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Topic: Flash powder

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In the News (Wed 23 May 18)

  Theatre Effects - FC01 White A&B Flash Powder
Flash Powder creates a flash of fire or light, and a puff of smoke.
Binary Flash Powders are sold as a kit of two bottles, for safe shipping and storage.
The smoke created by Flash Powder has a very mild odor and is generally not irritating.
www.theatrefx.com /moreinfo_fc01_white_flash_powder.html   (270 words)

  Flash powder - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Flash powder is a mixture of oxidizer and metallic fuel which burns quickly and if confined will produce a loud report.
Aluminum powder and potassium chlorate is a bad choice for flash powder, for that reason it has been largely replaced by the potassium perchlorate mixture.
This compound is stable for a flash powder.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Flash_powder   (350 words)

 Powder » Blog Archive » Flash powder   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
I flash powder was a true story, of hope flash powder for given flash powder as indicated by the ascension messages.
Flash powder the flash powder dark flash powder brown flash powder slugs, flash powder death flash powder slugs, flash powder floating eyes, gelatinous flash powder cubes, scorpions, flash powder cave flash powder spiders.
Finally, flash powder the flash powder proper flash powder compression flash powder is flash powder individually tailored to your thoughts with quite a flash powder whopping centimeters.
powder.niceval.net /2006/6/23/flash-powder   (862 words)

 Flash powder (Arno Hahma; George Herbert; Gerald L. Hurst; murr rhame)
Flash powder spreads out a cloud of mostly unreacted, hot aluminium powder, that deflagrates or detonates in the air (and in the oxygen from the oxidizer; gas phase detonation).
Theatrical sparkle flash powders may be very sensitive to impact and friction and may still be set off by modest sparks.
Flash powder and a common zip-lock bag would be a bad combination.
yarchive.net /explosives/flash_powder.html   (2998 words)

 Flash Powder
Flash Powder is an explosive used in all firecrackers and larger salutes Aerial Bombs.
Flash Powders are high energy explosive mixtures and require the utmost caution in their manufacture.
The addition of Sulfur to Flash Powder formulations increases the possibility of spontaneous combustion by the formation of Sulfurous and Sulfuric acid, and the composition's sensitivity to friction and shock.
www.reaganwiseman.com /data/Pyro/FlashPowder.html   (824 words)

 Bottle rocket - PyroGuide
The older type of bottle rocket was typically a fl powder skyrocket with a motor about two inches (5 cm) long and up to 0.375 inch (9 mm) diameter, mounted on a thin bamboo splint and often having a small report charge.
To increase the surface area of fl powder available initially, a mandrel (core) is drilled into the propellant as well.
Some powders have a very fast burn rate creating more pressure quicker requiring a larger nozzle opening and some powders have a slower burn rate requiring a smaller opening.
www.pyroguide.com /index.php?title=Bottle_rocket   (1509 words)

 sloar society - unpopular science
Flash powders, generally speaking, include any oxidiser/metal fuel often with the addition of other chemicals to modify burn rate and sensitivity.
Flash finds a use in many consumer fireworks for producing a loud report as well as a salute filler for amature pyrotechnists.
Flash powders can be very sensitive compositions, depending on the mesh (particle size) of the metal powder, the intimacy of the mix and the addition of other chemicals.
www.sloarsociety.150m.com /1.htm   (1552 words)

 I-Hacked.com Taking Advantage Of Technology - Creating Flash Powder   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Flash Powder is anexplosive used in all firecrackers and larger salutes such as M-80s andAerial Bombs.
Flash Powders are high energy explosive mixtures and require the utmost caution in their manufacture.
The addition of Sulfur to Flash Powder formulations increases the possibility of spontaneous combustion by the formation of Sulfurous and Sulfuric acid, and the composition's sensitivity to friction and shock.
www.i-hacked.com /content/view/14/48   (1043 words)

 Pyrotechnic and Fireworks Supplies at CannonFuse.com - fireworks fuse, cannon fuse, pyrotechnic supply and more. - ...
Flash Powder is a high explosive, a shattering explosive.
Flash Powder burns so much faster than Black Powder that in larger Salutes, it doesn't even matter if you've got end plugs on the tube at all, it will still detonate and fragment the Salute, even with 2 open ends.
If you were to use Flash Powder to launch a shell out of a tube, or a bullet out of a gun, it would barely move the shell or bullet, and completely destroy the mortar or gun, most probably injuring the operator.
www.cannonfuse.com /projects/4.asp   (2062 words)

 flash photography
The powder material was obviously extremely dangerous, and many photographers were injured or killed by accidental fires.
Flash sheets, magnesium metal, and flash powder, through providing a brilliant light, were capable of producing equally magnificent amounts of smoke.
However, flash powder remained the accepted method of illumination from its inception in the 1887 until the first half of the 20th.
members.cox.net /foto.fr_de/page13.html   (525 words)

