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Topic: Fish stocks

  Fishing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Fishing scenes are rarely represented in ancient Greek culture, a reflection of the low social status of fishing.
Fish are caught with a fishing line by encouraging a fish to bite upon a fish hook or a gorge.
Fish emulsion is a fertilizer emulsion that is produced from the fluid remains of fish processed for fish oil and fish meal industrially.
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 Top 20 Encyclopedia
In a parody of fishing, a type of gladiator called retiarius was armed with a trident and a casting-net, he would fight against the murmillo, who carried a short sword and a helmet with the image of a fish on the front.
Spear fishing is an ancient method of fishing and may be conducted with an ordinary spear or a specialised variant such as an eel spear (Image) or the trident.
Recreational fishing is generally done with a rod and line with a wide range of lures or bait, this is known as angling.
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 Slovakia - LOCATION, SIZE, AND EXTENT, TOPOGRAPHY, CLIMATE, FLORA AND FAUNA   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-25)
Fishing is only a minor source of the domestic food supply.
Some of the rivers and ponds near Bratislava are polluted with chemicals and petrochemical seepings, impairing the growth of fish stocks regionally.
The total catch in 2000 was 2,250 tons, with common carp and rainbow trout the dominant species.
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 HighBeam Encyclopedia - hagfish
HAGFISH [hagfish] primitive marine fish of the order Cyclostomata, or jawless fishes (see cyclostome), of worldwide distribution in cold and temperate waters.
Like the other jawless fishes, the lampreys, hagfish retain the notochord, a supporting structure found in higher vertebrates only in the embryo, throughout life.
They are chiefly scavengers, but also parasitize slow-moving fishes, eating their way into the victim's body and leaving only the skin and skeleton.
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 Ecosystem Change of Steller Sea Lions - Marine Mammal Research Consortium
Fishing could have affected the ecosystem structure by influencing the abundance of Atka mackerel (Pleurogrammus monopterygius) in the Aleutians, and herring (Clupea pallasii) in Southeast Alaska.
Climatic forcing appears to indirectly affect fish and marine mammal populations through changes in the distribution and abundance of their predators and prey.
The conference was organized around a number of themes that emerged as papers concerning one or more of the interrelated issues of forage fish basic biology, their role as predators and prey, causes of population fluctuations, assessment methodologies, and management considerations.
www.marinemammal.org /research/ecosystm.php   (3967 words)

 Aquatics Online UK - Aquarium Supplies, Pond, Pumps, Filters, and liners -Special Offers
Unfortunately, although it is relatively harmless to ourselves in the quantities found in tapwater, it is EXTREMELY toxic to fish, reptiles, amphibians, invertebrates and most other forms of aquatic life.
Due to the toxicity of chlorine in tapwater, it is essential that this is either removed or neutralised before it comes into contact with the fish and other aquarium inhabitants.
They also coat the delicate membranes of the fish in a protective permeable layer actually helping to increase the rate at which tissue repair occurs, stimulating the healing processes of the fish.
www.aquatics-online.net /Z403X.asp   (2550 words)

 New Releases from Heritage House
The aquaculture industry and its government supporters say that fish farming makes good economic sense and is not an environmental threat.
Critics of the industry want salmon farming stopped; they say it pollutes the ocean waters and is unsustainable, that farmed fish will spread disease to wild fish and escaped fish will displace wild salmon.
In this book, Peter Robson explains the biology and the effects of salmon farming, using a balanced approach supported by up-to-date information to shed an objective light on this important and contentious subject.
www.heritagehouse.ca /newreleases.htm   (9593 words)

 MEPIELAN - Bibliography
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