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Topic: First class

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  First-class cricket - Encyclopedia.WorldSearch   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
However, the term "first class" is usually used to refer to domestic competition only.) Around the world, these teams are usually representative of internal political divisions - for instance, Australia's domestic first-class competition is between state representative teams.
A first class match played domestically has the same rules as Test matches, except for the number of days of play and the follow on rule.
For example, if the first day of a four-day match is abandoned due to weather or other reasons, then the match is counted as a three-day one for the sake of determining follow on.
encyclopedia.worldsearch.com /first-class_cricket.htm   (1208 words)

 Independent Online Edition > Themes : app5   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
A first class off-peak return ticket on the same route costs from just £59 and is cheaper than the regular £90.60 "saver" return in standard class.
Miles seats are first released about 10 months prior to departure and the amount on any one flight depends on the popularity of the route.
First Luggage (0845 270 0670; www.firstluggage.com) costs from £149 return for a suitcase to Europe.
travel.independent.co.uk /themes/article320273.ece   (1575 words)

 First-class cricket - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
However, the term "first class" is usually used to refer to domestic competition only.) Around the world, these teams are usually representative of internal political divisions — for instance, Australia's domestic first-class competition is between state representative teams.
A first class opponent is a team recognized as first class in its home country, and includes foreign touring Test teams (some first class teams are not entitled to play first class matches in other countries; such determinations are made by the local Board of cricket)
The 'A' Team and the 'XI' Team are the representatives of a nation subordinate to the Test team, and are not always adjudged first class
www.wikipedia.org /wiki/First-class_cricket   (1194 words)

 Lake Michigan Sport Fishing - First Class Charters
The "First Class" is a 31 foot Silverton with a 12 foot beam powered by twin 220 horse power engines.
The "First Class" has a large enclosed cabin with full standup restroom.
First Class Charters is proud to be members of the following organizations:
www.firstclasscharters.com   (259 words)

 Tools for Teaching - Chapter
Use the first day to help your students understand how the class will serve their needs, and demonstrate your commitment to help them learn.
The second person gives the name of the first person and his own name, and the third person gives the names of the first two people followed by her own name.
The class could agree on the interview questions beforehand, or each student could devise his or her own items.
teaching.berkeley.edu /bgd/firstday.html   (2779 words)

 LGT :: LGT Capital Partners Glossar   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
At the hurdle rate, investors first receive basic remuneration before the profit share of the management company or of their managers takes effect (see "Carried Interest").
In the first 12-18 months, disposals are the exception.
Thereafter the first disposals occur and increase constantly with the passage of time, making the net asset value of the partnership positive with an exponential increase over a period of time.
www.lgt-capital-partners.com /cp/en/glossary.html   (3587 words)

 US Postal Inflation Proxy   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
First, the US cast off its long-standing gold standard on an international basis under Nixon in 1971, removing all remaining restraint on the Federal Reserve to keep its incessant fiat monetary growth disciplined.
The first thing that struck me about this graph is how much farther and higher postal rates have run up than the officially reported hedonically-distorted US Consumer Price Index.
The first arrow above marks its final turn northward in the mid-1990s, which coincides perfectly with the birth of the US equity bubble of the late 1990s.
www.zealllc.com /2002/postal.htm   (2535 words)

 Business Class Travel Airline Tickets and First Class Airfare - LTS
In today's fast-paced and hectic society, consumers can feel confident in booking their first class and business class travel and vacations with our professional travel planners.
First class airline tickets can originate from anywhere in the world and our clients save an average of 50% off published airline fares in business class or first class travel.
Enjoy guaranteed savings without compromised service - we will bring you international business class and first class travel savings while maximizing efficiency - and perhaps travel options along with discounted business class airline tickets such as you've never considered before - to help make your travel easier and more enjoyable.
www.luxurytravelsource.com   (261 words)

 Center for Teaching
1 No. 3), last year that her history TA spent most of the first class describing the texts and conveying his enthusiasm for them and for the content of the course; the students were stimulated by his passion, and the semester was off to a great beginning.
Yet many of the classes on campus are small enough to accommodate participation from students.
They come with a wide experience of reading, and some of it should be very useful in their college years, but they need to learn more -- not only the content but how to manage it and maneuver their way through it.
www.uiowa.edu /%7Ecenteach/resources/ideas/greatbegin.html   (1729 words)

 first class airline travel resources   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
First class airfare, cheap international airline tickets and first class airline tickets for worldwide destinations can be purchased for up to a 50% discount, visit Executive Class Travel...
their first class and business class travel and vacations with our professional travel planners.
First class airline tickets can originate from anywhere in the world and our clients...
www.vacation-directory.co.uk /Airlines/directory/first-class-airline-travel.html   (245 words)

