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In the News (Wed 17 Jul 19)

  Filton AB
Filton AB Välkommen till Filton AB FILTON startades 2003 med affärsidén att utveckla, tillverka och marknadsföra filter för att skydda individen från farliga gaser, rök och damm och skapa en bättre miljö.
Filton har köpt samtliga maskiner, inventarier och lager och kommer att fortsätta tillverkningen av Figals nuvarande sortiment av luftfilter i Svalöv.
Filton AB har köpt produktionsutrustning och dokumentation av dessa filter från Flodins Filter AB och kommer med detta tillskott att kunna tillverka de flesta typer av veckade luftfilter.
www.filton.se   (317 words)

  Filton - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Filton is a town in South Gloucestershire, England, on the northern outskirts of Bristol.
Filton is found on junction 1 of the M32 motorway and junction 16 of the M5 motorway.
Filton is notable as a centre of the aerospace industry, with BAE Systems, Airbus and Rolls Royce having factories located around Filton Aerodrome, a connection that dates back to the early days of the Bristol Aeroplane Company.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Filton   (427 words)

 wiki/Filton Definition / wiki/Filton Research   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Filton is a town in South Gloucestershire, England, on the northern outskirts of BristolBristol is a city in south-western England, on the River Avon.
Filton is found on junction 1 of the M32 motorwayThe M32 motorway is the main artery road in Bristol, England.
Filton has a range of educational facilities, including Filton CollegeFilton College is a further education college in Filton, a town of southwest England.
www.elresearch.com /wiki/Filton   (638 words)

 Encyclopedia: Filton   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The main Filton College building Filton College is an educational institute in Filton, a town of southwest England.
Filton is a town in (Click link for more info and facts about South Gloucestershire) South Gloucestershire, (A division of the United Kingdom) England, on the northern outskirts of (An industrial city and port in southwestern England near the mouth of the River Avon) Bristol.
Filton is found on junction 1 of the (Click link for more info and facts about M32 motorway) M32 motorway and junction 16 of the (Click link for more info and facts about M5 motorway) M5 motorway.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/Filton   (1225 words)

Filton, to the uninitiated, is in Gloucestershire and was introduced to aviation in 1910 by Bristol businessman Sir George White, thus was formed the British and Colonial Aeroplane Company.
Another name synonymous with Filton is a young RFC pilot who returned to his drawing board on indefinite leave during 1915, his name was Frank Barnwell.
Filton went on to produce aircraft after the war and saw active service as an airfield in WW2 primarily for 501 (Reserve) Squadron.
www.crossandcockade.com /reviews/filton.htm   (214 words)

 Concorde at Filton
Concorde at Filton is the operating name of BAC Trading Ltd (company number 5078738, registered in England), and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Bristol Aero Collection (company number 02689238 registered in England) a registered charity (number 1010632).
In May 1993, Concorde 216 was the first to be fitted with a refurbished interior and repainted in the final livery sported by all the British Airways fleet.
Concorde 216 was the last to remain flying and fly supersonically on its flight home to Filton in November 2003.
www.concordeatfilton.org.uk   (299 words)

 ••Welcome to Filton Council••
Filton is situated in the area covered by South Glos Council and is twinned with St Vallier-sur-Rhône in the Drôme district of France just south of Lyon, and Witzenhausen in the Hessen district of Germany.
Filton Town Council’s plans for upgrading the Filton Sports and Leisure Centre and improving and landscaping the Elm Park fields are on display this week in the reception area of the Dolphin Swimming Pool.
Filton Town Council members were sorry to hear of the death of Ex Chair, Ray Norman on the 16th August at the age of 82.
www.filton-town-council.co.uk   (320 words)

 Filton College - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Filton College is a further education college in Filton, a town of southwest England.
A second major campus, dedicated to performing arts, fine art and sport, and known as WISE (West of England Institute of Specialist Education), opened in 2005 adjacent to Filton High School, near Bristol Parkway station.
Filton provides preparation for a number of qualifications, including GCSEs and A-levels, as well as a number of vocational courses leading to BTEC First and National Diplomas, AVCEs and other similar qualifications, and some higher education courses leading to HNDs.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Filton_College   (336 words)

 Filton Cycle Speedway
Filton CSC was set up in January 2006 in a bid to re-introduce the sport of Cycle Speedway to the Greater Bristol Area.
With the help of Filton Town Council, we will be building a new track adjoining the Filton Sports and Leisure Centre in Elm Park, Filton, and entering teams in the 2006 South West League.
The track was opened on 8th July by BBC Points West presenter, Sally Challoner and Dough Naysmith MP and was followed by pre-match entertainment.
www.filtoncsc.co.uk   (288 words)

