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Topic: Flight 629

  United Airlines Flight 629 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
United Airlines Flight 629 was scheduled to fly from Stapleton Airport in Denver, Colorado to Portland, Oregon.
On the flight of November 1, 1955 a bomb exploded, killing all 44 people on board.
Other crashes caused by bombs were flight 967, a National DC-7B, over the Gulf of Mexico on November 16, 1959; flight 2511, a National Airlines DC-6B, over North Carolina on January 6, 1960; and Continental Airlines Flight 11 which blew up over Unionville, Missouri on May 22, 1962, killing 45.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/United_Airlines_Flight_629   (380 words)

 Jack Gilbert Graham - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Flight 629 was utilizing a Douglas DC-6B airliner that took off from Denver, Colorado's Stapleton Airport, bound for Portland, Oregon, on the evening of November 1, 1955.
Daisie King, was a passenger on board the plane and was traveling to Alaska to visit a daughter.
Jack Gilbert Graham was executed by lethal gas in the Colorado State Penitentiary gas chamber on January 11, 1957.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Jack_Gilbert_Graham   (343 words)

 Final Flight of 64-0629
She'd been neglected on the North ramp for months and was pieced together just enough to get her to Davis-Monthan in Arizona where she'll bake in the sun and endure the wind until she is reduced to the bare minerals she was born of.
629 was loaded with 55,000 pounds of jet fuel and she faced into the wind and throttled-up for her last takeoff.
In-flight, I walked through the empty cargo compartment wishing her walls could talk.
www.choxnpinz.com /141starlifter/629/629.html   (903 words)

 629 GOLF - Russian and Soviet Nuclear Forces
The construction of submarines of the project 629 was begun in 1957 at Severodvinsk and Komsomol Na Amur.
The 629 SSBNs of the Northern fleet were organized in the 16th Division that was based in the Olyenya port.
The 629 submarines that served in the 29th submarine division of the Pacific Fleet were first based on Kamchatka and later on in the Pavlovsk bay.
www.globalsecurity.org /wmd/world/russia/629.htm   (1045 words)

 cbs4denver.com - Bombed Colorado Flight Remembered 50 Years Later
FBI agents ultimately arrested John Gilbert Graham, the 23-year-old son of Flight 629 passenger Daisie King, saying the Denver resident planted a homemade bomb in King's luggage to collect on a life insurance plan he had purchased in her name.
Most of the 44 people on Flight 629 lay somewhere in the fields where the Hopps grew sugar beets and alfalfa.
Flight 629 had left New York earlier that afternoon, stopped in Chicago and arrived in Denver at 6:11 p.m., slightly behind schedule.
cbs4denver.com /local/local_story_307112316.html   (1880 words)

 International Flight Information Manual (Lesotho)
International airports specified in the flight plan to which a flight may proceed when it becomes inadvisable to land at the airport of intended landing.
Nonscheduled commercial and charter flights landing for commercial purposes must obtain permission from the Director of Civil Aviation P.O. Box 629, Maseru, Lesotho (Telegraphic Address: CVLAIR MASERU; Telex: 4321 CVLAIR LO) at least 48 hours prior to the day for which the flight is planned.
If an operator wishes to perform regular nonscheduled flights or a series of flights or a series of nonscheduled flights into Lesotho, an application must be made in writing to the Director of Civil Aviation.
www.faa.gov /ats/aat/IFIM/ifimlsai.htm   (330 words)

 River Falls Public Library - Featured Books of the Month
The story of flight the earliest rickety biplanes used during the early days of flying to the advent of the Boeing 747 in the late 1960’s.
The flight was a tribute to their father, an ex-barnstormer who had lost his leg in a crash.
Describes the celebrated 1927 New York to Paris flight of Charles A. Lindbergh, which was the first transatlantic solo flight in history, as well as the first non-stop flight between the two cities.
www.rfcity.org /library/kids/aviation.html   (491 words)

 History of Flight   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-20)
One area of technology in particular—aviation—has been emblematic of 20th century advancement; the century’s dawn saw the birth of heavier-than-air powered flight, while the close of the age is a time of space flight and next-generation jet propulsion.
Flight Engineer Auburn Calloway knew his career was about to end.
The Flight of the Enola Gay (1 msgs)
www.suite101.com /welcome.cfm/history_of_flight   (508 words)

