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Topic: Fleet ocean tug

  Reference.com/Encyclopedia/Abnaki class fleet ocean tug
The Abnaki class is a class of United States Navy fleet ocean tugs which began construction in November of 1942.
The class is comprised of 22 ocean going tugboats.
The ships were constructed in response to the needs of World War II, but members of the class served in the Korean War and Vietnam War as well.
www.reference.com /browse/wiki/Abnaki_class_fleet_ocean_tug   (426 words)

  All Wood Wings: ATF-166 Powhatan Class Fleet Ocean Tugs - quality ship models crafted from wood
The seven ships of the Powhatan Class of Fleet Ocean Tugs are operated by Military Sealift Command and provide the US Navy with towing service and assist in the recovery of downed aircraft and ships.
Fleet tugs are used to tow ships, barges, and targets for gunnery exercises.
USNS Apache (T-ATF 172) was the last of the Powhatan Class of ocean tugs delivered to the Navy in 1981.
www.allwoodwings.com /Ships/Military/Auxiliary/ATF-166,PowhatanFleetOceanTug.htm   (337 words)

  Navy League of the United States - Citizens in Support of the Sea Services
Apart from underwater construction divers, fleet divers are the only ones to use surface-supplied diving systems that provide air to the diver through a hose reaching back to the diving platform on the surface.
A detachment of divers from MDSU-2, deployed aboard the fleet ocean tug USNS Mohawk--then at sea near Bari, Italy--also responded to the scene.
The fleet ocean tug USNS Catawba towed the Cole out of Aden's harbor on 29 October to deeper waters approximately 23 miles off the coast of Yemen.
www.navyleague.org /sea_power/aug_02_13.php   (2537 words)

  Tugboat - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A tugboat, or tug, is a boat used to manoeuvre, primarily by towing or pushing other vessels (see shipping) in harbours, over the open sea or through rivers and canals.
The so-called carousel tug comprises of a design wherein the flexibility and effectiveness of the tugboat's manoeuvres is determined not by the propulsion system, but by a steel construction on deck, consisting of two steel rings.
Therefore, the "notch tugs" are usually built with a towing winch for use under such conditions, thereby entering the first category under certain conditions.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Tugboat   (647 words)

 T-ATF 166 Powhatan Fleet Ocean Tugs
Fleet Ocean Tugs are operated by Military Sealift Command and provide the US Navy with towing service, and when augmented by Navy divers, assist in the recovery of downed aircraft and ships.
The study concluded that due to technical limitations, the use of commercial ocean tugs to meet the Navy’s peacetime requirements was not feasible, although the least costly.
Under this plan, all old tugs would be retired as soon as possible, additional capability needed for peacetime be obtained by commercial spot charter, and a greater wartime reliance on ocean tug resources from private industry would result.
www.globalsecurity.org /military/systems/ship/tatf-166.htm   (1190 words)

 JoTiKa Ltd. ~ Mini Fleet Page 1, Westbourne, Ocean Crest, Fifie.
of Birkenhead for the Port of London Authority and used as a tender with the dredger fleet.
In deference to the Scottish fishermen this was reduced to 75ft., the Scottish fishing industry were of the opinion that this size would be of most use on the East coast.
MFV 1219 - Ocean Crest was built by Richard Irvin at Peterhead in 1945 and was based on the Clyde until sold out of service in 1971, becoming the Wexford registered WD33, the name was later changed to Ocean Pearl.
www.jotika-ltd.com /Pages/1024768/Mini_Front.htm   (495 words)

 USS Atakapas
The fleet ocean tug (ATF-149) was laid down on 17 February 1944 at Charleston, S.C., by the Charleston Shipbuilding and Drydock Co.; launched on 11 July 1944; sponsored by Mrs.
The tug returned to Pearl Harbor on 23 April for repairs before heading for the United States late in May. She transited the Panama Canal on 14 June and reached Jacksonville, Fla., on the 25th.
The tug got underway in October to return to the United States, but was diverted en route to escort an LST to Bermuda and thence to Norfolk.
www.multied.com /navy/Tug/Atakapa.html   (1615 words)

