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 Aircraft flight control systems - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The fly-by-wire flight control systems eliminates the complexity, fragility and weight of the mechanical circuit of the hydromechanical flight control systems and replaces it with an electrical circuit.
A wire can be severed, or a flight control computer can be lost, and the backup can still convey the control information to the actuators.
The pilot uses something akin to a "joystick" to fly the plane, and his commands go through an electronic interface to operate robotic servos at each control surface. /wiki/Fly-by-wire

 Fly By Wire : Queenstown Fly By Wire, Wellington Fly By Wire, Queenstown Fly By Wire, Wellington Fly By Wire
Fly By Wire : Queenstown Fly By Wire, Wellington Fly By Wire, Queenstown Fly By Wire, Wellington Fly By Wire
Fly by Wire is the world's first adventure flight offering full pilot control of a high speed tethered plane.
A RADICAL DESIGN Fly by Wire Wellington is the first pilot controlled aeronautical ride in the world. /new-zealand/attractions/adventure/fly-by-wire :: View topic - Fly-by-Wire
Since you're using electrical wires to tranmit the control signals, they called this system "Fly-by-Wire".
In the F-16, the engineers chose to convert the mechanical force applied by the pilot on the stick into electrical signals, which could then be transmitted over electrical wires to the actuators.
One of the unexpected negative side effects of this system was that pilot's couldn't get used to the fact that the control stick didn't move (it didn't need to move - just needed to measure the direction and magnitude of the force applied by the pilot). /f-16_forum_printview-t-212-start-0.html

 MSN Encarta - Search Results - fly-by-wire
Fly, The, motion picture about a scientist who is accidentally transformed into a fly, based on a story by George Langelaan.
Fly, common name for members of an order of two-winged insects, the best known of which are the house fly and mosquitoes.
Mosquito, common name for any of about 2000 species of two-winged insects (Fly). /fly-by-wire.html

 NASA - NASA Dryden Fact Sheet - F-8 Digital Fly-By-Wire Aircraft
Wires from the control stick in the cockpit to the control surfaces on the wings and tail surfaces replaced the entire mechanical flight-control system in the F-8.
Wires replacing cables and pushrods would give designers greater flexibility in configuration and in the size and placement of components such as tail surfaces and wings.
It was safer because of its redundancies and because, for military aircraft, wires were less vulnerable to battle damage than the hydraulic lines they replaced. /centers/dryden/news/FactSheets/FS-024-DFRC.html

 Fly-By-Wire A Primer for Aviation Accident Investigators
ly-by-wire (FBW) is the generally accepted term for flight control systems in which a computer processes the pilot's control movements and sends electric signals to the flight control surface actuators without any mechanical linkage.
Caused by many factors including the effect of filters, computer processing time, task time-sharing by computers and signal processors, "higher order" effects of the feedback control system, digital sampling effects, and/or actuator rate limiting.
FBW flight control laws may not be stable for all values of gain or phase angle (the difference between pilot input and airplane response in terms of frequency; exactly opposite would be a 180-degree phase angle) that can be applied. /internet/alp/2000/febfbw.htm

 Fly By Wire - "The world's fastest ride!"
Several features on the Fly by Wire story
Top rated program visits Fly by Wire Queenstown
All the measurements have been carefully vetted by computer and, since the rocket is on a wire that is 11 times stronger than it needs to be and is secured by steel rock anchors set in concrete that is metres thick, there's no danger of coming unstuck. /flybywire/media_review.htm

 Fly By Wire - "The world's fastest ride!"
The Fly by Wire plane is suspended from a 105 metre (340 feet) long, 9.5mm support cable to the main cable support network, a 400 metre (1400 foot) wide overhead structure which spans the canyon.
Queenstown's million dollar Fly by Wire installation opened in June 1998.
Each of the six 35mm network cables have a 72 ton load capacity and are attached to steel rock anchors set deep into the rocky canyon walls. /queenstown.htm - Forum :: View topic - What is fly-by-wire?
Also the fly by wire allows these aircraft to fly at exreme angles of attack in something known as seperated turbulant flow were the centre of lift will be very unstable and moving back and forth.
Airbus was able to save about 400kg due to the new fly by wire system.
actually i'm pretty sure you can disable the computer law and fly manually.. /viewtopic.php?t=2407

