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Topic: Flight sergeants

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In the News (Thu 21 Mar 19)

  AFMAN 36-2203, 4.3. Formation of the Flight
To size the flight, the flight commander faces the flight to the right (from line to column formation) and has taller personnel (except the guide, element leaders, and flight sergeant) move to the front of the flight according to height.
The flight commander then faces the flight to the right (from column to inverted line formation) and again has taller personnel (except the flight sergeant) move to the front of the flight according to height.
The flight is usually formed and dismissed by the drill instructor or flight sergeant.
www.cadetstuff.org /drill/_drill_manual/_4-3_formation_of_the_flight.htm   (550 words)

 Forming the Squadron in Line
The squadron is formed in line with flights in line by the first sergeant, who takes an initial post nine paces in front of he point where the center of the squadron is to be, faces that point, and commands FALL IN.
The flight sergeants face about and move by the most direct route to their positions in the ranks.
Flight commanders immediately take their posts after the first sergeant has reported (as illustrated at right).
www.drillpad.net /DPsq_forminginline.htm   (363 words)

 CadetStuff::Drill::Sherman, set the Wayback Machine...
And if you study Figure 5.1 for a brief second, you can see that the correct position for the flight sergeant is on the left flank of the last element.
Slow answer: the First Sergeant should NEVER be at the head of the formation when the Flight Commanders are in front of their flights.
Flight commanders immediately take their posts after the first sergeant has reported.
www.cadetstuff.org /archives/000213.html   (878 words)

  Lancaster KB879 Crash
Flight Sgt. Ted Wright, son of a Winnipeg RCMP officer who himself was a former pilot for England's Royal Air Force during the First World War, added fuel to the speculation in a letter to his mother dated April 25, 1945.
Flight sergeants Lester Tweedy, 19, from Lougheed, Alberta, and Wright, 16, both air-gunners, were instructed to remain alert throughout the training flight because Luftwaffe intruders into English air space were still an occasional threat.
Another was mid-upper-gunner Flight Sgt. Eric Fedi of Winnipeg, who also joined the RCAF at 15 and was a seasoned 17-year-old battle veteran when he was killed on Sept. 7, 1943.
www.airmuseum.ca /rcaf/crash.html   (2708 words)

Flight Sergeants Hardy and Clark, Sergeant Gillespie and the men of both squadrons ably assisted him.
Space for the parking of equipment was a premium, and Flight Sergeant Excell toiled for 24 hours without rest to control traffic and allocate parking areas at the junction of Anzac and Collins `highways'.
One flight assisted 2/13 Field Company to repair Anzac highway and liaison was established with the 2/24th and 2/48th infantry battalions with regard to defensive positions to be maintained by 1ACS and 8ACS personnel.
www.homestead.com /raafacs/8ACSTARAKAN.html   (1427 words)

  Flight Sergeant   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
Flight Sergeant (FS or Flt Sgt) is a non-commissioned rank in the Royal Air Force, above Chief Technician and below Warrant Officer.
RFC flight sergeants wore a four-bladed propeller between the chevrons and the crown.
On 1 July 1946, aircrew flight sergeants were redesignated Aircrew I and replaced their chevrons with three six-pointed stars within a wreath and surmounted by an eagle and a crown.
www.xasa.com /wiki/en/wikipedia/f/fl/flight_sergeant.html   (225 words)

 The Dispatch - Serving the Lexington, NC - News   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
Flight Sergeant (Flt Sgt, F/Sgt, F/S, FSgt or FS) is a non-commissioned rank in the Royal Air Force, above Chief Technician and below Warrant Officer.
Flight Sergeant is also used in many cadet organizations around the world, such as the Air Training Corps, Combined Cadet Force (RAF Section) and Royal Canadian Air Cadets.
Flight Sergeant is also a rank in many Commonwealth Air Forces such as the Royal Australian Air Force, the Royal New Zealand Air Force, the Ghana Air Force and the Air Force of Zimbabwe.
www.the-dispatch.com /apps/pbcs.dll/section?category=NEWS&template=wiki&text=Flight_Sergeant   (305 words)

