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Topic: Fina Air

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In the News (Tue 23 Jul 19)

  Fina Air: Definition and Links by Encyclopedian.com
Fina Air s management announced, on the June 7 edition of the El Vocero newspaper, that the...
Fina Airs management announced, on the June 7 edition of the El Vocero newspaper, that the airline will fly from July 15 of 2003, connecting San Juan and Mayaguez with 6 Dominican Republic destinations.
One curious fact is that, because Puerto Rico is still politically speaking a part of the United States, Fina Air (not to be confused with cargo airline Fine Air), will have the American flag imprinted on their planes' fuselages.
www.encyclopedian.com /fi/Fina-Air.html   (317 words)

Fina said the renovation will include repairing the center's air conditioning system, which was the major reason why they couldn't keep the employees in the main building.
As part of the renovation, Fina said they have had experts re-working the system to today's standards, and they will dig more wells and add more air and heating units to the bathrooms, which are also one of the major problems.
Fina said the current set-up of the main doors is a bad design and air is forced out when the doors open.
www.sequoyahcountytimes.com /articles/2006/06/28/news/front7d.txt   (630 words)

 Encyclopedia Search
Air is the name of a new Puerto Rican airline.
Air s management announced, on the June 7 edition of the El Vocero...
Air has announced it will begin flying from there to the Dominican...
www.encyclopedian.com /search.php?searWords=Fina   (130 words)

 rediff.com: sports channel - FINA dismisses Thorpe doping attack
FINA has questioned the reliability of tests for EPO, with Andrew Pipe, chairman of the organisation's Doping Control and Review Board, insisting on Tuesday that "the technology currently being used is still in its infancy".
FINA has come under fire for deciding not to test for EPO at the world championships in Fukuoka when other major sports federations, including the International Amateur Athletic Federation, have announced they will.
David Gerrard, chairman of the FINA Sports Medicine Committee, said on Wednesday that he supported Pipe's verdict that the current tests would be unlikely to stand up in a court of law.
www.rediff.com /sports/2001/jul/25fina.htm   (558 words)

 Fina Air - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Fina Air was an airline based in San Juan, Puerto Rico.
The Fina Air fleet of 3 Saab 340 aircraft have been purchased by an aircraft leasing company and are now operated by RegionsAir as Continental Connection, flying out of Cleveland.
Because Puerto Rico is politically a part of the United States, Fina Air (not to be confused with the cargo airline Fine Air), had the American flag painted on their planes' fuselages.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Fina_Air   (360 words)

 Air Caribbean - Wikicompany
Air Caribbean was an airline that served from Luis Munoz Marin International Airport, then Isla Verde International Airport, in San Juan.
The owners of Air Caribbean took this into consideration, and, by 1975, the airline was created.
The airline was prominent for some time among Puerto Rican travellers and American tourists, as it provided, with Prinair, the only two commercial air services to Aguadilla and easier access to nearby Quebradillas, and both cities are considered among the most important touristic centers in Northwest Puerto Rico.
wikicompany.org /wiki/Air_Caribbean   (383 words)

 Fina - DR1 Dominican Republic Forums
Fina airlines is planning to start its reservation system mid-August.
eli, please elaborate on your accusation that Fina is a fraud.
Here goes, the first six words on the Fina website state they are a liscensed passenger airline this of course is being distributed over the world wide web.
www.dr1.com /forums/airline-info/25347-fina.html#post149051   (582 words)

 Airliners.net Civil Aviation: Fina Air Grounded
Fina Air was grounded yesterday (Wednesday) when it failed to fulfill FAA regulations during a routine inspection.
According to the source, during the inspection of Fina's planes, these were found to have parts that are not qualified by the FAA for their use.
AA and AE denied having a deal with Fina Air to accept F.A. tickets, contrary to what Lázaro had said in the past few days.
www.airliners.net /discussions/general_aviation/read.main/1663337   (693 words)

 Petrofina - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Petrofina expanded its operations to the United States in 1956 with the purchase of Texas-based Panhandle Oil Company, which was headquartered in Wichita Falls, Texas, where the firm operated an oil refinery and marketed gasoline through service stations in Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico.
In 1961, FINA introduced its Pink Air promotional campaign noting that while FINA gasolines were loaded with all the same ingredients that made their fuels "Exactly As Good As The Best" adding that only at FINA stations could motorists get "Pink Air" for their tires to keep them from deteriorating.
In 1966, when "Pink Air" finally arrived at every FINA station, FINA replaced that campaign with a new one regarding an ingredient in its gasoline called "PFLASH." At a time when other US oil companies were promoting their gasoline products with campaigns such as Exxon/Esso's "Put A Tiger in Your Tank!",.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Petrofina   (480 words)

 A Stitch in Haste Air Marshals Finally Cut Some Slack by Cutting the Slacks
Dana A. Brown, director of the Federal Air Marshal Service, said in a memo to air marshals that the dress code revisions will take effect Sept. 1 and replace a policy that some air marshals criticized for being so strict that they stood out on some flights.
Brown told air marshals in the memo that the policy was being amended to "allow you to dress at your discretion." He added that the new policy was designed to let air marshals blend in while concealing their weapons.
The previous dress code generally required air marshals to wear collared shirts, sport coats and dress shoes.
kipesquire.powerblogs.com /posts/1156530659.shtml   (373 words)

