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Topic: Flea

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In the News (Wed 17 Jul 19)

  Flea Control Guide
Fleas can be one of the most annoying aspects of owning a pet.
Boric Acid for Fleas - A powder for fleas that you use on your carpet and floors.
Flea Traps - Flea traps are an environmentally safe way to catch fleas using small heat lamps and a glue pad inside.
www.fleascontrol.com   (1118 words)

  F - Flea control
Since we know that the flea lays her eggs on the pet and they fall off, it is obvious that they fall off where the pet goes.
Flea treatment in the yard can be accomplished using one of the yard sprays specifically made for this purpose.
Flea control can be accomplished if you are careful to take a few steps to ensure that your plan works.
www.vetinfo.com /dencyclopedia/defleacontrol.html   (1181 words)

  Flea - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Fleas are external parasites, living by hematophagy off the blood of mammals and birds, and genetic and morphological evidence indicates that they are descendants of the Scorpionfly family Boreidae, which are also flightless; accordingly it is possible that they will eventually be reclassified as a suborder within the Mecoptera.
In most cases, fleas are just a nuisance to their hosts, but some people and some animals suffer allergic reactions to flea saliva resulting in rashes.
Flea "dirt," in the fur of a cat, is actually excess blood (from host) consumed by the adult flea, passed as feces.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Flea   (1755 words)

 Flea (musician) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Flea's style is influenced by Bootsy Collins, funk music and by the energy of early punk rock bands such as Black Flag.
The final two non-regular bass guitars that Flea performs with in the video are a Gibson Flying V in the hair metal band and a Gibson Thunderbird used when he is the bassist in the grunge band.
Flea used this bass to record Californication and subsequently it was his main bass on the Californication tour.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Michael_Balzary   (2582 words)

 Flea - MSN Encarta
Adult fleas, which feed on the blood of their hosts, are surface parasites on the skin of humans and other mammals and, less often, on birds.
Adult fleas, which are slightly more than 0.3 cm (more than 0.1 in) long, have broad, rather flat bodies, short antennae, and piercing and sucking mouth parts; their eyes are either minute or absent.
The dog flea and the cat flea are two of the most common species, both of which are parasites also on human beings, poultry, and livestock.
encarta.msn.com /encnet/refpages/RefArticle.aspx?refid=761568791   (456 words)

 cat flea - Ctenocephalides felis (Bouché)
Cat fleas serve as the intermediate host to an intestinal parasite, the dog tapeworm (Dipylidium caninum), which is transmitted to the pet when a flea carrying a tapeworm cyst is ingested.
Though cat fleas can act as vectors for disease, action is usually taken due to the great annoyance caused by the itching and biting of the fleas, rather than for health purposes.
Flea combs may be used to treat the pet, yet they only remove ten to sixty percent of the fleas.
creatures.ifas.ufl.edu /urban/occas/catflea.htm   (1509 words)

 Fleas, HYG-2081-97
Adult fleas are not only a nuisance to humans and their pets, but can cause medical problems including flea allergy dermatitis (FAD), tapeworms, secondary skin irritations and, in extreme cases, anemia.
Adult fleas are about 1/16 to 1/8-inch long, dark reddish-brown, wingless, hard-bodied (difficult to crush between fingers), have three pairs of legs (hind legs enlarged enabling jumping) and are flattened vertically or side to side (bluegill or sunfish-like) allowing easy movement between the hair, fur or feathers of the host.
Fleas are killed (90 to 100 percent) by ingesting the drug from the body fluids during the first week.
ohioline.osu.edu /hyg-fact/2000/2081.html   (3407 words)

 QFLEA Flea Market, the friendliest virtual flea market online
Click it, or download our flea market vendor information pamphlet and learn how you can become a QFLEA flea market vendor.
Our flea market is a community of 400 vendors working together creating the largest virtual flea market in the world.
Our flea market crafters, soap and candle makers, home-made food folks, gift basketeers, Teddy bear artists, quilters, jewelers, pet suppliers, etc. are the true small business folks of the Internet with the large variety for all!
www.qflea.com   (0 words)

 Welcome to Healthypet.com!
Scratching, scabs and dark specs, or "flea dirt," found on the skin can all be signs that your pet has become the unwitting host for a family of fleas.
You'll need to rid your house of fleas by vacuuming and washing your pet's bedding once a week, and using a disinfectant on washable surfaces and an insecticide or insect growth regulator in cracks and crevices (sometimes foggers are recommended) every two to four weeks.
To assist you with clearing your home of fleas, you may want to consider hiring a professional exterminator (in which case, your veterinarian may be able to recommend one in your area).
www.healthypet.com /library_view.aspx?ID=28&sid=1   (761 words)

