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  Finland (04/07)
Finland's basic foreign policy goal from the end of the Continuation War with the U.S.S.R. in 1944 until 1991 was to avoid great-power conflicts and to build mutual confidence with the Soviet Union.
Finland and the U.S.S.R. signed a peace treaty at Paris in February 1947 limiting the size of Finland's defense forces and providing for the cession to the Soviet Union of the Petsamo area on the Arctic coast, the Karelian Isthmus in southeastern Finland, and other territory along the former eastern border.
Finland is well represented in the UN civil service in proportion to its population and belongs to several of its specialized and related agencies.
www.state.gov /r/pa/ei/bgn/3238.htm   (3574 words)

  Finland - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
It is situated in Northern Europe, bounded by the Baltic Sea with the Gulf of Finland to the south and the Gulf of Bothnia to the west.
Finland joined the European Union in 1995, where she is an advocate of federalism contrary to the other Nordic countries that are predominantly supportive of confederalism.
The climate in Southern Finland is a northern temperate climate.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Finland   (4746 words)

 Economy of Finland - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In the 1980s, Finland's economic growth rate was one of the highest of industrialized countries, with per capita output roughly that of the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Sweden and Italy.
Finland's EU accession has accelerated the process of restructuring and downsizing of this sector, with the farming population decreasing.
Finland is experiencing rapidly increasing integration with Western Europe: Finland was one of the 11 countries joining (Greece joined later) the Economic and Monetary Union of the European Union (EMU) on 1 January 1999.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Economy_of_Finland   (1086 words)

 Finland Encyclopedia Articles @ LaunchBase.org (Launch Base)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
The Republic of Finland (Finnish: Suomen tasavalta Swedish: Republiken Finland) is a Nordic country in northeastern Europe, bordered by the Baltic Sea to the southwest, the Gulf of Finland to the south and the Gulf of Bothnia to the west.
Finland has a high standard of living, one of the best educational systems in the world, and is home to many technological phenomena such as Nokia and Linux.
Turku is the fifth largest city in Finland, with a population of 174 824 (2004), and is located in the south-west of the country at the mouth of the Aura river.
www.launchbase.org /encyclopedia/Finland   (4408 words)

 Finland - Atlapedia Online   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
It is bound by Russia to the east, the Gulf of Finland to the south, the Gulf of Bothnia and Sweden to the west and Norway to the north.
Finland is a low lying plateau formed by glaciers, which have scoured the land leaving deposits of gravel, sand and clay.
In 1992 Finland ratified the EEA treaty with the EU and announced it would be seeking accession to the EU by 1995, although the Union announced that Finland would have to adjust their heavy agricultural subsidies in line with the union and that they would have to adopt the EU's envisaged defense system.
www.atlapedia.com /online/countries/finland.htm   (1280 words)

 Foreign & Commonwealth Office Country Profiles
Finland’s recent history has been a time of enormous change with a transfomation from a desperately poor, primarily agricultural society to one of the world’s most advanced nations in the space of one lifetime.
Finland joined the United Nations in 1955 and is well represented in the UN civil service in proportion to its population and belongs to several of its specialised and related agencies.
Finland tops international league tables for education, literacy, honesty, and the sustainable use of natural resources, is in the top three for technological innovation, research and development, and internet use, and has the world's most competitive economy.
www.fco.gov.uk /servlet/Front?pagename=OpenMarket/Xcelerate/ShowPage&c=Page&cid=1007029394365&a=KCountryProfile&aid=1019061809059   (2246 words)

A department or province of the Russian Empire; bounded on the north by Norway, on the west by Sweden and the Gulf of Bothnia, on the south by the Gulf of Finland.
Finland abounds in lakes and forests, buit the proportion of arable soil is small.
When in 1617 Karelia (East Finland) fell to Sweden, an effort was made to win the native population, which belonged to the Greek Orthodox Church, for the "pure Gospel".
www.newadvent.org /cathen/06076d.htm   (846 words)

