various ingredients such as spinach, cheese or meat, and shaped into triangles or rolls.
When filo is being baked in a pan it is best to score the top sheets with a sharp knife, (a triangular or diamond shape is traditional) to facilitate layer cutting.
www.yasou.org /food/phyllo.htm   (752 words)

 BBC - Food - Get cooking - Mediterranean filo pastry pie
Place a sheet of filo pastry on the baking sheet and brush with some of the melted butter, using a pastry brush.
Brush one of the filo pastry sheets with some of the remaining melted butter and place on top of the spinach and cheese mixture.
Bake the pie in the preheated oven for 45-50 minutes, or until the filo pastry crust is a deep golden-brown.
www.bbc.co.uk /food/get_cooking/recipes/053.shtml   (932 words)

 The Vegetarian Society - Party Pieces - Filo Baskets, Pastry Boats
Brush one sheet of filo pastry lightly with oil and cut into 2.5 inch squares.
Line the tins with the pastry and stack them one on top of another up to five tins high.
To cook, place the stacks of pastry-lined tins on a baking sheet and bake in the oven for about 15 minutes, until the pastry is golden brown.
www.vegsoc.org /cordonvert/recipes/xmas/pieces1.html   (297 words)

 Dilip's Cooking: Working with Filo Dough
Filo (also "phyllo" or "fillo") is an extremely thin pastry dough that is commonly used in Greek cuisine, and comes from the Greek word for "leaf".
When everything is ready, cut open the filo dough and start with a sheet of dough on the bottom of the baking dish, allowing the sheet to follow the edges of the dish and hang over the top, remembering to lightly oil this and all remaining sheets.
Filo comes full width with its length wrapped tightly; remove the outer plastic wrap and, using a sharp straight (not serrated) knife or cleaver, cut the dough approximately in half and then cut each half in half again so that you have 4 rolls.
www.dilip.info /filo.html   (2962 words)

 Filo pastry - Tips for making curries - Cuzza
The pastry I usually buy is 200g (7oz) for about 20 sheets, and each sheet is roughly 20cm × 15cm (8" × 6").
When handling filo pastry, keep it well wrapped or cover with a damp cloth to avoid drying.
Dry pastry is brittle and difficult to handle.
www.cuzza.com /tips/filo.shtml   (100 words)

 What is Filo Dough?
Filo dough is a type of pastry dough which is used in many different Greek dishes.
Filo dough is used to make both sweet and savory pastries in traditional Greek cooking.
Filo dough does have a tendency to dry out very quickly, when it is exposed to air.
www.wisegeek.com /what-is-filo-dough.htm   (565 words)

 U.S. and International Gourmet Frozen Foods - Thyme and Truffles
Delicate triangles of rich-tasting filo pastry with a delicious stuffing of minced spinach, feta and ricotta cheeses, seasoned with traditional herbs and spices.
Filo pastry rolls filled with chopped dried apricots, fennel, smoked and regular gruyere cheeses, flavoured with anise and sage.
Flaky and delicious pastry bouchees are heaped with a zesty filling of sharp aged cheddar cheese blended with a hint of tangy horseradish and cream.
www.thymeandtruffles.com /usproducts.html   (1013 words)

 Baklava: Utah's Greek-Americans
If the filo is frozen, defrost it according to the directions on the box, which require that the pastry be left in the airtight plastic wrapping so it will not dry out.
Filo dries quickly and crumbles after it is opened, so cover it with a smooth, damp kitchen towel (not the Turkish type) to keep it at a workable consistency.
Continue alternating filo, butter, and the nut mixture until all of the nuts are used.
www.kued.org /productions/greeks/recipes/baklava.html   (591 words)

 The Olive Tree :: Catering Menu
A sheet of filo pastry stuffed with Feta cheese and spinach.
Filo pastry triangles stuffed with Kalamata olives, artichoke hearts, roasted red peppers, Kasseri and Feta cheeses.
Filo pastry stuffed with Feta cheese, egg, artichoke hearts, red peppers and olives.
www.olivetreerestaurant.com /catering_menu   (235 words)

 If a recipe calls for filo pastry, can we use flaky pastry or puff pastry in the dish instead?
Even though filo pastry (also called phyllo or strudel pastry), flaky pastry and puff pastry are all made with the same basic ingredients of fat, flour and water, the proportion of fat to flour varies and this affects the amount of water used to form the dough and the type of pastry that results.
Filo pastry can be made at home but it takes a great deal of time to beat, stretch, pull and roll the pastry into the characteristic sheets so thin you can read through them.
Thaw frozen filo pastry thoroughly according to the instructions on the packet and let it come to room temperature in its box before you try to use it.
www.asianonlinerecipes.com /rss/item/1014   (249 words)