 Flight delay frustrates Sri Lankans
The Indian Airlines flight IC 629, supposed to leave Mumbai at 1940 hours IST, was delayed by two hours and took off only at 2140 hours, leaving the visitors frustrated, with nothing to do inside the terminal building of the airport.
Also troubled by the flight delay were hundreds of others passengers, traveling by Indian Airlines, as all the evening flights to other destinations were also delayed by an hour or two.
First, the shocking loss to a depleted Mumbai Cricket Association President's XI in a warm-up match on Saturday, and now this long flight dela; it seems Mumbai will be an experience the visitors may want to forget in a hurry.
www.rediff.com /cricket/2005/oct/24lanka.htm   (347 words)

 IA curtails flights on I-Day
Flight IC 105 and IC 109 on the Mumbai-Bangalore sector have been clubbed: it will leave Mumbai at 10.55 am and reach Bangalore at 12.25 pm.
Flight IC 629 on Mumbai-Nagpur sector will leave Mumbai at 8.15 pm instead of 6.45 pm, and reach Nagpur at 9.30 pm.Alliance Air flight CD 149 on the Mumbai-Bhuj sector has been combined with flight CD 635 which will operate on the Mumbai-Bhuj-Bhavnagar-Mumbai route, leaving Mumbai at 1.00 pm.
Flights IC 610/609 on the Bangalore-Mumbai-Bangalore route and flights CD 444/443 on theMumbai-Delhi-Mumbai sector have been cancelled for the day.From August 16, the airlines will revert to its normal flight schedule.
www.expressindia.com /ie/daily/19980814/22650814.html   (205 words)

 All About Flight   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-20)
construction, feathers and flight, the adaptation of beaks and feet, feeding
the mechanics of flight by such objects as airplanes, balloons, and kites.
Flight Motion Study," which was the first student experiment ever to fly
www.dekalb.k12.ga.us /~shamrock/reading/allaboutflight.html   (1102 words)

 X-29 EC85-33297-23: X-29 in Flight from Above
During its flight history, the X-29 aircraft flew 422 research missions and a total of 436 missions.
Sixty of the research flights were part of the X-29 follow-on "vortex control" phase.
Phase 1 also demonstrated that the aeroelastic tailored wing prevented structural divergence of the wing within the flight envelope, and that the control laws and control-surface effectiveness were adequate to provide artificial stability for an otherwise unstable aircraft.
www.dfrc.nasa.gov /gallery/photo/X-29/HTML/EC85-33297-23.html   (728 words)

 The Anniston Star - Doomed Journey
A Munford airman was among the victims in 1955 of a commercial airlines bombing that is considered the first act of sabotage on a commercial domestic flight in the United States.
Security budgets and layouts have increased significantly since Flight 629’s doomed journey, but Andrew Field, author of the recently published Mainliner Denver: The Bombing of Flight 629, says airport security still is woefully inadequate.
United Airlines Flight 629, bound for Portland, Ore., was scheduled to leave Denver at 6:29 p.m.
www.dailyhome.com /news/2005/as-talladega-1111-blyman-5k10t2228.htm   (1084 words)

 Southern Wings News Page   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-20)
John has been recognized by the FAA as being an outstanding aviator and is a former Designated Pilot Examiner with responsibilities of screening all pilot applicants and judging their proficiencies for initial and additional ratings.
Hal is an FAA designated safety counselor for the San Antonio Flight Standards District Office and is the manager of Southern Wings Inc, as well as the President of the Southwest Aviation Trade Symposium.
Hal learned to fly at Southern Wings Flight Training Center over 10 years ago while on active duty with the United States Air Force assigned to Wilford Hall Medical Center as an Executive Support Protocol Specialist and was the primary driver for Major Generals Carlton and Anderson.
www.nbtx.com /southernwings/news.htm   (367 words)

 Rothman calls for probe of airline, Record, March 6, 2001
Indigo, a Chicago-based airline that operates scheduled flights between Teterboro and Chicago, has been at the airport since August, running flights up to four times a day each way.
Flights on Indigo can be booked on the Internet or through a travel agent.
Rothman has been in the forefront of complaints regarding the tiny airport, saying that noise generated by the large volume of corporate jets negatively impacts the lives of nearby residents.
www.teterboro-online.com /airport/air/teb32.shtml   (511 words)

