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Topic: First Vision

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  First Vision - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Stained glass depiction of the first vision of Joseph Smith, Jr.
The First Vision was not emphasized in the sermons of Smith's immediate successors Brigham Young and John Taylor.
The Importance of the First Vision in the LDS Faith.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/First_Vision   (2228 words)

 First Vision - New Light on Joseph Smith's First Vision   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
The First Vision of the Prophet Joseph Smith constitutes the groundwork of the Church which was later organized.
First, the date of the revival is given as 1823, instead of 1820.
The conflicts and contradictions brought to light by the preceding historical evidence demonstrate that the First Vision story, as presented by the Mormon church today, must be regarded as the invention of Joseph Smith's highly imaginative mind.
www.irr.org /mit/FVISION.html   (3115 words)

 Joseph Smith's various First Vision accounts
At first, he was severely tempted by the powers of darkness, which endeavored to overcome him; but he continued to seek for deliverance, until darkness gave way from his mind, and he was enabled to pray in feverency of the spirit, and in faith.
When it first came upon him, it produced a peculiar sensation throughout his whole system; and immediately, his mind was caught away, from the natural objects with which he was surrounded; and he was enwapped in a heavenly vision, and saw two glorious personages, who exactly resembled each other in their features or likeness.
Joseph Smith, Jr., to whom the angel of the Lord was sent first, was born in the town of Sharon, Windsor County, Vermont, on the 23rd of December, 1805.
www.lds-mormon.com /fv.shtml   (2936 words)

 Questions We Aren't Asking in Agriculture: Beginning the Journey Toward a New Vision
Their vision for agriculture was to feed the village---everyone in the village---and to do so in a manner that disturbed nature as little as possible.
The second vision for agriculture was brought to this continent by the Puritans in the early 1600s.
Any vision for agriculture that fails to meet these "on the ground" objectives is not likely to be sufficiently compelling to enlist the support of urban and suburban citizens.
www.biotech-info.net /new_vision.html   (5067 words)

 First Vision
The First Vision of the Prophet Joseph Smith is the beginning point, the fountainhead, of the restoration of the gospel in this dispensation.
LDS teaching is, in the words of Stephen L. Richards (a former councilor in the First Presidency), "steeped in the verity of the First Vision." It undergirds the doctrine of an anthropomorphic God and theomorphic man, of the relationships of the persons of the Godhead, and of continual revelation.
It renews the witness of the Hebrew prophets that visions are not the least but the most reliable mortal access to the divine; that the majesty, glory, and power of God are "beyond description"; that the biblical record of face-to-face communion with God is more than a strained metaphor.
lightplanet.com /mormons/basic/gospel/restoration/First_Vision_EOM.htm   (958 words)

 The First Vision - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The home video was originally released in 1991, while the DVD was released in Japan in late 2004.
The collection also includes the debut showcase (the first public showing of a recording artist to the press and the media) of Carey at The Tattoo Club.
Carey performs her singles "Vision of Love" and "Love Takes Time", her album track "Vanishing", and a cover of Aretha Franklin's "Don't Play That Song".
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/The_First_Vision   (289 words)

 First Vision - MormonWiki
The First Vision is the name given to the seminal event in the Restoration--the visitation of God, the Father, and His Son, Jesus Christ, to Joseph Smith in the Spring of 1820.
There are several reasons that the First Vision is so important in Mormonism, but one of the most important is that it impressed upon the Prophet Joseph Smith a new understanding of the nature of God and Jesus Christ.
Thanks to the First Vision, the knowledge of the true nature of God was once again restored on the earth.
www.mormonwiki.com /mormonism/First_Vision   (683 words)

 Joseph Smith's First Vision Accounts
It is true that we have little in writing from Joseph Smith before 1832, when he wrote his earliest account of the First Vision, and it is true that the main account we use of the 1820 First Vision was written in 1838.
A newly popular argument against Joseph Smith is that the chronology of the First Vision story given in the "official" 1838 account of that event is incorrect, suggesting that he fabricated the story long after the spring of 1820, when he said that the First Vision occurred.
If the revivals that led to the First Vision actually occurred in 1824-25, then Joseph's account of the coming of the Book of Mormon was also fabricated and altered in later years, for Joseph wrote that he was visited by the angel Moroni in September of 1823.
www.jefflindsay.com /LDSFAQ/FQ_first_vision.shtml   (7195 words)

