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Topic: Firesign Theatre

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  disinformation | a not so brief history of the firesign theatre   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-15)
The Firesign Theatre referred to themselves musically as the 8 Shoes but they seemed to have lost their footing in the Reagan years.
The new Firesign Theatre groped through the teflon decade of the empty 1980s without one of it's major voices, and tried to compensate for this by pushing the envelope of technology.
In 1985 The Firesign Theatre was approached by Phillips to write two demonstration games for their new CD Interactive machines.
www.disinfo.com /archive/pages/article/id2037/pg4/index.html   (1273 words)

 For immediate release
Soon after, Firesign Theatre landed a contract with Columbia Records, and over the following decade they revolutionized the idea of what comedy albums could be, mashing up James Joyce, Samuel Beckett and William Shakespeare in a head-tripping mix of puns, satire, surrealism, and unforgettable characters – and selling well over a million LPs in meantime.
Unfortunately many of Firesign’s radio broadcasts remain lost, but the group invites its fans to dust off their collections and offer up any home recordings, either from Firesign’s radio broadcasts or their even rarer television appearances, that might help fill the gaps in Firesign’s archive.
All of Firesign Theatre’s albums for Columbia, as well as their many later recordings, are available on CD from www.laugh.com and  www.lodestonecatalog.com.
www.firesigntheatre.com /pressrel/40th.html   (847 words)

  Firesign Theatre CDs at Lodestone
The Firesign Theatre ruturns to the studio in 1999 in the first album of Rhino Records' "Millenium Trilogy" of new Firesign Albums.
Firesign on Video -- this is the strange and surreal video version of their 1975 album of the same name.
Firesign wrote the script for this psychadelic western -- thing is, they were never allowed to finish it.
www.wizardorder.com /firesign.html   (1190 words)

  Firesign Theatre - Uncyclopedia
The Firesign Theatre was founded in 1543 on the island of Manhattan to entertain new settlers of the continent of South Canada.
During its long run of theatrical performances, the theatre hosted such hits as Beach Blanket Infected With Smallpox Bingo, Howl of the Wolf, Temporarily Humbolt County, and was the origins of the devastating theatre virus known as Cats.
The theatre is the stuff of legend, with performances of such complexity that re-visiting the show is almost a requirement, as many of their parables and jokes are lost on the audience the first time around.
www.uncyclopedia.org /wiki/Firesign_Theatre   (427 words)

 THE HIGH HAT | POPS&CLICKS: Firesign Theatre
Writing about the Firesign Theatre poses a similar problem to writing about other cult phenomena: they have a small core of smart, dedicated fans, and most of what there is to say about them has already been said.
Beyond that, the Firesigns simply had more creative freedom than the Python troupe, who were shackled by their high profile and the short leash on which they were kept by a nervous BBC.
In this sense, the Firesigns could be said to have made the same record over and over; but the mercurial changes in identity, setting, tone and character (not only from album to album, but within each album) meant that they also never made the same record twice.
www.thehighhat.com /PopsClicks/004/firesign_theatre.html   (2563 words)

 Firesign Theatre Interview (Cosmik Debris)
Firesign cleverly snares the most sensitive of concerns plaguing the psyche of the late 20th century.
Side two features perhaps Firesign's most accessible and popular character, Nick Danger in, "The Further Adventures of Nick Danger." A humorous play on radio shows of the 1930s and 1940s, the bit was recorded by Firesign on the original RCA mikes CBS used to produce the old radios shows.
Firesign's second LP was a hit, and record sales soared as college students, campus radio stations, and curious Firesign newbies took to the record shelves to experience for themselves the new voice of the new humorists.
www.firezine.net /cosmik_firesign/ft-act1.html   (3001 words)

 Firesign Theatre CDs at Lodestone
The Firesign Theatre ruturns to the studio in 1999 in the first album of Rhino Records' "Millenium Trilogy" of new Firesign Albums.
Firesign on Video -- this is the strange and surreal video version of their 1975 album of the same name.
Firesign wrote the script for this psychadelic western -- thing is, they were never allowed to finish it.
www.lodestone-media.com /firesign.html   (1190 words)

