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Topic: Flower album

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In the News (Sat 20 Jul 19)

Let her hold a cheerful bunch of yellow and white flowers in her hands...it's like an armful of sunlight.
Like a waterfall of white flowers, this cascading bridal bouquet will bring a touch of fragrant luxury to any bridal outfit, for that most special day.
Eight varieties of flowers and greenery, including lilies and posh red roses, join together in this spectacular attendant's bouquet.
www.atkinsfarms.com /wedfloalbum.html   (467 words)

 The Flower Kings - The Official Site
Their latest album, The Sum Of No Evil, is a perfect example of a timeless prog rock release that easily lives up to classics such as Lamb Lies Down On Broadway or Yessongs.
The album has some hints of Stardust We Are and Retropolis perhaps, but also has a lot in common with the two Transatlantic studio albums." The consistency with which The Flower Kings have translated their vision of atmospheric and multi-faceted rock music is unmistakeable.
Flowerkings have started the recording of new album on March 26th, ol' time drummer Zoltan Csörsz have recorded with the band and we are all very excited about the quality and the sheer committment that Zoltan have put into this recording.
www.flowerkings.se   (1374 words)

  Amazon.com: Flower Power: Music: The Flower Kings   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Although he has played on previous Flower Kings albums, this is the first time where his presence is really noticed and he does add interesting and innovative percussive flourishes to the piece.
'Flower Power' is so hard to enjoy when it's plagued by crapola like 'So you think that I 'has been'/I'd rather say an Evergreen' or 'So wave your little wand now, The Brimstone Blanket.' They should have also done something a little better with the artwork and the title of the album.
I agree with another reviewer that the Flower Kings are very similar to writers like Robert Jordan and Terry Goodkind, whose ability to write well is diluted miserably by their adherence to the genre they're trapped in.
www.amazon.com /Flower-Power-Kings/dp/B00003000F   (1990 words)

 Family Photo Album :: Flower Garden, Danville
Album: 2005 Archive II One of my crowning achievements of the new house is a successful flower garden.
This is the small flower garden on the west side of my house: four-oclocks in the middle with one cleome to the left, verbenas growing out from all sides.
One large rosebush, then several flowering nicotiana, foxgloves in the front left, and lantanas in the middle and front.
hossler.org /album/flowergarden05   (201 words)

 Online Album - My Flower Album - by Helga67 - VirtualTourist.com   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The crocus is the first flower after a cold and colourless winter that shows up in my garden at the end of February.
These are wonderful flowers that open during the day and close at night for about 2 to 3 days.
I love these flowers because they are the last ones that bring some color in your garden before the long grey and dark winter.
members.virtualtourist.com /m/tt/36428   (435 words)

 Dionne Farris Wild Flower - Wild Seed!
Dionne's debut album is a collage of innovative music, blending elements of funk, soul, jazz, rock and blues.
The most haunting song of the album is "Don't Ever Touch Me (Again)," a story about the trauma of abuse and the power to defend and free oneself.
The diverse elements of her album create a cross-pollinated hybrid of rhythm 'n' soul: a new urban music for the '90s.
www.sonymusic.com /artists/DionneFarris/WildFlower.html   (781 words)

 Mp3 music, download legal mp3 music
Album: Cause & Effect - Artist: Solitary Experiments
Album: R n R - Artist: Rick Braun
Album: R n R - Artist: Richard Elliot
www.mp3album.ru   (513 words)

 Only Flower Pictures!
Flower pictures capture the fleeting spirit of a bloom by locking that moment in time.
We compare soft things to rose petals, sharp ones to cactus spines, elusive scents to exotic night blooming plants, and attraction is symbolized by bees coming to nectar.
Flower Pictures also have the ability to evoke deep feelings from the viewer.
www.flowers-and-garden.com /flower-pictures.php   (336 words)

