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Topic: First Dail

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In the News (Sun 26 May 19)

 Dáil Éireann
The first Dáil was constituted in Dublin on January 21, 1919, after the republican Sinn Féin movement had won 73 of Ireland's 105 seats in the British House of Commons in the previous month's general election.
Only 27 members were present at the Dáil's first session to adopt the Declaration of Independence of the Irish Republic: many of the other Sinn Féiners were in prison.
Though technically a different assembly from the earlier Dála (plural in Gaelic for Dáils), it retained the name and was treated as a linear successor, as indeed is the current Dáil, created in the 1937 constitution, even though all three operated under different constitutional structures and rules from each other.
www.ebroadcast.com.au /lookup/encyclopedia/da/Dail.html   (626 words)

 AllRefer.com - DAil Eireann (Foreign Government Agencies) - Encyclopedia
DAil Eireann[dOl A´rOn, dIl Ar´un] Pronunciation Key [Irish,=diet of Ireland], the popular representative body of the Oireachtas, or National Parliament, of the Republic of Ireland.
The members of the first DAil were elected in Dec., 1918, ostensibly to the British Parliament, but they established themselves as a separate revolutionary body.
It first convened at Mansion House, Dublin, in Jan., 1919, and proclaimed the Irish republic.
reference.allrefer.com /encyclopedia/D/DailEire.html   (265 words)

 Centre for Advancement of Women in Politics
FIRST WOMAN TD The first Dáil Éireann was not officially constituted as such but was the complement of Sinn Féin MPs returned at the British election of 1918 who met secretly to declare themselves the first parliament of an independent Ireland.
First elected as an Independent, she joined Labour in 1976 and twice ran for the Dáil but left the party to protest its role in negotiating the 1985 Anglo-Irish Agreement without consulting Ulster Unionists.
Constance Markievicz, both the UK's first woman MP and Ireland's first TD, was also the first woman minister in western Europe, appointed at a time when many countries had not yet given women the franchise.
www.qub.ac.uk /cawp/Irishhtmls/RecordsEire.htm   (1876 words)

 Dail Debates Official Report - 03-07-01
First, the allowance was specified as being for parliamentary purposes, including research, and following the McKenna judgment prohibited for use for electoral purposes.
These remain the parameters for the use of the allowance and when this legislation was first mooted the representatives of all parties I consulted initially felt it should be left as it was.
The new dispensation would involve treating the first ten Dáil members in the same way as the first five are currently treated and the next 20 in the way six to ten are treated under the existing scheme.
www.irlgov.ie /debates-01/3july/sect3.htm   (8919 words)

 Washington Daily News Online
Dail is the second Washington High School student and the third student in Beaufort County to win the organization’s top office in the state.
Dail originally considered running for vice president, but a phone call from the region’s board of directors convinced him to “step up the campaign,” Dail said.
At first, Dail said the task seemed too daunting; but with support from his family, school and the administration, he felt up for the job.
www.wdnweb.com /articles/2006/04/24/news/news02.txt   (666 words)

 The Houses of the Oireachtas: Dáil Éireann and Seanad Éireann - Historical Note
The first meeting of Dáil Éireann took place in the Mansion House, the residence of the Lord Mayor of Dublin, in the afternoon of 21 January 1919.
The first Dáil met in the Round Room of the Mansion House on 21 January 1919.
For the first time representative Irishmen, irrespective of racial origin or religious belief, were assembled together in a Second Chamber to enact laws for their common country.
www.irlgov.ie /oireachtas/a-misc/historical-note.htm   (1766 words)

 L. Dail: ZoomInfo Business People Information   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-25)
Dail's summary was automatically generated using 1 reference found on the Internet.
Dail was formerly a public relations staff member with the Eastern Baltimore Area Chamber of Commerce, and a governmental affairs staff person with the Home Builders Association of Maryland.
Dail is an M.B.A. candidate at the University of Baltimore, and an alum of Calvert Hall College High School and Western Maryland College.
www.zoominfo.com /directory/Dail_L._79928626.htm   (186 words)

 From Irish Political Review - Garrett FitzGerald And A Pack Of Misbegotten Lies
And an amendment which he first proposed, and then opposed in the half-hearted way so characteristic of The Wise, was voted into that Constitution to protect the lives so to speak of the not yet born.
First of all, John O'Mahony was elected to Dáil Éireann in 1921 for the constituency of Fermanagh/Tyrone, just as Collins was elected for the constituency of Armagh.
Clearly for Garrett the Good the first legitimate parliament of the Irish state (of which he was once Taoiseach) was the first parliament legitimised by the 'Treaty' the British imposed under the threat of 'immediate and terrible war'.
www.atholbooks.org /review/garrett.php   (2269 words)

