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In the News (Mon 21 Jan 19)

The building had the heavy printing presses in the basement and lower floors, as usual, but the space not taken up by the newspaper's other staff was used as rentable space, utilizing the building's great height also for direct financial gain.
The building exterior was designated as a landmark in 1999 and in a 2002 conversion into a mixed-use building, the 1,000 replacement windows had to be approved by the city's Landmarks Commission.
After only occupying this building for less than a decade, the N.Y. Times moved to the nearby building at 229 W 43rd Street, next to the Paramount Building, in 1913 (from which the paper also acquired office space after its theater was gutted).
www.greatgridlock.net /NYC/nyc1.html   (3102 words)

 Flatiron Building :: Fifth avenue between 22nd and 23rd streets, New York, New York, United States :: Glass Steel and ...
It certainly was one of the first buildings in the city to employ a steel frame to hold up its 285-foot tall facade, but not the first.
It is said that the building created unusual eddies in the wind which would cause women's skirts to fly around as they walked on 23rd street.
The Flatiron Building: It is one of the main reasons I believe NYC is the second greatest city in the world -- the first is, of course, Paris, France.
www.glasssteelandstone.com /BuildingDetail/438.php   (808 words)

 New York City - Flatiron Building, Madison Square Park and Metropolitan Life building pictures and history
Although it wasn't the city's first skyscraper, first steel-skeleton building or ever the worlds tallest building — all things that are traditionally associated with the Flatiron Building — it was the first building to become a romantic symbol of New York.
One of the earliest buildings — and possibly the tallest in New York at the time — to utilize a steel frame with non-load-bearing facades, the Flatiron was meant to resemble a classical column with a protruding and ornamented base and top.
The massive art deco North Building next to the MetLife Tower was originally planned to be 100 stories tall to return the title of 'worlds tallest' back to the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, but the Great Depression halted construction at 29 floors in 1932.
www.inetours.com /New_York/Pages/Flat_Iron.html   (916 words)

 English - American Building--Atlanta: A National Register of Historic Places Travel Itinerary
In 1910 it became known as the Empire Life Building for six years until it was renamed the Flatiron Building.
The building is an 11-story, narrow triangular steel-framed building which conforms to its lot between Peachtree, Broad and Poplar streets in the center of Atlanta's downtown business district.
A corridor originally passed through the center of the building with elevators adjacent to this passageway, and the original walls of this area have been remodeled with smooth marble.
www.cr.nps.gov /nr/travel/atlanta/eng.htm   (350 words)

 New York Architecture Images- THE FLATIRON BUILDING
First, the building is divided in three parts, the base in rusticated buff limestone with copper-clad windows, the main body of pale-colored bricks and terra-cotta with unusual and gracious undulating oriels, and the capital represented here by arches and columns topped by a heavy projected cornice and a flat balustraded roof.
A. Although its shape is distinctive, the Flatiron Building was not praised for its architecture when it opened in 1902, nor was it advanced in its structural design.
The Flatiron Building's triangular steel frame was also not particularly innovative, although the engineers, Purdy and Henderson, had to allow for greater than average wind bracing because the building was fairly narrow and had less bulk to provide wind resistance.
www.nyc-architecture.com /GRP/GRP024.htm   (1224 words)

 Flatiron Magazine - Feature Story   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The building is thus unique, built not by one wayside alone but by four waysides...
Saltus went on to describe the buildings in Madison Square, which, at the time, was home to hotels, clubs, apartment housing, office buildings, a church and an insurance building — the headquarters of Metropolitan Life.
And just as the building symbolized the new age at the beginning of the 20th century, it is an enduring symbol of strength and innovation as it enters its next century.
www.flatironmag.com /proudlady   (1455 words)

 Flatiron Building, New York City
Flatiron's ornate but restrained facade is composed of stone and terra-cotta panels whose forms simulate the effects of rustication.
The building's triangular plan was a clever response to the awkward site produced by the intersection of Broadway and 5th Avenue.
One of the most famous landmarks of the city, a postcard with this building is a must-have inventory for nearly all city souvenir shops.
www.emporis.com /en/wm/bu/?id=114793   (255 words)