 Airport Journals
Held annually at Midland International Airport (MAF) between Midland and Odessa, Texas, the Commemorative Air Force's annual AIRSHO is commonly recognized as one of the premier air shows in the United States for classic military warbirds, and this year was no exception.
Charlie Jrik, piloting the FINA Extra 300L, lived up to his reputation as a crowd pleaser, and Julie Clark's Mopar T-34 dazzled the crowd with a patriotic, choreographed aerobatic ballet, complete with fireworks finale.
The Commemorative Air Force (originally known as the Confederate Air Force) is a patriotic, educational, nonprofit organization that began in 1957, when five pilots pooled their money to buy a P-51 Mustang.
www.airportjournals.com /Display.cfm?varID=0611026   (972 words)

 AIRSHO Official Home Page
Plans for a spectacular AIRSHO 2007 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Commemorative Air Force is already well under way.
Copyright © Commemorative Air Force, Inc. except as otherwise marked.
Commemorative Air Force • (432) 563-1000 • airsho_info@cafhq.org
www.airsho.org   (56 words)

 New PR on the Fina Website - DR1 Dominican Republic Forums
Fine Air, the new alternative to travel to the Dominican Republic will be offering its air services from the month of July.
Fine Air will begin during the month of July with daily trips to the cities of Holy Sunday, Gray Tip, The Roman and Santiago of the young Men, besides flights from Mayagüez to Holy Sunday.
The airplanes of Fine Air are model SAAB 340 with room for thirty passengers with seats in skin, flights assistants service and service of refrigerios.
www.dr1.com /forums/airline-info/23983-new-page-ranking-fina-website.html   (567 words)

 KUsports.com - : Unwelcomed passenger boards ISU charter plane   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Pilots of the team's charter plane, from Fina Air of San Juan, Puerto Rico, told police a man who didn't have a ticket had climbed onto the plane while they were outside fueling.
Fina Air has a policy of not flying a plane that has been boarded by a nonpassenger until the plane has been searched.
The Fina Air crew gave up waiting for clearance to go home.
www.kusports.com /news/mens_basketball/story/109543   (435 words)

 Caribbean Net News: Fina Air introduces Saab 340A service in the Dominican Republic
SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico: Saab Aircraft Leasing has recently delivered a Saab 340A to Fina Air of San Juan, Puerto Rico joining two other Saab 340As leased from AeroCentury.
The aircraft was remarketed by Saab Aircraft Leasing on behalf of Bank of America.
Fina Air has also selected Saab Aircraft's customer support package to support its fleet of three Saab 340As.
www.caribbeannetnews.com /2003/12/11/fina.htm   (299 words)

 Southwest Aviator News - Aug/Sept 2000
The Pueblo, Colorado Air Festival will be held September 23 – 24, 2000 as part of the National Medal of Honor Society Convention in Pueblo, September 19 – 24.
To further demonstrate Wichita as the air capital of the world, a videotape of the program will be made available to the National Business Aviation Association Convention in New Orleans, Louisiana the week of October 9, 2000.
The FINA-Confederate Air Force AIRSHO 2000 is set for October 7 – 8, 2000 at Midland International Airport in Midland, Texas.
www.swaviator.com /html/issuesAS00/newsAS00.html   (1214 words)

 Hunter Air Filter   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
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air clenaer hunter, air cleanre hunter, air cleaner...
hunter air filter replacement: making the best of the air we breath narrated by R S G The hunter air filter replacement helps as as you are in all probability familiar, the contamination amount in...
www.airfiltersupplies.com /hunterairfilter   (771 words)

 Official Home Page of the Commemorative Air Force
The "Remembrance of War" Seminar Series is sponsored in part by assistance from the Odessa Council for the Arts and Humanities and the Midland Reporter-Telegram.
The 2007 “Remembrance of War” Seminar Series is sponsored in part by assistance from the Odessa Council for the Arts and Humanities and the Midland Reporter-Telegram.
Steve Ritchie, the only United States Air Force "ace" from the Vietnam conflict, speaks of his experiences.
www.commemorativeairforce.org /calendar/index.php   (1175 words)

 Announcement of Death to St Fina (detail) by GHIRLANDAIO, Domenico
On the far right, two pomegranates are lying on a box; they may be references to the Fall of Man in the Garden of Eden.
Saint Fina did not attempt to gain the biblical forbidden fruits and will therefore be made a saint.
Is it possible that the large split on one of the fruits is an allusion to the bodily decay of the saint, which the artist did not dare depict in all its gruesomeness?
gallery.euroweb.hu /html/g/ghirland/domenico/2s_fina/1announ1.html   (223 words)