 Ireland's OWN: History   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-25)
Successive anniversaries of the First Dáil Éireann have been officially ignored by the government of the 26 Counties, which claims its authority and whose parliament takes its name from the first freely elected, 32-County Irish assembly which met in the Mansion House, Dublin, on 21 January 1919.
On 14 December 1918, for the first time in Irish history, all the people of Ireland were being asked to choose between an Irish republic as expressed in the Sinn Féin manifesto or to support the policies of the Irish Parliamentary Party; which in effect meant the continuing domination of Ireland by Britain.
Dáil Éireann, the first freely elected parliament of a 32-County Irish republic and the parliament to which Irish republicans still give allegiance, met for the first time on 21 January 1919, 82 years ago this week.
irelandsown.net /firstdail.html   (565 words)

 Valera - de valera
He was president of the Council of the League on his first appearance at Geneva in 1932 and, in a speech that made a worldwide impression, appealed for genuine adherence by its members to the principles of the Covenant of the league.
First, though the 1922 constitution was supposed to require amendment through public plebiscite eight years after its passage, the Free State government under W.T. Cosgrave had amended that period to 16 years, meaning that until 1938 the Free State constitution could be amended by the simple passage of a Constitutional Amendment Act through the Oireachtas.
In 1948 de Valera was ousted from power by the first Inter-Party Government, with John A. Costello as Taoiseach.
www.meteoroloo.com /Met-South-America-R---Z/Valera.html   (6127 words)

 SAOIRSE Irish Freedom February 1999
Republican Sinn Féin addresses you on the 80th Anniversary of the First Dáil Éireann and the adoption and promulgation of the Declaration of Independence by that duly elected All-Ireland parliament.
“The First Dáil Éireann was the democratically elected Parliament of all Ireland and no body which represents only 26 of the 32 counties, and from whose election one-third of the people of Ireland are excluded, can rightfully claim to be Dáil Éireann or the successor of Dáil Éireann.
The main thrust of Kelleher’s argument, an argument he has advanced all of his life, from the Curragh internment camp in the ’40s through to the Connolly Association with C Desmond Greaves, who seems to have been a major influence on him, is that the major cause of division in Ireland is not sectarian.
homepage.eircom.net /~eirenua/feb99/saoirse3.htm   (3490 words)

 Dail Family Crest   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-25)
The name Dail was carried to England in the enormous movement of people that followed the Norman Conquest of 1066.
Some of the first settlers of this name or some of its variants were: William Dalbie who settled in Virginia in 1623; Joane Dalbey settled in the Barbados in 1679; John Dalby settled in Virginia in 1679; Susan Dalby settled in Maryland in 1736.
In the Dail coat of arms as in all coat of arms the crest is only one element of the full armorial achievement.
www.houseofnames.com /xq/asp.fc/qx/dail-family-crest.htm   (600 words)

 The World at War - area Timeline from-to
The Dail established republican "Arbitration Courts" and the IRA acted as a police force in many parts of the country where British law ceased to operate.
Dail Eireann approves the Anglo-Irish Treaty by a vote of 64 to 57.
First of 300,000 American troops stationed in Northern Ireland during the course of the war arrive at Derry.
worldatwar.net /timeline/ireland/18-48.html   (3284 words)

 Political.html   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-25)
The Bicameral Legislature is comprised of the "Seanad" or Senate with 60 members and the "Dail" or House of Representatives with 166 members.
Dail representatives are elected by universal suffrage to 5-year terms.
Des O'Malley was succeeded by Mary Harney, the first woman to head a major party in Ireland.
www.mac.doc.gov /tcc/data/commerce_html/countries/Countries2/Ireland/CountryCommercial/1998/Political.html   (1414 words)

The prime minister is elected by the Dail (lower house of Parliament) as the leader of the political party, or coalition of parties, which wins the most seats in the national elections, held approximately every 5 years (unless called earlier).
The Seanad is composed of 60 members--11 nominated by the prime minister, 6 elected by the national universities, and 43 elected from panels of candidates established on a vocational basis.
For the first time in its modern history, immigration to Ireland, especially of non-Europeans, is a growing phenomenon with political, economic, and social consequences.
www.infoplease.com /country/profiles/ireland.html   (2969 words)

 ABC News: Sperm-Donor Sisters Finally Meet
Dail and Reynolds are related through their sperm-donor dad, and they discovered each other only recently through the Donor Sibling Registry, a Web site that lets children of sperm donors post listings and search for relatives.
Dail posted a listing that included the name of the sperm bank her mother used and the number that was assigned to her donor.
She was at work and told her boss that she had to take the rest of the day off.
abcnews.go.com /GMA/AmericanFamily/story?id=1782132&page=1   (408 words)

 Dail Elections since 1918
The first holder of this office was the veteran Irish Nationalist T.M. Healy, who had been an MP off and on from 1880 to 1920.
Elected on 9 June 1927; for the first time, all 153 seats were contested (apart from that of the outgoing Ceann Comhairle, re-elected unopposed).
The first President, elected unopposed in 1938, was Dr Douglas Hyde, who had been personally largely responsible for the Gaelic Revival half a century before.
www.ark.ac.uk /elections/gdala.htm   (3582 words)