 The US Navy -- Fact File
Four ocean-going tugs are operated by Military Sealift Command and provide the U.S. Navy with towing service, and when augmented by Navy divers, assist in the recovery of downed aircraft and ships.
Fleet tugs are used to tow ships, barges and targets for gunnery exercises.
USNS Apache (T-ATF 172) is the last of the Powhatan-class of ocean tugs.
www.navy.mil /navydata/fact_display.asp?cid=4400&tid=700&ct=4   (229 words)

New Canaan-based Moran Towing Corp. is expanding its fleet by signing a contract with an East Boothbay, Maine, shipyard for the construction of six new tug boats from 2007 to 2009.
The new tugs will be assigned to company port locations at the New York; Jacksonville, Fla; Norfolk, Va., and Charleston, S.C., harbors and at an unspecified port in Texas.
Integrated tug barges are essential carriers of petroleum products along the U.S. coasts, and they also play a role in off-loading or lightering oil from ocean-going tankers, said Xavier Cronin, senior editor in the oil division of Platt's Oilgram News, a unit of The McGraw-Hill Cos.
www.morantug.com /news_1006.asp   (547 words)

 USS Apache AT-67
On 13 January, the tug steamed to the aid of Salamaua (CVE-96) and shepherded that kamikaze-damaged escort carrier to Leyte.
Although the tug's home port was changed to San Diego in January 1956, she remained in the western Pacific (WestPac) through the end of the decade, serving as a tow ship and occasionally taking part in search and rescue missions.
The tug arrived back in San Francisco on 18 July and, two days later, got underway for Hawaiian waters to resume Operation "Teleprobe." The operation was successfully completed on 30 July, and Apache arrived back in home port on 8 August for more local operations.
www.multied.com /Navy/Tug/ApacheAT67.html   (1746 words)

 USS Pakana (ATF-108) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
USS Pakana (AT–108) was an Abnaki-class of fleet ocean tug.
She returned to San Diego and operated locally until October 1947 when she was assigned to the Pacific Reserve Fleet.
She was retained for temporary duty by Service Force, Pacific Fleet until 9 December 1947, when she was ordered to San Diego for inactivation.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/USS_Pakana   (863 words)

 The History of The USS Tawakoni
On the 6th, as the tug was preparing to get underway to assist Bush (DD-529), approximately 50 miles off Okinawa and badly damaged by suicide planes, a kamikaze attack began.
The tug made a quick turn to avoid the first kamikaze, which crossed the bridge and splashed about 50 feet off the port bow.
The tug remained in Chinese waters until 1 December 1947 when she headed for Guam and arrived at Apra Harbor on 1 January 1948.
www.navyhistory.com /aircrafttenders/tawakoni.html   (976 words)

 USCGC Tamaroa Sister Ships - USCGC Ute, WMEC-76
The tug passed a line to the stricken vessel and pulled her out of danger to a position near the beach where she could unload her vital cargo.
There, the fleet tug was assigned to the logistics support group of TG 50.8 to service the main striking force of the 5th Fleet with oil and provisions while underway and thus enable the Fleet to stay at sea nearly continuously to support the Iwo Jima campaign.
However, the valiant fleet tug bore a charmed life, for she was able to maneuver safely out of gun range on every occasion, and her crew suffered no casualties.
www.tamaroa.org /sisters/ute   (5249 words)

The auxiliary ocean tug operated with the Pacific Fleet through the end of hostilities, performing services at locales ranging from Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, to the Marshall Islands.
On 9 September 1955, the tug was transferred to the Marianas.
During this deployment, the ocean tug supported scientific operations in addition to her more routine duties.
www.history.navy.mil /danfs/w2/wandank-ii.htm   (932 words)

Foss operates one of the largest and most advanced fleets of tugs and barges in North America, with over 90 tugs and 95 barges and continues to grow.
Foss provides ocean tugs up to 8,200 horsepower and tractor tugs up to 8,000 horsepower; and we are committed to continue to build high horsepower tractor tugs and ocean tugs to meet growing customer requirements.
We also operate an expansive fleet of barges, including deck barges, commodities barges, dredging units, petroleum barges, crane barges, and rail barges.
www.foss.com /equipment_fleet.html   (154 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The tug was on scene along with other units of the 5th Fleet to assist with the Bahraini-led search effort.
The fleet ocean tug was underway within minutes after its initial tasking and brought along several explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) and SEAL divers.
Because of the tug's shallow draft, it was able to drop anchor near the crash site and was designated the on-scene command unit for the 5th Fleet.
www.chinfo.navy.mil /navpalib/news/navnews/nns00/nns00037.txt   (2294 words)

