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Topic: Fisher information

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In the News (Tue 23 Apr 19)

  Fisher Information
The book "Science from Fisher Information" is the main reference for the approach (see reference [1b] in list at end).
Unfortunately, there is a downside to information, and that is misinformation.
The latter three fields are usually regarded as exterior to physics, hence the name change of the book to "Science from Fisher Information." That is, most generally, science follows from the use of Fisher information.
www.optics.arizona.edu /Frieden/Fisher_Information.htm   (687 words)

  Fisher information - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Fisher information is thus the expectation of the square of the score.
Thus Fisher information is the expectation of the second derivative of the log of f with respect to θ.
Information may thus be seen to be a measure of the "sharpness" of the support curve near the maximum likelihood estimate of θ.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Fisher_information   (927 words)

 Living with Fisher in Massachusetts
The fisher prefers wooded habitat and was once extirpated from Massachusetts due to agricultural land clearing that virtually eliminated their forest habitat.
The fisher is one of the largest members of the Mustelid family, which includes the weasels, mink, otter, and skunk.
Fishers reach sexual maturity at 1 year of age and females produce their first litter at the age of 2.
www.mass.gov /dfwele/dfw/dfw_fisher.htm   (882 words)

 ipedia.com: Information Article   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Information is a term with many meanings depending on context, but is as a rule closely related to such concepts as meaning, knowledge, instruction, communication, representation, and mental stimulus.
Although many people speak of the advent of the "information age," the "information society," and information technologies, and even though information science and computer science are often in the spotlight, the word "information" is often used without careful consideration of the various meanings it has come to acquire.
Information is a message, something to be communicated from the sender to the receiver, as opposed to noise, which is something that inhibits the flow of communication or creates misunderstanding.
www.ipedia.com /information.html   (1089 words)

 Fisher information metric - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In mathematics, in information geometry, the Fisher information metric is a metric tensor for a statistical differentiable manifold.
It can be used to calculate the informational difference between measurements.
Which can be thought of intuitively as: "The distance between two points on a statistical differential manifold is the amount of information between them, i.e.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Fisher_information_metric   (145 words)

 Products - Fisher Regulators
Fisher regulators are designed with large turndown ratios to prevent instability at low flow settings when throttling near the seat.
Fisher professional engineering staff is committed to new product development to help meet your requirements and to ensure that your systems function properly day in and day out.
Fisher offers a complete line of pressure control and level control equipment from the wellhead to the end user for the oil and gas industry.
www.fisherregulators.com /products   (1045 words)

 Phil Fisher biographical information at Fisher Books
Born in San Francisco in 1907, Philip Fisher was one of the first investment "philosophers" to focus almost exclusively on qualitative and growth factors.
Philip Fisher was the first to contribute an analytical framework within which to judge a growth stock and contemplate its potential in growth instead of just price trends and absolute value.
Philip A. Fisher passed away in San Mateo, CA in March 2004 at the age of 96.
www.fisher-books.com /authors/phil-fisher   (383 words)

 Do Fishers Eat Fish?   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
The fisher dens in hollow trees and logs, and seeks shelter during the winter in logs, brush piles, and snow dens.
The fisher's beautiful dark brown pelt, often with a creamy patch on the throat, is highly valued by trappers.
Fishers are generalized predators, but their main prey is herbivores such as mice, porcupines, squirrels, snowshoe hares, birds, shrew and sometimes other carnivores.
predatorconservation.org /predator_info/forest_predators/fisher.html   (504 words)

 Fisher International, Inc. [About] - Database and Information Management Solution for pulp and paper, Industrial ...
Through the use of Fisher Paper Industry Database, the director of sales and marketing was able to shift focus to more profitable products and realign the sales territories to support their new focus.
With this information, the client was able to justify the expenditure associated with a proposed new service program and additional technology, to make sure their partners and customers got the service they needed to support continued company growth.
Fisher returned to the client a summary of the European market's readiness for their product, including factors that would help differentiate them from local competitors, key sales targets, and the intent of those targets to buy a similar solution in the near future.
www.fisheri.com /about/index.php?sid=140   (852 words)

 PlanetMath: Fisher information matrix
In general, the Fisher information meansure how much “information” is known about a parameter
Fisher information, information, Cramer-Rao inequality, Cramer-Rao lower bound
This is version 6 of Fisher information matrix, born on 2004-07-27, modified 2006-04-04.
planetmath.org /encyclopedia/FisherInformationMatrix.html   (174 words)