The Flower Kings are led by progrock icon, guitarist, vocalist, composer, producer Roine Stolt into a world of unlimited musical fantasy and flair.
Successful tours resulted in the recording of the live album, "Alive On Planet Earth", which was compiled from shows in both the USA and Japan -98 & -99.
With the albums "Space Revolver" 2000 and "The Rainmaker" released in September 2001 The Flower Kings sound shifted to a more accessible level but maintains all the elements that have established this band as one of those most colourful exponents of progressive rock in the world today.
www.myspace.com /theflowerkings   (1439 words)

 Through Different Eyes : The Flower Kings : Flowerpower
Kaipa was one of the best bands from Sweden, and their first three albums are still among the best from Sweden, although it has gone almost 25 years since their first album "Kaipa" (1975).
The album's title became the name for a new band called The Flower Kings, who would come to be one of the leading names in Progressive rock, both in Sweden and in the whole world.
This is because I have judged it compared to the other Flower Kings releases, and this album isn't as good as the previous "Stardust We Are" from 1997, but almost.
home.swipnet.se /tde/lb/the_flower_kings/flowerpower.html   (925 words)

 Eneabba Wildflowers
Most of these photo albums contain images of wildflowers taken within 15-30 minute walk from our house in Eneabba and in the Eneabba area.
Some flowers were kindly identified by Jim Barrow of The Wildflower Society of Western Australia and B.Backhouse.
Please note that it is difficult enough to identify plants with the specimen in one's hand, Jim and Barbara had only our photographs to go on with the crucial information unavailable.
www.eneabba.net /Photoalbum/index.html   (98 words)

 Prog4you.com - Progressive Rock Review The Flower Kings - Unfold The Future
While it is impossible to talk about The Flower Kings without talking about Roine Stolt, it is easy to forget that in addition to being the primary writer, guitarist and one of the lead vocalists – he also is the band’s producer.
The first difference one notices about the sound on this album compared with the sound on previous Flower Kings efforts is the drums.
While elements of the jazz are evident throughout the album, they finally emerge into full view on the album’s fourth track, “Christianopel,” penned by Csörsz, Reingold, Bodin and Stolt.
www.prog4you.com /cd-reviews--/the_flower_kings_unfold_the_future.htm   (1025 words)

I was fortunate to be able to see Roine Stolt and the Flower Kings [whose original CDs are reviewed elsewhere in these pages] live at a local venue, the Phantasmagoria, in Wheaton, Maryland, on September 8th, 1998.
That album was a solo project for Stolt, and did not use the same lineup of musicians who were formed to be the band, The Flower Kings (although Froberg contributed vocals, and Jaime Salazar was the drummer).
There are almost 73 minutes of music on the album, which makes it a good value for those looking to sample The Flower Kings' music for the first time.
www.holeintheweb.com /drp/drprs2.htm   (823 words)

 En Vogue : Soul Flower - Listen, Review and Buy at ARTISTdirect
Four years after their last true full-length (the nearly Internet-only Christmas album from 2002 barely counts), En Vogue return as independent women, not only in record label but also in attitude.
Soul Flower benefits from more of an eye on the groove than on the charts and better than ever tricks from longtime producers Denzil Foster and Thomas McElroy.
Within the first five seconds of the album listeners get a slinky shuffle of a beat, '40s-styled harmonies, and a confident, soulful lead vocal.
www.artistdirect.com /nad/store/artist/album/0,,2827644,00.html   (360 words)

 Maria Taylor - Lynn Teeter Flower : album review
This is her second album in a solo career that acts as an experimental and welcome distraction from her role as the voice of Azure Ray, a duo renown for the Americana-electronica sound that has come to define Saddle Creek.
Replay is an example of Tori Amos's considerable legacy, with a hypnotic intent in its vocal delivery that, of her most recent sisters, is also reminiscent of Martha Wainwright, though perhaps with less balls.
The Ballad of Sean Foley, written by and performed with Oberst, jars the album a little, enforcing a departure from the personality the album has forged for itself, something that comes from Maria's unique reaction to the world - excited and heartbroken in equal measures.
www.musicomh.com /albums/maria-taylor-2_0207.htm   (570 words)