 HighBeam Encyclopedia - Dáil Éireann   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-25)
The second, smaller chamber, the Saenad Éireann, or Senate, has very limited powers, and the executive, as represented by the prime minister, is responsible to the Dáil, whose members are elected by universal adult suffrage.
The members of the first Dáil were elected in Dec., 1918, ostensibly to the British Parliament, but they established themselves as a separate revolutionary body.
The Dáil existed precariously until the creation of the Irish Free State in 1921, and established itself firmly in the period of civil war that followed.
www.encyclopedia.com /html/d/daile1ire.asp   (149 words)

 Slugger O'Toole: NI representatives to sit in Dail?
at December 5, 2004 06:44 PM The Dail would be in breech of international law to do this, by virtue of the Belfast Agreement, therefore it is not up to the Dail but the people of Northern Ireland.
I believe that by being represented in the Dail I will be better able to raise matters of concern to me than having an MP who has nowhere to sit.
any invites to the dail, and lets remember they are being invited, not able to be there as of right, will be on the basis of observation and being able to address.
www.sluggerotoole.com /archives/2004/12/ni_representati.php   (13922 words)

 Electronic voting: the legislative record
Bernard Allen TD calls for publication of the first Zerflow report; Pat The Cope Gallagher TD claims that security is paramount, that the system has been rigorously tested, that PTB and TNO have certified the machines as suitable for use, and that Zerflow's concerns are unrealistic.
Senators Hayes, O'Meara, Dardis, Henry, J. Phelan and Coghlan propose debating the consequences of the first Zerflow report; the Leader promises to ask the Minister to appear in the House to discuss it.
The first day of debate is now on a separate page.
www.iol.ie /~aecolley/record.html   (846 words)

 History Around You
When the First Dáil met it carried out the same procedure which is followed today.
The election of a Ceann Comhairle was proceeded with, and Cathal Brugha became the first holder of that office.
Delegates representing the Irish nation were appointed to the Peace Conference in Paris, and a message of peace and goodwill was sent to all the free nations in the world.
www.teachnet.ie /vmcmahon/history/mayoIRA.htm   (727 words)

 Minister convenes historic first Dáil na nÓg
Minister for Children, Mary Hanafin T.D., invited 250 children and young people between the ages of 7 and 17 from every county in the State to be delegates at the first Dáil na nÓg(Children´s Parliament) today Wednesday, September 5th, 2001.
The Dáil na nÓg was held in The Mansion House, Dublin, venue of the first ever Dáil in 1919.
This is reflected in the first Goal of the Strategy, which is that children will have a voice in matters which affect them, and their views will be given due weight in accordance with their age and maturity.
www.dohc.ie /press/releases/2001/20010905.html   (355 words)

 Archives Dept, University College, Dublin
He was appointed the first Professor of Early including Medieval Irish History in University College Dublin in 1908, a position he held until 1941.
Commander in Chief of the Irish Volunteers after the split with Redmond, he was unaware of the planning for the Easter Rising and on the Sunday Morning he issued an order countermanding the mobilisation.
He was the first chairman of the Irish Manuscripts Commission founded the same year and devoted the remainder of his life to scholarship, publishing prolifically.
www.ucd.ie /archives/html/homepage/collections/macneill-eoin.htm   (374 words)

 Introduction - The Irish Defence Forces
After the rising, the Volunteers remained in being, gaining strength, prestige and status from the General Election of 1918 in which the majority of those elected to Irish constituencies had stood on a platform of abstention from Westminster and the establishment of an independent Irish parliament on Irish soil.
The Volunteers, an autonomous body with its own Executive, gave allegiance to this Dail and could thenceforth claim to be the army of a lawfully constituted Government elected by the people.
First there had been a Truce bringing active hostilities to an end with effect from 11th July 1921 and then on 6th December The Treaty was signed.
www.military.ie /introduction/history.htm   (3527 words)

 Troubled Ireland - Anglo-Irish War   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-25)
The Dail was declared a prohibited orgnanisation but the Dail continued to meet - this time in secret.
At first, Eamonn de Valera and the British prime minister (Lloyd George) failed to agree on a settlement.
This split within the Dail and Sinn Fein was to widen until within a few months former friends were bitter enemies in a vicious Civil War.
homepages.ihug.co.nz /~erewhon1/ireland/anglowar.htm   (593 words)

 Article By Mary for Irish Sunday Mirror, 14.4.02
The first of these Comhairle na nÓg has already been held, in my own constituency of Dún Laoghaire, and was a great success.
The Directors of Community and Enterprise of each of the City and County Development Boards were invited to observe this special Council, with a view to holding one in their area.
This was the venue of the first ever Dáil in 1919.
www.maryhanafin.ie /comhairlesun.htm   (798 words)

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