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Topic: Finnish Army Order of Battle, Winter War

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In the News (Sat 23 Jun 18)

  The Finnish Winter War 1939-1940
The defensive plan of the Finnish high command was dated in 1934 and it had as its basic premise the idea of stopping an enemy attack on the Karelian Isthmus at a certain point where natural obstacles like the Vuoksi-river would suppress the enemy forces and prevent their operational possibilities.
The other army corp of the Karelian Istmus Army was the III Army Corps (8th and 10th Divisions) commanded by Erik Heinrichs and deployed in the eastern Isthmus along the Vuoksi riverbend.
Finnish troops (Er.P 17 and after 4th of Dec Er.P 25) were unable to delay the attackers and Salla village was burned in the 9th of December.
www.feldgrau.com /wwar.html   (7528 words)

 GI -- World War II Commemoration
Army Group South, commanded by Field Marshal Gerd von Rundstedt, was to attack from southern Poland and Romania, its flank armies converging on Kiev to trap the Soviet armies in the western Ukraine in a great pocket west of the Dnieper (Dnepr) River.
Army Group Center was to be reinforced at the expense of its two neighbors, and Army Groups North and South were to complete their missions with the forces remaining to them.
Army Group E in Greece and Albania, after airlifting its troops from Crete and the other Greek islands, was forced to undertake a long and precarious march through the mountains of western Yugoslavia, which it did not complete until mid-November.
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 Data of the Finnish Army in the Winter War, Part 1
The Finnish field army mobilized 9 divisions in addition to the 3 brigades, which consisted of units of the standing army, and a large number of separate battalions and other smaller units.
The army was divided into three Corps, the II and III Corps in the Isthmus creating the Isthmus Army, and the IV Corps in the Ladoga Karelia, N and NE of Lake Ladoga.
The battalion was in the Finnish Army the most widely used tactical unit, being light enough to maneuver in covered terrain, and strong enough to pack adequate punch.
www.winterwar.com /forces/FinArmy.htm   (3011 words)

 GI -- World War II Commemoration
Army Group North was to strike eastward from Pomerania (Pomorze) into the Polish Corridor with one of its two armies, the Fourth Army.
Army Group South, with the Eighth, Tenth, and Fourteenth armies, was to advance to the northeast from Silesia and Slovakia.
The Soviet High Command deployed four armies under the command of Gen. (later Marshal) Semyon K. Timoshenko on the Finnish frontier: the Seventh Army on the Karelian Isthmus, the Eighth Army north of Lake Ladoga, the Ninth Army in the Reboly (Repola)-Ukhta (Uhtua)-Kandalaksha (Kannanlahti) sector, and the Fourteenth Army on the Arctic coast.
www.grolier.com /wwii/wwii_3.html   (5832 words)

 Historical Bibliography No.3: Operational Level of War
This operation entails a combined arms army entering battle on the march, a river crossing, and a penetration and envelopment.
The Soviets consider the Battle of Iasi-Kishinev (20-29 August 1944) to be one of the most instructive battles of World War II because of the terrain in which it was fought and because of the strategic, political, and military results that it achieved.
Arguing against the American military mind-set rooted in wars of attrition, the author instead advocates a mastery of the operational level of war as characterized by the relational-maneuver method of operations, a method whose main principles are avoidance, deception, elusiveness, and momentum.
cgsc.leavenworth.army.mil /carl/resources/csi/olw_csi/olw_csi.asp   (15743 words)

 Kev Os 4 Finnish Army WWII Wartime Photos and Militaria
But, in what was to be the 2nd coldest winter since 1828, the Russian army broke down under the onslaught of cold and the heroic Finnish defenders, who used the terrain and weather to their advantage.
This KevOs4 Finnish re-enactor group is dedicated to studying the history of the Light Infantry Units in battle against the Russian army around Viipuri, in the Karelia Isthmus, during the Winter War and Continuation War.
Many of the Finnish Re-enactors in this group have traveled to Finland and Russia to see the battlefields, meet with veterans of the war, attend lectures, and tour the war and armor museums in both countries.
www.kevos4.com   (654 words)

 List of orders of battle - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
This is a list of orders of battle.
The battles are listed in chronological order by starting date (or planned start date).
This page was last modified 23:18, 11 November 2005.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/List_of_orders_of_battle   (58 words)

 Fire and Fury Games - Links to related sites
It has TONS of photographs of Finnish armored vehicles, often with individual vehicle histories, and descriptions of the color schemes used.
A vast source of order of battle information and other interesting historical reference material.
We met them a the Cold Wars 2002 convention and will probably feature some of their miniatures in our Blitzkrieg supplement.
www.fireandfury.com /links.shtml   (2603 words)

 EDU2 : Level 6   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-03)
Dad's War: Finding and Telling Your Father's World War II Story, by Wes Johnston
Finnish Navy in World War II - Title page
Welcome to the Center for Historical research and Documentation on War and Contemporary Society:ww2 be
www.my-edu2.com /EDU/histor39.htm   (184 words)

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