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Topic: First Olsen Tankers

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In the News (Tue 18 Dec 18)

  First Olsen - English - Home
First Olsen Ltd. (the Company) was incorporated in 1993 and has its registered office in Bermuda.
The Headquarter is located in Oslo, Norway, in the offices of First Olsen AS (Agent to Owner), that was established in 1994.
As per January 2007, the First Olsen fleet consist of 3 Suezmax tankers, 1 ULCC converted to an FSO, 1 VLCC converted to an FPSO and 3 Suezmax tankers operating as FSOs/FPSOs.
www.fotl.no   (108 words)

  First National - Encyclopedia Glossary Meaning Explanation First National   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
The First National Exhibitors' Circuit was founded 1917 by the merger of 26 of the biggest First Run cinema chains in the United States of America, controlling more than 600 cinemas, more than 200 of them were First Run cinemas.
First National was set up to combine the financial power of the involved firms, to buy stars, to finance their movies and to gain the right to distribute them later.
With a sum of ten million dollars they built their own chain of First Run houses and, after a secret plan to merge with First National failed (which led to the foundation of United Artists, and to the loss of First National's biggest stars).
www.encyclopedia-glossary.com /en/First-National.html   (316 words)

 Bonheur, Bonheur ASA - Report third quarter 2004
Olsen Energy ASA (FOE) and Sterling contributed withresults in the quarter of minus 7.6 million (51.4 million) andpositive 13.3 million (13.8 million), respectively.
Olsen Renewables(FOR) had a negative result before tax of 10.2 million, while theresult before tax as per September was negative with 46.3 million.The negative result in the quarter was influenced by a continued highinvestment in development of new projects charged as operating costs.The energy production at the company's existing windfarms performedsatisfactorily throughout the quarter.
Olsen Energy ASA(Second quarter 2004 in parenthesis)Operating revenues for the 3rd quarter 2004 were 600.4 million (546.8million), an increase of 53.6 million compared to the previousquarter.
www.pressemeldinger.no /read.asp?recno=752   (2077 words)

 Bonheur ASA - Report fourth quarter 2004 and preliminary annual report 2004
In October an agreement was signed for the purchase of the tanker El Greco, a VLCC of 245,000 dwt built in 1985, primarily with the aim of converting it to a FPSO.
Olsen Renewables (FOR) achieved an operating revenue of 27.9 million in the quarter (2.1 million) and 49.7 million (9.8 million) for the full year.
Tankers In the fourth quarter, the tanker market reached levels not experienced since 1973, although with a considerable downward correction towards the end of the year.
www.finansnyheder.dk /News/ShowNewsStory.aspx?StoryID=8863476   (4110 words)

 Alexander's Gas & Oil Connections - Global tanker market likely to improve   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
There are signs that some of the positive development for tanker demand seen in the early 1990s will be restored by the end of the century, Jon Edvard Sundnes with Norway's First Olsen Tankers Ltd said at a forum of the WPC in Beijing.
However, he added, the tanker market is volatile, and even though the most probable scenario points to a broad based recovery, there is still a downside risk in the market.
The main threat to recovery is seen to be the fragility of the recovery in the OECD region and the present new building potential due to increased yard capacity.
www.gasandoil.com /goc/features/fex74626.htm   (306 words)

 Shipping, shipbuilding, offshore news
Olsen Energy ASA has on behalf of a company nominated by Bonheur ASA/Ganger Rolf ASA, entered into an agreement with company owned by Transocean Sedco Forex for the purchase of the semisubmersible drilling rig Transocean Discoverer.
Olsen Energy-owned rigs which are not on longer term contracts; Bredford Dolphin (ex Bill Shoemaker) and Borgsten Dolphin.
Olsen Energy has a six month's option to buy the Bulford Dolphin from the Bonheur/Ganger Rolf nominated company at a price equal to the purchase price plus 1% per month.
www.marinelog.com /DOCS/NEWS/MMJun26.html   (942 words)

 CRS Report: 98-1 - Oil Imports: An Overview and Update of Economic and Security Effects - NLE
First, traditional long-term contract arrangements between producers and consumers gave way to a growing spot market in which large volumes of oil are traded on a daily basis.
The first is the potential for gains to the U.S. economy by offsetting the possible distorting effects of OPEC market power through the exercise of market power as a large consumer.
First, if there is a premium associated with imported oil, it would be lower today than during the period when many of the studies of the issue were undertaken.
www.ncseonline.org /nle/crsreports/energy/eng-53.cfm?&CFID=6471470&CFT...   (5804 words)