 Jewish RAF Special Operators in Radio Counter Measures with 101 Squadron
Flight Sergeant Gerhard ‘Harry’ Heilig was born 19 April 1925 to a prominent Jewish journalist from Vienna, one of the earliest held by the Gestapo in a concentration camp following the Anschluss.
Another Jewish SO was 1895899 Flight Sergeant Wolf Herman Engelhardt, born in Leipzig, of Polish nationality, on 9 November 1920, [57] who escaped via Berlin to England on 3 April 1939.
Flight Sergeant A. Schneider, killed in action 14 January 1944 in Lancaster III DV 287 SR-N over Braunschweig, shot down by night fighter at 1830, crashed at Klezieraneen, Drenthe, 10 kms southeast of Emmen, Holland.
www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org /jsource/ww2/sugar1.html   (9675 words)

 RAF Station Diary June 1943
Flight Lieutenant R.F.P. LANDON, No. 38 Wing Equipment Officer, visited this station to enquire into Equipment progress.
Flight Lieutenant A.E. ALLAN-TAYLOR posted to this station as Station Adjutant.
Flight Lieutenant R.F.P. LANDON, No. 38 Wing Equipment Officer, visited this station.
www.tarrant-rushton.ndirect.co.uk /1943June.htm   (367 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
Staff Sergeant Majors, Commissioned Staff Sergeant Majors, Royal Marines Gunners, Commissioned Royal Marines Gunners, etc. As officers they were saluted by junior ranks in the Royal Marines and the Army.
Beneath the rank of WO, and equivalent to the Army's WO2 is Flight Sergeant (FSGT).
WO2s holding Sergeant Major or Corporal Major appointments are often referred to as the "Sergeant Major" or the "Corporal Major", but WO1s are only ever referred to using their full appointment or its abbreviation (the "RSM" or the "Garrison Sergeant Major", for instance).
stron.frm.pl /wiki.php?title=Warrant_officer   (3336 words)

 Dean MacDonald
Flight Lieutenant Al Harley of London, Ont., was one of those in charge of a section of Spitfires guarding the vessels carrying the returning paratroops.
Sergeant Pilot Jack Aubrey Ferguson of South Port Morien, N.S.; Flight Sergeant Jim Whitman of Edmonton, Pilot Officer Ian Ormston of Montreal, Pilot Officer Don Blakeslee of Cleveland, Ohio, and Morrison were the other pilots in the fighter screen.
The flight engineer and rear gunner were killed and he took on the job of flight engineer while other surviving members of the crew were busy putting out fire which had broken out from gunfire by an enemy night fighter.
www.acesofww2.com /Canada/aces/macdonald.htm   (5030 words)

When the flight sergeant gave the command for the flight to fall in, a cadet from a unit near your own shoved his way to the front, aligned himself on the flight sergeant, then took several steps to the right, faced the front, and shouted “RIGHT GUIDE!!” at the top of his lungs.
Since the element leaders are the flight sergeant or flight commander's "deputies," they assist in maintaining the correct direction of march, etc. With their leaders in front of them, the airmen merely "follow the leader.
Recently in my squadron, the point has come up as to where the Flight Commanderss are to be posted at the beginning of the formation as the NCOs are reporting (Element Leaders to the Flight Sergeants, Flight Sergeants to the First Sergeant, First Sergeant to the Cadet Commander, the whole bit).
www.cadetstuff.org /archives/cat_drill.html   (5068 words)

 134 (Bedford) Squadron - Air Cadets - www.134.org.uk
For the event, the Squadron was split into Tucano Flight and Hawk Flight, so named to reflect the training element of the unit, with the Banner Party carrying the Squadron’s banner between the two Flights.
Flight Sergeants Otulakowski and Russell began the show by perambulating along the edge of the drill area outside the front door, soon followed by the two flights under the keen eye of the Parade Warrant Officer, AWO Paul Taylor.
Subsequently the Parade Commander, Flight Lieutenant Mark Robinson, took charge, and fell in the Flight Sergeants and the 134 (Bedford) Squadron Banner.
www.134.org.uk /index.php?body=news.php&arch_name=news/2006_07_25.htm   (1112 words)

