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Topic: Financial Services Authority

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  Halifax - F.S.A
If you'd like more general information, the Financial Services Authority (FSA), may be able to help.
The FSA is the UK's financial watchdog set up by government to regulate financial services and protect your rights.
The FSA provide a range of useful tools to help with budgets, borrowing, planning for the future and shopping around for financial products.
www.halifax.co.uk /FSA/fsahome.asp   (201 words)

  Financial Services Authority - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Financial Services Authority (FSA) is an independent non-departmental public body and quasi-judicial body that regulates the financial services industry in the United Kingdom.
It changed its name to the FSA on 28 October 1997 and now exercises statutory powers given to it by the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000, which replaced the earlier legislation and came into force on 1 December 2001.
In 2005, the FSA was actively involved in crackdowns against financial advice firms who were involved in the selling of split-cap investment trusts ('precipice bonds'), with some success in restoring public confidence.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Financial_Services_Authority   (1044 words)

 Central Bank and Financial Services Authority of Ireland - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Central Bank of Ireland (Banc Ceannais na h√Čireann in Irish) is the central bank of the Republic of Ireland which had control of the issue of Irish banknotes and coins.
In 2005, IFSRA began referring to itself as the Financial Regulator rather than its full legal title, and encourage banks to include "regulated by the Financial Regulator" in advertisements, rather than the previous, and much parodied, "regulated by the Irish Financial Services Regulatory Authority".
The Delors Report endorsed by the Madrid Summit of June 1989 envisaged a three-stage process to monetary union, and this was given legal authority by the Maastricht Treaty of 1992 (enacted into Irish law as the Eleventh Amendment to the Constitution of Ireland by 70% of those voting in a referendum on 18 June 1992).
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Central_Bank_and_Financial_Services_Authority_of_Ireland   (1575 words)

 Central Bank and Financial Services Authority Bill
Subsection (4) deals with the regulatory authority taking such action as it considers appropriate to increase awareness among members of the public of available financial services and the cost to consumers, risks and benefits associated with the provision of those services.
McCreevy: The regulatory authority may be issued with guidelines by the governor or the board as to policies or principles that the authority is required to implement in performing functions and exercising powers of the Central Bank.
As the governor is not a member of the authority, and as the chief executive is appointed by the other members of the regulatory authority, it is more appropriate that the notice be given to the chairperson of the authority.
www.irlgov.ie /committees-29/c-finance/20030205/Page1.htm   (7374 words)

 Financial services in an electronic age: Some emerging legal issues
The objective of this article is to highlight some of the issues facing financial institutions and financial institution regulators in connection with the provision of financial services through the Internet and the establishment of e-money plans.
Outside of Canada, Canadian financial institutions may carry on business, conduct their affairs and exercise their powers to the extent and in the manner that the laws of the foreign jurisdiction permit.
Many well-known business entities, including a number of Canadian financial institutions, are finding that a domain name corresponding to their corporate name or trade-marks may have already been registered by other parties who are requesting payment of "consulting fees" in order to transfer use of such names.
www.gahtan.com /alan/articles/ibank-b.htm   (3053 words)

 Irish Financial Services Regulatory Authority
The Financial Regulator, which was established on 1 May 2003, is the regulator of all financial services firms in Ireland, including those previously regulated by the Central Bank; the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment; the Office of the Director of Consumer Affairs; and the Registrar of Friendly Societies.
Promote sound and solvent financial institutions, thereby giving depositors and other consumers of financial products confidence that their deposits and investments are safe.
The Financial Regulator has introduced conduct of business rules for Credit Institutions, Investment Firms, Stock Exchange Member Firms and Intermediaries, which oblige financial institutions to act in a fair and transparent manner.
www.oasis.gov.ie /consumer_affairs/financial_services/financial_regulator.html   (716 words)

 Louise Pryor: note on Financial Services Authority
The FSA emphasises that the aim is not a zero-failure regime.
The FSA is the regulatory authority for the financial services industry in the UK.
Note that the FSA is interested only in risks to their statutory objectives, and that these may not be the same as, for example, risks to shareholder value.
www.louisepryor.com /showTopic.do?topic=26   (1433 words)

 Financial Services Authority
The FSA is an independent non-governmental body, which was given statutory powers by the Financial Services Market Act 2000.
Its aim is to maintain confidence in the financial system, promote public awareness to enable individuals to become an informed customer and to ensure consumer protection by vetting and only allowing firms which satisfy necessary criteria to engage in regulated activity.
FreeClaim IDC applied for FSA approval on the 3 October 2003, and FSA approval was granted in January 2005.
www.freeclaim-idc.co.uk /solicitor/fsa.htm   (283 words)