 Mormonism Research Ministry - Articles - Which First Vision Account Should We Believe?   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
This story is referred to in the LDS Church as the "First Vision." It was this vision that ultimately led Joseph Smith to organize what is today known as The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
In reference to this vision he said "The Lord did not come with the armies of heaven...But He did send His angel to this same obscure person, Joseph Smith jun...and informed him that he should not join any of the religions of the day, for they were all wrong;..." (Journal of Discourses 2:171).
While this vision is given in the Messenger and Advocate as the first vision of Joseph Smith, this story was later revised and published as a second vision from the angel Moroni preparatory to giving Joseph Smith the golden plates.
www.mrm.org /multimedia/text/which-vision.html   (2278 words)

 LDS Mormon Joseph Smith First Vision
It's interesting to note that this boy's first vision-type story was published just before Joseph Smith's secretary wrote the "official" first vision story with the Father and the Son.
His great love of knowledge led him to take hold of every opportunity to read the most useful books, and as he was a lover of the gospel, he made himself well acquainted with the sacred writings, and even at this early age, he had become well skilled in profane as well as sacred history.
Smith's first vision story wasn't published until five years later in 1842, but it was written just after this obituary in the summer of 1838.
www.i4m.com /think/history/first_vision.htm   (1562 words)

 When Should Infants Have Their First Vision Examination?
Infants are born without color vision and should develop it by the age of six months.
Vision problems are one of the leading causes of handicapping conditions in children, most of which can be detected, prevented or treated during infant years.
These are indicators of abnormal vision development and should be evaluated by a developmental optometrist as soon as possible.
www.visionhelp.com /infants.htm   (585 words)

 The First Vision, Mormonism-Shadow or Reality?, Chapter 8, by Jerald and Sandra Tanner, Reason!, Joseph Smith, LDS ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
The first published Mormon history, begun with Joseph's collaboration in 1834 by Oliver Cowdery, ignored it altogether,...Joseph's own description of the first vision was not published until 1842, twenty-two years after the memorable event....
The awesome vision he described in later years may have been the elaboration of some half-remembered dream stimulated by the early revival excitement and reinforced by the rich folklore of visions circulating in his neighborhood.
The installment of December 1834, in which the First Vision background was given, dated the 'excitement raised on the subject of religion' in the '15th year' of the Prophet's life,...
www.xmission.com /~country/reason/firstvis.htm   (17381 words)

 The First Vision   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
It was first made public by a Mormon doctoral student Paul Cheesman, in 1965 and was published that same year by Jerald and Sandra Tanner as "Joseph Smith's Strange Account of the First Vision."
This is very similar to the visions that many other individuals of that period claimed to have had, in which Jesus appeared and gave them assurance of forgiveness.
The fluctuation and inconsistency of Joseph's age when the vision occurred, the disagreement over the number of personages, the variations of who appeared, the variously divergent messages they brought, and the question of whether an evil power was or was not present, are bewildering.
www.helpingmormons.org /first_vision.htm   (1975 words)

 A Discussion of the Various Accounts of the First Vision   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
Although no published reports of the First Vision appeared during the 1820s and 1830s, the Prophet included descriptions of his sacred experience in the grove in all four accounts of the rise of the restored Church that he wrote or dictated during the ten-year span from 1832 to 1842.
In a brief reference to the First Vision in this same diary (which because of its brevity is not included as one of the four recitals emphasized in this article), Joseph apparently told a visitor in Kirtland on 14 November 1835 that "he received the first visitation of angels" when he was about fourteen.
It was this version of the First Vision that first appeared in the 15 March and 1 April 1842 issues of Times and Seasons and was republished in the Millennial Star in June.
www.lightplanet.com /mormons/response/qa/firstvision_backman.htm   (5124 words)

 First Vision Article   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
The first vision story and the LDS doctrine of God have continually evolved.
Apostle George Teasdale understood the first vision to be "a vision of the Father and the Son." (Journal of Discourses, Vol.
LDS assistant Church Historian Andrew Jenson still had the understanding that the first vision was one of angels.
www.utlm.org /onlineresources/firstvision.htm   (3296 words)

 Vision First
The Centre is part of the Visual Impairment Service and aims to help people with a visual impairment to retain or regain their independence and to learn new skills and adapt existing ones.
We have a Welfare Rights Officer based at Vision First two days a week, who can offer confidential advice on the full range of benefits available to visually impaired people and their carers, as well as help with applications.
Vision First has a computer suite designed for people with sight problems.
www.tameside.gov.uk /tmbc/visionfirst.htm   (408 words)

 First Vision - Mormon Studies Wiki   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
However, his first written account of the Vision was penned in 1832.
There are nine early accounts of the First Vision that come from Joseph Smith or from others who heard him relate the First Vision story, but only two of these actually came from Smith (the accounts from 1832 and 1838) [2]
Finally, some analysts view the differences in Smith's description of the beings present during the vision as evidence that the vision was made up by Smith.
www.mormonstudieswiki.org /index.php?title=First_Vision   (623 words)