 No. 9 (City of Wanganui) Squadron - Newsletter 034   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
As a result of winning the No.75 Squadron Trophy for drill in Central Area, (which we went on to gain second place nationally in the Davy Drill Competition), we were asked to represent the ATC at the Remembrance Church service held in St Pauls Cathedral on 9 November.
Flight Sergeants Scott Cleveland, Adam Perry and Corporals Michael Campbell, Tarryn Cleveland, and James Greenem travelled to Wellington on the Friday night, practised on Saturday, and then had the honour of carrying and escorting the ATC Banner down the aisle at the service.
Under the control of the three Flight Sergeants, the cadets found FGOFF Haig and two cadets were used as patients in the carrying back of the stretcher.
homepages.ihug.co.nz /~frericks/newsletter_034.htm   (1026 words)

 RAF Pilots in WWII
On Thursday, 26th Nov. the annual challenge of the Warrant Officers and Sergeants to the Officers, to try their skill against them at various games, was played off at Newburn.
The Sergeants showed their superiority upon the billiard table, at darts and in the Miniature Range, while the Officers were the victors at whist.
Sergeant's Mess: The other main topic of news this month has been in the extraordinarily good show put up by Mr.
www.holum.net /gen/rafpilot.htm   (1245 words)

 [No title]
Flight Lieutenants are usually in charge of squadrons.
Adult Flight Sergeants and Adult Sergeants assist the AWO in this role.
Promotion to Flight Sergeant is made when you have demonstrated the abilities of a SNCO to a high level and are now thought capable of controlling your own flight of cadets.
members.lycos.co.uk /atc1404/ranks.html   (363 words)

 Feature - Transporting history -- 442nd Troop Carrier Group passenger list a who's who in Nazi high command   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
A World War II passenger manifest reveals one of the last flights of some of the most powerful and notorious in Nazi Germany's high command as prisoners of war.
Sergeant Kraus reached for a blank manifest, an Army Air Force Form No. 1, and with pen in hand began recording the manifest.
Crewmembers on the flight included Sergeants James J. Barry of Lynn, Mass., and Earl G. Carhart Jr., of Tulsa, Okla. First Lt. Robert G. Denson of Davenport, Wash., piloted the Metz to Sandweiler leg, while 2nd Lt. Robert M. Cole of Staten Island, N.Y., served as co-pilot.
www.afrc.af.mil /news/story.asp?storyID=123025436   (709 words)

 ACS   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
This is done by delivering three distinct courses catering for airmen promoted to the rank of corporal, sergeant and flight sergeant.
The emphasis of the course is the development of the individual’s qualities of leadership, both in the command role and in the day-to-day relationships with personnel.
The aim of the course is to provide up-to-date management tools to help flight sergeants deal with the ever-changing managerial role they now fill.
www.rafhalton.co.uk /html/acs.html   (422 words)

 Feature - Senior NCO credits AF family for 'chief' stripe
Sergeant Robinson has watched Air Force security forces transform, and he has transformed with it--from an "undisciplined" trainee to Schriever's next chief master sergeant.
Sergeant Robinson said his best job was an assignment as NCO in charge of the Supreme Allied Commander Europe's personal security detail in SHAPE, Belgium.
Sergeant Robinson's goals as a chief are simple: be the best chief he can be, be a chief to all Airmen, and make a difference as chiefs who came before have made a difference in his career.
www.schriever.af.mil /news/story.asp?id=123038524   (1319 words)

Within a Flight of aircraft (which could range from 6 -9 aircraft) ground crew would be designated to service certain aircraft.
During this flight in daylight, usually lasting about 30 minutes the aircrew would check the operation of all systems and report any further snags or glitches.
During flight oil had to be pumped at regular intervals to the engines using a manual "wobble pump".
www.king.igs.net /~long/erks.htm   (2532 words)

Her squadron in flight looked like what she used to imagine it would before she actually got out here and discovered that space was really dark.
Flight Sergeant Kerry Blue rode her beam through Merrimack's forcefield and onto her landing spot on the starboard flight deck.
Corridors in the flight wings were wider than in the battleship's main fuselage, allowed the two big men to walk side by side in the passage.
www.rmmeluch.com /excerptwebpage.htm   (2492 words)

 RAAF 21/453 Squadrons: the secret report
Owing to Flight Lieutenant Kinninmount's inexperience, Flight Lieutenant Wells the Adjutant of 453 Squadron was instructed to look after the administration of the men of that Unit.
Parades with roll-calls were organised throughout the day and I instructed Flight Lieutenant Wells to arrange a system whereby certain reliable NCOs were given approximately 15 men and they were responsible that their men kept at work.
Discipline was extremely weak, and the remaining Sergeants and Corporals had risen from amongst the men with rather mushroom-like speed, and too many of them were not satisfactory from the disciplinary aspect.
www.warbirdforum.com /secret2.htm   (2830 words)