Fly By Wire has a little for everyone and is delivered with white hot playing and a real passion for the music.
Fly By Wire is an excellent instrumental CD featuring the phenomenal guitar playing of Jeff Miller.
I would highly recommend Fly By Wire to anybody who appreciates not only excellent guitar picking, but a variety of memorable musical arrangements. /jeffmiller3

 Unlike Airbus, Boeing lets aviator override fly-by-wire technology
Fly by wire simply means that computers on the plane transmit the pilot inputs into electrical signals that are sent through wires to actuators that move the control surfaces.
Lauber said the pilots were supposed to fly by with the gear down at about 100 feet.
On conventional planes, the flight-control surfaces are moved by hydraulic devices controlled by cables that run through the airplane. /business/boe202.shtml

 Fly By Wire Queenstown Adventure Tour from Viator
The Fly by Wire plane is suspended from an overhead suspension point (click on "view map" icon), which allows a high speed flight anywhere within the spectacular deep canyon.
The ground crew are chosen for their ability to operate within Fly by Wire's safety and operational procedures, whilst ensuring that you enjoy an exciting and adrenaline-filled adventure flight.
Once launched, the flyer (you!) uses the hand throttle and steering to control the speed and direction of the plane. /tours/Queenstown/3277fly_by_wire/Fly-By-Wire

 FLY BY WIRE Home Page
The RTP (Round The Pylon) flight system is a method of flying electric powered model aircraft in restricted spaces, both indoors and outdoors.
The models, which are tethered to a central pylon, can be controlled by the "pilot" who has full control of the model at all times without the use of a radio.
This setup is ideal for models such as this slow flying Piper Super Cub where space restricts line length to less than 5 metres (15 feet). /~rtpelectrix

 Fly By Wire homepage
Fly By Wire is the official Dutch control line flying promotion and display team.
The KNVvl is the body that delegates and is responsible for all aspects of recreational flying in Holland.
In this way they get familiar with control line flying and if they want they will be informed about upcoming events.

 Fly-by-wire Report
The difference, though is that in fly-by-wire systems, the signal is sent by thin wire, not bulky cable, to a computer which refines the signal as necessary.
On a 777, the distance between the yoke and the elevators is over 200 feet, yet the signal traveled this distance by wire in milliseconds.
Since a computer needs to read this signal, it is sent by wire to four boxes called ACE's, the acronym for Actuator Control Electronics.

 AIN Online: Fly by wire filtering down to bizjets
Yet as FBW continues to gain acceptance among pilots and operators and the cost of the technology comes down, experts predict a major shift in business aviation away from today’s cable-and-pulley or hydraulic flight controls to systems that are manipulated by servoactuators taking their cues entirely from computers.
But in basic terms, FBW systems replace the mechanical linkage between the cockpit controls and the moving surfaces with electrical wires.
In the end, FBW is designed to enhance performance and improve safety, said Villa, explaining that control-surface positioning will be optimized to reduce drag, and the static stability margin will be reduced for a corresponding reduction in fuel burn. /issues/08_04/08_04_flybywirep1.html

 Fly By Wire, fly by wire, queenstown, new zealand
Instead of the usual "fly by wire" bright red flying suits issued to the fliers, we were given dark blue waterproofs.
With a top recorded speed of over 170 kph, Fly By Wire is said to be the fastest ride in the world.
The Fly By Wire site is situated in a canyon between two very steep hills. /flybywire

 Flying Magazine : FLYING News
Longtime Flying columnist Len Morgan passed away at the age of 82 in March after a long illness.
Gordon Baxter, who for more than 20 years wrote the Bax Seat column in Flying, passed away on June 11th at the age of 81 from a respiratory illness.
Diamond is high on diesels, but the company is hedging its bets and agressively pursuing North American business by developing a Lycoming IO-360 version of its Twin Star, the little four-seat twin that was recently certified in Europe with Thielert Centurion turbodiesel engines. /article.asp?section_id=11&article_id=75