 Filo Apple Crowns with Michel   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The word “filo” refers to paper-thin leaves, or layers, of pastry dough; filo is believed to date back as far as 2,000 years.
Filo is now commonly sold in freezer or refrigerator counters of most grocery stores, but you may wish to make your own, as homemade filo is flakier and more buttery tasting than store bought.
Turn one of the 1/2 filo sheets over (buttered and sugared side down), and crumple it until it conforms to the contours of one 4-inch circle on the parchment.
www.marthastewart.com /page.jhtml?type=content&id=tvs3477   (545 words)

 Aki's Kitchen - Recipes
Tuck the filo into the corners without tearing the filo and then allow the excess to hang over the pan by 2-inches; brush the top filo with oil.
Place 1 filo sheet lengthwise, along the long side, allowing the filo to hang over the pan by 2-inches (picture 3); brush filo with oil and then repeat with the other side using another sheet, in the same manner.
Take 1 filo sheet, fold it in half lengthwise and then place it over the centre of the pie (picture 4): brush it with oil; repeat with another sheet in the same manner.
www.akiskitchen.ca /recipes_appetizers/spanakopeta_filo/spanakopeta_filo_1.html   (713 words)

 Filo - Moviefone
Filo, also spelled phyllo, is a paper-thin, versatile pastry dough that is...
According to Forbes, in 2005, Filo was worth an estimated $3 billion, ranking #73 in the wealthiest of Americans.
Sheets of filo pastry are layered with butter and baked to make flaky pies...
movies.aol.com /celebrity/filo/23449/main   (87 words)

 Cooking with Chef Doug: Baklava
It is made by layering a sweet walnut mixture over sheets of Filo pastry.
Filo pastry can be found in the frozen dessert section at a supermarket.
Place a sheet of filo in the dish (filo will need to be folded over to fit in dish) and brush with butter.
www.ibbp.com /cdoug/cdoug9.html   (398 words)

 New Window - Waitrose.com - Glossary Term - Pastry
Uses: Filo pastry can be used to make a wide variety of both sweet and savoury dishes, from savoury parcels such as samosas or spring rolls to sweet bakes and tarts such as apple strudel or baklava.
When handling the pastry keep it well wrapped in the plastic that it comes in or cover with a damp cloth, this prevents it from drying out which will make the pastry brittle and difficult to work with.
At least 2 sheets of filo need to be used per recipe, brush the layers with melted butter before use and then use as required.
www.waitrose.com /frontend/popups/rec_gloss.asp?uidstr=243   (489 words)

 Thrifty Foods - Recipes / Cooking Tips / Recipe Tip of the Week / 10 Tips on Using Filo Pastry
Ensure the filo (also called phyllo) pastry is entirely thawed before you begin.
Do not to overfill the pastry; it will be difficult to seal and cause leaks.
Filo pastry is best baked on a parchment-lined baking tray in the middle of the oven.
www.thriftyfoods.com /recipes/ckngtp_rcptpo_050112.html   (342 words)

 Peaches wrapped in filo pastry - Sainsbury's - Try something new today
Unroll the filo pastry and remove one sheet at a time, always re-wrap the pastry to prevent it drying out.
Lightly brush the sheet of pastry with oil, repeat this until there are 3 sheets of pastry each lying at a different angle over the other.
Place the peach in the centre of the pastry and carefully gather up the edges to bring it together at the top, then twist it to hold it in place.
www.sainsburys.co.uk /food/recipe/detail.htm?recipeid=2765   (173 words)

 Filo Pastry with apples, fromage blanc, and walnuts Recipe~ Deacon Vale Farm
Filo Pastry with apples, fromage blanc, and walnuts Recipe~ Deacon Vale Farm
Lay a single sheet of pastry on your table and brush ½ with butter.
Cook for 10- 12 minutes until pastry is a nice brown colour.
www.deaconvalefarm.com /recipes/filowithapples.htm   (136 words)

 Pastry: Filo by pepe
To make a pound of filo allow yourself 2 hours, especially if it is your first time making it.
Let the filo dry a little (if it hasn't already done so) until it feels smooth and satiny, usually about 10 to 15 minutes.
If you don't use the filo immediately, stack the sheets, sprinkling generously with cornstarch between each sheet to prevent them from sticking to each other.
www.cyber-kitchen.com /ubbs/archive/PASTRIES/Pastry_Filo_by_pepe.html   (591 words)

 Untitled Document   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Named after the Greek word for leaf, filo is a very versatile pastry.
Adding oil or fat in preparing the pastry controls the type and flavour of dish required.
Allow pastry to thaw to room temperature before use, ensuring it is covered.
www.brake.co.uk /products/4305.htm   (164 words)

