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Topic: Flora (plants)

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  Flora - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In relation to all the flora and fauna of a region, it is collectively referred to as biota.
Today the designation is less often used as a classification of plant life, since it includes three different types of plants: weedy species, invasive species (that may or may not be weedy), and native and introduced non-weedy species that are agriculturally undesirable.
Flora Vitiensis Nova, a New Flora of Fiji
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Flora_(plants)   (716 words)

 What is a Flora?   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Floras are different from popular manuals in that they attempt to cover all of the plants, rather than only the most common or conspicuous ones.
Sometimes the plants are listed alphabetically, and sometimes they are represented within a classification system that indicates which plants are most similar or are thought to be related.
Early Floras usually were written by individuals, based on observations of the plant samples and literature available to them, both of which were quite limited.
flora.huh.harvard.edu /china/mss/what_is.htm   (407 words)

 The Living Edens "Manu" -- Flora: Plants
The common name for this plant comes from Quechua, the language of the Incas, and means "vine of the soul." The Machiguenga name Kamarampi means "medicine of vomiting" due to the powerful purgative properties of this bitter plant.
Since the plant is used for such a wide range of conditions, it was once dismissed as being mere superstition.
The Machiguenga name for the plant means "bitter leaf." Traditionally used by indigenous peoples of the Amazon as a poison for hunting animals, curare is the natural source of the drug d-tubocurarine, a muscle relaxant that revolutionized modern surgery.
www.pbs.org /edens/manu/plants.htm   (1421 words)

 St. Barths Online - Flowers of St Barthelemy
The succulent plants and cacti are present throughout the island.
The opening of a desalinization plant a few years ago has markedly contributed to the presence of many decorative or ornamental tropical plants and has given rise to the tropical gardens and landscapes that surround many island homes.
To familiarize you with some of the plants on St. Barthelemy, we have chosen some species (among the numerous ones that are present on the island) for their charm and their characteristics.
www.st-barths.com /guidepgs/flowers.html   (402 words)

 Missouri flora web page
Plants are categorized by flower color and/or leaf characteristics.
These are referring to the masterwork of Missouri plants - "Flora of Missouri" by Julian Steyermark, published by Iowa State University Press, November 1963, with some reprintings.
The revised Flora of Missouri will be in three volumes, with volumes one and two available now.
www.missouriplants.com   (247 words)

 Costa Rica - Flora Overview
Costa Rica’s flora is protected by a large system of national parks, which makes up for at least 20% of the country’s area.
Canopy trees adapt by reaching to the ultimate heights; vines adapt by clinging to trees and working their way up; bromeliads adapt by having “water tanks” where they hold rainwater and decaying matter which is basically their food.
When an old tree falls, the strong, unaccustomed light triggers seeds that have lain dormant, and banana palms and ginger plants, heliconas and cecropias, burst into life and put out big broad leaves and soak up the sun, to their flowers and their fruits.
www.infocostarica.com /flora/general.html   (1144 words)

 The Grange - Flora (Plants)
A factor that distinguishes plants within heathlands communities is the characteristic sclerophyllous leaves that have thick waxy coverings and sunken
They help heathland plants cope with fire, which is a frequent occurrence in heathland communities.
A number of plant species produce hard woody fruits that retain their seeds for a number of years, until the hard case is cracked by fire, releasing the seed.
home.vicnet.net.au /~grange/Plants.html   (318 words)

 Mexican flora - plants
The biological richness of Mexico is well represented by the enormous number of plant species that can be found here.
Although a detailed study of all vegetation and ecological zones hasn't been completed, there is no doubt that Mexico belongs to floristically most diverse countries in the world.
It is generally accepted that there are in between 20 and 50,000 species of vascular plants growing here.
www.vivanatura.org /Plants.html   (120 words)

ALL PLANTS are shipped BARE ROOT in accordance with the State of California Agricultural Laws.
If you have ANY questions pertaining to the plants use, placement in the pond, or the potting of the plants, filtration, building ect.
David Curtright has been an expert on aquatic plants, an avid propagator and an active aquatic botanist for the past 26 years.
www.pondplants.com   (781 words)

 Links for plant resources by State
Included on these lists are parks, Flora lists, and research in the area of plants plus any thing else that might have to do with plants.
Plants of the Verde Valley of central Arizona
Plants for Wildlife Habitat and Conservation Landscaping in Maryland
www.hardyplants.com /statelist.htm   (1440 words)

 Flora Indica; or Descriptions of Indian Plants
Originally established in 1787 by the East India Company, the Botanic Garden held significant interest for William Carey, and the garden still exists today as the Indian Botanic Garden.
I, Roxburgh gave an account of Ixora Bandhuca (Bushy Ixora), describing the plant as "A bushy shrub, uncommonly full of branches; native of Hindustan, the flower of which, according to Sir William Jones, is often alluded to by the best poets of India.
It is in bloom nearly the whole year, but principally during the rains; when it is highly ornamental." For a large version of this portrait, click here.
www.wmcarey.edu /carey/flora/flora-indica.htm   (610 words)