 - Hugging av skip drepte femten! i India - Norges Miljøvernforbund - NMF
First Olsen Tankers' Knock More was reported sold for scrapping in China, and Mosvold Shipping's Mosking is to be demolished in Bangladesh.
The first step involved asking classification society Det Norske Veritas to prepare a detailed report on the matter, including aspects such as which toxic materials were involved, the market shares of various scrapping countries and work conditions.
A large tanker that formed a case study was said to contain seven to eight tonnes of asbestos, 1,800 cu m of oil deposits, 50,000 m of copper cables, heavy metals, lead and PCB.
www.miljovernforbundet.no /render.asp?articleno=402   (1344 words)

 dn.no - BON: Bonheur ASA - Report first quarter 2004   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
First Olsen Ltd. has changed the flag of its five Suezmax vessels from Liberia to Singapore in the quarter.
First Olsen Ltd (FOL) contributed with a negative result of 49.4 million (positive 70.7 million), including 83,5 million as deferred tax costs associated with the transfer of ownership of the suezmax tankers.
Olsen Energy, which is owned with 30.0% each by Bonheur and Ganger Rolf, had an operating result before depreciation (EBITDA) of 121.0 million (196.8 million) and a negative result after tax of 98.0 million (positive 242.9 million).
www.dn.no /finans/hugin/article501887.ece   (3287 words)

 Knock Nevis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
At first it operated between the Middle East to the USA but it from about 1986 it was used as a floating storage ship and transhipment terminal in Iran during the Iran-Iraq War.
In May 1988 the ship was attacked and heavily damaged by bombs dropped from Iraqi jets while lying at the Iranian Hormuz terminal in the Strait of Hormuz.
In March 2004, the ship was sent by its new owner, First Olsen Tankers, to the shipyard Dubai Drydocks to be refitted as a floating storage and offloading unit ("FSO") [1].
wikipedia.com /wiki/Jahre_Viking   (446 words)

 Fred.Olsen & Co. - English - The Firm Fred. Olsen
Olsen and Co. carries on a tradition from 1848, when the Fred.
Olsen and Co. gives administrative services to Bonheur ASA and Ganger Rolf ASA, both quoted on the Oslo Stock Exchange.
Anette S. Olsen is also the managing director of Ganger Rolf ASA and Bonheur ASA which, together with related companies, are engaged inter alia in offshore drilling, tankers, renewable energy, cruise, IT, venture capital and real estate.
www.fredolsen.com   (94 words)

 House of Commons Hansard Debates for 22 Mar 1989
Fred Olsen and his companies, offers the chance of a new beginning and comes at a time when there are signs of an improvement in the shipbuilding market.
Olsen and his colleagues, are ready to meet that challenge and we wish them well.
First of all, I thank the Secretary of State for making his announcement before Easter and at last putting an end to all the speculation about the future of Harland and Wolff.
www.publications.parliament.uk /pa/cm198889/cmhansrd/1989-03-22/Debate-1.html   (6409 words)

 DNV - Hull Scanning show great potential for ageing tankers
Hull scanning of ageing tankers provides owners and managers an effective tool to optimise the requirements for steel renewal.
By scanning the vessel prior to drydocking, giving a detailed picture of the steel condition, the owner and manager are enabled to optimise the requirement for steel renewal.
Olsen related companies Ganger Rolf and Bonheur have entered into a joint project based on patented technology.
www.dnv.com /news/HullScanningshowgreatpotentialforageingtankers.asp   (370 words)

 Skipsrevyen 1/2002 - Fred. Olsen med negativt driftsresultat i fjor
First Olsen Tankers Ltd. oppnådde et resultat før skatt på 5,9 mill.
Olsen Renewables Ltd. eier 50 prosent av to vindkraftparker i Storbritannia og har, som tidligere rapportert, fått byggetillatelse til en vindkraftpark i Skottland, med planlagt effekt på ca.
Olsen Renewables AB eier 50 prosent av Eurowind AB, som eier 91 prosent i …restads Vindkraftpark AB, en offshorebasert vindkraftpark under prosjektering, med planlagt effekt 84 MW.
www.skipsrevyen.no /artikler/1-02/139.html   (963 words)

