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In the News (Tue 23 Jul 19)

  Fir - LoveToKnow 1911
FIR, the Scandinavian name originally given to the Scotch pine (Pinus sylvestris), but at present not infrequently employed as a general term for the whole of the true conifers (Abietineae); in a more exact sense, it has been transferred to the "spruce" and "silver firs," the genera Picea and A bies of most modern botanists.
The firs are distinguished from the pines and larches by having their needle-like leaves placed singly on the shoots, instead of growing in clusters from a sheath on a dwarf branch.
Extensive woods of this fir exist on the southern Alps, where the tree grows up to nearly 4000 ft.; in the Rhine countries it forms great part of the extensive forest of the Hochwald, and occurs in the Black Forest and in the Vosges; it is plentiful likewise on the Pyrenees and Apennines.
www.1911encyclopedia.org /Fir   (5555 words)

 Fir - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Firs (Abies) are a genus of between 45-55 species of evergreen conifers in the family Pinaceae.
Firs can be distinguished from other members of the pine family by the fact that their needle-like leaves are attached to the twig by a base that resembles a small suction cup, and by erect, cylindrical cones 5-25 cm long that disintegrate at maturity to release the winged seeds.
The wood of most firs is considered inferior, and is often used as pulp or for the manufacture of plywood and rough timber.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Fir   (422 words)

 Douglas-fir - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The leaves are flat and needle-like, generally resembling those of the firs.
The female cones are pendulous, with persistent scales (unlike true firs), and are distinct in having a long tridentine (three-pointed) bract that protrudes prominently above each scale.
Douglas Fir wood is used for structural applications that require to withstand high loads.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Douglas-fir   (580 words)

 Ohio Trees, Bulletin 700-00, Abies – Fir
Firs are evergreen trees with a pyramidal habit and spreading, whorled branches.
Fraser fir and Canaan fir are thought to be ecotypes of balsam fir and are preferred for Christmas tree use due to their greater heat-tolerance.
Nordmann fir is sparsely planted in Ohio for specimen and ornamental purposes.
ohioline.osu.edu /b700/b700_14.html   (693 words)

 EEK! - The Balsam Fir
This is a sign of a "true" fir, and completely opposite of the cones you see hanging down on most other conifers.
The balsam fir is found in forests in the northern half of Wisconsin, usually growing with white spruce in cool, moist, or shaded places.
The resins from the pitch blisters on the bark is called "Canada Balsam" and is used as a clear cement for glass in optical instruments and microscope slides.
www.dnr.state.wi.us /org/caer/ce/eek/veg/trees/balsmfir.htm   (266 words)

 Douglas Fir
Douglas fir is one of the primary forest trees in Colorado, in north, central and western Wyoming, and the mountains of northern New Mexico.
Pseudotsuga ("pseudo-hemlock") was devised for the Douglas fir and its relatives.
Douglas fir wood is of very high quality; it is used for everything from house construction and traditional shipbuilding to fine furniture, paneling, and floors.
home.earthlink.net /~swier/DouglasFir.html   (1090 words)

Abies are commonly known as Fir trees and belong to Pinaceae, a section of the Conifer family, Coniferae.
Firs may be distinguished from Spruces by their standing cones; cones of the Spruce are pendant.
Young Fir trees are very sensitive to light, so they need to be shaded from strong, direct sun until they are two or three years old.
www.botany.com /abies.htm   (510 words)

 fir - The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition - HighBeam Research
FIR [fir] any tree of the genus Abies of the family Pinaceae (pine family), tall pyramidal evergreen conifers characterized by short, flat, stemless needles and erect cylindrical cones that shed their scales rather than dropping off the tree whole.
Firs, valued and cultivated for their fragrance and beauty, are found chiefly in alpine regions of the Northern Hemisphere.
Fir wood is usually light and soft but is sometimes used for interior finishing and for crates and boxes.
www.highbeam.com /doc/1E1:fir/fir.html?refid=ip_hf   (126 words)

 FIR Filters by Nuhertz Technologies
FIR, or Finite Impulse Response, filters have the distinctive trait that their impulse response lasts for a finite duration of time as opposed to IIR, or Infinite Impulse Response, filters whose impulse response is infinite in duration.
The FIR filters of Raised Cosine, Root Raised Cosine, Cosine, Sine, and Matched are generally for use in communications applications, and supported only in the low pass form.
FIR filter coefficients are always between +1 and –1, which may allow for greater ease when computing with fixed point arithmetic.
www.filter-solutions.com /FIR.html   (1612 words)

Firs have a pyramidal shape and horizontal branching with the lower branches drooping toward the ground.
Firs resemble spruce trees with the major difference being that firs have erect cones, as opposed to spruces whose cones hang down.
Firs need to be acclimated to pot culture, so they should be planted in oversized pots and introduced into small pots gradually.
www.bonsai-bci.com /species/abies.html   (828 words)