 Flatiron Building   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The Flatiron Building, also called the Fuller Building, stands at 175 Fifth Avenue, at the intersection of 23rd Street, Fifth Avenue and Broadway.
Gawkers used to dawdle in front of the building to watch as the drafts created by the building lifted women's skirts as they passed.
Barely visible to the extreme right is the tower of Sohmer Building at 170 Fifth Avenue (Robert Maynicke, 1898) on the northwest corner of 22nd Street is seen behind it.
www.skyscraper.org /EXHIBITIONS/FAVORITES/fav_flatiron.htm   (377 words)

 Fuller/Flatiron Building   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The building's triangular plan was a clever response to the awkward site produced by the intersection of Broadway and Fifth Avenue.
Its ornate but restrained facade is composed of stone and terra-cotta panels whose forms simulate the effects of rustication.
The building fascinated photographers and was immortalized in the work of Edward Steichen and Alfred Steiglitz.
www.nyu.edu /classes/finearts/nyc/ladies/flatiron.html   (206 words)

 Flatiron Building - Find, Compare, and Buy at Shopping.com
View of Flatiron Building at Sunset, NYC by Walter Bibikow...
The Flatiron Building, Summer, New York City 1948 by Burckhardt, Rudy...
Flatiron Building, First Skyscraper, 5th Avenue by Jeff Greenberg...
www.shopping.com /xGS-Flatiron_Building   (443 words)

 Ladies' Mile: Flatiron Building
Broadway in the 1890s was said to have a "champagne sparkle." "All the world came to to Broadway to shop, to dine, to flirt, to find amusement, and to meet acquaintances," wrote Henry Collins Brown, curator of the Museum of the City of New York.
The Romanesque Revival skyscraper with the extraordinary attic on the northeast corner of 18th Street is the McIntyre Building by R. Robertson, 1890.
When D. Burnham's Flatiron Building was completed in 1902, it was reviewed in Architectural Record as "quite the most notorious thing in New York and attracts more attention than all the other buildings now going up together.
www.preserve2.org /ladiesmile/flatiron.htm   (388 words)

 Flatiron Building - Daniel Burnham - Great Buildings Online
Considered the oldest remaining skyscraper in New York, the Flatiron Building is 285 feet (87 meters) tall.
We appreciate your suggestions for links about Flatiron Building.
Create your own Flatiron Building in live 3D with DesignWorkshop® Classic Home Design for just $79.95!
www.greatbuildings.com /buildings/Flatiron_Building.html   (128 words)

 Flatiron Building
The passage of the railway through the town not only created the triangular shaped block on which the “flatiron” building is the most prominent feature, it also gave vitality to its business sector.
The building opened in 1904 and served as the only financial institution in the area until the construction of the adjacent Union Bank in 1907.
The three-storey “flatiron” building is unique in the Town of Lacombe and the oldest of three such structures built in western Canada.
www.cd.gov.ab.ca /preserving/heritage/pands/images/Flatiron.htm   (297 words)

 TrekEarth | Flatiron building Photo   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The Fuller Building or as it is better known, the Flatiron Building, was one of the tallest buildings in New York City upon its completion in 1902.
The 22-story Flatiron Building, with a height of 285 ft (87 meters), is generally considered the oldest surviving skyscraper in Manhattan, though in fact the older Park Row Building (1899) is several stories taller.
The aerodynamic shape of the building led to a wind-tunnel effect up the streets on which it was situated.
www.trekearth.com /gallery/North_America/United_States/photo397851.htm   (1032 words)

 The Flatiron Building
It was the first brick building to be erected "down on the flat," as most of the business structures formerly had been up on the Mission Santa Cruz Plaza.
The building at the convergence of those two streets is the Flatiron.
The curiously shaped building, which looks like a piece of pie blunted on the point, served as the Santa Cruz County Courthouse for a time, later as a drugstore, and today [1978] as a Chinese Restaurant upstairs and a bakery downstairs.
www.santacruzpl.org /history/arch/flatirn.shtml   (295 words)