 Filton Airfield Enthusiasts Website - residents and frequent visitors   (Site not responding. Last check: )
It arrived at Filton for preservation on 26th November 2003, the flight was the last ever flight of a Concorde, and included a supersonic trip round the Bay of Biscay, and a low pass over Bristol.
The aircraft is expected to be the part of a new aircraft museum planned for Filton.
The Bristol Aero Collection is planning to move to Filton Airfield in the next couple of years.
www.filton.flyer.co.uk /residents.htm   (900 words)

 Filton make a flying start | the Daily Mail
Filton College, the Bristol sports academy, made a spectacular start to the season, winning the Tynedale Tournament, which has a 15-a-side, ten minutes each way format.
Many of last season's team have moved on, but Filton's young side did not concede a point on the way to the final, beating Fettes (19-0), King's Worcester (5-0), Tynedale Schools (15-0), Yarm (7-0), Merchiston Castle (7-0) and Connacht (3-0).
Filton, who are closely linked with Bristol Shoguns, begin their Daily Mail U18 Cup campaign at Weston College.
www.dailymail.co.uk /pages/live/articles/sport/othersports.html?in_article_id=404065&in_page_id=1781   (335 words)

 Education UK - The best you can be
Filton College is situated in Bristol, the largest city in south west England.
The College was established in 1960 and has expanded from relatively small beginnings to its position today as a major centre for further education and vocational training.
We are renowned for our long and successful record in delivering English language training alongside academic and vocational subjects and for helping to prepare students for their future, either in higher education or in the workplace.
www.educationuk.org /pls/hot_bc/bc_profile.page_pls_profile_details?z=7961   (578 words)

 SRA - £16 million Remodelling of Filton Junction Completed   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The SRA today announced that work has been completed on a major programme of improvements to Filton Junction, a key part of the national mainline network linking Bristol with Cardiff and the Midlands, the North, and Wales, with South-West England.
The work has involved a remodelling of Filton Junction to allow parallel train movements between the Bristol Temple Meads and Cardiff directions, as well as a new third running line and platform face at the increasingly busy station at Filton Abbey Wood.
The capacity of Filton Junction has been improved by 10-15% as northbound trains stopping at Filton Abbey Wood will not block the junction.
www.sra.gov.uk /news/2004/6/filton_junction_completed   (333 words)

 Concorde at Filton
Opened in August 2004, Concorde at Filton is a purpose-built display area for the last Concorde ever to fly, at the home of its birth.
As Concorde at Filton is located in the middle of an active aircraft factory, visitors are only allowed in via an official coach tour.
Concorde at Filton is located inside the Airbus factory in Filton.
www.aeroflight.co.uk /mus/uk/c-e/concorde_filton.htm   (407 words)

 filton town council - COUNCIL NEWS   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Filton Town Council is to bring cycle speedway back to the Bristol Area by opening a new track adjoining the Filton Sports and Leisure Centre in Elm Park.
Filton Cycle Speedway Club is in the process of building a new web site at www.filtoncsc.co.uk where under 16s can enter a competition to name the new team and win a new cycle speedway bike.
It was the third time Filton has held such an event and because of it's success, we hope to continue to do so.
www.filton-town-council.co.uk /html/councilnews.html   (384 words)

 Case studies - Filton Hill Primary School
Filton Hill Primary School is situated in the north Bristol fringe of South Gloucestershire.
Mary's most recent visit to Filton Hill was to do an assembly on recycling Yellow Pages as part of the Yellow Woods Challenge.
Filton Hill did well but were beaten by The Tynings Primary School who collected an amazing 900 Yellow Pages, that's 4.2 per pupil.
www.recyclingconsortium.org.uk /teachers/casestudies/filton_hill_primary.htm   (569 words)

 Filton Ltd - Leamington Spa - All Industry - - Filton Ltd   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Since 1942 Filton have been involved in the design, development and manufacture of a wide range of precision made products for industry worldwide.
One of Filton's main interests today is in the production of standard and special rotary seals and by using state of the art designs and sophisticated seal face materials Filton can undertake and solve a multitude of complex sealing problems.
Quality is paramount and Filton's strict quality assurance procedures include 100% pressure testing of self-contained rotary seals before release to the customer.
www.applegate.co.uk /company/coc/21920.htm   (350 words)

