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Topic: Fission-fragment rocket

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 Spacecraft propulsion - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The speed ratio of a rocket nozzle is mostly determined by it's area expansion ratio- this is the ratio of the area of the throat to the area at the exit.
Rockets can use ablative materials that erode in a controlled fashion, or very high temperature materials, such as graphite, ceramics or certain exotic metals.
The reaction mass is then allowed to escape from the rear of the vehicle by passing through a nozzle, which dramatically accelerates the reaction mass, converting thermal energy into kinetic energy. /wiki/Spacecraft_propulsion

 Fission sail - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
fission-fragment rocket in that the fission by-products are directly harnessed as
In the fission sail, the "rocket" is built in the form of a two-layer sheet, with some sort of absorber on one side, and nuclear fuel on the other.
In the simple case where the decay releases the fragments "front" and "rear", the rearward moving fragment generates thrust directly, while the frontward moving one is absorbed in the front half of the sail, also contributing thrust. /wiki/Fission_sail

 Fission-fragment rocket - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The fission fragments at the surface of the bundles would break free and be channeled for thrust, while the lower-temperature un-reacted fuel would eventually rotate out of the core to cool.
In traditional nuclear thermal rocket and related designs, the nuclear energy is generated in some form of "reactor" and used to heat a working fluid to generate thrust.
A rocket engine's efficiency is strongly related to the temperature of the exhausted working fluid, and in the case of the most advanced gas-core engines, it corresponds to a specific impulse of about 7000 lbf·s/lb (69 kN·s/kg). /wiki/Fission-fragment_rocket

Nova rocket The Nova rocket was a rocket proposed as a successor to the Mars.
Rocket was cast for the 1980-81 season, which followed the depa...
A rocket is a vehicle, missile or aircraft which obtains thrust by the react... /topics/rocket.html

Fission sail The fission sail is a type of working mass, and differs primarily in the way that the fragments are used fo...
Gaseous fission reactor Gaseous fission reactors are a hypothetical type of fission reactions in nuclear thermal rockets...
Fission In general fission is a splitting or breaking up into parts. /topics/fission.html

Some basic features of a nuclear rocket powered by the direct heating from fission fragments are presented...
Fission bomb explodes creating extreme temperatures enabling hydrogen to undergo a fusion reaction resulting in a heavier element and a burst of energy -- a nuclear fusion hydrogen bomb.
Nuclear fission occurs when an unstable uranium nucleus, which is like a liquid drop, is hit by... /fission.html

 Project Valkyrie
It is essentially a proton fragment gone so relativistic (read ballistic) that it is at once a particle and a wave, and some of its quarks and gluons have dispersed into the universe as energy (read, massless photons and neutrinos).
The Valkyrie, as our rocket is called, will have a maximum cruising speed of 92 percent lightspeed which is a nice speed at which to be traveling because the crew (a maximum of four to each spacecraft, though most likely two) will be aging at only one-third the rate of stay-at-home observers on Earth.
Riding an antimatter rocket is like riding a giant death ray bomb: you want to put as much distance as possible between yourself and the engine. /project_valkyrie.htm

 Feasibility of an Antiproton Catalyzed Fission Fragment Rocket - Storming Media
Feasibility of an Antiproton Catalyzed Fission Fragment Rocket
The FFR is characterized by the extraction of fission fragments from the fuel, and the utilization of their kinetic energy for thrust generation.
A significant drawback to previous FFR designs was the required critical nuclear pile as the fission fragment source. /75/7518/A751842.html

 Nuclear Rockets
Finally there is the totally speculative fission fragment rocket design, which uses the fisson fragments from a highly fissionable isotope (such as Am-242) and directs them to create thrust (e.g.
The fission chain reaction is kept from spreading back into the fuel lines by the flow of the nuclear salt solution; the idea (due to Robert Zubrin) is to maintain the flow at a rate which pushes the fission zone just back of the nozzle, keeping the engine temperatures within tolerable limits.
Apollo might have used them, but chemical rockets were ready sooner; and as everyone knows Apollo was a dead end as far as boldly going where no one has been before is concerned. /CATS_Quest/Nuc_Rkt.html