 USS Takelma ATF 113 - US Navy - Korean War Project
After her shakedown, the fleet ocean tug operated along the California coast until 16 December when she sailed for Hawaii.
Officers and men of the salvage vessels USS Safeguard and USS Grasp and the fleet tug USS Takelma were praised by Admiral Robert B. Carney, the Navy's Chief of Operations, for succeeding in a month-long struggle to refloat the merchantman SS San Mateo Victory.
The fleet tug Takelma arrived on the scene to take over the towline in preparation for the "big pull." But the elements were still on the winning side.
www.koreanwar.org /html/units/navy/uss_takelma.htm   (1800 words)

 Transportation Institute Maritime Glossary
These barges are loaded with cargo, often at a variety of locations, towed to the ocean ship, sometimes referred to as the mother ship, and lifted or, in some cases, floated on board.
Tugs have powerful diesel engines and are essential to docks and ports to maneuver large ships into their berths.
Pusher tugs are also used to push enormous trains of barges on the rivers and inland waterways of the U.S. Oceangoing salvage tugs provide assistance to ships in distress and engage in such work as towing drilling rigs and oil production platforms.
www.trans-inst.org /seawords.htm   (13796 words)

 MaritimeDigital Archive Encyclopedia - Home > 002d Harbour vessels > Tugs - Harbour tugs > American vessels > Rolph ...
She was assigned to Patrol Force, Atlantic Fleet, and sailed from New London 25 April to escort a convoy of submarine chasers to the Azores.
The Undaunted (SP-1950)—a tug built in 1917 at San Francisco, Calif., by the Union Iron Works— was acquired by the Navy from the Rolph Navigation and Coal Co. on 14 November 1917 at San Francisco; fitted out as a tug at the Mare Island Navy Yard; and commissioned on 5 February 1918.
On 15 May 1944, a mass redesignation of tugs occurred, and Undaunted was reclassifled an old ocean tug with the designation ATO-58.
www.ibiblio.org /maritime/media/index.php?cat=1384   (842 words)

The third Sonoma, an auxiliary ocean tug, was laid down on 9 December 1943 by the Levingston Shipbuilding Co., Orange, Tex., as the rescue tug, ATR-102; launched on 29 January 1944; reclassified an auxiliary ocean tug, ATA-175, on 13 April 1944; and commissioned on 3 August 1944.
On 25 and 26 October, the tug participated in the salvage of SS Ralph W. Emerson which had run aground on a mud shoal in Davao Gulf off Mindanao.
On 7 June, she joined the 19th Fleet at Columbia River, Wash.; and, on 8 November, she was placed out of commission.
www.history.navy.mil /danfs/s15/sonoma-iii.htm   (534 words)

 Navy Tug Collaborates with Bulgarian Navy
Varna, Bulgaria - U.S. Navy fleet ocean tug USNS Apache (T-ATF 172) arrived in Varna, Bulgaria, May 29, to participate in a dive exercise with Bulgarian naval forces.
During Apache’s visit, Sailors from the ship’s embarked Mobile Diving and Salvage Unit 2 will be collaborating with Bulgarian naval dive unit personnel on a series of familiarization dives designed to exercise various dive tools and techniques and to encourage their adaptability working in a joint environment.
MSC operates the U.S. Navy’s fleet of noncombatant, civilian-crewed ships that deliver combat equipment to troops, resupply Navy ships at sea, chart the ocean floor and perform a variety of other missions for the Department of Defense.
www.military.com /features/0,15240,99411,00.html   (298 words)

 Pere Marquette 41 and tug Undaunted, City of Midland 41
She was then reclassified as an Auxiliary Ocean tug ATA 199 and commissioned in 1944.
The tug's crew was forced to execute emergency breakaway procedures, releasing the barge from the tug.
With the loss of her unloading equipment, the tug and barge were idle at Ludington for the balance of the 2000 season, and sat out all of 2001.
www.boatnerd.com /pictures/fleet/peremarquette41.htm   (1519 words)