 Miller Fisher Syndrome Information Page: National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS)
Miller Fisher syndrome is a rare, acquired nerve disease that is considered to be a variant of Guillain-Barré syndrome.
Treatment for Miller Fisher syndrome is identical to treatment for Guillain-Barré syndrome: intravenous immunoglobulin (IVIg) or plasmapheresis (a procedure in which antibodies are removed from the blood) and supportive care.
NINDS health-related material is provided for information purposes only and does not necessarily represent endorsement by or an official position of the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke or any other Federal agency.
www.ninds.nih.gov /disorders/miller_fisher/miller_fisher.htm   (350 words)

 Fisher Investments - Privacy Policy
Fisher Investments does not disclose any nonpublic personal information about its clients or non-clients without explicit authorization from the respective party, except as permitted by law or in response to inquiries from governmental authorities.
Fisher Investments may also disclose that information to unaffiliated third parties (such as to brokers or custodians) only as permitted by law and only as needed for Fisher Investments to provide agreed services to clients.
Fisher Investments has appropriate security measures in place at its physical facilities to protect against the loss, misuse or alteration of private information collected from users.
www.fi.com /legal/privacy   (1339 words)

 Welcome to Fisher-Price.com!
We may also disclose personal information if we believe that the disclosure is required by law, or in response to a legal request.
In some instances, when contact information has been provided by the visitor, and the visitor is 18 or older and has indicated that he/she would like to receive communications from us, we will send notices to visitors, usually in the form of an e-mail.
In this case the information is deleted from our system if you do not give your consent to the described use of the information within a reasonable time.
www.fisher-price.com /us/privacy.asp   (1757 words)

 B. Roy Frieden, Physics from Fisher Information
Fisher information is a quantity devised by the great statistician R. Fisher in the 1920s, which is supposed to tell us how easy it is to learn about a probability distribution by sampling from it.
Then the Fisher information, with respect to t, is the mean value of the square of the ratio between the derivative of p with respect to t and p itself --- I = <(dp(x;t)/dt 1/p(x;t))^2>, in the rather clunky symbols HTML allows.
To get that, he subtracts from the Fisher information a new quantity of his own devising, the "bound information," and requires that the difference between these two, which he calls the "physical information," have stationary variation.
www.cscs.umich.edu /~crshalizi/reviews/physics-from-fisher-info   (2111 words)

 Fisher Information   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
For one continuous-valued parameter theta, the Fisher information is defined to be:
The Fisher information shows how sensitive the likelihood is to the parameter estimate theta.
The Fisher information is now defined to be the determinant of F(theta).
www.csse.monash.edu.au /~lloyd/tildeMML/Notes/Fisher.html   (670 words)

 Fisher International, Inc. [The Fisher Solution] - Database and Information Management Solution for pulp and paper, ...
Fisher's Data Integration Service helps companies integrate their sources of data and make better use of them.
Fisher's highly complete and accurate database architecture provides the foundation and tools to dramatically enhance the value of your information.
Fisher has learned how to minimize the risks and costs of integrating data from disparate sources and databases and can help you overcome the particular challenges that you will encounter.
www.fisheri.com /solution/index.php?sid=12&ssid=35   (450 words)

 Fisher Information
Section 2 describes how to evaluate the Fisher Information and how to use it to determine the variance of the MLE.
Fisher information describes the asymptotic behavior of both Maximum Likelihood estimates and posterior distributions.
The expectation of the Fisher information is a function of the unknown
www.ms.uky.edu /~viele/sta321s98/fisherinfo/fisherinfo.html   (1356 words)

 Fisher Information and the Cramer-Rao Bound
The ability to estimate a specific set of parameters, without regard to an unknown set of other parameters that influence the measured data, or nuisance parameters, is described by the Fisher Information matrix, and its inverse the Cramer-Rao bound.
Fisher Information is then a measure of the information content of the measured signal relative to a particular parameter.
that is orthogonal to the Fisher Information of the nuisance parameters, or
www.colorado.edu /isl/papers/info/node2.html   (558 words)

 New Hampshire Fisher Cats: Information on Field   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
The Fisher Cats do not support or endorse any political views, stances, opinions or candidates.
This stadium is part of the downtown development project consisting of the new ballpark, the hotel, and luxury condominiums.
The hotel information is designed for the Roedel Companies by BMA Architectural Group out of New Hampshire.
www.nhfishercats.com /new-ball-park/information-on-field.asp   (303 words)