 CBI - Financial Services Authority (fsa)
The Annual Report by the Financial Services Authority, is made to the Chancellor of the Exchequer and to the Treasury and in turn, by them to Parliament.
This Panel was established by the FSA in 1999, specifically to represent the views of small regulated firms to the FSA.
The membership is drawn from small retail financial firms across all financial services sectors who offer input and views on the impact of regulatory policy on smaller firms.
www.tso.co.uk /cbi/bookstore.asp?FO=1162893&DI=510344   (216 words)

 Financial Services
The Treasury's financial services objective is to secure an innovative, fair dealing, competitive and efficient market in financial services, while striking the right balance with regulation in the public interest.
The financial services sector has a vital role in helping the UK and the global economy respond to long-term economic change.
Financial stablility is crucial to the UK economy and is a key objective for the Treasury.
www.hm-treasury.gov.uk /documents/financial_services/fin_index.cfm   (269 words)

 UKSIF Submission - Financial Services Authority Consumer Education Strategy
The FSA states access to information should help consumers identify which sorts of financial product or service might best meet their particular needs and preferences based on long term plans and attitude to risk.
The FSA says it wants to help consumers understand how to plan for a secure future by enabling them to understand the context in which financial decisions are taken.
UKSIF argues that the FSA should not exclude the new consumers of the future, currently marginalised from financial services, just as financial institutions are being encouraged to bring these people into the fold.
www.uksif.org /R/Z/Z/lib/1999/02/subm-fsa/index.shtml   (494 words)

 Financial Services Authority
The FSA's broad task is to achieve a marketplace that is run in an efficient, orderly and clean manner whilst ensuring that financial services customers receive a fair deal by being properly informed and appropriately protected.
The FSA is responsible for regulating much of the UK’s financial services industry, including authorising firms and individuals to operate within its regulatory frameworks, and setting the standards that those firms and individuals are required to meet.
To be authorised, the FSA needs to be satisfied that firms and individuals are honest, competent and financially sound, and that they will treat their clients fairly.
www.v4th.com /fsa.htm   (393 words)

 Aon Welcomes Announcement of Provisional Authorisation by Financial Services Authority
While we have had a team of up to forty people working full time on the FSA project, everybody within Aon Limited has taken full responsibility and is playing their part.
The review of our business, initiated as part of our drive to achieve FSA regulation, has enabled us to continue to structure our services around our clients and, by acting as their advocate at all times, delivering to them the best of what Aon and the industry can deliver.
FSA regulation is good for our clients, ourselves and our industry; we welcome it and we look forward to continuing to help our clients successfully manage the evermore complex risks their businesses face.”
www.aon.com /uk/en/about/Press_Office/FSA_announcement.jsp   (556 words)

 Malta Financial Services Authority   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The Malta Financial Services Authority, was hence established, and new legislation was put in place to empower the Authority to regulate efficiently investment services and collective investment schemes, together with the regulation of insurance business.
In 2001, the Authority was also vested with the regulatory supervision of banks and financial institutions, together with regulating the activities within the Malta Stock Exchange.
Hence, the Malta Financial Services Authority became the single regulator of financial services in Malta.
www.griffithsassoc.com /services.htm   (316 words)

 Company Profile - Financial Services Authority
FSA regulates the entire UK financial services industry.
The FSA regulates one of the UK's most important and complex industries: financial services.
What better place than the FSA to spend time between June and September getting to know how we help uphold the highest standards and how that impacts on the world of business.
www.prospects.ac.uk /cms/ShowPage/Home_page/Find_graduate_employers/p!emgfk?mode=displayprofile&adno=15658&from=D   (476 words)

 CBI - Financial Services Authority
The Financial Services Authority is the single UK statutory regulator directly responsible for the regulation of deposit taking, insurance and investment business.
The FSA recognises the proper responsibilities of consumers themselves, and of firms' own managements founded on a risk-based approach to the regulation of all financial business; and uses the full range of tools available to the FSA under the FSM Act, including consumer education.
The FSA must report annually on the achievement of its statutory objectives to the Treasury, which is required to lay the Report before Parliament.
www.tso.co.uk /cbi/bookstore.asp?FO=1163989   (315 words)

 Financial Services Authority - T2W Traderpedia
The Financial Services Authority (FSA) is an independent non-governmental body, given statutory powers by the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000.
The Treasury appoints the FSA Board, which currently consists of a Chairman, a Chief Executive Officer, three Managing Directors, and 11 non-executive directors (including a lead non-executive member, the Deputy Chairman).
the reduction of financial crime: reducing the extent to which it is possible for a business to be used for a purpose connected with financial crime.
www.trade2win.com /traderpedia/Financial_Services_Authority   (141 words)

 What is Financial Services Authority? - a definition from Whatis.com - see also: FSA
The FSA is also subject to political and public accountability, and must report on how well these objectives have been met annually, subject to scrutiny by parliamentary committees.
The FSA is also legally accountable, and must interpret its objectives correctly and consider them properly, or be liable to judicial review.
The FSA's principles of good regulation may be read as a series of admonitions for businesses and organizations of all kinds on how to conduct themselves well, and how to practice good citizenship at many levels.
searchsecurity.techtarget.co.uk /sDefinition/0,,sid180_gci1293122,00.html   (508 words)

