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Topic: Flare (pyrotechnic)

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In the News (Mon 27 May 19)

  Use of Pyrotechnics before a Proximate Audience
Pyrotechnics shall be permitted to be used in accordance with the provisions of NFPA 101, 13.7.2, where approved by the authority having jurisdiction.
All pyrotechnic devices shall be mounted in a secure manner to maintain their proper positions and orientations so that, when they are fired, the pyrotechnic effects described in the plan submitted by the permittee are produced.
Pyrotechnic devices shall be fired only when the area where the effect is to occur is in clear view of the pyrotechnic operator or an assistant who is in direct communication with the operator.
web.princeton.edu /sites/ehs/theatersafety/appA.htm   (4975 words)

  Flare - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Flare (pyrotechnic), a luminous device often used for signaling
Solar flare, an eruption of plasma from the surface of the sun.
An aircraft landing manoeuvre in which the pilot arrests the steady descent of the aircraft, near the runway, by raising the nose of the aircraft, relatively sharply, and uses lift to overcome the downward momentum and arrest the speed of descent.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Flare   (393 words)

Flares are sometimes launched into the air with a rocket and then suspended from a small parachute to slow its descent, providing a temporary source of light for a large area of land.
Flares generally produce their light through the combustion of magnesium metal, sometimes colored by the inclusion of other metals.
A gas flare is a tall chimney used by oil wells and refineries to vent waste natural gas and other flammable gases that are not economical to retain.
www.ebroadcast.com.au /lookup/encyclopedia/fl/Flare.html   (186 words)

 armada international: 2/01(Full Article)
The flare is ejected from the dispenser by a squib, but its base is retained and remains connected to the flare by a wire.
Pyrotechnics are therefore rarely deployed as active weapons but as support devices, indicating locations of tactical importance or enabling weapon operatives to observe targets at night.
The bracket enables the flare body to be secured to a stake or structure and the trigger mechanism may be activated by the tripwire being either pulled or severed.
www.armada.ch /01-2/002.htm   (4167 words)

Flare has no problems with working with other tricons or the maximals because she was never programmed to mind it.
Flare never doubts her ability to help a friend in battle but she does doubt her abilities with bots and continues to stride on.
Flare was the last lone surviver of her world when Megatron finally caught her and pulled her into his nightmareish world.
www.angelfire.com /rpg/dice/flare.html   (1832 words)

 BoatUS Foundation Findings Report #31: Pyrotechnic Visual Distress Signals - September 1998
By far, pyrotechnics are the popular choice and the majority of boaters opt to meet minimum Coast Guard requirements with hand-held flares or gun-launched meteors that are approved for day/night use.
Aerial flares are also not very visible or attention-getting in daytime, either, and except for the parachute types, burn time is a scant five to six seconds on average.
We found expired hand-held flares that were very hard to ignite or didn't seem to burn as brightly as they should, and meteor flares that didn't fly as high or burn as long as their advertised claims.
www.boatus.com /foundation/findings/flares.htm   (1384 words)

 Humanitarian Demining Technologies - Can Currently Developed Deflagration Systems Neutralize Hard Case Mines?   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
The flare is set up on a stand or placed directly on ground with a half-pound stone on it at the rear.
The flare was set horizontally on a stand pointing at the middle portion of the mine case separated by 0.5 inches as shown in Figure 1.
The flare was placed on a stand and aimed at the shoulder of the mine separated by a 0.5".
www.humanitarian-demining.org /demining/pubs/neutral/deflagration.asp   (2622 words)

 Bass & Walleye Boats Magazine   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
The most common types, however, are pyrotechnic devices — a family that consists of smoke signals, handheld locator flares, aerial meteor flares (that launch via a handheld tube or flare gun), and high-flying parachute flares.
Flares should be stored in a clearly labeled, watertight container that’s stowed in a readily accessible area.
The flares were obtained from the Gulfport fire department, which had recently been given the flares to use in training exercises.
www.bassandwalleyeboats.com /output.cfm?id=942391   (1629 words)