 Upgrade your PC to first class - Part 2 - vnunet.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
The first generation of PGA478 Pentium 4 processors run at a variety of speeds, ranging from 1.3GHz to 2.8GHz, so if you've got a 1.3GHz machine that is a couple of years old you might well find that you can perform a really quick upgrade simply by replacing the original processor with newer 2.8GHz processor.
It will be physically impossible to install a newer processor onto the motherboard of these old machines so the only option - other than buying a brand-new PC - is to buy both a new motherboard and a new processor in one go.
Many PC magazines run articles telling you that installing a new motherboard and processor is a piece of cake and you can do it with a hangover first thing on Sunday morning while simultaneously washing the dog.
www.vnunet.com /features/1157152   (2150 words)

 Nathan Allen Magic - First-Class Corporate Entertainment Guaranteed To Make Your Event Fun & Unforgettable! Magic, ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
Despite this early curiosity, it wasn't until he was eight that he finally got his first magic set.
When he was 12, he mustered up the courage to do his first paid act.
His graduating class voted him "Most Likely To Appear On Who's Line Is It Anyway?" and the "Class Clown".
nathanallenmagic.com.seanic19.net /index2.html   (1109 words)

 JAL First Class   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
The seating layout for JAL First Class has been improved by reducing the number of seats from twelve to eleven, resulting in a relaxing sense of open space.
Passengers travelling First Class may also enjoy a delectable 'Escoffier' Menu: European menus carefully prepared under the guidance of the Association des Disciples d'Auguste Escoffier du Japon, (an association of chef's from Japan's finest French restaurants).*
JAL Priority Baggage Service: to ensure that your luggage will be first off the aircraft when you arrive at your destination.
www.jal-europe.com /langs/english/air/first.html   (587 words)

 Welcome to First Class Benefits
When it is time to take those deductions, the company asks their representatives to go and talk with a CPA or Attorney first.
First Class Benefits is different in that we give our IBB’s – Independent Business Builders access to CPA’s for their tax issues, to Attorneys for their legal issues and to Certified Financial Planners for their financial issues.
It’s time to take advantage of First Class Benefits and establish financial security from the privacy of your own home.
www.firstclassbenefits.com /opportunity.html   (1163 words)

 First class airfare and First Class Tickets offered by Executive Class Travel
We have been the leading agency for First Class Airline Tickets, and Business Class Travel for over 10 years.
If you would like to receive a quick airfare quote for business class or first class airline tickets, please call us or send us an email and an associate will contact you within 2-3 hours.
Call us today and give us a chance to earn your business, and put you in the first class cabin in which you belong.
www.executivetravelservice.com   (399 words)

There are many adjustments to our networks, processes and organizational structure under consideration to improve service and bring costs down.
The efforts I announced last week are the first steps in a continuing effort.
For example, studies of plant operations around the country are being finalized.
www.usps.com /news/2001/press/pr01_078_print.htm   (2795 words)

 History of First-Class Stamp Rates
The date specified is the first day on which the rate became applicable.
In some instances, the rate introduced was temporary.
The rate for the first ounce of a First-Class Letter.
www.prc.gov /rates/stamphistory.htm   (47 words)

Our 12 hour non stop Bangkok-Budapest flight was the perfect opportunity to check all the details which makes this airlines one of the most accomplished we inspected since we launched our business class in-flight tests.
What came on the blue menu the stewardess gave us with our first glass of Törley Dry (an aromatic and refreshing Hungarian sparkling wine), before take off, was more than appetising.
Smartly designed, it looks like the Lufthansa First Class kit: including a razor with built in shaver foam spray, refreshing towels, teeth brush, comb, perfumed body lotion, and all necessary items to feel all right when reaching the final destination.
www.travelfirst.com /pays/malev_e.html   (911 words)

 Tour Israel - First Class Travel   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
Sightsee and Tour the Land of Milk and Honey, and experience God's country first hand.
Visit places that were touched in the past by Prophets, Judges, Kings, Jesus and others that altered and made history.
Copyright © 2000-2005 Tour Israel - First Class Travel.
www.tour-israel.com   (210 words)