 Pea Pod Flower Photo Album (Indonesia) : Home Decor from Overstock.com
Handcrafted by talented artisans in Indonesia, this album is made from waru leaves, lotus leaves, ban...
Handcrafted by talented artisans in Indonesia, this album is made from waru leaves, lotus leaves, banana bark, bean pod shells, twigs, and bamboo paper, all natural to the region of Indonesia.
Beautiful!, Sep 1, 2007 from Seattle, WA I bought this album for a friend as a post-wedding gift to put some of the pictures in.
www.overstock.com /Worldstock/Pea-Pod-Flower-Photo-Album-Indonesia/1485699/product.html   (390 words)

 bigchill.net -strange flower album labels label sade tone
Like label mate Gaelle, Aya has made an album that is moulded around a central core of nu-soul.
Aya has also steered away from baring the darker side of her emotions and opts for a lighter tone and more laid back approach.
True the edges have been rubbed smooth with a producers pumice stone, and depending on your state of mind/general taste in music could be considered safe Radio 2 blandness.
www.bigchill.net /story.html?id=1235   (423 words)

 En Vogue's "Soul Flower" quiz -- free game
"This is a quiz built around En Vogue's February 2004 album titled "Soul Flower".
Who are the members of En Vogue on the "Soul Flower" album?
Ooh La La Which song is the shortest song on the album?
www.funtrivia.com /playquiz.cfm?qid=173503   (597 words)

 flower - OneLook Dictionary Search
Flower, Flower : baby names list [home, info]
Phrases that include flower: flower girl, flower head, flower child, pasque flower, trumpet flower, more...
Words similar to flower: bloom, blossom, efflorescence, flowered, flowerful, flowering, flowerless, flowerlike, flush, heyday, peak, prime, aster, iris, mature, posy, tulip, more...
www.onelook.com /?w=flower   (442 words)

 The Music Box: June Carter Cash - Wildwood Flower (Album Review)
Prior to her passing, June Carter Cash put the finishing touches on Wildwood Flower, her follow-up to the powerful, Grammy-winning Press On.
At numerous points throughout the album, Cash provides spoken- word introductions to the songs, and when these were not available, historical footage feeds the poignant familial tenderness that lies within each nook and cranny.
Utilizing the same mixture of family and friends the made Press On such a gem, Cash bathes her songs in a warm glow that paints with breathtaking beauty a loving remembrance of a life well-lived.
www.musicbox-online.com /jc-wild.html   (193 words)

 The Flower Album (powerHouse Books) | Take Great Pictures
Placed against his monochrome backdrops but accentuated by the rich colors of nature and supported by their corresponding body paints, he transforms flower petals, leaves and stems into intriguing decorative patterns on himself as well as mimics body parts or suggests body adornments like nail polish, beards or masks.
Busse, often staring right into the camera, covers his painted body with carefully placed flower petals, which seem "stuck" to his skin and are totally captivating in their deliberate placement and colorfulness and lend the photographs an air of otherworldliness and of fairy tale lands.
But in all the apparent beauty there is also a lingering knowledge of death and decay since every flower, at its most beautiful stage of life, had to be sacrificed to help create the artists personal vision of beauty.
www.takegreatpictures.com /Articles/Details/params/object/4960/default.aspx   (406 words)

 NPR : June Carter Cash's 'Wildwood Flower'
In her final recording, Wildwood Flower, she reached back to those roots by including several classics written by A.P. Carter and other members of her legendary country music family.
He co-produced Press On, June Carter Cash's previous solo album, released in 1999, and was the producer of Wildwood Flower.
Producing albums for his mother might sound intimidating, but that was hardly the case, he says.
www.npr.org /templates/story/story.php?storyId=1440172   (611 words)

 Album Soul Flower by En Vogue - AOL Music
Album Soul Flower by En Vogue - AOL Music
I Do Love You (Piece of My Love)
Everything about the album 'Soul Flower' by En Vogue including album title, track listings, release dates, guest artists, record label info and user reviews on AOL Music.
music.aol.com /artist/en-vogue/4191/album/soul-flower/679576   (210 words)