 Finland Country Analysis Brief
Finland is a member of the European Union and uses the euro as its unit of currency.
Finland's GDP grew by 1.6% in 2002, and is forecast at 1.8% growth for 2003.
Finland, unlike some other EU countries, has proposed increased use of nuclear power as a means of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and also in order to meet growing power demand.
www.eia.doe.gov /emeu/cabs/finland.html   (2499 words)

 Finland travel guide - Wikitravel
Finland (Finnish: Suomi, Swedish: Finland, [2]) is in Northern Europe and has borders with Russia to the East, Norway to the North and Sweden to the West.
Finland was a province and then a grand duchy under Sweden from the 12th to the 19th centuries and an autonomous grand duchy of Russia after 1809.
Finland is one of the few societies on Earth (the other being Mongolia) where it is considered normal for adults to drink milk (maito) as an accompaniment to food.
wikitravel.org /en/Finland   (8794 words)

 Index of Economic Freedom
Finland's economy is 76.5 percent free, according to our 2007 assessment, which makes it the world's 16th freest economy.
Finland is ranked 9th out of 41 countries in the European region, and its overall score is well above the regional average.
Because Finland's contributions to the EU budget are expected to grow, however, the government faces the challenge of maintaining popular domestic support for EU policy.
www.heritage.org /research/features/index/country.cfm?id=Finland   (889 words)

 Your window on Finland — Virtual Finland
With this year’s three-city European museum exhibition the life work of Helene Schjerfbeck, Finland’s most revered modernist painter, is finally gaining the international exposure it undoubtedly deserves.
As Virtual Finland now recounts, it was precisely this seclusion that spurred the creation of Schjerfbeck’s most memorable pictorial art, from her impressionist-influenced paintings to near-abstract self-portraits.
The province of Åland is a region of Finland that has a singular charm.
virtual.finland.fi   (365 words)

 Finland - Scandinavica.com
Finland is a country of the European Union.
- Finland was often the battleground for wars with Russia, which annexed the territory from Sweden in 1809.
- As a consequence of WW II Finland ceded the region of Karelia to the Soviet Union.
www.scandinavica.com /finland.htm   (740 words)

 Embassy of Finland, Washington, Consulates General of Finland, New york and Los Angeles - About Finland, General ...
Finland ranks as the most competitive country in the world according to the World Economic Forum.
Finland comes up number one when freedom of the press is measured.
In the 1990s, Finland’s knowledge-based economy and advancements in wireless technology were front-page news in the U.S. In the new millennium, however, Finnish culture has taken the front seat.
www.finland.org /doc/en/about/general   (198 words)

Finland continued to pursue a foreign policy of nonalignment throughout the cold war era.
Since 1998, Finland has been judged to be the world's least corrupt country, according to the annual corruption survey by the Berlin-based organization Transparency International.
Finland - Finland, Finnish Suomi, officially Republic of Finland, republic (2005 est.
www.infoplease.com /ipa/A0107513.html   (899 words)

 Finland Travel Information | Lonely Planet Destination Guide
Finland is for the most part a quiet land, where a ramshackle cottage by a lake and a properly stoked sauna is all that's required for happiness.
In the south, the capital Helsinki is a paradise for lovers of art and architecture.
Most museums and galleries are open year-round, and there is as much to do in the depths of winter as there is at the height of summer.
www.lonelyplanet.com /worldguide/destinations/europe/finland   (398 words)

 Finland   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Suomi, Finland, Suomen Tasavalta, Republiken Finland (Republic of Finland)
Blue cross on white with coat of arms of the state in the middle square of the cross.
In the case of Finland, horizontally there are 5 units of white, 3 units of blue, and 10 units of white.
www.crwflags.com /fotw/flags/fi.html   (163 words)

 finland map and information page
Most of Finland is covered by thick forests of pine and spruce, and that timber, along with fisheries, mining, shipbuilding and tourism are the major economic contributors.
Revered for its fishing and outdoor sport venues, Finland is also an artistic, stylish country, with a respected resume in glass making, fabric and furniture design, the performing arts and innovative civic planning.
The Finland pages are currently being revised, but you can find additional information about the country here.
www.worldatlas.com /webimage/countrys/europe/fi.htm   (506 words)