 Amazon.ca: Dont Crush The Dwarf Hand Me: Music: Firesign Theatre   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-15)
The magic that was and is the Firesign Theatre really came into its own in a very public way with this, their third studio production.
Firesign aficionado Fred Wiebel insists Tirebiter has sold his soul to the media and now has to live a life of constant sellouts just to keep his head up.
The Firesign Theatre themselves were doomed never again to create something of this caliber, but the insights and groundbreaking unity of the album are an unmistakable influence on a well-known rival troupe who were first finding their legs about the time this album came out, Monty Python.
www.amazon.ca /Dont-Crush-Dwarf-Hand-Me/dp/B00005T7IS   (1281 words)

 Applause Online
Firesign Theatre, America's longest running comedy team, TV12 and Rhino Records have partnered to produce Weirdly Cool, a collection of new and classic sketches, archival footage and commentary on Firesign Theatre from many of the country's favorite comedians.
The Official Firesign Theatre Web Page: The colorful, interactive official Web site of the legendary comedy highlights the group's unique brand of humor, providing links to their individual Web sites and audio clips of some of their classic routines together.
The four formed Firesign Theatre while working in FM, the radio frequency of choice for the counter culture of the 1960s.
www.whyy.org /tv12/firesign/index.html   (657 words)

 The Firesign Theatre - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Firesign Theatre is a comedy troupe consisting of Phil Austin, Peter Bergman, David Ossman, and Philip Proctor.
Called "The Beatles of Comedy" by their admirers (a title that is also and somewhat more frequently applied to the UK's Monty Python troupe), the Firesign Theatre specializes in audio recordings, having had comparatively little presence in stage performance, television or movies.
In September 1967 The Firesign Theatre performed an adaptation of Jorge Luis Borges's short story entitled "La Muerte y La Brujula" ("Death and the Compass") on Radio Free Oz.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Firesign_Theatre   (1063 words)

 Firesign Theatre - Biography - AOL Music
By fusing the high-concept comic vision of Stan Freberg with the expansive studio experimentation of the Beatles, the Firesign Theatre singlehandedly dragged the comedy album into the psychedelic era.
Comprised of Phil Austin, Peter Bergman, David Ossman and Philip Proctor, the Firesign Theatre debuted on Los Angeles' KPFK radio on November 17, 1966 with a performance of "The Oz Film Festival," a three-hour improvisational piece.
After a two-year hiatus, the Firesign Theatre returned in 1974 with both The Tale of the Giant Rat of Sumatra and Everything You Know Is Wrong!
music.aol.com /artist/firesign-theatre/163/biography   (418 words)

 Firesign Theatre Canonical irReference
This web site is a celebration of their work, an acknowledgement of their contribution to the cultural milieu, and a personal tip of the hat to four or five of the funniest guys this side of the shadows.
The Firesign Theatre Podcast is a collection of archival and recent Firesign material.
This is the definitive oral history and timeline of the seriously surreal and subversive audio artists that shaped a generation, covering every aspect of their lives and careers.
www.doctechnical.com /fst   (440 words)

 USATODAY.com - Firesign reignites counterculture flame   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-15)
David Ossman, Peter Bergman, Phil Proctor and Phil Austin are part of the Firesign Theater.
Firesign is still skewering the latest pop culture trends and fads.
Firesign never officially broke up but disappeared for almost a decade during the Reagan-Bush years.
www.usatoday.com /life/music/2002/2002-02-19-firesign.htm   (458 words)

 'House of Firesign   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-15)
Firesign Record Reviews: Read what people like you (uh, Clem) have to say about all the Firesign Records.
Firesign Threatre Dot Com: Crazy, surreal interface, but you'll eventually find your way around.
Firesign Podcasting: Don't even THINK about trying to find this from their website.
www.benway.com /firesign   (146 words)