 Fred.Olsen Production - English - Company profile (FOP) - map
Olsen Production ASA (FOP) is owned 57.7 % by First Olsen Ltd. (FOL), a company owned 50% by Ganger Rolf ASA and 50% by Bonheur ASA.
Olsen Production is to own and operate FPSO on a lease basis in the international oil and gas market.
Tankers for conversion are either sourced “in-house”, through our shipping division, or acquired in the market.
www.fpso.no   (278 words)

 D/T Litiopa - Norwegian Merchant Fleet 1939-1945
One of the oldest tankers in Nortraship's Fleet, and in such a condition that she under normal circumstances probably would have been taken out of the fleet.
The first shell had struck the aft gun platform, damagin her gun.
One of her machine guns and a lifeboat were also damged in the attack, with the shelling from both sides continuing for a considerable time.
www.warsailors.com /singleships/litiopa.html   (1391 words)

Originally the Tove Knutsen was built as an ordinary terminal tanker, but in 1992 she was converted into a shuttle tanker.
After the first LNG cargo was delivered at Sotra, Pioneer Knutsen has delivered LNG to Norsk Hydro`s aluminium plant at Sunndalsøra and to Søral at Husnes.
First the ship will ply the service between Trinidad and the US, but after a while she will operate the waters between Trinidad and Spain, though on Charter's instructions.
www.knutsenoas.no /ITNet/notis.aspx?do=visaararkivnotis¬isside=News2004   (6226 words)

 jahre viking   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
The world’s largest ship, the 564,650-DWT crude oil tanker Jahre Viking arrived off Durban at the weekend and is undergoing cleaning and demucking of residuals in the tanks.
The 458.5m long Norwegian ship, which is owned by First Olsen Tankers Ltd, is providing some useful work for a number of local companies during the anticipated seven to day stay.
First Olsen Tankers Ltd hopes to place the vessel in service with Maersk Oil Qatar at the Al Shasheen oil field as a fuel storage vessel, or FSO — fuel storage and offloading.
www.ports.co.za /news/article_2004_01_13_4425.html   (174 words)

 Økonomisk Rapport   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Olsens tankrederi First Olsen Tankers lå inntil nylig side om side med Frontline og Bona Shipholding i den bittelille byen Hamilton på Bermuda.
First Olsen Tankers har således svart på hvitt en avtale fra guvernøren der det står at selskapet slipper skatt frem til år 2013.
Olsen, har jo plassert formuen i en stiftelse i skatteparadiset Liechtenstein.
www.orapp.no /oversikt/Argang_2001/455/rapport/1789   (617 words)

 Maritime Global Net
First Olsen's better Q1 result Bermuda-based First Olsen Tankers made an operating profit, before depreciation, in the first quarter of the year of US$7.6m, compared to US$5.6 million in the same period in 1997.
First Olsen owns five suezmax tankers, operated in the Knock Tankers Pool, and is due to take delivery of two additional suezmax newbuildings for delivery during the first half of 1999.
Firm tanker market helps ICB Swedish listed owner ICB said that a stronger tanker market during the first three months of this boosted the company's operating income for the quarter strengthened to US$8.6m, compared to US$6.3m for the same period in 1997.
www.mgn.com /newsletterdetails.cfm?id=80   (4610 words)

 Planet Ark - Grounded oil tanker refloated off Antigua   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Sources close to the case said the vessel's marine management company, Red Band, hoped to be able to negotiate a bond with the authorities in order to be able to move the vessel on to the refinery at St Croix in the U.S. Virgin Islands where it was headed.
Oslo-based Red Band said the hull and tankers of the vessel were intact and none of vessel's cargo of some 130,000 tons of crude oil had spilled into the Caribbean Sea, either on impact or when the ship was refloated.
Red Band said the tanker was now at safe anchorage about eight miles (13 km) off the Antiguan capital St John after an operation to refloat it on Wednesday that included transferring some 43,000 barrels of oil to two barges to lighten the ship.
www.planetark.com /avantgo/dailynewsstory.cfm?newsid=8636   (484 words)

 USAF History - June
The first F-4D Phantom was assigned to the Tactical Air Command.
The first B-36 Peacekeeper was delivered to the Strategic Air Command.
The first woman, Joan Olsen, was admitted to the U.S. Air Force Academy.
www.chairforce.com /af101/history/june.htm   (1116 words)