 Finland Diary
After Robert G. Kaiser returned to Washington, he wrote that Finland may be a model for the rest of Europe, especially as the continent faces an uncertain political future after France and the Netherlands rejected a proposed constitution for the European Union.
The chairman of the governing city board in Turku, the second city of Finland, is Aleksi Randell, who is 29.
Her materials are produced in Finland, so her employees receive the generous benefits afforded workers here.
blogs.washingtonpost.com /finlanddiary   (4818 words)

 Finland images @ Stock photography by Jef Maion
Population is relatively scarce, and most of the five millions Finns live in the south, close to Finland's capital Helsinki.
Finland history and culture are young in many respects: its cold climate made for late human settlement, and the country gained full independence from neighboring Russia and Sweden less than a century ago.
It is a land of high technology and of a highly educated youth.
www.maion.com /photography/finland   (204 words)

 BBC NEWS | Europe | Finland ratifies EU constitution
Finland has become the latest country to ratify the European constitution, four weeks before the end of its six-month stint as EU president.
Finland hands over the presidency to Germany, which has pledged to seek a solution to the constitution problem.
Finland's parliament voted by 125 to 39 in favour of ratification, with four abstentions.
news.bbc.co.uk /2/hi/europe/6210098.stm   (395 words)

 Finland - Photos, Maps, Videos, Flags, Facts, More -- National Geographic
Finland, in northern Europe, is low-lying in the south and center with mountains in the north.
Most of the population is concentrated in the triangle formed by the cities of Helsinki (the capital), Tampere, and Turku.
Coniferous forests and more than 180,000 lakes grace Finland, which maintains a fleet of icebreakers to keep ports open during the long winters.
plasma.nationalgeographic.com /places/countries/country_finland.html   (407 words)

 SCI-BYTES: Science in Finland   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Finland's world share of science and social-science papers over the last five years, expressed as a percentage of papers in each of 21 fields in the Thomson Scientific database.
Also, Finland's relative citation impact compared to the world average in each field, in percentage terms.
As the right-hand column indicates, the citations-per-paper average (or impact) for ecology papers from Finland during the five-year period surpassed the world average by 32% (4.43 cites per paper for Finland, versus the world baseline of 3.35 cites per paper).
in-cites.com /research/2004/august_23_2004-1.html   (287 words)

 Finland - the official travel and tourism guide by the Finnish Tourist Board
Finland’s seasonal contrasts and pristine natural environment provide the setting for a dazzling and inspiring variety of adventures and new experiences.
Filled with holiday ideas and useful information about different holiday spots in Finland, the Finnish Tourist Board 2007 Summer Brochure is the ideal companion for those planning their next spring or summer break.
Finland Festivals "Festival of The Year" is Words and Music in Kajaani.
www.visitfinland.com /w5/index.nsf/(pages)/index   (407 words)

 Finland:Country Web Pages   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
The Peer Review Report for the Jyväskylä region in Finland is part of the OECD/IMHE international review project that focuses on the role of higher education in regional development.
An OECD Workshop on Subsidy Reform and Sustainable Development was held in Helsinki, Finland on 20-21 June 2006.
Countries differ in the extent to which they value fairness and equity, to be sure, but more than most countries Finland seems to consider equality of both status and opportunity important.
www.oecd.org /country/0,3021,en_33873108_33873360_1_1_1_1_1,00.html   (310 words)

 Tilastokeskus - Statistikcentralen - Statistics Finland
Finland's six-month Presidency of the Council of the European Union began on 1 July 2006.
In the field of statistics the main responsibility during the Presidency lies with Statistics Finland.
Statistics Finland has published a new pocket size book of statistics on culture, Finland's Culture in Figures 2006.
www.stat.fi /index_en.html   (133 words)

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