 Spanish Recipes from LaTienda.com: Smoked Cheese Ice Cream in a Filo Pastry Flower
Serve balls of ice cream inside the filo pastry flowers, and drizzle with a little honey.
Filo pastry flowers: cut the pastry into 16 rounds.
Cut the overlapping pastry with scissors to form a fringe, and sprinkle with icing sugar.
www.tienda.com /recipes/smokedcheeseicecream.html   (219 words)

 Prawns in Filo pastry   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Prawns in filo pastry are very quick and easy to prepare.
Why not try prawns in filo pastry as starter with a difference served with salad and a dip.
Prawns in filo pastry are a great idea for a party or entertaining - serve with a sweet chilli dip or one of your choice
www.seafood-express.co.uk /filo-prawns-single.htm   (66 words)

 Halfbakery: filo-pastry-fax
Thin sheets of filo pastry could be (half) baked so they are still flexible yet do not stick together.
They could then be strapped together somehow to form a book, in which the owner could write addresses and schedules and stuff.
Of course, you could use a banana leaf instead of filo pastry, but then you'd have a palm-pilot rather than a filo-fax.
www.halfbakery.com /idea/filo-pastry-fax   (265 words)

 Filo / Phyllo Pastry Recipe - Recipes by Tallyrand
I have been receiving requests for the recipe fir this most versatile of pastries, filo pastry.
The production of filo pastry is not for the faint hearted, it requires not only a lot of time and patience but skill also.
Replace the puff pastry in beef Wellington for example, or replace the dough normally used for samosas, spring rolls and wontons.
www.hub-uk.com /tallyrecip03/recipe0149.htm   (537 words)

 Per Alimenti Recipe: Roast vegetables with Feta cheese in Filo pastry with a red pepper sauce
To assemble the parcels, unwrap the slices of filo pastry.
The filo pastry I got was about twice as wide as it was high, so it split neatly into two squares.
Work like a clockface: Take twelve points around the edge of the pastry and lift them each in turn to the centre of the pile with one hand, using the other hand to hold the pieces of pastry in the middle.
www.see.ed.ac.uk /~pmh/Recipes/Savouries/Feta.html   (572 words)

 Cook's Thesaurus: Doughs
puff pastry = puff paste = pâté feuilletée = pate feuilletee = feuilletage = mille feuilles Notes: This is dough topped with chilled butter that's rolled out and folded again and again until there are hundreds of layers of butter and dough.
Puff pastry is used to make croissants, Napoleons, Beef Wellington, pie crusts, and many other sweet and savory pastries.
You can make puff pastry yourself, but it's hard to improve on the ready-made stuff sold in the frozen foods section of many supermarkets.
www.foodsubs.com /Dough.html   (1072 words)

 Goodman Fielder Food Services - Frozen Pastry
Pampas is the number one frozen pastry brand in Australia and continues to meet the demands of food service operators by supplying a product for every application.
Puff Pastry is a crisp, light pastry consisting of thin layers of dough and margarine created by folding and re-folding.
Filo Pastry is unique in that no margarine or fat is added to the dough.
www.gffoodservice.com.au /Content.aspx?ContentID=27   (494 words)

 Recipe 204224 --- Prawn Filo Parcels: Seafood Warm
Place the filo pastry on the work surface.
Use 3 sheets of filo pastry 120cm x 120cm (5 inches x 5 inches) for one parcel.
Place the mixture onto the filo squares, bring the filo pastry up around the filling so it resembles a money bag.
www.fooddownunder.com /cgi-bin/recipe.cgi?r=204224   (147 words)

 Greek Cakes
On the bottom and up the sides of the dish, place 8 sheets of filo pastry, each sheet generously brushed with melted butter before the next is placed.
Cover the mixture with the remaining 8 sheets of filo pastry, each in turn, as well as the top, well brushed with melted butter.
Continue adding buttered filo sheets, sprinkling every second sheet with nut mixture, until all nut mixture is used.
members.tripod.com /~hpg98/greekcakes   (387 words)

 Recipes :: Breads :: Filo Pastry   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Divide the dough into 10 parts and roll to 1/4-inch thickness on a pastry board dusted with cornstarch.
Put your hands, palms down, under the dough and gently stretch the dough with the backs of your hands, working your way around the table until the dough is stretched as thin as tissue paper.
For moist filo, using scissors, cut dough immediately into desired size pieces; if you prefer dry filo, allow it to stand for about 10 minutes before cutting.
www.recipes.name /Breads/Recipe/Filo_Pastry.htm   (215 words)

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