 Digital Webbing Forums - engines and reactors
A retro rocket, however, is a very simple idea, and the idea of having a fission reactor use the reaction chamber as a place to dump its waste heat is actually a fairly old one.
Hemi-fusion rockets would be lighter, give a better powwer/thrust-to-mass ratio, and they would probably be cheaper to build due to lighter overall components and fuel costs, but they would suffer from a significantly lower safety margin, especially if they get hit.
A retrorocket is a smaller rocket intended to thrust in the direction of motion, slowing the craft...thus the "retro". /forums/archive/index.php/t-71609.html

It is heated by radio waves and sqeezed by magnetic fields until the nuclei fuse and release energy.Fission fragment propulsion works by uranium or plutonium being hit by neutrons and the nucleus splits releasing nuclei of different elements and more neutrons providing thrust.
Advanced propulsion conceps include cold (muonic) and hot (thermonuclear) fusion, antimatter catalyzed fusion, fission fragment propulsion, different kinds of sails, like light sails, microwave sails, solar wind sails, relativistic particle beam sails, and radioactivity sails.
Solid fuel rockets burn a solid in a tube with one end capped.

 Radio-V: FREQuencies: Cosmic Rays
With his so-called fission fragment rocket, Rubbia claims he has finally found the solution.
Fission fragments are the direct products of a nuclear reaction in which a nucleus is split into fragments by a release of energy.
Rocket fuel, the production of plastics, food sources--Mars is a treasure and making it our 51st state should be our goal". /main/freqs/cosmic

 The inner workings of classified nuclear propulsion systems that make no noise in air. The inner secrets of the US Flying Saucer technologies. UFO propulsion secret. Area 51. Los Alamos.
When one studies the fission process one can note that about 10 percent of the energy is in the form of wavelike X-rays and gamma rays and the remainder is fission fragment ballistic energies.
Fission fragment ions would be much more efficient at producing silent thrusts.
These fission fragments are in reality heavily charged ions that can be directed by magnetic fields. /ufo.html

 'Smerch' More Destructive Than American Tornado
The Uragan unguided missile weighs 280 kilograms, including a 90 kilogram high-explosive or fission fragment warhead, cassette, remote detonator, and incendiary or space-charge.
The warhead normally contains 30 fragmentation components and 24 anti-tank charges or 312 anti-personnel mines.
Rousing applause filled mission control outside Moscow when officials announced that the rocket had reached orbit. /fan/russia_6089_522_news.htm

 Orbital Greenhouses
The enormous gravity of Jupiter diverts the rocket toward Trojans, which are in the same orbit as Jupiter.
The first journey to the Trojans will consume lots of rocket propellant unless two spacecrafts are used: a big one without the crew and a small one with the crew.
Helium could be used as the inert part of the atmosphere, while hydrogen could be used as a perfect rocket propellant. /LEOBiblio/SPBI1GH.HTM

With fission fragment interactions in the medium, electrical conductivities of about 10 to 100 mho/m should be attainable.
The advantage of fissioning vapor or gas reactors is that they provide tremendous gas/working fluid ionization potential.
Electron mobility, and hence ultimately the power conversion efficiency, is strongly connected with the reactor geometry, neutron flux, fission power density, and the configuration of the down-stream magnetic turbine. /research/gcr

Thin wires are used to allow the nuclear fragments from the fission to escape.
Status: Variations: References: 57 Fission Fragment Alternate Names: Type: Description: Thin wires containing fissionable material are at the heart of this concept.
Although the nuclear rocket program was stopped a number of years ago, more recent work at Brookhaven National Laboratories on fluidized particle bed reactors warrants their consideration for launch vehicles. /house/eder_transport_list.txt

 PHYS 213 - #4 Spring 00
, how many protons and neutrons are there in the other fission fragment?
nucleus absorbs a neutron and fissions with the release of three neutrons.
A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court Mark Twain chronicles the adventures of a New England craftsman who in 1879 is suddenly transported back in time to Camelot in the year 528. /classes/213/kirkpatrick/exams/ex4s00.htm

 Atomic Rocket: Crew
While none of the fission fragment elements are particularly healthy, Iodine-131 is particularly nasty, since one's thyroid gland does its best to soak up iodine, radioactive or not.
If our valiant rocketeers are part of the astromilitary, they will also have some sort of insignia of rank.
If the spacecraft is atomic powered, radiation dosimeters will be a standard part of a rocketeer's uniform. /rocket/rocket3k.html

 Google Search: rocket_engine
rocket, rocket_engine : a device containing its own propellant and driven by...

