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In the News (Fri 19 Jul 19)

  Howstuffworks "How Flintlock Guns Work"
The flintlock mechanism was the first reliable and relatively inexpensive system for firing a gun, and was hugely popular in colonial America.
Next to the pendulum clock, the flintlock gun was probably the most technologically advanced device that anyone commonly owned at the time.
A flintlock gun is the simplest reliable gun possible, and it can teach you a great deal about the technology behind guns in general.
www.howstuffworks.com /flintlock.htm   (0 words)

  Flintlock Pistol Replicas
Flintlock is the general term for any firearm based on the flintlock mechanism.
Flintlock weapons use was replaced by percussion cap and then cartridge-based systems in the early-to-mid 19th century.
The flintlock mechanism produces sparks when a piece of flint, held in the jaws of a spring-loaded hammer or "cock" strikes the steel face of the "frizzen", knocking the frizzen forward to uncover a small pan of gunpowder beneath the frizzen.
www.replicaweaponry.com /flinpis.html   (443 words)

  Flintlock Rifle - Picture - MSN Encarta
In a flintlock rifle sparks from flint striking metal ignite the gunpowder.
The flintlock rifle was one of the most popular small-arms weapons of the American Revolution (1775-1783).
It was the most common small-arms firearm from the late 17th century to the mid-19th century, but was replaced by breech-loading firearms (firearms loaded through the rear of the barrel) and, eventually, repeating rifles.
encarta.msn.com /media_461526208/Flintlock_Rifle.html   (62 words)

 Paul's Antique Arms & Armour--Flintlock Pistols
The sidelock flintlock with gooseneck hammer and all of its original lock components: the neck of the hammer with a working-period flsmith repair.
The original flintlock mechanism with an early form, rounded, banana lock and gooseneck hammer (cock spur missing tip) with a single thread border engraving and a bridle-less powder-pan.
Fine quality inlay with a sharp attention to detail and extensive coverage to the grip, fore-end and the ball pommel--- which is further adorned with a mother of pearl borders and pommel cap.
www.ambroseantiques.com /fpistols.htm   (7471 words)

 History of Flintlock
The flintlock mechanism produces sparks when a piece of flint, held in the jaws of a spring-loaded hammer or "cock" strikes the hardened steel face of the "frizzen", (right in photo) knocking the frizzen forward to uncover a small pan of gunpowder beneath the frizzen.
Flintlock muskets were the mainstay of European armies between 1660 and 1840.
Flintlock pistols were used as self-defense weapons and for duelling, and as a cavalry arm.
www.weaponsofolde.com /hioffl.html   (1013 words)

 The Flintlock   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The flintlocker on the target line is shooting steadily, never allowing his priming to sit in the pan for longer than just the few seconds it takes him to prime, raise his rifle and fire.
He needs to be in the habit of jigging his rifle or shotgun to the pan side just before a shot in an attempt to settle the priming more to the outside of the pan so it won't plug up the touch-hole and slow down the flash.
The rifle was equipped with an L and R flintlock, the before-mentioned DST and a swamped Green River 62 caliber barrel 42 inches long.
www.whitemuzzleloading.com /flintlock.htm   (5452 words)

 Flintlock Accessories, supplied by The Possible Shop, Headquarters For Your Muzzleloading & Cowboy Action Supplies
These flintlock pan primers are operated by a simple downward push into the pan.
Considered by many competitive flintlock shooters as the very best, these hand-knapped flints are made in England by skilled craftsmen and are very uniform in size and quality.
The Flintlock Pan Cover is designed to cover the entire lock and protect it from the elements, It is made from soft brown to fl leather.
www.possibleshop.com /flintlocksupplies1.htm   (520 words)

 Flintlock pirate pistol wheel-lock miquelet powder horn pirate cutlass dueling pistol
"Flintlock" pistols were so called because the lock uses a flint to strike sparks into the priming pan when the trigger is pulled.
Born of a need for a gun that could fire multiple projectiles from a single powder charge, the blunderbuss became the weapon of choice for short-range encounters with the miscreants of the 17th and 18th centuries.
This pistol has a unique design element which reflected the practical side of the Scottish flintlocks - there is an integral belt clip on the left side of the pistol to hang the pistol firmly from your belt.
www.weaponsemporium.com /WE-Flintlocks.htm   (684 words)

 FLINTLOCK FAQ--A Beginner's Guide
The time of the flintlock on the world stage has come and gone, but a rich history of their use in both peace and war remains.
Flintlock ignition is available on many types of gun, fusil, fowler, northwest gun, musket, single and double barrel shotguns and pistols.
The main charge in a flintlock is no more susceptible to wetting than that in a percussion arm, it's the prime that is a concern.
members.aye.net /~bspen/flintlockfaq.html   (2922 words)