 National Christmas Tree Association: Canaan Fir
In 1909, a variety of balsam fir was described in the literature as having cone scales extending from the bracts.
Bracted balsam fir is found from Labrador to Ontario, and from the coast of Maine to the higher mountains of Virginia and West Virginia.
Canaan fir is so-named because several of the original trees with the intermediate morphology were identified from a limited area in West Virginia, generally referred to as the Canaan Valley.
www.christmastree.org /trees/canaan.cfm   (540 words)

 Far Infrared Sports Therapy Healing Products. Questions about FIR.
FIR rays are part of the part Electromagnetic Spectrum with a wavelength longer than visible light, but shorter than microwave radiation.
The FIR Rays emitted from the Bio-Ceramic impregnated fabric causes the water molecules in the body to vibrate and then it cause a warming reaction through resonant absorption.
The FIR is emitted from the Bio-Ceramic minerals that are impregnated into the fibers.
www.firsportstherapy.com /faqs.html   (1181 words)

 WWPA Douglas Fir - Western Larch.
Douglas Fir and Western Larch, in both visual and MSR grades, are used in roof and floor trusses, for gable ends and wall panels, pre-cut wall framing packages, wall sub-components, corners, doors, beams and frames.
Structural-glued laminated Douglas Fir and Western Larch beams are engineered for use as load-carrying horizontal framing for roofs, floors and columns in residential, commercial, industrial and institutional structures as well as for towers and marine installations.
Douglas Fir is also the species of choice for sound barrier walls along freeways or for highway guard rails which demand a wood that is treatable, paintable and strong with excellent fastening capability.
www.wwpa.org /dfir.htm   (4884 words)

 Highbeam Encyclopedia - Search Results for fir   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
fir FIR [fir] any tree of the genus Abies of the family Pinaceae (pine family), tall pyramidal evergreen conifers characterized by short, flat, stemless needles and erect cylindrical cones that shed their scales rather than dropping off the tree whole.
The region is a rolling plain, heavily forested with fir and pine.
Impacts of high-temperature and restraint on kiln-dried grand fir studs curve sawn from small-diameter logs.
www.encyclopedia.com /articles/04500.html   (616 words)

 U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Fir National Historic Landmark Nomination   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Fir is a twin propeller, steel lighthouse tender.
Fir was one of three 175-foot tenders, the others being Walnut and Hollyhock.[1] Both of Fir's sister ships were decommissioned in 1982.
Fir was the last American steam-powered lighthouse tender to be dieselized.[5]The only other modification to Fir occurred in 1982 when the ship's hydraulic main boom hoist was replaced by an electrically-powered A-frame one.
www.cr.nps.gov /maritime/nhl/fir.htm   (2529 words)

 National Christmas Tree Association: ARIZONA CYPRESS
Locally Fraser fir is known as "She balsam" because of the resin filled blisters on the tree's trunk.
Fraser fir is a uniformly pyramid-shaped tree which reaches a maximum height of about 80 feet and a diameter of 1-1.5 feet.
Fraser fir is intermediate in shade tolerance and is usually found on fertile, rocky to sandy soils which are acidic.
www.realchristmastrees.org /treetype/fraser.html   (738 words)

 National Christmas Tree Association: White Fir
White fir, also commonly called concolor fir, is native to the western United States and may reach sizes of 130-150 ft. in height and 3 to 4 ft. in diameter.
White fir occurs from 6000 ft. to 11,000 ft. in elevation in the Rocky Mountains and as low as 2300 ft. near the Pacific Coast.
Blacktail and mule deer feed on the buds and leaves during the winter, porcupines eat the bark, and Douglas pine squirrels are fond of the seeds.
www.christmastree.org /trees/concolor.cfm   (591 words)

 FIR - FACULDADE INTEGRADA DO RECIFE   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
The focus of FIR is towards excellent education, excellent quality of teaching staff and students as entrepreneurs, who are able to act in their regional environment as well as in an international context, students with knowledge and competences that meet the requirements of the market.
FIR is a young university that was founded in 1998.
FIR gives grades between 1 and 10 with 1 the lowest score and 10 the highest.
www.fir.br /english-fir.php   (1480 words)

 Fir Tree Seeds from around the world
ABIES FABRI (DELAVAYI FIR) (FIR50) Native to China, the middle and lower reaches of the Dadu River, the Qingyi River valley, on Mount Emei, and in the Daliang and Xiaoliang Mountains, at 2000-3100(-3600) m.
The bark is browsed by deer, elk, bighorn sheep and moose; the leaves are eaten by grouse, and the seeds are consumed by songbirds and mammals.
ABIES SIBERICA (SIBERIAN FIR) (FIR81) Native to Siberia and Mongolia, it is a narrowly conical tree growing to 30 ft. tall.
www.seedman.com /fir.htm   (1480 words)