 First Class Travel Vacation Packages
Hawaii and Mexico vacation packages: Whether you are interested in Hawaii or Mexico, First Class Travel offers Pleasant Holidays Vacations, Barefoot Hawaii Tours, as well as Apple Vacations to Mexico and Caribbean.
Sandals has 12 of the most romantic beachfront resorts, Beaches gives families memorable vacations in the Caribbean, and Royal Plantation excels in elegant vacationing on the northern coast of Jamaica.
Have First Class Travel make the arrangements and you are on your way!
www.fct-travel.com   (156 words)

 First class 8 accueil
Nous avons repris le principe que nous avions inventé pour le first 22.
Midi libre - 27 oct. 94 - First class: une classe à part - JL.
Sacré numéro que ce First Class 8, toujours aussi fringant, 15 ans après son lancement!
www.finot.com /bateaux/batproduction/beneteau/firstclass8/fstclass8pres.htm   (537 words)

 First Class Entertainment Disc Jockey Service of Michigan
First Class Entertainment Disc Jockey Service of Michigan
Our reputation for providing quality entertainment grows with each event that we host and our customers happily refer our services to friends and relatives.
When you're ready to book a DJ in Michigan, contact First Class Entertainment.
www.afirstclassdj.com   (176 words)

 Fuufu! Topic Guide: first class travel
Tour in Israel in a deluxe vehicle/car/van/limo with a private guide and experience Israel by travelling first class...
Travel First Class Around The World travel magazine and guide for the epicurious and business traveller
First Class Travel and Cruise Center (276) 466-5151 or (800) 342-2889 info@FirstClassTravel.com info@FirstClassTravel.com (276) 466-5151 or (800) 342-2889 First Class Travel and Cruise Center 8:30-5...
www.fuufu.com /category/travel/first%20class%20travel.htm   (242 words)

 UHS: Airline Tycoon: First Class Hints - More than an ordinary walkthrough or cheats
Select the area where you're stuck and then keep clicking "Show Another Hint" to get the right level of help -- anything from a subtle hint to a full answer.
You can either view these hints for free from our website, or for more convenient and ad-free access, you can also download these hints for Airline Tycoon: First Class with our UHS Reader software.
In other words, please don't use any part of this file in your own walkthrough, cheats, codes, or tips without the original author's permission.
www.uhs-hints.com /uhsweb/at-1stcl.php   (314 words)

 Crystal Carousel - Dog Breed and Wildlife Hand-Sculpted Crystal Figurines - A Pets First Class Site
Every crystal dog figurine is personally hand-sculpted by artist Neil Harris of Great Britain, using the flame sculpture method and mounted on a specially chosen base of faceted crystal.
$15 donation to ACKCSC Charitable Trust for health research from Dogs First Class.
$15 donation to WHWT Foundation for health research from Dogs First Class.
www.crystalcarousel.com   (212 words)

 First Class Trailers retail sales of cargo utility trailers, horse trailers and motorcycle trailers.
First Class Trailers retail sales of cargo utility trailers, horse trailers and motorcycle trailers.
We sell more than just trailers, we sell quality trailers, parts and service.
Hookup the right way, with First Class Trailers!
www.firstclasstrailers.com   (521 words)

 USPS - First-Class Mail   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
Preparation instructions for automation flats subject to the nonmachinable surcharge will not change (see current DMM M820).
The nonmachinable surcharge will be assessed on any piece mailed out as a different class of mail and returned as a First–Class Mail item (for instance, a Standard Mail item endorsed "Return Service Requested") if the piece weighs 1 ounce or less and meets the criteria for nonmachinability in C050.2.2.
Pieces returned at First–Class Mail card rates will not be subject to the nonmachinable surcharge.
www.usps.com /ratecase/first.htm   (1496 words)

 Cathay Pacific CXLeverage | Business class discounts | Business class travel | First class travel
Business class discounts, Business class travel and First class travel
In such instances, you will be offered the lowest fare available for your Cathay Pacific itinerary whether or not it happens to be a Leverage Fare.
As you are selecting flights, please click on "Fare Rules" in the itinerary review page to view the booking class and other terms and conditions of the fare.
www.cxleverage.com   (477 words)

 Discount First Class Tickets - First Class Tickets - Travel Enterprises
Save 40% to 70% on discount first class airfare and business class tickets.
Choose Travel Enterprises™ when you need low price first class airfare for your vacations, last minute plane tickets, business class airline tickets, and cheap international airline tickets.
We have been offering discount first class and business class airline tickets using Frequent Flyer Miles, since 1993.
www.travel-enterprises.com   (275 words)

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