 Pegasus EC94-42690-7: Pegasus Mated under Wing of B-52 Mothership - Close-up
Langley Research Center, Hampton, Virginia, was responsible for the design of the aerodynamic glove as well as development of sensor and instrumentation systems for the glove.
Orbital Sciences Corporation, Dulles, Virginia, is the manufacturer of the Pegasus vehicle, while Vandenberg Air Force Base served as a pre-launch assembly facility for the launch that included the PHYSX experiment.
The vehicle was also used to develop hypersonic flight instrumentation and test techniques.
www.dfrc.nasa.gov /gallery/Photo/Pegasus/HTML/EC94-42690-7.html   (545 words)

 Press Releases | About Little Rock National Airport
The airline upgraded one Memphis flight to the larger aircraft on October 31.
The larger Airbus aircraft will operate on the flight every day except Saturday when the flight will be operated with a 100-seat DC-9.
The second Airbus operates as Flight 629 which departs Memphis at 10 a.m.
lrn-airport.com /about/press_releases_archive.asp?ID=57   (176 words)

 USATODAY.com - Runway safety system has pilots seeing red   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-20)
GRAPEVINE, Texas — As American Airlines Flight 629 rolled slowly onto the runway for departure one recent morning, it entered one of aviation's most dangerous places.
As Flight 629 waited for takeoff clearance from controllers, a brilliant string of red lights embedded in the runway lit up because two other jets were crossing further down the runway.
If there was any misunderstanding, the red lights made it clear that Flight 629 did not yet have permission to take off.
www.usatoday.com /tech/news/techinnovations/2006-04-23-runway-safety-system_x.htm   (948 words)

 FSDome.com - Aviation & FlightSim Link Directory - Training :: Pilot Schools :: North America :: United States :: ...
San Diego based flight instruction company offering all levels of instruction and fly for free guarantee.
A flight school in San Diego California offering private pilot training, instrument rating, commercial pilot, and flight instructor training.
Flight and ground training for private, instrument, commercial, single, multi engine, flight instructor cfi, cfii and mei needs.
www.fsdome.com /linkdirectory/links/Training/Pilot_Schools/North_America/United_States/California/index.html   (297 words)

 St. Charles Public Library - Adult Booklist: 100 Years of Flight
View the Wrights’ flight logs from 1900-1918, short biographies, and a chronology of the attempts at the first flight.
Wright Brothers Aeroplane Co. A very comprehensive overview of the the flight, the brothers’ experiments, images of the equipment, and music from that era.
View a video clip of a 1908 flight by Wilbur, take a quiz testing your aviation knowledge, and see a historic Time magazine front cover.
www.st-charles.lib.il.us /arl/booklists/flight.htm   (532 words)

 subject   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-20)
From flights of fancy to flights of commerce
Air Force One Flight II: The plane and the presidents
Battle of the skies, Useless for the purposes of war the
www.au.af.mil /au/aul/multi/page2.htm   (62 words)

 Wright Brothers Collection, Rare Books
First Flight: The Story of Orville and Wilbur Wright at Kitty Hawk, North Caroline, Pavillion Press, Westport, Conn., 1962.
Gray, George W. Frontiers of Flight: The Story of NACA Research, Alfred A Knopf, New York, l948.
The Wright Brothers Pioneers of Flight, Grosset and Dunlap, New York, 1930.
home.dayton.lib.oh.us /archives/wbcollection/WBDaytoB.htm   (1391 words)

 [No title]
Check that the Certificate Holder's manual has instructions and information that, before beginning a flight under supplemental operations, each pilot in command shall obtain all available current reports or information on airport conditions and irregularities of navigation facilities that may affect the safety of the flight.
The flight plan must contain the appropriate information required by Part 91, with the nearest FAA communication station or appropriate military station or, when operating outside the United States, with other appropriate authority.
A flight plan must continue in effect for all parts of the flight.
www.faa.gov /safety/programs_initiatives/oversight/atos/library/data_collection/media/SAI_3_1_3_O.xml   (1393 words)