 FIR home page   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
L’affermazione Fir sui mercati internazionali è una storia di primati qualitativi e tecnologici, nei materiali come nelle scelte costruttive e nel design, ottenuti grazie a specifici investimenti in ricerca e sviluppo, concretizzati in una produzione senza paragoni per gamma e prestazioni.
The affirmation Fir on the international markets is a history of qualitative and technological records, in the materials as in the constructive choices and in the design, gotten thanks to specific investments in research and development, concretized in a production without comparisons for range and performances.
Here because who proposes Fir it is always on the same wavelength of whom uses Fir, from the champion to the demanding amateur: aware of to have the best and to the same to desire to stir without standstills toward new finishing lines.
www.fircerchi.com /Dati/homepage.html   (355 words)

 true fir genus description   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
True firs are well-adapted to snowy environments because their short, stiff branches and pointed tops shed snow without breaking.
Seven species of true fir are native to western North America, and Oregon has six--more than any other state: grand fir, noble fir, Pacific silver fir, California red fir, subalpine fir, and white fir.
The buds of true firs are rounded and are often covered with resin, wax, or curved needles.
oregonstate.edu /trees/con/trfirgen.html   (325 words)

 Digital Web Magazine - In Defense of Fahrner Image Replacement
FIR is an absolutely essential tool to both the designer and the coder as HTML becomes less and less about presentation.
It is far too important to be cast aside over some of the problems it has encountered, and this article aims to tell you what it is, how to use it, some of the problems in using it, and possible solutions.
What FIR does is allow a further layer of structure and information underneath an image.
www.digital-web.com /features/feature_2003-08.shtml   (1526 words)

 White Fir - Abies concolor
The White Fir is 60-100 feet tall and can live up to 300 years making it a very large forest tree.
The bark is ashy gray with resin blisters.You can find the White Fir in most of the western regions of North America.
The most used part of the White fir is the wood, which is used as lumber.
www.blueplanetbiomes.org /white_fir.htm   (199 words)

 Fir Cruthen
As such, all Fir Cruthen, without exception, worship Badb, yet they each have a different god or goddess, to whom their very lives are an act of worship, it is from both of these that they derive their powers.
The Queen of the Fir Cruthen is believed to be a living avatar of Badb, in her aspect of the Mother, guarding and providing for her people, as such she worships only Badb, as would be expected.
The Taniaste of the Fir Cruthen is obliged to worship every God possible, in order to perfect his understanding of his people’s culture, he may have a personal god, as any other does, yet hears the voices of all of them, which can lead to contradictory advice, conciliatory one moment, aggressive the next.
www.fir-cruthen.demon.co.uk /gods   (3314 words)

 !Country Classic Hardwood Fir Flooring: Beautiful In Log Homes
From the high mountain forests of the Rocky Mountains comes the native fir lumber used in the manufacture of Country Classic Fir Floors.
Fir is strong, very resilient, medium hard, durable, and light in relation to its strength.
Country Classic Flooring is proud to say that we have been a family business since 1946 and have been making flooring since 1982.
www.firfloors.com /index.html   (188 words)

 Douglas Fir
This is not a fir at all but 'Pseudotsuga' or "False Hemlock"
The Douglas Fir grows on the southern mainland coast of British Columbia and Vancouver Island
An interior variety of the Douglas Fir is found throughout southern and central BC The Douglas Fir can reach up to 85 metres in height on the coast and 42 metres in the interior
www.bcadventure.com /adventure/wilderness/forest/douglasf.htm   (238 words)

 Fir Trees Bed & Breakfast Windermere, B&B in the English Lake District
Fir Trees Bed and Breakfast Windermere, BandB in the English Lake District
We invite you to join us at "Fir Trees" Bed and Breakfast in Windermere English Lake District, our Windermere B and B of considerable character and charm, having been built in 1888 as a Victorian gentleman's residence.
Further, "Fir Trees" serves as an excellent base from which to travel to any corner of the Lake District and still easily return at the end of the day.
www.fir-trees.co.uk /index.htm   (250 words)

 Girard Nurseries - xfi
Beautiful silver form of fir with pure white bark and needles resembling a Koster and Hoopsi in color.
One of the most uniform of all the firs.Dark green color topside of the needles and silvery blue on the underside.
Fir Korean Horstman 'Silberlocke' (Abies Koreansis 'Hortsman Silberlocke')
www.girardnurseries.com /cgi-bin/cart.pl?db=../stuff.dat&search=xfi   (188 words)

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