 M2 Presswire: FIRST OLSEN TANKERS: Preliminary report for 1998.@ HighBeam Research   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
First Olsen Tankers Ltd.'s operating result for 1998 was USD 10.5 million compared to USD 9.9 million in 1997.
This represents a substantial improvement given that the number of vessels operated by FOTL during this period was reduced from 7 to 5 vessels.
The operating result for the fourth quarter was USD 0.2 million compared to an average operating result for the three first quarters of about USD 3.4 million per quarter.
www.highbeam.com /library/doc0.asp?docid=1G1:53892094&refid=ink_tptd_np   (173 words)

As oil tankers have to be built with double hulls since the Exxon Valdez spillage in Alaskan waters March 27th 1989, it is unlikely any new tankers will exceed this size.
In March 2004, Jahre Viking was sent by its new owner, First Olsen Tankers, to the Dubai drydocks to be refitted as a floating storage and offloading unit.
The first four double hull tankers over 400,000 tons were built for the Hellespont Shipping Corporation of Greece in 2000 with all being registered under the Marshall Islands.
www.ayrshirescotland.com /ships/jahre.html   (1349 words)

 First Olsen Tankers
This corporation or company article is a stub.
This page was last modified 04:55, 7 May 2005.
The article about First Olsen Tankers contains information related to First Olsen Tankers.
www.arikah.net /encyclopedia/First_Olsen_Tankers   (69 words)

 Business Directory | Business solutions from AllBusiness.com
Benor Tankers Ltd, incorporated in Bermuda, owns and operates a fleet of vessels transporting crude oil, refined petroleum products and other, non-chemical, liquid cargoes.
United Tankers AB is an international shipping company operating 23 product tankers for the transportation of oil products and chemicals.
Ugland Nordic Tankers ASA's (formerly Jahre Tankers ASA) main activities are the investment in and management of tankers.
www.allbusiness.com /2984945-1.html?bdcquery=Tankers   (444 words)

 Solva_6ZGM   History in english
In September 1977 the tanker was sold for 12'287'000.- USD to Afran Transport Co., Monrovia (Gulf Oil Company, later taken over by Chevron), and then to Afran Bahamas Ltd., Monrovia and renamed "AFRAN WAVE".
The crude oil tanker was divided into 12 cargo tanks with a total capacity of 157’583 m3.
In West Africa the tanker used to load at offshore terminals, located about 10 to 20 miles from the coast, moored to a SPM-buoy (Single Point Mooring buoy), such as the terminals of Brass River, Pennington, Escravos, Bonny in Nigeria, Kole and Moudi in Cameroon, Djeno in Congo, just to name a few.
www.swiss-ships.ch /schiffe-ausland/metrofin/solva_6ZGM/form-history-en-solva_6ZGM.htm   (631 words)

 John Fenzel’s blog
At first, she operated between the Middle East and the USA but from about 1986 she was used as a floating storage ship and transhipment terminal in Iran during the Iran-Iraq War.
Olsen Production a.s (FOP), a wholly owned subsidiary of First Olsen Tankers, to the shipyard Dubai Drydocks to be refitted as a floating storage and offloading unit (FSO).
In tacit recognition of this and her sheer size, the Jahre Viking has been designated in the class of ‘worst-case scenarios’ by the US Coast Guard, prompting strict international monitoring and compensatory vigilance on the part of her crew and a gobye to the occasional perk like a Singapore sling to a setting tropical sun.
johnfenzel.vox.com   (3843 words)

 First Olsen Tankers Ltd
Does First Olsen Tankers Ltd have a relatively higher cost of goods sold, operating costs, income taxes, or profit margins compared to global benchmarks?
The second study considers how labor deployment and productivity indicators for First Olsen Tankers Ltd differ from the global benchmarks.
It looks at the amount of labor required to operate First Olsen Tankers Ltd and the resulting return on human investment.
www.icongrouponline.com /pr/First_Olsen_Tankers_Ltd_NO/PR.html   (633 words)

 68 | กระดานข่าวชาวเรือ   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Start-up tanker company Golden Energy Management, part of the Restis family shipping empire, is continuing to pile up orders in Korea with a newly-signed deal for two suezmaxes at Hyundai.
Frontline, the world’s largest tanker operator, is reported to be selling four modern suezmaxes.
Customers at the restaurants along the affluent Arnavutkoy jumped to safety just before the tanker smashed into the shore, a port official said, adding that no-one was injured and no oil spillage occurred.
www.marinerthai.com /webboard4/view.php?No=68   (885 words)

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