 About Fleas - www.flea-info.com
These smaller fleas are newly emerged adults that have remained dormant since the last visit and the presence of the family has stimulated the emergence.
A flea that emerges from the pupael cocoon due to the pressure of the pet stepping on it, can hatch, jump on the pet as it is walking by, and begin feeding in as little as 7 seconds.
Fleas are wingless, but have strongly developed legs that permit them to jump up to 100 times their own body length (8 inches vertically and 15 inches horizontally).
www.flea-info.com /about_fleas/en/life_cycle.shtml   (1816 words)

 Flea Beetles -- UVM Extension Entomology Leaflet 71
For example, the potato flea beetle spreads the causal organism of spindle tuber blight, brown rot, and potato scab, and the corn flea beetle is involved in the spread of Stewart's bacterial wilt of corn.
Some flea beetles common in Vermont whose life cycle varies from this pattern are the spinach flea beetle, which lays its eggs on spinach leaves and whose larvae feed on the under surface of the leaf, and the horseradish and sinuate-striped flea beetles, which also lay their eggs on the foliage.
Anticipate flea beetle infestation of transplants and new seedings and be ready to begin treatments as soon as the flea beetles appear.
www.uvm.edu /extension/publications/el/el71.htm   (834 words)

 HighBeam Encyclopedia - flea
FLEA [flea] common name for any of the small, wingless insects of the order Siphonaptera.
Flea eggs are usually laid in dirt or in the nest of the host; the larvae feed on organic material and the feces of adult fleas.
Water fleas and beach fleas are crustaceans and not closely related to the insects.
www.encyclopedia.com /html/f/flea.asp   (352 words)

 Integrated Flea Control (007)   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Flea bites can be mistaken for a rash; each bite has a small red spot in the center surrounded by a red halo.
Fleas are small, dark brown insects whose bodies are hardened and compressed from side to side.
Flea bites are extremely irritating to the animal; large infestations or extreme sensitivity may result in intense itching and weight loss.
lancaster.unl.edu /enviro/pest/factsheets/007-98.htm   (1643 words)

 Flea Control
Fleas thrive at low altitudes in temperatures ranging from 65° to 80°F. Under these conditions, the flea reproductive cycle can be completed in as little as 16 days.
Even if you inspect your pet regularly for fleas, the only evidence you may find of their presence is "flea dirt." This may be seen on your pet even when you see no fleas.
Using a flea comb daily to remove fleas is not an effective method of flea control since fleas spend only a small amount of time on the pet.
edis.ifas.ufl.edu /BODY_VM048   (2495 words)

 flea   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Flea allergy symptoms tend to be worse around peak times such as Spring and Summer.
If a cat is on a good flea control program, but occasionally still gets bitten and has a flair up, antihistamines, or in severe cases oral steroids, can be used to get the itching under control.
If your cat is diagnosed with having a flea allergy, it is advisable to discuss your cat's flea programme with your veterinarian to ensure that you are taking all the steps possible to avoid future flair ups.
chrissiecats.homestead.com /flea.html   (324 words)

 Flea Beetle
"Flea beetle" is a generic name applied to many species of small jumping beetles commonly seen early in the gardening season.
Flea beetles may be somewhat elongate to oval in shape, and vary in color, pattern, and size.
Corn flea beetles feed between veins on upper leaf surfaces, resulting in a silvery and streaked appearance.
www.oznet.ksu.edu /dp_hfrr/extensn/problems/fleabeet.htm   (438 words)

 Universally Speaking - Red Hot Chili Peppers Fansite
According to MTV.com Flea with be among a bunch of celebrities speaking out on gay marriage in the next issue of The Advocate, which hits the streets this week.
Flea, real name Michael Balzary, was welcomed into the plush Regency Club even though he stuck out like a sore thumb in his garish LA Lakers basketball T-shirt amid the designer-clad 'ladies who lunch'.
Flea, famed for stripping off on stage, is performing a massive gig at Murrayfield Stadium in June and he's invited the professor along as guest of honour.
universallyspeaking.org /mtype/archives/cat_flea.html   (1826 words)

 Dog Owner's Guide: The critters on our critters
Electronic flea traps are sometimes used to attract and kill the pests before they attack the dog, but they do nothing about fleas in the yard or flea eggs or larvae in the house.
Flea collars have mixed results depending on the chemical involved, the size of the dog, and the density of the dog's coat.
Flea droppings will most likely be more obvious than the crafty critters themselves, so run a fine-toothed comb through the dog's hair near his tail and flick any debris into a container of water.
www.canismajor.com /dog/critter.html   (3286 words)