 Cheap motor insurance UK
The Financial Services Authority (FSA) is the body, which regulates the sale of long (e.g.
Following the demise of the self regulating General Insurance Standards Council the FSA is to require all agents undertaking insurance business to be compulsorily compliant with certain conditions by January 2005.
The FSA will need to approve all applicants and written evidence must be provided to support all claims made by the agent.
www.insureyourmotor.com /car-insurance/financial-services-authority.asp   (348 words)

 The Financial Services Authority - 16 Jun 2003
The Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (the Act) states that the Financial Services Authority (FSA) must contribute to reducing the extent to which regulated firms may be used in connection with financial crime, including money laundering.
Their powers allow them to ensure financial services firms are not used for money laundering by terrorists and criminals and to prosecute these firms if they are in breach of the Money Laundering Regulations.
The National Criminal Intelligence Service and the Financial Services Authority recognise the threats posed by financial crime and in particular money laundering, and acknowledge the need for co-operation between the two organisations to combat those threats.
www.accountingweb.co.uk /cgi-bin/item.cgi?id=112016   (567 words)

 Financial Services Authority - definition of Financial Services Authority from YourDictionary.com
In June 1998, the responsibility for banking supervision was transferred to the FSA from the Bank of England.
The Financial Services and Markets Act, which received Royal Assent in June 2000 and was implemented on December 1, 2001, transferred to the FSA the responsibilities of several other organizations such as the Building Societies Commission, Friendly Societies Commission, Investment Management Regulatory Organization, Personal Investment Authority, Register of Friendly Societies and Securities, and Futures Authority.
The FSA is responsible for the registration and public records of about 9,500 industrial and provident societies, 3,000 societies registered under the Friendly Societies legislation, 700 credit unions, and around 70 building societies.
www.yourdictionary.com /financial-services-authority   (397 words)

 Which? campaigns: Financial Services Authority   (Site not responding. Last check: )
We also maintain that the FSA should have a more proactive, statutory objective to improve the quality of markets, arguing that the objectives given to FSA were not robust enough to make the retail financial markets work in the consumer's interest.
Rather than rely on the FSA and FSMA 2000 to protect consumers and make markets work, we have taken the view that there are limits to what regulation can achieve within the current regulatory framework and culture.
We have developed our own standards for corporate governance and business ethics to change the culture of the financial services industry.
www.which.net /campaigns/personalfinance/regulations/fsa.html   (487 words)

 FSA calls for more liquidity controls - Telegraph
Most significant was a long-awaited discussion paper from the Financial Services Authority on how banks and building societies can better manage their liquidity risk to prevent a repeat of the Northern Rock fiasco.
The watchdog is calling for stronger stress testing, in particular of off-balance sheet vehicles such as conduits, and a "belt and braces" approach to internal controls.
In yesterday's document, which comes ahead of more formal proposals next summer, the FSA stressed the reforms should ensure "a bank takes reasonable steps to withstand liquidity stress without needing to take actions - such as large-scale asset sales or access to emergency central bank lending - that might disrupt market confidence".
www.telegraph.co.uk /money/main.jhtml?xml=/money/2007/12/20/cnfsa120.xml   (581 words)

 [No title]
From 1st December 2001 the Financial Services Authority, under powers granted to it by the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (“the Act”), assumed responsibility for authorising those firms involved in providing investment services.
Coombes Wales Quinnell is not authorised under the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 but we are able in certain circumstances to offer a limited range of investment services because we are members of the ICAEW (Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales).
We can provide these investment services if they are an incidental part of the professional services we have been engaged to provide.
www.cwq.co.uk /about/fin_servicesauthority.html   (119 words)

 Financial Services Authority
The Financial Services Authority (FSA) is the independent regulator set up by Government to look after the financial services industry.
The aim of the (FSO) is to regulate financial services, protect consumer rights and to help consumers become better informed about financial matters.
The FSA is the sole statutory regulator for the financial services industry, The (FSA) is an independent non-governmental body, receiving its powers from the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000.
www.purpay.co.uk /financial-services-authority.htm   (209 words)

In particular, at the point that the FSA acquires responsibility for banking supervision (likely to be 1 June this year), we have agreed with the three self regulatory organisations responsible for investment business regulation that we will also acquire all their staff, and will then carry out regulation on their behalf.
There will be a single authorisation process applied by the FSA and some other rationalisation (for example on the handling of consumer complaints and compensation, where we have recently issued consultation papers), but the legal basis of banking supervision will probably change less than other things.
And arises from the introduction of the FSA.
www.iib.org /wash98/hdavies.htm   (2722 words)

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