 E-Flora Florida: Field Guide to Florida Plants   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
This invaluable reference provides botanists, both professional and advanced amateur, detailed information on the common and the rare and endangered ferns and non-flowering seed plants growing wild in Florida, a state with the third richest flora in the United States.
Richard P. Wunderlin, professor of biology at the University of South Florida, is the author of Guide to the Vascular Plants of Florida (UPF, 1998), Guide to the Vascular Plants of Central Florida (UPF, 1982), and co-author of the Atlas of Florida Vascular Plants CD-ROM.
Bruce F. Hansen, curator of the University of South Florida Herbarium, is co-author of the Atlas of Florida Vascular Plants CD-ROM.
www.floridaplants.com /Eflora/cover.htm   (239 words)

 Center for Plant Conservation Home Page
Non-native, invasives species are the No. 2 threat to native plants in the United States.
We know plants and we know their value.
One quarter of the native plants in the United States are of
www.centerforplantconservation.org   (57 words)

 Plants of Iceland:   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
This section means to offer you in a pleasant way information on the flora of Iceland.
For the plants section it means that it is in no way a "complete" representation" of the flora.
In the meanwhile you can find further information on Icelandic plants on the "links" pages and the books and literature page (both can be found in the "more topics" section).
www.iceland-nh.net /plants   (236 words)

 Plants of the North
Cornus canadensis, Bunchberry or Dwarf Dogwood, a signature plant of the north
Sarracenia purpurea, Purple Pitcher Plant, a carnivorous plant of sphagnum bogs
Terrestrial Herbs, the plants of the forest floor
www.rook.org /earl/bwca/nature/flora.html   (839 words)

 Galapagos islands plants - Flora - Galapagos plants
The flora of the islands is equally interesting and diverse.
Mangroves are the main flora found in the littoral zone, where the plants can tolerate high levels of salt.
The transition zone is where we find the beautiful scalesia tree, endemic to the islands, covered with Spanish moss, lichens and other plants.
www.galapaguide.com /islas_galapagos_flora.htm   (161 words)

 Botanical Collections - Checklists & Floras
This subpage of our Botanical Collections listings includes checklists of plants by region, as well as full on-line floras and atlases.
Muskoka Flora: an annotated checklist of vascular plants (Ontario, Canada)
Preliminary Checklist of the Plants of Costa Rica (in Spanish)
www.ucmp.berkeley.edu /collections/otherbotflora.html   (158 words)

 Calflora - Species Information
Calflora provides information on wild California plants for conservation, education, and appreciation.
To search for species by scientific name, use the Scientific Name query form.
Enter part of a plant name (scientific or common).
www.calflora.org   (156 words)

 Desert Plants & Wildflowers
Desert plants have adapted to the extremes of heat and aridity by using both physical and behavioral mechanisms, much like desert animals.
The ingenuity and variety of these many adaptations are explored in Desert Plant Survival and the Desert Food Chain
We have made a slideshow of 45 pictures we received during the 2005 season.
www.desertusa.com /flora.html   (104 words)

 Southwest Colorado Wildflowers
mountain and desert plants of the Four Corners area of
by plant name, month of bloom, trail, habitat, etc.
I hope you return and continue enjoying the plants of the Four Corners area.
www.swcoloradowildflowers.com   (144 words)

 Florida Plants Online Guide to Florida Plant Life   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
to Leigh's reliable guide to Florida plants, native or exotic, wild or cultivated.
Search Scott Russell's internationally acclaimed directory of thousands of professionally reviewed biology, botany, horticulture, teaching, and general plant links.
Browse an e-mini-herbarium of a few commonly encountered native plants, featuring the bio-photography by Kerry Dressler.
www.floridaplants.com   (243 words)

 Water Plants, Water Lily, Aquatic Plants, water gardening, lotus, Louisiana Iris, hyacinth, lilies, tropical, floating, ...
Water Plants, Water Lily, Aquatic Plants, water gardening, lotus, Louisiana Iris, hyacinth, lilies, tropical, floating, oxygenating plants
We have many above ground and below ground ponds that hold our Water Lilies, Lotus, Louisiana Iris and other aquatic plants, and during the growing season it is a profusion of beautiful colors, and wonderful fragrances.
When we started our water lily farm we decided we wanted to help our customers to enjoy all the beauty and grace of having a water lily pond.
www.waterplants.com   (210 words)

 Northern Arizona Flora: A Photographic, Annotated Catalog of Northern Arizona Vascular Plants
Northern Arizona Flora: A Photographic, Annotated Catalog of Northern Arizona Vascular Plants
This site contains a comprehensive listing of species of Northern Arizona wild plants (both native and non-native).
Direct all inquiries about the Northern Arizona Flora website to Lee Dittmann at the email or phone number above.
www.nazflora.org   (109 words)

 FLOWERS, Pictures Master Page by PHOTOVAULT Photography
The images in this section will generally be absent of people, and/or people will be insignificant to the image.
Grass, Leaves, Non-Edible-Berries, Orchids, Pollen, Roses, Succulents Cactus, Water Plants, Gymnosperms, Symbolism of Plants, Herbs, and Trees, Leaf Facts, Paleontology; Flora - Plants, Bamboo, Wood, Petrified Wood, Of Light and Form, Dandelions, Daisies, Sunflowers,
PHOTOVAULT is a division of Wernher Krutein Productions Inc. and is based in San Francisco.
www.photovault.com /Link/Orders/Flora/FLORAmaster.html   (237 words)

 Australian Plants Society Tasmania - Tasmania's Unique Flora
Australian Plants Society Tasmania - Tasmania's Unique Flora
Presented by: Hobart District Group of The Australian Plants Society - Tasmania Inc.
Plants for special places Parts 1 and 2
www.apstas.com   (29 words)

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