 'House of Firesign   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-15)
Firesign Record Reviews: Read what people like you (uh, Clem) have to say about all the Firesign Records.
Their latest releases (Give Me Immortality or Give Me Death, Boom Dot Bust and The Bride of Firesign - a trilogy or sorts) are among their best works, proving they have spanned generations with timeless wit and surreal intellect.
Firesign Podcasting: Don't even THINK about trying to find this from their website.
benway.com /firesign   (146 words)

 Amazon.com: Boom Dot Bust: Music: Firesign Theatre   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-15)
For a bunch of old guys, the Firesign Theatre are sure on a roll.
Firesign Theatre Mp3S for Less — Firesign Theatre or over 20,000 other artists.
It's quite simple: if you are a fan of the Firesign Theatre at their most surreal, a la "Don't crush that Dwarf" and "Everything You Know is Wrong", you'll love this; it's brilliant.
www.amazon.com /Boom-Dot-Bust-Firesign-Theatre/dp/B00001WRKQ   (1411 words)

 Firesign Theatre Roots
December 9 - The Firesign Theatre performs its first stage piece, "Freak For A Week", for a KPFK -FM benefit at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium.
So we said, "Well, we're a theatrical troupe, we will do theatre." We even had a set, and we said, "Get your shabby little set, and get your moth-eaten costumes and put on something fantastic for the people." That was our image of ourselves, and it worked.
members.aol.com /tedalvy/fst.htm   (2636 words)

 Firesign Theatre   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-15)
Firesign Theatre is a surrealist comedy group that has produced some of the most intelligent, insightful, and funny vignettes, stories, and commentaries in the history of humankind.
Firezine offers some rare Firesign CDs that are excellent, and LodesTone offers some additional wonderful and hard-to-find releases.
And during PBS pledge drives this December (2001), look for a new special entitled "Weirdly Cool"; there will be prerecorded tapes available as premiums, that include additional material (beyond what is broadcast).
www.beanblossom.in.us:16080 /larryy/Firesign.html   (170 words)

 Firesign Theatre WWW Page
The Firesign Theatre is a comedy group of four (or five) guys who first got together on radio in Los Angeles back the 60's, and created a surreal stream-of-consciousness brand of humor that has gained a popular following.
For those familiar with the Firesign Theatre stories, an online Multi-User Shell (MUSH) is available to play around with; log-in with the name "Regnad" or "Regnad Kcin" (case sensitive).
Firesign Theatre Sounds are available in WAV format from Richard Arnold, as well as.AU format, compliments of Josh Hayes.
home.earthlink.net /~ritter/firesign/firesign.html   (344 words)

 Firesign Theatre - Boom Dot Bust [DVD-Audio] - at Rhino
The legendary satirical comedy troupe Firesign Theatre (Phil Austin, Peter Bergman, David Ossman, and Phil Proctor) followed up their Grammy nominated Give Me Immortality Or Give Me Death with the all-new Boom Dot Bust album, a hilarious send-up of small-town America.
In fact, Firesign Theatre was directly involved with the DVD Audio production.
Interactive features also include: Exclusive video footage of Firesign studio mayhem during the Boom Dot Bust sessions, script scrapbook, photo gallery packed with tons of career-spanning pics & bios, songs with lyrics, and an exclusive interview segment.
www.rhino.com /store/ProductDetail.lasso?Number=75979   (480 words)

 Ink 19 :: The Firesign Theatre   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-15)
The Firesign Theatre have a special place in my heart, and it feels sort of nice that I finally get to write a bit about them.
Giving the entire record a listen introduced me to The Firesign Theatre's standard of album-length vignettes telling stories of a parallel universe where, in my mind, everyone's boss wears clown make-up and public transportation providers are usually mad scientists with dreams of going to cooking school.
It's more than obvious that The Firesign Theatre is the product of hard drug use, probably LSD and marijuana.
www.ink19.com /issues/november2001/wetInk/musicF/firesignTheatre.html   (241 words)

 eBay Guides - Firesign Theatre--A primer
Firesign Theatre is "four or five crazee guys" (that is, Phil Austin, Peter Bergman, David Ossman, and Phil Proctor) who work their magic on an unsuspecting society.
Through satire and parody, music, and mild insanity, Firesign Theatre manages to be a most long-lived comic troupe.
Unlike other humor artists, Firesign Theatre is not "big" on out-and-out vulgarity--although it sometimes creeps in.
reviews.ebay.com /Firesign-Theatre-A-primer_W0QQugidZ10000000001418494?ssPageName=BUYGD:CAT:-1:SEARCH:5   (1016 words)