 Gooderham Flatiron Building
The Gooderham, or Flatiron, Building at Front and Wellington Streets, was built by George Gooderham in in 1891, predating New York’s more famous Flatiron building by 10 years.
As their fortunes grew the Gooderhams beginning in 1885 started to build worker-cottages on Trinity and Sackville Streets, but continued to live nearby their workers in a house on the north-west corner of Trinity and Mill Streets.
His office was to be on the fifth floor, underneath the cupola.
www.lostrivers.ca /points/gooderhamb.htm   (441 words)

 Flatiron Building
Also called the Fuller Building, it is unique with its triangular shape that splits Broadway and Fifth Avenues at Twenty-Third Street.
A late nineteenth century design approach that was meant to reflect the buildings of Europe's past.
The Flatiorn Building has recently rekindled its fame when the movie Spiderman II used the building as its headquarters for the fictional newspaper The Daily Bugle.
www.historyinphotos.com /Flatiron-Building.htm   (126 words)

Designed by D.H. Burnham and Company, the Fuller Building is an important early skyscraper and a New York City landmark.
Known as the first great steel-framed building, the exterior of the lower three stories is stone, with the remainder clad in terra cotta.
Twenty-one stories high, it is considered the first tall building erected north of city hall.
hdl.loc.gov /loc.mbrsmi/lcmp002.m2b03516   (231 words)

 Google Sightseeing » Post Archive » The Flatiron Building
The Flatiron Building (actually the Fuller Building) is one of New York’s most distinctive sights, and when they finished constructing it in 1902, it was one of the city’s tallest buildings (although 87 metres seems pretty tiny these days).
The Flatiron has been in all sorts of movies including Armageddon, Hitch, Shark Tale and both Spider-Man movies (as the Daily Bugle offices!).
Marcos: the building slightly to the east is actually the empire state, which certainly looks cooler since we last posted it!
googlesightseeing.com /2006/02/16/the-flatiron-building   (344 words)

 Daniel's Manhattan Architecture Web - Flatiron Building   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Sometimes incorrectly thought to have been the first steel skeleton building (dozens of steel framed buildings were built in New York in the 1890’s), the Flatiron is an energetic mix of Gothic and Renaissance styles.
The acutely angled corners give the building an exaggerated and dramatic perspective.
In the over 90 years since its construction the Flatiron’s only problem has been that city grime has settled into the crevices of the terra cotta flowers and Grecian faces decorating the building.
users.commkey.net /daniel/flatiron.htm   (158 words)

 NewYorkFirst.com: Flatiron Building
The Flatiron was the world's tallest building when it was constructed in 1902, and some New Yorkers worried that it would topple over at the notoriously windy corner.
Considered to be the most photographed architectural structure in New York City, the Flatiron was recently featured in the motion pictures “Spiderman” and “Spiderman 2” as the office of the Daily Bugle newspaper.
The 20-inch scaled replica of the Empire State Building is faithfully depicts the majesty of the most famous skyscraper in the world.
www.newyorkfirst.com /gifts/7064.html   (453 words)

 LighthouseFriends.com - Flatiron Building Art
Art and Posters / Places / United States / New York / Flatiron Building
Flatiron Building, Fifth Avenue and 25th Street, Circa 1902
The Flatiron Building, Summer, New York City 1948
www.lighthousefriends.com /lighthouseart/3_6480/about.html   (31 words)

 Gothamist   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
If you had to go back there every day where you know their souls and spirits have to be, I don’t know.
And the Port Authority is supposed to lease Tower 4 (the Maki tower) in the master plan.
Officials continue to tout it as the safest building in the world, and the Daily News' Michael Daly says the FBI and CIA should occupy the top floors.
gothamist.com /archives/2005/04/08/bureacracy_will_probably_keep_illegal_flatiron...   (2500 words)

 Flatiron Building on Flickr - Photo Sharing!
The acute angle of the building causes unusual wind currents at street level, and they used to have to post police to keep guys from gathering to watch the wind lift the skirts of women on 23rd Street.
I work in that low lying building second back in the foreground.
Sign up for a free account, or sign in (if you're already a member).
www.flickr.com /photos/vidiot/52903319   (249 words)

 Flatiron Building Art by Neil Waldman at AllPosters.com
Flatiron Building Art by Neil Waldman at AllPosters.com
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www.allposters.com /-sp/Flatiron-Building_i935765_.htm?aid=37254838   (49 words)

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