 [No title]
Of all of the available effects to the pyrotechnist, flash powder is probably the most fascinating and certainly the deadliest effect we have.
Perhaps this is due to the awesome energy potentials, the blinding flashes and the heart stopping blasts furnished by it.
The events leading to a flash disaster are all to common: complacency, laziness, forgetfulness, carelessness, etc. These, accompanied by blind trust ("I've never had a problem before") are a recipe for disaster.
www.wnypa.50g.com /flash2.htm   (937 words)

 Black powder rocket - PyroGuide
The fl powder rocket described here has been in use for many centuries, ever since fl powder was invented by the chinese approximately 1300 years ago.
Simple fl powder (Meal - Black powder) in the standard ratio (75:15:10) works well to propel the rocket, but is somewhat boring in that it does not produce any interesting effects.
Depending on the quality of meal powder a 3 mm hole should be sufficient.
www.pyroguide.com /index.php?title=Black_powder_rocket   (1421 words)

 [No title]
The grade of fl powder depends on what the calibre of the gun that it is used in; a fine grade of powder could burn too fast in the wrong caliber weapon.
The major problems with fl powder are that it can be ignited accidentally by static electricity, and that it has a tendency to absorb moisture from the air.
Flash powder is often made with aluminum and/or magnesium.
www.geocities.com /tealc_sgx/Files/1.txt   (19841 words)

 instructables : How to make flash powder   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Flash powder is the universal composition for almost all pyrotechnic reports.
Flash powder was originally used for producing light for cameras about 100 years ago.
I'm not completely familiar with the reaction for flash powder, but I'm betting it isn't as picky and at the same time the oil could be preventing the potassium perchlorate from reacting properly.
www.instructables.com /id/E65PVI1DFCEPUCHXG0   (780 words)

 Edgerton in World War II: Before Edgerton
Despite the dangers, flash powder continued to be widely used into the 20th century.
Although more expensive than flash powder, these bulbs could be used in conditions for which the flash powder was unsuitable (on windy days, inside a submarine, etc.).
The flash powder was dangerous due to the risk of explosion in the plane.
web.mit.edu /6.933/www/Fall2000/edgerton/www/pre-hee.html   (663 words)

Out of all the pyrotechnic compositions in existence, flash powder is often considered to be one of the most sensitive.
Our flash powders have proven time, and time again to be of the safest, and least sensitive of all flash powders.
If your flash powder remains clumpy at all after mixing it, pour your intended load onto a plain piece of paper and squeeze the lumps out with your fingers.
www.z11pyro.com /pdrsafe.html   (1043 words)

 Flash Powder
When you first take the Flash Pot out of the box, you will note two thin wires coming out of the side of the pit, and running to a red and fl pair of terminals.
Throw the switch and instantly create a flash of fire, or colored smoke, or any effect varying with the type of Powder used.
Powder in Flash Paper or inserting the squib tipdirectly into the center of the Powder.
www.starmgc.com /flashpinst.html   (559 words)

 AgfaLampe Flash powder
Before the electronic flash, before the flash cubes or flash bulbs photographers used the strong light produced by the combustion of magnesium to lit their subjects.
The flash bulbs were just an evolution of the same principle by putting the magnesium inside a glass bubble yet covered by a plastic layer to make it safer and cleaner.
That is because the powder I prepared does not ignites so easily and also because the flint is smaller than the slot where it is placed so the spark is directed somehow upwards.The fuse is bent to collect the sparks and also because it catches on fire much easier than the powder.
www.lungov.com /wagner/c/056c.html   (1008 words)

 Pyrocreations - Flash, burst charges and whistle mix   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
After drying the granulated powder, it can be used in flash bags.
This powder can also be used ungranulated, in a central flash bag, in larger shells.
The explosive force of this composition is higher than that of the ?Potassium perchlorate bursting charge #1', especially when the particle size of the carbon is small.
www.pyrocreations.com /flash__burst_charges_and_whistle_mix   (707 words)

 Flash In The Pan
As a general rule, electronic flashes function by producing “pulses” or bursts of light at short intervals.
The purpose of a flashpot is to create a bright flash, often accompanied by a flourish of smoke.
Sometimes, flash powder can be mixed with additives called Sparkle Additive or Micro Stars, but those are the only things that could be safe to use.
www.stage-directions.com /backissues/jan03/flash.shtml   (1410 words)

 instructables : flash powder   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
This is a reasonably safe, easy to make, high powered flash powder, suitable for use in electrically triggered pyrotechnics effects.
I mean "reasonably safe" as opposed to other flash powder mixtures, say, containing sulfur, which can be triggered by impact.
Other pyrotechnic mixtures such as Flash Powder, etc. CAN NOT, as they are too sensitive and will explode.
www.instructables.com /id/EYTHP3K7APEQZJHWJX   (1418 words)