 107: Operations fundamentals
One major type of oceangoing tug, maybe used in an emergency and to a limited extent, perform all these operations.
In addition to hauling and towing, fleet tugs may be called on to patrol certain areas, lay smoke screens, and pull landing craft off beaches.
Fleet ballistic missile submarines (SSBNs) deliver ballistic missile attacks against assigned targets from either a submerged or surfaced condition.
members.tripod.com /~Motomom/107esws   (9445 words)

 CNN - Key evidence being scrutinized in Alaska Airlines crash - February 4, 2000
Investigators were to begin on Friday to analyze the MD-83 jetliner's flight data recorder, which was recovered from the ocean floor by the Navy on Thursday.
It was found floating among the debris in the ocean.
Investigators said the ocean bottom appeared to be hard-packed sand with no silt being blown up by the ROVs.
edition.cnn.com /2000/US/02/04/alaska.airlines.02   (1449 words)

 Group Ocean -
These 5 divisions work with a fleet of 17 tug boats, 2 of which are fully automated, ultra-modern Z-Drive propulsion type tugs.
The remainder of the tug fleet is made of conventional tugs, among which 3 have been fully automated.
A brand new tug boat, presently under construction, will be commissioned in the port of Québec in the Fall of 2005.
en.groupocean.com /info/Harbour_Towing_Operations   (180 words)

 ATF Fleet Ocean Tug
The only tug to accompany the vast invasion fleet across the Atlantic to French Morocco, Cherokee served well off the beaches during their assault 8 through 11 November, and on 11 and 12 November, aided two of the destroyers torpedoed by enemy aircraft.
The tug remained in North African waters to care for the many ships concentrating there with men and supplies until 31 March 1943.
After overhaul, she reported at Bermuda 20 June to provide tug, towing, and salvage services to the escort vessels and submarines conducting training there.
www.battlefleetmodels.com /id43.html   (473 words)

 Lipan, 1980
Transferring to Guadalcanal 6 December, Lipan was redesignated ATF-85 (fleet ocean tug) on 13 April and operated in the Solomons during the first half of 1944.
The tug arrived Yokosuka 15 July and shoved off that afternoon to deliver mail and medical supplies to TF 90 in Korean waters.
She was acquired by the Coast Guard in Fiscal Year 1981 due to concerns of not having enough cutters in the 7th District to interdict the large number of illegal immigrants attempting to make it to Florida and the rise in narcotics smuggling.
www.uscg.mil /hq/g-cp/history/WEBCUTTERS/Lipan_1980.html   (1360 words)

 Military Sealift Command Ships
Naval Fleet Auxiliary Force (33 ships) -- day-to-day supplies for the Navy including Underway Replenishment Oilers, Combat Stores ships, Ammunition ships, and Ocean-going tugs.
Divided into 3 categories: Combat Prepositioning Force for the Army; Maritime Prepositioning Force for the Marine Corps; Logistics Prepositioning Ships for the Navy, Defense Logistics Agency, and Air Force.
Sealift Ships (26 ships) -- Ocean Transportation for U.S. Government includes chartered tankers, 12 chartered cargo ships.
www.usmm.org /msts/mscships.html   (379 words)

 Navy Tug Rescues Liberian Fishermen
Apache is one of Military Sealift Command’s four fleet ocean tugs that provide towing, diving platforms and other services to Navy combatant ships at sea.
Apache is currently on a six-month deployment with the U.S. 6th Fleet in the Mediterranean.
MSC operates not only the Naval Fleet Auxiliary Force, but also 86 other civilian-crewed ships that chart ocean bottoms, conduct undersea surveillance, strategically preposition combat cargo at sea around the world and move military equipment and supplies used by deployed U.S. forces.
www.news.navy.mil /search/display.asp?story_id=25148   (588 words)

Transferring to Guadalcanal 6 December, Lipan was redesignated ATF-85 (fleet ocean tug) on 13 April and operated in the Solomons during the first half of 1944.
While Lipan was on route 30 September a typhoon with 50-foot seas and winds over 100 knots battered the tug with 55-degree rolls, snapping the tow, and starting a fire which destroyed the propulsion panel and the lower motor room.
Based at Pearl Harbor from 1954 on, the tug has continued to meet the towing and salvage needs of the Pacific Fleet from the west coast to the western Pacific.
home.comcast.net /~jlp44/atf85.htm   (633 words)

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