Smoke and flame marking devices are pyrotechnic devices dropped on the ground or on the water's surface to emit smoke and/or flame.
Pyrotechnic hazards are frequently increased by such factors as age, improper storage conditions, rough handling, moisture penetration, excessive temperatures, damage to shipping containers, and other mishaps that causes the devices to become unserviceable.
Unserviceable pyrotechnic and screening devices on ships at sea are put to one side for normal return to an appropriate shore station for disposition according to the instructions and regulations contained in NAVSEA OP 5, volume 1.
www.ordnance.org /flares.htm   (492 words)

 Decoying Devices
The base end of the flare is flanged to a maximum diameter of 1.495 inches to fit the counterbore in the chamber of the dispenser.
Pyrotechnic ammunition is one of the most widely used types of ammunition in naval aviation.
Pyrotechnic and screening devices are normally equipped with some type of safety pin, lock, or tape that is designed to prevent accidental activation of the initiation mechanism.
www.tpub.com /aviord321/53.htm   (1090 words)

 Thiokol Humanitarian Demining Flares - Page 44   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
The flare tube is mounted on a three-legged stand so that it may be positioned toward the target casing.
The flare is ignited by an electric match or pyrotechnic fuze and will burn for approximately one minute, penetrating the casing to ignite the explosive material.
The simultaneous use of multiple flares to reduce the dissipation of heat due to thick-walled targets did not significantly enhance the capabilities of the system.
www.humanitarian-demining.org /demining/pubs/catalog/contents/clearn44.htm   (440 words)

 Visual Distress Signals for Recreational Boaters
Hand-held pyrotechnic devices, such as flares and smoke signals, may expel ash and slag as they burn.
Pistol launched and hand-held parachute flares and meteors have many characteristics of a firearm and must be handled with caution.
No pyrotechnic device should be fired straight up or in such a direction that it may land on your boat or another boat or on land and cause a fire.
www.landfallnavigation.com /di1.html   (759 words)

Pyrotechnic devices come with an expiration date, which is 42 months from the date of manufacture.
Pyrotechnic Flare (These devices may be either meteor or parachute assisted type.) Some of these signals may require use in combination with a suitable launching device.
Projected devices, such as pistol launched and hand-held parachute flares and meteors, have many of the same characteristics of a firearm and must be handled with the same caution and respect.
www.boatus.org /onlinecourse/ReviewPages/BoatUSF/Project/info2f.htm   (1496 words)

 LUU-2 Flare - Dumb Bombs
The LUU-2B Flare has a light output rating of 1.8 x 10(6) candlepower and at 1,000 feet altitude illuminates a circle on the ground of 500 meters at 5 lux.
The pyrotechnic candle consumes the flare housing, reducing flare weight which in turn slows the rate of fall during the last 2 minutes of burn time.
While unburned flares falling from high altitude could be dangerous, burned flares are much less dangerous since they are designed to burn up during the fall (even the aluminum casing is burned).
www.fas.org /man/dod-101/sys/dumb/luu2.htm   (393 words)

 Visual Distress Signals   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
At the present time the serviceable life of a pyrotechnic device is rated at 42 months from its date of manufacture.
Pyrotechnics beyond this 42 month date should be replaced with new devices.
The disposal of expired pyrotechnic devices should be done in accordance with local county and state hazardous waste regulations, Please check with these local authorities to obtain the correct disposal procedures.
www.boatsafe.com /nauticalknowhow/020198tip.htm   (936 words)