 Firesign Theatre Chrono Site~ From 1980 to 1985
This compendium to the Firesign FAQ site is without a doubt the MOST complete collection of Firesign Information.
CHICAGO TRIBUNE - "FIRESIGN THEATRE: A '60S CULT CRAZY REGROUPS ITS OFFBEAT HUMOR FOR THE '80S" BY LYNNE VAN MATRE - (NP) - The three-some's "Nick Danger And The Case Of the Missing Yolks" video was featured, and are interviewed in this article for this newspaper published in IL.
FIRESIGN THEATRE BREAKS OUT THEIR LATEST EGGISSTENCIAL COMEDY - - ON VIDEO - BY ELVIS PRESSKIT - (P) - The three-some's "Nick Danger And The Case Of the Missing Yolks" video was reviewed in this article.
www.firezine.net /faq/fst-zine-faq-5.html   (3507 words)

 Jerry's Firesign Theatre Page
The Firesign Theatre is an audio comedy group.
Two Firesign albums have been ensconced in the Mark Time Science Fiction Audio Hall of Fame honor roll, as well as other works by David Ossman.
There are also a few things offered from The LodesTone Catalog, which includes Firesign's fairly recent cassette tape/CD issue of The Pink Hotel Burns Down, a collection of short pieces not previously released, and Anythyng You Want To, as originally done for NPR.
www.greatnorthernaudio.com /audio_theater/Firesign.html   (657 words)

 Jerry's Firesign Theatre Page
I sometimes play Firesign Theatre material on Sound Affects on KFAI radio in the Twin Cities.
An erstwhile Firesign Theatre Fanzine published approximately quarterly by Frederick ("Freditor") Wiebel, Jr.
Wonderful stuff with pictures of their albums and their selves, sources of Firesign audio, video and memorabilia, articles and silliness by and about members of the 4 or 5 Crazy Guys and their current and future doings.
www.mninter.net /~jstearns/Firesign.html   (832 words)

 Westray.org Firesign Theatre Page
Lexicon of Firesign Theatre (4 parts) by Niles D. Ritter.
Introduction and Table of Contents of Firesign Theatre (3 parts) by Niles D. Ritter.
Another Firesign project was "Hot Shorts", a collection of short fl and white films by Christopher Morley.
calwestray.tripod.com /firesign_theatre.htm   (446 words)

 Crazy Dog Audio Theatre- Masterpiece Gallery
Firesign fans most often single out Don’t Crush That Dwarf as the best of all their albums — they’re probably right.
Hitch-hiker is the last Audio Theatre production in history to burst beyond ‘Cult’ status and penetrate the international consciousness, leaving a vocabulary of terms in the popular vernacular in its wake.
The opening half of the play is a landmark marking the emergence of a new form of dramatic presentation modelled on the naturalism, immediacy and presentation style of the then newly born mass media of live radio.
www.crazydogaudiotheatre.com /fame.php   (3471 words)

 NPR : Firesign Theatre, Now Playing on NPR
Different people, of course, mark it differently -- for the folks of the Firesign Theatre, Earth Day is an opportunity to preserve pockets of surrealism on this planet.
But for the uninitiated (and the younger): Meet Firesign Theatre, which isn’t a theater at all.
24, 2002: The Firesign version of "'Twas the Night Before Christmas." More than mice are stirring in the car that Nick Danger, Third Eye, calls home -- wearing politically incorrect fur from head to foot, he delivers the goods to Rocky Rococco, with help from from some flying reindeer named Smasher, Lap Dancer and Inga.
www.npr.org /news/specials/firesign   (805 words)

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