 Flea News 46
Experimental interspecific hybridization in fleas of the genus Nosopsyllus (Siphonaptera: Ceratophyllidae).
Blood-feeding of the gerbil flea Nosopsyllus laeviceps kuzenkovi (Yagubyants), vector of plague in Inner Mongolia, China.
Fleas (Siphonaptera) infesting giant kangaroo rats (Dipodomys ingens) in the Elkhorn and Carrizo Plain, San Luis Obispo County, California.
www.public.iastate.edu /~entomology/FleaNews/FleaNews46.html   (4729 words)

 Hey! A Flea Bit Me!
What a Flea Is A flea is a small (no bigger than the head of a pin) brown bug with a hard shell.
Fleas have tiny claws at the ends of their legs to help them attach to people or other warm-blooded animals and drink their blood.
Flea bites usually occur in groups of three or four bites on the body, and they look like tiny red bumps.
www.kidshealth.org /kid/ill_injure/bugs/flea.html   (355 words)

 Fleas   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Fleas are vertically flat like a fish, and can move easily through the hair of a host.
However, house pets usually maintain small flea populations throughout the winter, with the numbers increasing slowly in the spring and exploding in mid-to-late summer.
INTERESTING FACTS: Fleas are not known to be capable of transmitting infectious diseases in Virginia; however, allergic reactions to flea bites cause the most complaints.
www.ext.vt.edu /departments/entomology/factsheets/fleas.html   (245 words)

 DASB Flea Market, (408) 864-8414
The De Anza Flea Market is held on the First Saturday of every month (rain, shine or holidays) on Campus parking lots A and B from 8 a.m.
The De Anza Flea Market began as a small effort by the students of De Anza College to raise money for the student body over 30 years ago and has grown into an established community event attracting vendors and patrons from throughout the state.
The De Anza Flea Market is still a student enterprise with the De Anza Associated Student Body paying for all of the expenses and gaining approximately $300,000 annually for a variety of programs, services and events at De Anza College.
www.deanza.fhda.edu /fleamarket   (825 words)

 Flea Control - VeterinaryPartner.com - a VIN company!
Fleas are the most common external parasite of companion animals.
Flea control has always been a challenge for veterinarians and pet owners because the adult fleas cause the clinical signs, yet the majority of the flea population (eggs, larvae and pupae) are to be found off the pet in and around the home.
It is most useful as a preventive for flea infestation and in the presence of a flea problem in an allergic pet, other insecticide treatment will be recommended at first.
www.veterinarypartner.com /Content.plx?P=A&S=0&C=0&A=1575   (1450 words)

 The flea life cycle: This is your carpet, Mrs. Jones.
Fleas and butterflies have the same life cycle: adult, egg, caterpillar, cocoon, adult.
The female flea sucks much more blood than she needs for herself, processing nearly all of it into nutrient-rich fecal pellets for her babies to eat.
Protected by this cocoon, the flea is impervious to insecticides and can wait many weeks for a host to come near.
www.placervillevet.com /flea_life_cycle.htm   (304 words)

 Flea with the Red Hot Chilli Peppers   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Flea takes four Modulus Signature Series basses on the road and relies predominately on the “punk-rock bass,”; named for the many stickers that adorn its body.
Flea’s signal then travels to the first of three Gallien-Krueger 2001 RB heads, which are connected in series via the rear-panel chain out and chain in jacks.
Flea is a longtime user of Gallien-Krueger amps, so the rig was in place before Tracy began working with Flea—but Tracy was already familiar with them from previous jobs.
www.musicplayer.com /lounge/setups/flea.htm   (714 words)

 Fleas, Ticks, Worms, and other Parasites of Dogs, Cats, and Other Pets   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Bathing and combing with a flea comb is helpful...but not for serious flea problems...most of the flea population lives off the pet and each surviving flea can lay 100 eggs a day...killing 10 fleas with a comb doesn't make much of a dent.
This new flea product is so good that if you use it monthly you'll get good results right away and even better results after a few months when all the eggs and larvae are finally eliminated.
But not very effective at controlling an established flea problem.  I know there's a certain satisfaction in squishing fleas as you comb them out.  But remember that the adult fleas that you kill represent only the tip of the iceberg...for every adult you kill, there are thousands of larvae and hundreds of thousands of eggs.
animalpetdoctor.homestead.com /Fleas.html   (3295 words)

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