 Flare (Verey) Pistols & Signal Pistols of the World
Very is predated by one Benjamin Franklin Coston, but Coston's gun retained the flare and was really only an ignition device and the "gun" was waved at arms length.
In a quirk of history, Coston's son actually invented the first aerial flare launching cartridge, but his mother, jealous of the invention, lobbied against it being accepted by the Navy.
This flare pistol was captured on Gallipoli by Farrier Sergeant John Thornhill Belcher of the 5th Light Horse Regiment.
www.diggerhistory.info /pages-weapons/signal-pistols.htm   (1983 words)

 37mm.com: 37mm Federal Laws and Regulations, Section 1   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
Recently ATF issued ATF Ruling 95-3, holding that 37/38 mm gas/flare guns possessed with "anti-personnel" ammunition, consisting of cartridges containing wood pellets, rubber pellets or balls, or bean bags are destructive devices as degined in the Gun Control Act and the National Firearms Act and require registration to be lawfully possessed.
Devices designed for expelling tear gas or pyrotechnic signals have been held to be exempt from the destructive device definition.
ATF has previously held that devices designed for expelling tear gas or pyrotechnic signals are not weapons and are exempt from the destructive device definition.
www.37mm.com /legal/federal1.asp   (1256 words)

 flare - OneLook Dictionary Search
FLARE : Glossary of Nautical Terms [home, info]
Phrases that include flare: flare out, parachute flare, flare gas, pyrotechnic flare, comprehensive flare index, more...
Words similar to flare: erupt, flame, flared, flaring, flash, blaze up, break open, burn up, burst out, flame up, flare out, flare up, solar flare, torch, more...
www.onelook.com /?w=flare&ls=a   (548 words)

 Pyrotechnic Distress Signals   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
Pyrotechnic Distress Signals that must be carried on board a pleasure craft, must be approved by the “Department of Transport, Canada” as described in the Small Vessel Regulations - Equipment Standards - Pyrotechnic Distress Signals.
Required pyrotechnic distress signals are not regarded as meeting the carriage requirements if four (4) years or more have elapsed since the date of their manufacture as described in the Small Vessel Regulations.
When using this single star type, 2 flares must be fired within 15 seconds of each other - you will need double the number of cartridges to meet the regulations.
www.asmsafeboating.com /id48.html   (302 words)

 Review: Rescue Laser Flare   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
A worthy addition to pyrotechnic kits and personal survival gear, this simple but ingenius tool is moving toward a place at center stage in the search-and-rescue world—and deserves the role.
The Rescue Laser Flare is aimed by bracketing the target rescuer in the 'V' of two fingers and playing the beam slowly back and forth within the 'V.' It's a simple and trustworthy technique, but requires two hands.
When we first saw Greatland Laser's prototype for the "Rescue Laser Flare" back in 1999 we were impressed with the concept.
www.practical-sailor.com /pub/30_4/features/4924-1.html   (194 words)

 Vietnam Veterans' War Stories!: Pop Flare!
These hand held flares were different colors, but we always used white.
As the flare would swing on the end of this parachute it would cause shadows to sway and dance in the night.
Hollering and yelling as the sparks flew and the flare kept banging against the tower walls.
www.war-stories.com /plantation-nagle-pop-flare-1971.htm   (511 words)

 ELITE PYROTECHNICS - Idaho Fireworks & Pyrotechnics Display Services - Outdoor aerial firework displays for any event ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
A device comprising pyrotechnic composition charged into a tube which may or may not be choked.
A long duration flare, usually red, which may be used as a warning flare on the highway or railway.
The generic term for a collection of pyrotechnic pieces lit at a single ignition point, but often used exclusively for items referred to as "cakes" or multi-shot effect boxes.
www.elitepyrotechnics.com /fireworks8-2.asp   (1520 words)

 FIIG T158 Index
A flare which is fired from a ground position and used as a target for ballistic aerial target system weaponry in a training environment.
This flare is fired from a ground position and is used as a target for ballistic aerial target system weaponry in a training environment.
A pyrotechnic item designed to produce a single source of intense light for the purpose of visually tracing a guided missile during its flight to a target.
www.dlis.dla.mil /fiigdata/T1580/ainindex.htm   (1890 words)