 Cricinfo - Flight delay adds to team's woes
The Sri Lanka squad found itself stranded at the Mumbai domestic airport for two hours before departing to Nagpur for the first of seven one-day matches against India.
The Indian Airlines flight IC 629 was due to depart from Mumbai at 7:40 pm on Sunday evening, but left only at 9:40 pm, leaving the visitors frustrated with nothing to do inside the terminal building of the airport.
Indian Airlines reported that all evening flights to other destinations were also delayed by an hour or two.
content-usa.cricinfo.com /srilanka/content/story/222978.html   (309 words)

 Wright Brothers Webliography - Pollard Memorial Library
The first successful sustained powered flights in a heavier-than-air machine were made here by Wilbur and Orville Wright on December 17, 1903.
U.S. Centennial of Flight Commission - The U.S. Centennial of Flight Commission presents information about celebrations of the 100th anniversary of powered flight, the Wright brothers and their first flights, and the history of aeronautics, aviation, and astronautics.
First Flight - The key to the Wright Brother's success was that their engineering had gone beyond the trial and error methods of their contemporaries.
www.pollardml.org /wright.html   (957 words)

 MP3 Unsigned - The Best MP3's from New and Unsigned Artists
Flight 629 is headed by NY songwriter/performer Peter Bavaro.
Flight 629 is New York songwriter Peter Bavaro's latest endeavor.
He's been a member of popular NYC bands such as The Family Clan, and Serious Pilgrim (who regularly packed CBGBs out to the sidewalk).
www.mp3unsigned.com /showband.asp?id=3072   (136 words)

 Sabotage: The downing of Flight 629 -- The Crime Library - The Crime library
As the pilot released the wheel brakes, United Airlines flight 629 rolled down the narrow, bumpy tarmac gathering speed.
The front wheel gently lifted from the ground as the nose of the aircraft pointed toward the heavens.
There would be no survivors of United Airlines flight 629.
www.crimelibrary.com /notorious_murders/mass/jack_graham   (925 words)

 Hope isn't even on the radar - Greenwich Time
Sitting in first class on a recent United Airlines flight from Chicago to New York City, software executive Gregory Brown said his next series of flight reservations almost certainly will go through a charter company.
Indigo charges $629 per flight for eight to 10 passengers, who ride in soft leather swivel chairs on midsize jets.
That $629 per ticket is on par with walk-up prices for coach class and far less than first-class fares on commercial airlines, Andersson noted.
www.greenwichtime.com /chi-001122part4main,0,7477656.story?page=5   (674 words)

 Adapt - Andy Rumpfeldt   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-20)
As I sit in Miami international airport waiting to board flight 629 bound for San San Costa Rica, a voice comes over the intercom.
"Flight 628 to San Jose, Costa Rica is now boarding through gate 14a." Problem is: I'm at gate 13b.
The teacher who has taught us the most valuable lesson we could learn: the ability to adapt.
longboardlife.com /adapt.html   (360 words)

 9news.com | News | 50 years later: First commercial plane bombing in U.S. history   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-20)
LONGMONT - November 1, will be the 50th anniversary of the first act of sabotage on a commercial airplane over U.S. soil.
On that day, United flight 629 headed from Denver to Portland exploded sending its wreckage and passengers to the earth near Longmont.
"The conventional explanation of this being an insurance related murder is just wrong," says Andrew Field, who recently wrote a book about the bombing of flight 629.
www.9news.com /acm_news.aspx?OSGNAME=KUSA&IKOBJECTID=f01870a3-0abe-421a-01c1-2af912bf421a&TEMPLATEID=0c76dce6-ac1f-02d8-0047-c589c01ca7bf   (647 words)

 Southern Wings Service 1   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-20)
q 10 night takeoffs and 10 night landings to a full stop with each landing involving a flight in the traffic pattern at an airport.
q 3 hours of flight training on the control and maneuvering of an airplane solely by reference to instruments, including straight and level flight, constant airspeed climbs and descents, turns to a heading, recovery from unusual flight attitudes, radio communications and the use of navigation systems/facilities and radar services appropriate to instrument flight;
q One solo cross-country flight of at least 150 nautical miles total distance, with full-stop landings at a minimum of three points, and one segment of the flight consisting of a straight-line distance of at least 50 nautical miles between the takeoff and landing locations.
www.nbtx.com /southernwings/serv01.htm   (464 words)

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