 The New Age Examiner - Flintlock deer season opens
Flintlock muzzleloader season participants may harvest an antlerless deer with either a WMU-specific or DMAP-specific antlerless deer license/permit or general hunting license deer harvest tag.
Buck hunting in the late seasons is governed by antler restrictions and limited to only bowhunters and flintlock muzzleloader hunters who possess an unused general hunting license deer harvest tag.
A flintlock ignition system consists of a hammer containing a naturally-occurring stone which is spring-propelled onto an iron or steel frizzen, which, in turn, creates sparks to ignite the gunpowder.
www.newage-examiner.com /site/news.cfm?BRD=2310&dept_id=480504&newsid=17638217&PAG=461&rfi=9   (555 words)

 Flintlock Pistols: Historical Flintlock Pistols, Belgian Gold Engraved Dueling Flintlock Pistol Set,Belgian Gold ...
This decorative, 18th century, flintlock pistol was a favorite of George Washington.
This handsome flintlock pistol features a simulated brass warrior bust butt cap, heavily engraved 10.5" barrel and trigger guard, with a highly polished wood stock and elaborate Miquelet flintlock mechanism.
This flintlock pistol is one of the first produced in the United States in the 18th Century.
www.aurorahistoryboutique.com /ahb_flintlockPistols.htm   (0 words)

 Paul's Antique Arms & Armour--Flintlock Longarms
In overall fine original flintlock condition with sharp contours and smooth surfaces.
Exposed mainspring/frizzen spring, an integral wrought-iron powder-pan and the trigger with and integral sear and exposed spring.
The stock with scattered handling marks overall, 70% of its varnish finish and the noted period repair/mend to the forestock: hairline at muzzle-cap.
www.ambroseantiques.com /flongarms.htm   (9886 words)

 Shooting Flintlock || kuro5hin.org
You might be able to get away with a 40 caliber flintlock in California, but because you might some day replace the barrel with a 50 (or 60, or 70) caliber barrel, I would advise against pursuing it.
You can get a flintlock to fire using FFG in the pan but the result will be a slow burn rather than a fast flash.
Firing the flintlock is broken down into the three phases loading and priming, shooting, and cleaning.
www.kuro5hin.org /story/2006/7/13/212542/189   (0 words)

 Pirate Flintlock Pistol - MWArt.com
Pirate Flintlock Pistol is a decorative pistol, featuring three engraved barrels that revolve, which allowed for multiple firing.
Pirate Flintlock Pistol is an elaborate pistol with a simulated ivory handle with eagle head butt.
Flintlocks may be any type of small arm: long gun or pistol, smoothbore or rifle, muzzleloader or breechloader.
www.mwart.com /product.asp?pid=5227&cat=28&subcat=Y&AFID=20705&PRDID=5227   (139 words)

 The Flintlock and the Percussion lock
The lock is the heart of the muzzleloader because, in all cases, it is the lock which provides ignition for the main powder charge in the barrel.
A flintlock muzzleloader is a very enjoyable and exciting firearm to use and should be tried by anyone interested in the muzzleloading sport.
To overcome the disadvantages of the flintlock ignition, the percussion lock was developed.
www.coon-n-crockett.org /cnc~lock.htm   (923 words)

 Jack Sparrow Pirates of the Caribbean Replica Pirate Flintlock Pistol
This non-firing 13-inch replica of the original flintlock held by Captain Jack Sparrow is modeled after the real prop used in filming, which was created using real-world historical models to make it the most authentic possible.
The forerunners of modern gun technology, flintlocks were developed in the early 1600s and remained in use for nearly 300 years.
For filming, Captain Jack Sparrow's flintlock was built according to exact historical models and specifications.
www.iloveswords.com /POTC_Sparrow_Pistol.html   (367 words)

 The Flintlock Rifle from pabucks.com
Only a few generations ago someone had to research the actual written records in libraries, museums, courts and town halls for sales, factory and gunsmith shops to compile what is so readily available to the eager student today.
Although the Kentucky Rifle was still being made until just before the Civil War, the Percussion Cap ignition system that uses the same stuff as in a child’s cap gun today was invented by Reverend John Forsythe of Aberdeenshire, England in 1805.
Hunting with a flintlock rifle lets you gain an appreciation for the “ good old days”.
www.pabucks.com /flintlock_rifle.html   (1013 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The main difference between the Flintlock and Snaphaunce is that in the Flintlock the striking surface and flashpan cover are all one piece, where in the Snaphaunce they are separate mechanisms.
By 1664 experiments with rotating-block repeated fire guns were under way (like a revolver which holds a number of shots in a rotating cylinder) but such weapons were dangerous to operate and would have to wait for another century and a half to be made a standard weapon.
The northern Arabs acquired the Snaphaunce and Flintlock in the late 1600s and often designed their long guns with a sharply curving butt so that they could be tucked under an arm and fired single-handed from the back of a camel or horse.
www.silcom.com /~vikman/isles/scriptorium/firearm/flintlck.html   (324 words)