 Fisher   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Fisher also collected a number of photographs from other sources, contained and noted upon in the collection.
Mackinder determined that Fisher's images were to be educational rather than pictorial, and that he was able to stay for 2-3 days in one place and to purchase photographs of important areas he could not visit.
The Fisher collection is arranged into 28 photographic albums - photos taken or collected by Fisher, paintings by Fisher, notes by Fisher giving supplementary information, Fisher's letters to Mackinder on his travels, and correspondence between the Colonial Visual Instruction Committee and members of the British Association.
www.asiamap.ac.uk /collections/collection.php?ID=96&Query=Cambridge&Order=0&pp=10&View=0   (382 words)

 Fisher Tull
Fisher Tull born September 24,1934 in Waco, Texas, USA died August 23,1994 in Huntsville, Texas.
Fisher Tull’s career encompasses a broad spectrum of musical achievements as a performer, arranger, composer, educator and administrator.
Fisher Tull joined the music faculty at Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, Texas in 1957.
americanbandmasters.org /FTULL.HTM   (356 words)

 *************Course Announcement*********************
Efron, B. and  Hinkley, D. Assessing the accuracy of the maximum likelihood estimator: observed vs. expected Fisher information.
  On second-order optimality of the observed Fisher information.
  (1947?)  Information and the accuracy attainable in the estimation of statistical parameters.
www.stat.ufl.edu /~casella/Fisher/TEMPLATE.htm   (492 words)

 A Necessary and Sufficient Condition for Equality in the Matrix Fisher-Information-Inequality - Zamir (ResearchIndex)
Abstract: A necessary and sufficient condition for equality in the matrix form of the Fisher-Information inequality is derived.
The Fisher Information Inequality In this technical report we consider the matrix form of the Fisher Information Inequality (FII), which was introduced in [5].
A Proof of the Fisher Information Inequality via a Data Processing..
citeseer.ist.psu.edu /zamir97necessary.html   (409 words)

 US EPA Exergy and Fisher Information as ecological indices, Sustainable Technology, Sustainable Environments, Risk ...
Exergy, a thermodynamically based index, is a measure of the maximum amount of useable work that can be extracted when a system is brought into equilibrium with a reference state.
Fisher Information is an old statistical measure that has recently been applied as a way to detect change in system regime and as a measure of system order.
The results show that generally, although not always, exergy and Fisher Information respond differently, such that when one increases due to a perturbation the other decreases and vice versa.
epa.gov /docs/ordntrnt/ORD/NRMRL/std/seb/research/ss/abstrexergy.htm   (245 words)

 Fort Fisher Historic Site   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
By January, 1865, Fort Fisher embraced one mile of sea defense and one-third mile of land defense.
Unlike older fortifications built of brick and mortar, Fort Fisher was made mostly of earth and sand, which was ideal for absorbing the shock of heavy explosives.
Colonel Lamb recognized the importance of Fort Fisher to the defense system of the Cape Fear, to the security of Wilmington, and to the actual survival of the entire Confederacy.
statelibrary.dcr.state.nc.us /nc/ncsites/fisher.htm   (659 words)

 Maximum Fisher information in mixed state quantum systems, Alessandra Luati
We deal with the maximization of classical Fisher information in a quantum system depending on an unknown parameter.
A 25 101–102] a quantum counterpart of classical Fisher information, which has been found to constitute an upper bound for classical information itself [Braunstein and Caves (1994) Phys.
We also derive the expression of the maximum Fisher information achievable and its relation with that attainable in pure states.
projecteuclid.org /Dienst/UI/1.0/Summarize/euclid.aos/1091626187   (252 words)

 Fisher House Information
The Fisher House is a home away from home for families of patients who are currently admitted as inpatients at Eisenhower Army Medical Center or local medical facilities.
The Fisher House is a temporary residence and not a treatment facility, hospice or counseling center.
The cost to stay at the Fisher House is $10.00 a night, regardless of the number of persons staying in each room.
www.ddeamc.amedd.army.mil /Visitor/fisher_info.htm   (378 words)

 Fisher information in quantum statistics
They showed that the quantum information is nothing other than the maximal Fisher information in a measurement of the quantum system, maximized over all possible measurements.
Combining this fact with classical statistical results, they argued that the quantum information determines the asymptotically optimal rate at which neighbouring states on some smooth curve can be distinguished, based on arbitrary measurements on n identical copies of the given quantum system.
We show that the measurement which maximizes the Fisher information typically depends on the true, unknown, state of the quantum system.
stacks.iop.org /0305-4470/33/4481   (371 words)

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