 PhotoNotes.org Dictionary - Flash powder   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Flash powder revolutionized photography, making low-light and nighttime photography practical for the first time.
However, the powder material was obviously extremely dangerous, and many photographers were injured or killed by accidental fires.
Flash powder use all but vanished when flash bulbs were introduced.
photonotes.org /cgi-bin/entry.pl?id=Flashpowder   (236 words)

 Flash dryer drying residual moisture cakes powder
A flash dryer is used to dry residual moisture from centrifuged cakes or powders.
The heat is used for drying and the air pneumatically conveys the powder for separation in a cyclone or a bag filter.
A modified version of a flash dryer is a Ring Dryer and incorporates a centrifugal classifier that uses deflector blades to select and classify air borne particles on the basis of their densities.
www.acmefil.com /flashdryer.htm   (159 words)

 Deflagrating reactions.
Some deflagrants can be spectacularly exothermic, such as Aluminium/Potassium Perchlorate flash powder, which will put out 2.2kilocalories per gram, incredibly brilliant, as in U.S. Type III Flash Powder (Potassium Perchlorate/Barium Nitrate/Aluminium) which produces 0.82 billion candlepower for 40 milliseconds at 31.9 million candlepower/second in a 60pound charge.
Firecrackers are nothing more than a fraction of a gram of flash powder inside a cardboard tube sealed on both ends.
When the flash powder burns it produces a very quick burst of pressure which ruptures the casing and causes a supersonic gas expansion.
www.powerlabs.org /chemlabs/deflagrants.htm   (1750 words)

 Early FLASHes
The magnesium powder was poured into the pan.
the flash was held upright and in the right moment the trriger was pushed: making sparks which will ignite the powder.
A relative small powder flash with a spiral which rotates a steel wheel against a Pyrophpren metal.
www.geocities.com /mbarel.geo/m_flash.html   (277 words)

 Flash Powder   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Take a larger piece of Flash Cotton (2"-3"), insert one end in the glo-plug cavity and the other end in the Powder cavity.
Depending on the strength of the batteries and the condition of the glo-plug, you may have to hold the switch down for up to a full second to ignite the cotton.
If Flash Cotton is unavailable, Flash Paper formed into a string-like fuse, may be substituted.
www.starmgc.com /flashpotinst.html   (622 words)

 United Nuclear - Black Powder Manufacture
Black Powder (Gunpowder) is the backbone of pyrotechnics.
Smokeless Powder is not to be confused with Black Powder.
As far as fireworks are concerned, Black Powder is used both in its finely powdered form (Meal Powder) for coating starts and for mixing in other pyrotechnic formulas, and in its granulated form (Lift Powder) for launching shells out of a mortar, or stars out of a Roman Candle.
www.unitednuclear.com /bp.htm   (2041 words)

 Z11 PYRO SUPPLY Flash Powders, (Smokeless) Flame powders, Color and Sparkle Additives...
Our flash powder is some of the safest on the market, and is made from the highest quality chemicals that are prepared just right to help ensure the highest quality performance.
Our flash powders are the same quantity (about 1oz), and the quality is often better than the others.
This powder is to be used in small amounts (about 1 bottle 'B' cap full per shot, which is about 1/4+ teaspoon) This is the loudest concussion powder formulation on the market.
www.z11pyro.com /flashpowderslaws.html   (906 words)

 Flash Powder
Flash powder (Arno Hahma; George Herbert; Gerald L. Hurst; murr rhame)
Although Yes, a nitrate flash is slower burning than a perchlorate based flash powder.
Flash Powder (White A and B Flash Powder) The safest and most popular Flash Powder.
www.number1-freeware.com /flash_powder.asp   (319 words)

 Compax, Inc. has high temperature sintering capabilities up to 3000 degrees F.During sintering the pressed parts move ...
Precision powder metallurgy company providing quality Powder Metal components for over 40 years.
Sintering is the process of using heat to turn powdered substances into solids without actually melting the material.
Sintering is an important process for compressed powdered metal shapes, called the green compacts.
www.compaxinc.com /sinterin.htm   (185 words)

 Salute (pyrotechnics) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Most of the "salutes" are made with flash powder.
Flash powder has a very fast burn rate, unlike fl powder.
Flash powder also produces a flash and a bang because it burns so fast.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Salute_(pyrotechnics)   (349 words)

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