 Filton College
Filton College is situated in the northern part of Bristol, the largest city in the south-west of England.
Bristol is also very accessible: London is only a couple of hours away by train or coach and there are very good transport links to the rest of the country.
Filton College has around 2,500 full-time students, including over 200 international students from more than 46 different countries.
www.studyoverseas.com /uk/ukunis/filton.htm   (344 words)

 Filton Airfield Enthusiasts Website - Concorde G-BBDG
Known as 'Concorde 202', and registered G-BBDG, it first flew from Filton in February 1974, and was used extensively in the Concorde development flight programme.
A device normally used to recreate a bird strike was used to launch debris at the wing section at a similar angle and speed as in the accident, but this time with the new Kevlar tank lining in place.
Concorde 216, G-BOAF, was delivered to Filton on 26th November 2003, for preservation in the planned heritage museum.
www.filton.flyer.co.uk /gbbdg.html   (1067 words)

 Filton College   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Filton College is a medium-sized general further education (FE) college serving North Bristol and South Gloucestershire.
Retention and pass rates at Filton College are high and have been above national averages for general FE colleges for the past three years.
Accommodation and buildings on the college's main site have been substantially rebuilt and developed to a high standard, but the site is already congested for the numbers of students and classrooms were frequently overcrowded during the inspection.
www.ofsted.gov.uk /reports/manreports/1514.htm   (11748 words)

 Filton Central Garage Auto Shop - Servicing, MOT's, Body Spraying and Repairs   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The Autoshop is able to supply spares and a good range of accessories suitable for all modern makes of cars.
The reception area is computerised so that the history of work carried out by Filton Central Garage on your vehicle is available at the touch of a button.
Filton Central Garage - Gloucester Road North, Filton, Bristol.
www.filton-central.co.uk /autoshop   (127 words)

 Engineering Supplies Ltd - Filton Rotary Unions
For the majority of applications the FILTON BELLOW SEAL is the most efficient.
Filton Limited is a Private Limited Company which celebrated its 50th Anniversary in 1992.
Multiport Rotary Unions are now common-place, and if a suitable design is not already available our design team is at your disposal to consider the specification needed.
www.engineeringsuppliesltd.co.nz /F_Filton.php   (203 words)

 Nuraseal - Filton® Introduction
At Nuraseal, we realize that making the right choice of Filton® Rotary Union for your application can be a detailed exercise.
The Filton® Index (located on the right of the page) is a series of quick links to help you navigate through the information quickly.
To assist with your inquiries, here is a checklist of information you may need to collect before contacting us.
www.nuraseal.com /Filton/Filton_Main/Filton_Main.htm   (180 words)

 RELINCO - FILTON Rotary (C.B.) and (C.B.N.) Unions
The Rotary (C.B.) Union is a self contained, self supporting rotary seal for the leak proof transfer of fluids (such as steam, hot water, air or oil) to and from rotating machine shafts.
The type of Rotary Seal fitted to the Rotary (C.B.) Union is a "FILTON BELLOWS SEAL" containing a flexible stainless steel bellows which is self adjusting, eliminating the maintenance common with conventional packed glands.
The Rotary (C.B.N.) Union is a self contained, self supporting rotary seal for the leak proof transfer of fluids (such as steam, hot water, air or oil to and from rotating machine shafts.
www.relinco.fr /industrie/Ecb.htm   (1046 words)

 RELINCO - FILTON Rotary (I.N.T.) Unions
The Rotary Seal fitted is a Filton Bellows Seal which is identical to the seals fitted in the Rotary (R.E.) Union, an alternative Filton Mechanical seal is available for higher pressures and speeds.
The rotary parts of the Rotary (I.N.T.) Union are held in position by a clamping ring which is part of the roll end design.
Using a Filton Bellows Seal, water and steam.
www.relinco.fr /industrie/Eint.htm   (306 words)

 Filton Airfield Enthusiasts Website - Search Results
We have recently heard that the cost of a new museum at Filton has continued to rise and is now estimated by the "Consultants" to be around 30 million pounds.
There should be an Annual General Meeting of BAC soon, but if it is like last year's, the notices will be sent out so as to give no chance of any informed discussion, and the meeting will last 15 minutes.
If AFMAF (Advanced Future Museum at Filton) is going to work it needs the support of people from the industry - the Bristol Aero Collection Team volunteers - many of whom have essential technical knowledge and experience of aviation and engineering from the past.
filton.conforums.com /index.cgi?action=recent   (961 words)

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