Air Nelson, a wholly owned subsidiary of Air New Zealand, took delivery of a leased Saab 340A from Skyways Express Sweden.
Air Canada has signed a memorandum of understanding with Bombardier to acquire 45 CRJ regional jets with rights to acquire up to an additional 45.
Mesa Air Group, which is buying the assets of bankrupt Midway Airlines, will get eight CRJs (six leased and two owned), and the rights to three additional leased aircraft.
www.flttechonline.com /News/Fleets(Dec03).htm   (1741 words)

 Total 7835XM Polypropylene, Blow Molding Grade
FDA - FINA 7835XM complies with all applicable FDA regulations and may be used under those provisions for food contact and packaging.
Recommended Applications - FINA 7835XM is optimized for injection stretch blow molding of containers for drug, cosmetic and toiletry applications requiring exceptional clarity.
Processing - FINA 7835XM resin processes on conventional blow molding equipment with typical melt temperatures of 390-450°F (199-232°C) Data provided by the manufacturer, Total Petrochemicals.
www.matweb.com /search/SpecificMaterialText.asp?bassnum=PFINA3   (295 words)

 Official Home Page of the Commemorative Air Force
A Commemorative Air Force (CAF) operated World War II Lockheed twin engine C-60 Lodestar, N6371C, lost directional control and impacted the ground immediately after take-off at 4:24 p.m.
It was used for transport of both paratroopers and personnel.
This particular C-60 was delivered to the U.S. Army Air Forces on Oct. 6, 1943, and reassigned to the Royal Canadian Air Force where it was used as an executive transport.
www.confederateairforce.org /news/2004/nr-04-100304.html   (358 words)

 Viva International Announces Fina Air Has Obtained FAA Certificate
FT. LAUDERDALE, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sept. 8, 2003--Viva International, Inc.(OTCBB:VIVI) announced today that its air partner Fina Air, Inc. has obtained its FAA 135 certificate as of September 4, 2003 and accordingly is approved to begin providing air services.
Stuart Carnie, President and CEO of Viva International, Inc. stated, "Although the FAA approval for Fina was expected, it is still an exciting development for Viva and Queen Air, Aeronaves Queen S.A. because we can implement the air operations that we have announced.
We congratulate the Fina Air team on this achievement and we are excited to be able to begin our working relationship."
quickstart.clari.net /qs_se/webnews/wed/dr/Bfl-viva-international.RIC-_DS8.html   (309 words)

 Total 7825WZ Polypropylene, Injection Molding Grade
Impact - FINA 7825WZ produces molded parts with improved impact compared with parts molded from homopolymer polypropylene.
Recommended Applications - FINA 7825WZ is recommended for injection molding housewares, hinged closures and other items calling for good impact, flexibility and good clarity.
Processing - FINA 7825WZ resin processes on conventional injection molding equipment with typical melt temperatures of 390-450°F (200- 232°C) Data provided by the manufacturer, Total Petrochemicals.
www.matweb.com /search/SpecificMaterialText.asp?bassnum=PFINA2   (274 words)

 Project AI - Realistic AI Air Traffic for Microsoft Flight Simulator   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Air Baltic - BTI - Latvia - WI06-07.zip
Air Macau - AMU - Macau - WI06-07.zip
Air Madrid - DRD - Spain - WI06-07.zip
www.projectai.com /libraries/airlinefiles.php?cat=7   (158 words)

 Caribbean Travel News - Viva International Announces Appointment   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Being able to help bring this Company to start up operations and subsequently, to be able to guide the Company to future growth and long term stabilisation of air service into emerging markets throughout the Caribbean and beyond is very exciting".
In other news, Viva announced that its business associate, Fina Air has completed its final proving runs and is awaiting licensure from the Federal Aviation Administration to operate as a third party carrier for Viva.
In conjunction with the provisions of the "Safe Harbour" section of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995, this release may contain forward-looking statements pertaining to future anticipated projected plans, performance and developments, as well as other statements relating to future operations.
www.breakingtravelnews.com /article/3000821   (390 words)

 Three Final Notes
If the Fed decides it would like to reduce the nation's supply of money and credit, it can sell some of the bonds that it had previously bought.
This takes money out of the hands of the public, and gives it to the Fed, where it is "destroyed." In other words, the money can simply disappear into thin air, just as it can be created from thin air.
The basis of the Fed's actions to change the supply of money does not lie in reserves of gold or of any sort.
www.rci.rutgers.edu /~lsmall/Money/fina_notes.htm   (165 words)

 Commemorative Air Force Photo Gallery by Antoine Roels at pbase.com
Widely regarded as the world's premier warbird event, this year's airsho will pay tribute to the end of the war with a remarkable display of World War II aircraft.
The goal, according to Bill Coombes, airsho chairman is to have at least on of each of the major combat aircraft of WW II at the airsho and feature them in a flyover consisting of at least 60 airplanes all together at the same time !!
Performances by Jan Collmer in the Fina Extra 300L, the Lima Lima Flight team, -civilian formation aerobatic team- The U.S. Air Force Heritage flight and the U.S. Navy Tailhook Legacy Flight will also be part of the airsho.
www.pbase.com /iapa/commemorative_air_force_gallery   (253 words)

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