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In the News (Fri 19 Jul 19)

  About Fleet Street!
The Stanford Fleet Street Singers, or "Fleet Street," as we're known to the popular masses of Stanford University, are sixteen men devoted to the professional presentation of pure a cappella.
In the Spring of 1996, Fleet Street reached the finals of the National Championships of Collegiate A Cappella.
Fleet Street's claim to fame is its status as collegiate a cappella's first all-original album: all fifteen tracks composed and arranged by the group!
www.fleetstreet.com /about-fs.html   (529 words)

  Fleet Street - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Fleet Street began as the road from the City of London to the City of Westminster.
The length of Fleet Street marks the expansion of the City in the 14th century.
At the east end of the street is where the river Fleet flowed against the mediæval walls of London; at the west end is the Temple Bar which marks the current city limits, stretched to that point when the land and property of the Knights Templars was acquired.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Fleet_Street   (662 words)

 The Travel Clinic - Welcome to the Fleet Street Travel Clinic home page - Fleet Street Clinic
Welcome to the Fleet Street Travel Clinic home page
The health risks of travel are preventable, but more than 50% of all travellers abroad experience health problems that interfere with the enjoyment or the success of their trip.
The Fleet Street Clinic is one of the foremost independent specialist clinics in the UK.
www.fleetstreetclinic.com /ip1.php?menu=1   (78 words)

 BBC NEWS | UK | Magazine | Farewell, Fleet Street
What in the 1920s was a 30-strong, classical ensemble had diminished into the Fleet Street All Stars, an itinerant trad jazz group featuring the film critic of the Daily Express on clarinet and a Daily Mirror sub-editor on trumpet.
I spent around a quarter of a century in and around Fleet Street; 25 years roaming a film set of a workplace stocked with larger than life characters and larger than average drinks in The Stab in the Back or The Cock Tavern or El Vino.
Reuters' departure allows the completion of the jigsaw puzzle of a new Fleet Street, removing all traces of the thundering industry that made its name synonymous with the twilight world of the press.
news.bbc.co.uk /2/hi/uk_news/magazine/4091172.stm   (1140 words)

 London's Subterranean River Fleet
The history of the Fleet has been described as a decline from a river to a brook, from a brook to a ditch, and from a ditch to a drain.
The mouth of the Fleet was broadened to a standard width of forty feet.
The Fleet, like all the Thames, was an open sewer, and the problem continually got worse as the population grew.
pvdl.best.vwh.net /fleet5.html   (1604 words)

 CNN.com - Last news giant quits Fleet Street - May 24, 2005
Fleet Street will never be the same again as last news giant moves out.
After 66 years at 85 Fleet Street, an iconic building designed by Edwin Lutyens, the company is moving out -- the last major news organization to desert the area of London synonymous with hundreds of years of journalism.
Allan, who started his journalism career on Fleet Street as an office boy for the UK's Press Association and went on to be news editor of the Daily Telegraph, says the street is not what it used to be.
www.cnn.com /2005/WORLD/europe/05/24/uk.fleetstreet   (523 words)

 Contract Hire and Leasing - Fleet Street Ltd
Fleet Street are one of the leading finance brokers in the UK offering all types of funding.
Fleet Street have supplied Prestige Vehicles to both companies a celebrities that are household names in the UK.
Fleet Street have the facilities to offer a range of financial products which have been designed for the individual vehicle user.
www.fleetstreetltd.co.uk   (521 words)

 About PR consultancy Fleet Street Flair
Fleet Street Flair's training courses and coaching put flair, worthy of the best newspaper writing, and clarity, worthy of the Crystal Mark, into your staff's English writing and general communication skills.
Fleet Street Flair also creates information kiosks, your organisation's own internet, that can be used for a variety of purposes from informing about your organisation through e-commerce to replacing receptionists.
Fleet Street Flair uses fellow experts from the fields of copywriting, photography, graphic design, printing, new media and e-commerce to provide a `one stop shop´.
www.fleetstreetflair.co.uk /aboutus.htm   (491 words)

 Reuters says farewell to Fleet Street - Europe - MSNBC.com
LONDON - A London tradition spanning three centuries is ending as Reuters abandons Fleet Street — the longtime home of Britain's scribes — capping a transformation that has seen the entire industry move to cheaper, less-fabled quarters.
The move by Reuters, the last major British news company to call Fleet Street home, closes an era when the booze-fueled reporters of a male-dominated industry would sidle up to local bars with sources, colleagues, and competitors alike.
"Fleet Street as a geographical home of the press is now a deserted village, full of memories everywhere," Canon David Meara said at Wednesday's ceremony to mark the departure in St. Bride's, the traditional journalist's church.
msnbc.msn.com /id/8245836   (525 words)

 Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street -- The Crime Library - The Crime library
The choice of Fleet Street for a barbershop was unusual, for it was not the section of town where barbers normally practiced their craft.
Fleet Street would later be known as the heart of London's famed newspaper community, but when Sweeney Todd rented his shop there in 1785 it was a haven for gin drinkers, harlots and cut-throats.
Fleet Street took its name from the filthy Fleet Ditch, which at one time ran parallel to the street and served as a dumping ground for all sorts of waste and garbage.
www.crimelibrary.com /serial_killers/weird/todd/shop_5.html   (1075 words)

 Don't Quote Me   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-17)
Globe spokesman Rick Gulla told the Phoenix that Fleet executives were consulted, and they raised concerns that some of the information in the ad was "misleading." Yet Bruce Marks, NACA's chief executive, said he wasn't even given a chance to respond (see "This Just In," News and Features, April 21).
Consider, too, that in April 1997, Fleet pulled out of the remaining five months of a six-month advertising contract with the Bay State Banner after the Banner published an article by managing editor Yawu Miller that was critical of Fleet's lending practices in minority neighborhoods.
Fleet is so huge that its $185 billion worth is three times that of the combined worth of its two nearest competitors, Sovereign Bank and Citizens Bank.
www.bostonphoenix.com /archive/features/00/05/04/DON_T_QUOTE_ME.html   (1757 words)

 Guardian Unlimited | Today's issues | Fleet Street
Today the great, the good and the downright dirty gathered in Fleet Street to toast the 300th birthday of the newspaper industry's spiritual home.
Fleet Street's finest followed the lead, taking many of the nation's titles out to the windblown waters of Canary Wharf.
And the mythical pull of Fleet Street continues to draw budding talent from the ranks of the regional press.
www.guardian.co.uk /netnotes/article/0,6729,665703,00.html   (268 words)

 Fleet Street; Pictures and history.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-17)
Named after the river Fleet, which now runs under Farringdon St, Fleet St is associated with news hounds, and its association with printing began in 1500 with pioneer Wynkyn de Worde who printed nearly 800 books from his offices near Shoe Lane.
Throughout the 1500s publishing flourished in the street, and in 1702 the first newspaper was printed.
Until a few years ago the street was dominated by 100s of national and provincial papers.
www.plus44.com /london44/tour/fleetstr.html   (119 words)

 The Hindu : International : A farewell to Fleet Street
LONDON: An era in British newspaper history came to an end on Wednesday when London's Fleet Street, once home to the most famous newspapers, was abandoned by the last of its media tenants as Reuters moved out to its new glass-and-chrome offices in Canary Wharf, east London amid an outpouring of nostalgia.
With the departure of Reuters on Wednesday, the Old Fleet Street is no more — though El Vino's pub, the once-famous haunt of journalists, is still there and on Wednesday some of its one-time regulars were back there to relive the old days.
Journalists, who had worked in Fleet Street — now dotted with banks and finance firms — spent the day swapping tales from an era when they were out and about instead of "sitting in the far corners of London, like battery hens at computer terminals'', as one columnist put it.
www.hindu.com /2005/06/16/stories/2005061603621500.htm   (366 words)

 Fleet Street, London EC4: tourist information from TourUK
Fleet Street is named after the Fleet River, one of the many rivers that now flow beneath London's streets to the Thames.
Fleet Street soon became the haunt of many important literary figures.
Fleet Street remained the centre of London's publishing industry until the late-20th century.
www.touruk.co.uk /london_streets/fleet_street1.htm   (485 words)

 The Stanford Fleet Street Singers!
Fleet Street is having its annual Spring Show on May 27th at 7:30 PM in Dinkelspiel Auditorium.
Between March 27th and April 2nd, Fleet Street will be on a grand tour of the East Coast.
Fleet Street made a second appearance on Dr. Demento's nationally syndicated radio show with the original song Life off our new album, Fleet Street.
www.fleetstreet.com   (190 words)

 Fleet - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Fleet, a village in Dorset, England, sited on The Fleet, a lagoon
the River Fleet, a subterranean river in London, England
Gatehouse of Fleet a small town in Dumfries and Galloway, lying on the Water of Fleet
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Fleet   (161 words)

 Oxford Teachers Club | Fleet Street   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-17)
Fleet Street, located between the City of London (the centre of financial power) and Westminster (the centre of political power), was occupied by British newspaper offices until the 1980s, when new developments in printing technology made a move to other parts of London necessary.
As well as being the location of newspaper offices, Fleet Street was also the centre of the journalistic community, and for this reason is missed by many reporters and writers, who are now spread out over London.
Fleet Street is one of the thousands of cultural references in the seventh edition of the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary, where you will find information about other famous streets, including Harley Street, Whitehall, Wall Street, Madison Avenue and Tin Pan Alley.
www.oup.com /elt/catalogue/teachersites/oald7/wotm/wotm_archive/fleet_street?cc=gb   (373 words)