 Decorating : Arrangements : Flower Memory Album : Home & Garden Television
Select pressed flowers and use tweezers to pre-arrange flowers on album cover as desired.
Be sure to glue all edges of flowers down with the paint brush to keep them from coming up when sealer is applied.
If flowers or leaves break apart, they can be glued back together easily by pushing them together with the tweezers or paint brush.
www.hgtv.com /hgtv/dc_floral_arrangements/article/0,1793,HGTV_3418_1370281,00.html   (540 words)

 Bee and Flower NEWS
The album is available throughout Russia and the connected territories.
Bee and Flower's second album is complete, after tirelessly working for 10 months.
The new album was engineered and mixed by Ingo Krauss (formerly of Conny Plank Studios, Köln Germany).
www.beeandflower.com /news.html   (923 words)

 Another 2004 Flower Album pictures from flowers photos on webshots
Hi Linda!Also in this album you have made of the magnificent additions!!This album is just precious!!I adore the flowers and this album!All the photos are excellent!You have an optimal talent and one great sensibility!You are very good photographer!My compliments!Ciao Linda!Warm greetings!A friendly one I embrace :-))Caterina
Hi Linda!Ciao my dear friend!This album is really superb and gorgeus!!I love all of it!All your photos are magnificent whit the colours fantastic, beautiful lighting and very good quality!!Thank You for sharing this wonderful pictures of the flowers!I have thoroughly enjoyed viewing your album!
I have NO flowers this year, the drought killed them all off.
community.webshots.com /album/165510934LdIeyE   (629 words)

 The good life | Features | Gardening | Telegraph
I have not ventured into colour yet, but when I do, An Edwardian Lady's Flower Album by Agnes Landale will be my source of inspiration.
All the garden plants we know and love today are represented, with a flower for each day of the year and a poem beside it.
The one for today reads: "Come down to that old garden, Of every flower we knew, When out of the gates of childhood, The airs of morning blew, And arching Heaven was painted, In every drop of dew."
www.telegraph.co.uk /gardening/main.jhtml?xml=/gardening/2006/07/22/dtggoodlife220706.xml   (793 words)

 Flower album - Definition, explanation
Lady's slipper Image:Orchid02.jpgLily, Stargazer Image:Buberel unknown flower 13.jpgLily, Stargazer Image:Buberel unknown flower 16.jpgLily, Stargazer Image:WhiteEgyptianLotusthumbnail.jpgWhite Egyptian Lotus (Waterlily) Image:Lilac_redoute.JPG
Pink Mink Protea Image:Unknown flower q1.jpgPlume Cockscomb or Prince of Wales' Feathers, Celosia plumosa Image:Buberel unknown flower 15.jpgRed spiral ginger (Costus barbatus) Image:Snowdropthumbnail.jpg
Photo album, event listing and member information for the flower arranging club.
www.calsky.com /lexikon/en/txt/f/fl/flower_album.php   (354 words)

 THE FLOWER KINGS discography, MP3 and reviews
Soon they decided to form a band using the name of the solo album so THE FLOWER KINGS was born, the keyboardist Tomas Bodin and Roine’s brother Michael in the bass joined and the band was officially born.
Stardust we Are” in 1997 and “Flower Power” in 1998 with no great changes.
In 1999 Michael Stolt leaves the band and is replaced by Jonas Reingold so the new formation for “Space Revolver” in the year 2000 also includes Ulf Wallander playing the Sax as a guest that remains for a long period with them.
www.progarchives.com /artist.asp?id=110   (328 words)

 Red Bark Flower Photo Album - handmade from CentralCrafts.Com
The red bark flower photo album has a rich, stylish appearance that can only enhance your very best photographs.
We use only the highest quality materials free of synthetic chemicals which will protect your collection from fading or discolouring over the years.
Jump to the Ring Binder section to start building your own album.
www.centralcrafts.com /pp/Photo_Albums/Medium_Photo_Albums/Red_Bark_Flower_Photo_Album.html   (102 words)

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