 SDI - NUCLEAR AND OTHER POWER SOURCES - Nuclear Thermal Propulsion
Chemical combustion systems typically consist of a rocket motor combustion chamber in which the exhaust is passed either through turbogenerator machinery or an MHD converter.
Massive fission product release from a particle may result from tensile stress on the coating caused by internal fission product gas pressure, and consequential rupture of the coating.
The BISO particles are suitable for applications with low internal pressure of gaseous fission products, while the TRISO particles are required for the higher internal gas pressures of higher fuel burnups (up to 50%). /nuke/space/c06sdi_2.htm

 SEI TECHNICAL CONCEPTS - Nuclear Thermal Propulsion
- Discharge of fission fragment in propellant flow could significantly complicate ground testing (although this could be mitigated by overcoating all but one of the modules in the ground test to prevent fission fragment escape, and using an open loop scrubber for the one uncoated module).
The FALCON tests verified the relationship between UO foil thickness and fission fragment energy, demonstrated metallic and ceramic substrates, and resulted in gas heating significantly in excess of the 1,500 K substrate temperature.
In the Foil Reactor, a thin 2 micron Uranium layer is supported on a Be or Al substrate, and escaping fission fragments directly heat the hydrogen propellant. /nuke/space/c07sei_2.htm

 CSULA - Geology 357: Energy, Part 3
A nuclear reaction in which an atomic nucleus, especially a heavy nucleus such as an isotope of uranium, splits into fragments, usually two fragments of comparable mass, releasing from 100 million to several hundred million electron volts of energy.
Fission - the act or process of splitting into parts
is the initial fuel for all fission reactors /faculty/sleyva/lectures/Geol357/energy03.htm

 Jet Propulsion Laboratory Publications Collection
Rocket Measurement of the Nitric Oxide Dayglow ( Barth ; Journal of Geophysical Research, 1 Aug 1964)
Gaseous Fission Reactors for Booster Propulsion ( Meghreblian ; 31 Mar 1961)
Applicability of Solid Propellants to High-Performance Rocket Vehicles ( Summerfield, Shafer, Thackwell, and Bartley ; Astronautics, Oct 1962) /research/arch/findaids/jpl/jpl_sec_12.html

9-9-92 - DREAM - I was shown in picture language, the propulsion type of space rockets.
An Indian came in wearing a colorful costume and he was explaining how he and his wife had gone to marriage counseling and had straightened out his life.
If I could be hypnotized, I could say what it is. It was not electromagnetic, electro- f _____. /sep92.htm

"Fission Fragment Excitation of Atmospheric Pressure Argon and Argon-Nitrogen Mixtures," (with R. Davie and J. Davis, III), Trans.
"Fission Fragment Produced Plasmas," (with R.A. Walters), 25th Annual Gaseous Electronics Conference, London, Ontario, (October 17-20, 1972).
"Fissioning Uranium Plasmas," (with K. Thom), Symposium on Applications of Nuclear Data in Science and Technology, International Atomic Energy Agency, Paris, France, (March 12-16, 1973). /rx/resume.htm

Find Rocket Engine and anything you are looking for on Ebay.
Find rocket engine at one of the best sites the Internet has to offer!
Starware search is an excellent resource for quality sites on rocket engine and much more! /documents/Rocket_engine

 Law Offices of Dennis H. Epperson, Ph.D. Attorney Profile
Fission Fragment Mass Distributions for 237Np and 236Np for
Fission of 236U at Low Excitation Energies, Co-Author, Bull.
Fragment and Energy Distribution Systematics of Proton Induced /profile.htm

- Microscopic study of fission fragment angular distributor (physical Review.
Keshavarz and M. Oftadeh, “Study of Performance of 24-DNI as a Solid Oxidizer in Rocket Propellant”, 5
- Transient heat transfer analysis of charring ablative insulation material in Rocket Nozzles /faza/new/Entesharat.htm

 Rob Sheldon
2005 AIAA Proceedings: Dusty Plasma Based Fission Fragment Nuclear Reactor (HTML)
Wheaton College Seminar 2/2003: Rockets, Stars and Jars ( HTML)
Submitted to : Dynamics of Liquid Comets (Acrobat PDF) /RbS

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