 The First Vision
This first known written version was written sometime between the summer of 1831 and November 1832.
The portion containing the details of the first vision were written by Joseph Smith.
The first thing to note is that the original account was written more than 10 years after the event.
members.aol.com /Brent1507/LDS/FirstVision.htm   (1338 words)

 New Light on Joseph Smith's First Vision
If this First Vision was but a figment of Joseph Smith's imagination, then the Mormon Church is what its detractors declare it to be - a wicked and deliberate imposture (
t although her husband would only attend the first meetings, he had no objection to her or the children going or becoming church members.
, when Joseph set forth his official First Vision account, he changed his story and no longer claimed his personal Bible study led him to the conclusion that all churches were wrong.
www.caic.org.au /lds/fvision.html   (3187 words)

 Pages 37-40--More Problems with The First Vision, A Response to the Anonymous LDS Historian, Jerald and Sandra Tanner, ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
Mormon leaders use the official account of the First Vision to try to prove that God the Father is an exalted man and has a body of flesh and bone.
Instead of a vision of the Father and Son in the woods, Joseph Smith's mother reports that it was an angel who appeared to Joseph Smith in his bedroom and told him all churches were wrong.
In any case, the fact that it is in the first person singular in Joseph Smith's Diary shows that Smith was completely responsible for this "strange" account of the First Vision.
www.xmission.com /~country/reason/clndst10.htm   (2982 words)

The First Vision is one of the major historical and doctrinal events in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
She says nothing about a First Vision event in 1820 and places a "great revival in religion" that interested them after the death of her son Alvin, (Preliminary draft of "Lucy Smith's History," (This was published in a greatly modified form under "History of Joseph Smith" By His Mother Lucy Mack Smith, Bookcraft, 1958.
At worst, the First Vision was an invention fabricated by Joseph Smith and embellished to meet changing needs in his early church.
www.frontiernet.net /~bcmmin/firstv.htm   (3723 words)

 Vision 2004 - First OPC Sunnyvale   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
He has given His church, Vision 2006 is a plan for making a significant and biblical impact upon the lives of those among us, and in the community: to see people brought into a relationship with Christ and His Church.
To improve the quality of public worship such that it is characterized by reverential awe, expectant faith, and joy so that the participants will know they have encountered the presence of our awesome God.
To provide many biblical, spiritual and social contexts in which all at First OPC are able to exercise the "one-another" commands of the Bible.
www.firstopc.org /vision_2006.htm   (264 words)

 Graphic Design Publishing - FONTS - First Vision - Phil's Fonts
First Vision Font actually evolved from one of Mike's previous fonts called "Excursions Alternate." Mike wanted to push the design further toward the futuristic look, and break up some of the characters.
The name "First Vision" comes from Mike's early years of roll playing games, and the name exegesis refers a "collection of written works".
First Vision comes with a family of bold, medium and appropriate italic faces, as well as a "TEK" family spin-off for use in smaller sizes.
www.graphic-design.com /Type/FirstVision/Default.html   (765 words)

 Joseph Smith's First Vision Accounts - varying versions of mormon origins   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
Joseph Smith, the founding prophet of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, claimed that as a 14-year-old boy he had a vision of God the Father and Jesus Christ.
The official account of this first vision found in Mormon Scripture (Pearl of Great Price, Joseph Smith — History, 1:14-20) was not recorded by Joseph Smith until 1838, 18 years after the supposed event.
Earliest known attempt at an ‘official’ recounting of the ‘First Vision, from History, 1832, Joseph Smith Letterbook 1, pp.2,3, in the handwriting of Joseph Smith.
www.irr.org /mit/First-Vision-Accounts.html   (376 words)

 First Vision Bank :: Tullahoma, TN
That was before First Vision Bank opened the doors.
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NOTICE: First Vision Bank is not responsible for and has no control over the subject matter, content, information, or graphics of the web sites that have links here.
www.firstvisionbank.com   (157 words)

 Morihei Ueshiba's First Vision   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-23)
Morihei was on a spiritual quest and was transformed by three visions.
The first occurred in 1925, when Morihei was forty-two years old.
After defeating a high-ranking swordsman by avoiding all his cuts and thrusts (Morihei was unarmed), Morihei went into his garden.
omlc.ogi.edu /aikido/talk/osensei/bio/vision1.html   (123 words)

 First Reliance Bank
We, the associates of First Reliance Bank, believe that success in any endeavor does not happen by accident.
It is essential that all new members of the First Reliance team adopt our organization's vision as their own.
If we are to succeed in reaching our vision of being recognized as the largest and most profitable bank in South Carolina, we all must be passionate about the vision.
www.firstreliance.com /about/vision.htm   (162 words)

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