 Emergency Flares from HFM Pyrotechnics: The best for consumer and professional fireworks and pyrotechnics.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-02)
This flare is used to illuminate small areas and is easy to operate, even with cold, wet hands.
This hand-held flare from Pains Wessex is designed to withstand exceptional environmental exposure and perform reliably under extreme conditions.
The position pinpointing flare for day and night use burns for 60 seconds at 15,000 candela and is visible for up to 5 miles.
www.hfmgroup.com /professionalsupplies/flares.html   (401 words)

The igniter composition used with pyrotechnic devices that is loaded in direct contact with the main pyrotechnic charge.
A pyrotechnic first fire composition is compounded to produce a high temperature and hot slag.
A pyrotechnical device designed to produce a single source of intense light or radiation for relatively long durations for target or airfield illumination, signaling or other purposes.
www.hydrocut.com /Terms/F.html   (1601 words)

 "My Baby Bubba" in Gulf Breeze
Both the bubba light sighting and the flare test were videotaped and the recorded comments of the observers near the camera are quite definite: the red of the flare seemed to be different than the red hue of the UFO.
Flares rigidly attached to a small, stabilized aerodynamic platform might not sway back and forth, but, to minimize air drag effects, the rigid supporting member would be short enough so that light from the flares could reflect from the platform.
brumac.8k.com /GulfBreeze/Bubba/GBBUBBA.html   (12942 words)

 Pyrotechnic Glossary :: PyroUniverse.com
This pyrotechnic glossary was compiled by and is copyright 2001-2006 Colin Bradley.
When combined with a metal within a pyrotechnic flame, certain colors can be produced.
Among other regulations, consumer fireworks cannot be sensitive to friction or shock, and can only contain 500 grams of pyrotechnic composition and no more than 130 milligrams of flash powder in aerial effects.
www.pyrouniverse.com /glossary.htm   (4285 words)

 National Defense Magazine
Called “kinematic” flares, they are considered “the state of the art in pyrotechnic decoys,” said Mark Driver, director of advanced countermeasures technology at Kilgore Flares Co. The firm is a subcontractor to BAE Systems for the development and production of infrared decoys for the F/A-22 fighter and the JSF.
Traditional flares—burning pyrotechnics that are dropped from aircraft to fool incoming missiles—will not be effective against the latest missile infrared guidance technology, he said.
Unlike traditional pyrotechnic flares, the advanced decoys contain tiny porous metallic wafers that react with the oxygen in the air to produce heat in a temperature range similar to the temperature of the aircraft.
www.nationaldefensemagazine.org /issues/2003/Dec/Smart_Flares.htm   (815 words)

 Pilato - Temp
Her invention, a pyrotechnic night signal flare and code system, was first successfully used by the U.S. Navy during the Civil War.
And this notwithstanding the fact that many of the officers had been benefited personally by the use of the signals, --for not a few of them were made rich through prize-money won by capturing the blockade-runners at night, which they did not do in a single instance without the aid of the Coston Signals.
Coston’s claims of successful application of the signal flare and code system during the Civil War by the U.S. Navy are solidly documented in numerous letters, ship logs, code documents, and purchase orders.
www.ijnhonline.org /volume1_number1_Apr02/article_pilato_coston_signal.doc.htm   (3994 words)

FLARES are ejected whenever there is a possibility of encountering an IR missile.
The term "pushbroom" arises because in an action reminiscent of a pushbroom sweeping a floor, the field of view is swept through the scene, along a line perpendicular to the slit, to acquire spectral readouts from all pixels in the scene.
PYROTECHNIC - A mixture of chemicals which when ignited is capable of reacting exothermically to produce light, heat, smoke, sound or gas, and may also be used to introduce a delay into an explosive train because of its known burning time.
www.sew-lexicon.com /gloss_p.htm   (6465 words)

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