 Saint Bride Fleet Street, City of London - Combs &c.
St Bride Fleet Street (0.87 miles northwest of city centre) was destroyed by the Great Fire of 1666, was rebuilt, gutted during WWII, and rebuilt again.
Bridwell Chapel was united to St Bride Fleet Street in 1864.* Holy Trinity Gough Square was united to St Bride in 1906.** Parish records are in the Guildhall Library: baptisms, 1587-1672, 1673-1939 and 1952; marriages, 1587-1666 and 1675-1969; banns, 1735-1825 and 1850-1908; marriage licenses, 1869-72 and 1883-1907; and burials 1587-1672 and 1673-1854.
Pre-1842 registration for the inhabitants of this precinct are found in the registers of St Bride Fleet Street and St Dunstan in the West.
www.combs-families.org /combs/records/england/lnd/stbridefleetst.htm   (1049 words)

 Guardian Unlimited Books | Review | Christopher Hitchens: Fleet Street's finest
Frayn re-summons the tones of old Fleet Street into this laboratory of shame, when the questing researcher Goldwasser is brusquely accosted by his vile assistant Nobbs: " 'Do you prefer a female corpse to be naked, or to be clad in underclothes?' he repeated to Goldwasser.
Probably nothing is as boring as the reminiscences of an old Fleet Street hand, but I shall have to say that I pity those now in the trade who won't remember the atmosphere of that little enclave between Ludgate Circus and the Strand, with its byways and courts and alleys.
In any case, the literature of old Fleet Street was to a very considerable extent written by journalists and for journalists.
books.guardian.co.uk /review/story/0,12084,1655516,00.html   (3139 words)

 Pepys' Diary: Fleet Street
Fleet Street was named for the River Fleet and later became synonymous for the British Press itself.
And the peck of coals that the Queen of Dullness offers for the losers is due probably to the fact that coal-barges came up the Fleet in Pope’s day, and folks went bobbing for clinkers in Fleet-Ditch.
The conduit in Fleet street:According to Eliza Picard “Elizabeths London”; The Conduit here, was an elaborate one fed by water piped from Paddington via Tyburne and Marylebone.
www.pepysdiary.com /p/127.php   (506 words)

 AM - Fleet Street ends its days as journalism hub
His company is credited with sparking the beginning of the end for Fleet Street.
KELVIN MCKENZIE: Fleet Street was a river of alcohol.
RAFAEL EPSTEIN: When Rupert Murdoch took his printing presses away from Fleet Street in the 1980s, it was the beginning of the end, especially for the printing unions.
www.abc.net.au /am/content/2005/s1395235.htm   (698 words)

 London Sights / Attractions
With origins dating back to 1179, (when Pope Alexander III instructed the Benedictine monks of Westminster Abbey to provide a charity school in the area), the church dependant school managed to survive the religious upheaval caused by Henry VIII's dissolution of the monasteries, eventually being awarded royal patronage by his daughter, Elizabeth I in 1560.
In 1702, London's first daily newspaper The Courant was issued from Fleet Street, which in turn, spawned a trend that led to all the major national newspapers setting up offices and presses in the area.
As well as being the former base for many London newspapers, Fleet Street is also home to 'urban legend' Sweeney Todd (who is said to have set up a barbers shop just a short walk away from the Royal Courts of Justice).
www.talkingcities.co.uk /london_pages/sights_alpha3.htm   (1795 words)

 Fleet Street Publications - Independent investment advice from the UK’s largest financial newsletter publisher buying ...
Since 1938 The Fleet Street Letter has been looking at events behind the news and predicting their effect on the markets.
With 62 years experience of looking at stocks and shares, The Fleet Street Letter has developed the knack of anticipating peaks and troughs.
Fleet Street Publications Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority
www.fleetstreetpublications.co.uk   (361 words)

 RARB Review of Fleet Street Singers - Fearless
The Fleet Street guys are geeks — always have been, likely will continue to be so.
Other than the hidden track, which is a waste of even wasted disc space, Fleet Street falls a little short on editing.
Next year, perhaps, Fleet Street will hit an emotional age and stride to match their already-apparent musical acumen.
www.rarb.org /reviews/248.html   (870 words)

 Victorian London - Districts - Streets - Fleet Street
Victorian London - Districts - Streets - Fleet Street
The figure of Atlas a little further on calls attention to the office of the World, and in the same court, which leads to St. Brides church, Mr.
Fleet Street terminates at Ludgate Circus, and the beginning of Ludgate Hill is crossed by the bridge of the London, Chatham and Dover Railway; while the slender spire of St. Martin's brings into relief, the dimensions of the mighty dome of St. Paul's Cathedral.
www.victorianlondon.org /districts/fleetstreet.htm   (529 words)

 The Fleet Sheet - politics and business news in the Czech Republic
The Fleet Sheet is a daily English-language news bulletin devoted to the business and political activities in the Czech Republic.
The Fleet Sheet Archives contain all of the extracts that have appeared in the Fleet Sheet bulletin since its inception in 1992, plus additional articles from the Czech press concerning domestic business and politics.
Every attempt has been made to use only reliable sources in the compilation of the Fleet Sheet daily bulletin and the Fleet Sheet Archives.
www.fleet.cz   (185 words)

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