 Five Great Flintlock Deer Hunts
By 1979, flintlocks could be used statewide, and four years later sales topped 113,000.
With the current junior and senior combination licenses, including a muzzleloader stamp, flintlock license sales are at the highest level ever: 147,413 licenses in 2001-02.
In all other counties across the state, flintlock hunters must follow the new 3-point on one side antler restriction.
www.pagameandfish.com /hunting/whitetail-deer-hunting/pa_014303a   (1378 words)

The Flintlocke Thanksgiving Special - It's a very special time for Flintlocke and friends as they gather for a feast in Ashenvale.
Flintlocke Plants a Tree (and other adventures) - Learn more about the gang's hidden talents as a new threat emerges.
Flintlocke 2006 Holiday Special - Bloodrose Reminisces About the Winter's Veil Holiday and her childhood in Gnomeregan.
pc.gamespy.com /articles/578/578734p1.html   (0 words)

 Camp Flintlock Colonial-American Programs   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Camp Flintlock conducts Summer Programs, School Field Trips, Weekend Encampments, and Special Events for the general public, schools, scouts, churches, and other groups as a field trip or assembly.
It is the responsibility of the Counselor to accomplish the Camp Flintlock mission (character development in a historical context), to ensure the safety of all campers, and to help the campers to work together productively.
Camp Flintlock is excited about the chance to help students with their academic work and to prepare tomorrow's leaders for successful careers and contribution to society.
www.campflintlock.com /jobs.htm   (535 words)

 Pedersoli Flintlock Pistols - New at Arms to Armor - The History Store
Caliber(s) - Flintlock -.44 Smooth-bore and.45 rifled (12 grooves, 1:18 twist); Percussion -.36 (7 grooves, 1:15 twist); and.45 (12 grooves, 1:18 twist); Barrel Length - ~11"; Overall Length - ~16-9/16"; Weight - ~2.5 lbs.
The Harper’s Ferry was the first flintlock pistol requested by the American Government to equip the Navy.
It is named after one of the most picturesque villages in Virginia, where an armoury and an arsenal were built, then destroyed during the Civil War, without ever being rebuilt.
arms2armor.com /shopsite_sc/store/html/flintlockp.html   (388 words)

 Swords and Replica Guns, Rifles and Flintlocks
Swords, Flintlocks, Replica Guns, Rifles and collectibles designed by Denix.
Denix Pirate Flintlock Pistol is 13 3/4" overall.
Denix German Flintlock Pistol and Axe Combination Replica.
www.swordsdirect.com /flintlock_pistols.html   (81 words)

 NetLinkEnterprises.com - Firearm Replicas, Replicas - Flintlock Pistols
Flintlock pistols were so called because the lock uses a flint to strike sparks into the priming p …
Flintlock pistols were so called because the lock uses a flint to strike sparks into the priming pan when the trigger is pulled.
Flintlock pistols were so called because the lock uses a flint to strike sparks into the priming pan …
www.netlinkenterprises.com /replicas/products.php?cat=33   (647 words)

 Flintlock Muskets and Pistols (Black Powder Muzzleloaders)
"Militaryheritage.com's flintlocks saw extensive use in the first two movies, and Pirates of the Caribbean III will be no exception.
Pirates 3 will not disappoint the flintlock enthusiast." -Peter Twist, Technical Advisor of the Pirates of the Caribbean series.
e offer a wide selection of fl powder muzzleloading flintlock and matchlock muskets, rifles, and pistols in the age where fl powder guns and lead balls determined the fate of many a nation.
www.militaryheritage.com /muskets.htm   (0 words)

 Amazon.com: "flintlock muskets": Key Phrase page   (Site not responding. Last check: )
These arms were Model I816 flintlock muskets, many altered to percussion, Hall's flintlock, hrecchloading rifles, Model 1841 rifles, Model 1842 muskets,...
Inside it is a motley collection of antique pistols and flintlock muskets, many dating back to the War between the States, some even to the Revolution.
Flintlocks at Northernrifleman.com -- Flintlock muzzleloading Kentucky and Percusison rifles, Engish Fowlers, English and French Tradeguns, Military Muskets Pistols.
www.amazon.com /phrase/flintlock-muskets   (523 words)

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