 AIR TRAINING CORPS (ATC) ANNUAL AUTUMN CAMP AT RAF MARHAM   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
For the two sergeants and one flight sergeant who can remember the leaky, cold, gaffa-taped tents of RAF Leeming Camp of 2003, this was a welcome treat.
B Flight excelled at drill and, despite arguments between squadrons about correct commands and movements, they showed themselves to be far superior to A Flight.
Each Flight were given 15 minutes to practise and then the competition got underway with B Flight starting, and then A Flight shortly after.
www.rafmarham.co.uk /youth/atc/atc-camp-nov06.htm   (1352 words)

 CAP - Blackbird Squadron - Frequently Asked Questions
Each of the 5 flights are approximately.7 to 1.0 hours in duration with the PIC (Pilot In Charge) and 2 other cadets.
The flights are reimbursed by the National Headquarters and are therefore free to the cadet.
The flight is the basic unit within a squadron and is a group of cadets with a flight commander and a flight sergeant.
www.caprcs.org /faq.asp   (2788 words)

 Cadet Handbook
Flight Cap: The flight cap is to be worn on the head with the front crease directly above the nose and the bottom of the cap tilted forward in a position that allows two finger widths between the top of the nose and the bottom on the cap.
Competition between flights motivates the cadets to perform to the best of their ability and to work together as a team to achieve flight goals.
Every week the operations officer and flight sergeants will meet to verify their merit/demerit ledgers to ensure Form 50s were properly processed and recorded.
www.d11.org /mitchell/acaprograms/jrotc/handbook.htm   (11383 words)

 [No title]
This medal is presented to Squadron members who achieve a Yak's score of greater than 20 and survive in any Scenario or S3 event.
This medal is presented to Flight Sergeants for outstanding service.
Initial rank for pilots with over one year in Warbirds or after flying a minimum of 5 missions as a Flight Sergeant.
www.416rcaf.org /awards.php   (504 words)

 Security forces Airmen protect Iraq's airpower hub   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
Sergeant Shelton is assigned to the 332nd Expeditionary Security Forces Squadron.
Two 332nd Expeditionary Security Forces Squadron flights, Alpha and Bravo, continuously rotate shifts to eye all activities from their posts throughout Balad.
With the awesome responsibility of protecting the people, the gear a defender needs is critical to their ability to respond.
www.af.mil /news/story.asp?id=123043371   (898 words)

 Flight, Hunger and Survival
For the villagers the SPDC's campaign for control of the region means continued displacement, forced labour, food shortages, abuse and killings.
Tens of thousands have been displaced into the forests by the forced relocations and the systematic destruction of villages, and they have been joined in flight by thousands of villagers who can no longer face the forced labour and extortion imposed upon them in the SPDC-controlled villages.
Villages Under the SPDC / Flight to Thailand / Future of the Area / Appendices
www.karenhumanrightsgroup.org /khrg2001/khrg0103a.html   (4755 words)

 [No title]
When a flight marching in column is commanded to flank to the left or right or march to the rear, the guide executes the movement.
The relative position of the guide does not change within the flight except when the flight is halted in line in such a manner that the guide is not abreast of the front rank.
Normally, the flight is marched with the element leaders and the guide at the head of the column.
www.nd.edu /~flyirish/docs/guidon.doc   (2695 words)

 AFSA | About
The AFSA mission, at the headquarters level, is to advocate improved quality-of-life and economic fairness that will support the well-being of Air Force enlisted personnel and their families.
In 1997 the AMM published the first comprehensive history of the Air Force Enlisted Force, "Unsung Heroes: The History of the Enlisted Airmen from the Dawn of Flight to Desert Storm." This history was written from an enlisted perspective.
The Air Force Sergeants Association staff is headquartered in the member-owned Airmen Memorial Building (AMB) located at 5211 Auth Road in Suitland, Maryland just eight miles from Washington, D.C. The AMB is a 33,000 square foot three-story structure of concrete and glass housing, in addition to AFSA Headquarters, the AMF and the AMM.
www.afsahq.org /AM/Template.cfm?Section=About   (968 words)

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