 Fly By Wire gift wellington new zealand NZ
FLY BY WIRE is the world's first adventure ride gift, offering full pilot control of a high speed tethered plane.
Fly by wire adventure ride gives you the pilot a spectacular eight minute flight plus a video of your performance.
Fly By Wire is located at the BP Service Station, Paekakariki, Wellington New Zealand. /detail/aw4.html

 What is a digital fly by wire system:FBW system comparison of f16 to mig29
Re: What is a digital fly by wire system:FBW system comparison of f16 to mig29 -- z
Original F-16 used analog FBW, so the original 8 European nations that uses F-16 prohibits their F-16 from flying too close to radio broadcasting towers, cuz interference was too strong & may lead to crash.
Digitized FBW (DFBW) uses 2 digits, 0 & 1 to represent low & hi, so mathematically, the voltage graph is consisted of 2 parallel broken lines, one being 0, & the other being 1. /plaboard/archive/268909.shtml

 QwikConnect Volume 5, Number 1 - The ABC's of Fly-by-Wire - Glenair, Inc.
Fly-by-Wire systems matured rapidly, and in 1976 General Dynamics took the bold step of eliminating backup hydromechanical controls from the design of its FBW F-16 Fighting Falcon - making it the first high-performance aircraft to rely completely on electrical wires to relay flight commands instead of the usual cables and linkage controls.
In the early 60's, NASA engineers began work on an electrical Fly-by-Wire (FBW) control system which would provide aircraft engineers with more flexibility in aircraft design and architecture, especially in the placement of control surfaces.
The F-16's Fly-by-Wire control system has evolved over the years from a four channel analog system to the quadraplex digital FBW system used in today's F-16/C and D designs. /qwikconnect/vol5num1/coverstory1.htm

Wire or no wire there is still a chance of it breaking as well as any other sky coaster.
You have a 60hp motor behind you and have full control to fly anywhere within the hemisphere beneath the towers performing any sort of aerobatic maneuvers that you can.
These rides in New Zealand can, at times, reach up to 106mph and fly as close as 4 feet from the ground. /2003-29-211183.htm

Fly-by-wire in aircraft flight control design is more than adding a simple wire - it is a sophisticated system that changes the way aircraft are designed and the way they fly. /html_gif/2503.htm

 Tower Records - Fly By Wire - Paul Mangone
The songs that make up "Fly By Wire" represent what was happening in his life, at the time he wrote them.
FLY BY WIRE/Paul Mangone - Former bass player for the band EXTREME surfaces with a new 15 song CD that has captured the best in melodic rock with a fresh face.
Tower Records - Fly By Wire - Paul Mangone /product.aspx?pfid=3001541

 Three tracks from "Fly By Wire"
Fly by Wire is a privately pressed CD, limited to 50 copies, containing music composed by members of the Direct mailinglist, which concentrates on the music of Greek composer Vangelis.
Three of these tracks from the second CD, "Fly By Wire", can be found on this page.
Musical discussions on the list inspired us to create compilations of our compositions to be able to share the results: tracks which all have the common thread of being created by people who have been influenced by their interest in the music by Vangelis. /dlodewks

 Fly By Wire > Queenstown, New Zealand
The sooner that they install a Fly By Wire in Europe the BETTER
Anyway, we were driven down the hill to the 'flight deck' and myself and the 3 other 'pilots' got suited up in red flight suits before being briefed on the controls, not much to it really, just hold the accelerator tight on full speed and steer right and left using a handlbar control.
Then they cut the engine after 7 mins and you swing back and forth and it's so relaxing and quiet for about 3 minutes as the momentum dies down and they can stop you. /forum/viewtopic.php?t=451&view=next

 F-8DFBW EC77-6988: F-8 Digital Fly-by-Wire in flight
Digital fly-by-wire is currently used in a variety of aircraft ranging from F/A-18 fighters to the Boeing 777.
Digital-fly-by-wire is more efficient because it is lighter and takes up less space than the hydraulic systems it replaced.
The F-8 Digital Fly-By-Wire (DFBW) flight research project validated the principal concepts of all-electric flight control systems now used on nearly all modern high-performance aircraft and on military and civilian transports. /gallery/Photo/F-8DFBW/HTML/EC77-6988.html

 Forget fly-by-wire, USAF develops fly-by-light - Above Top Secret Conspiracy Community
AFRL’s fly-by-light technology does not employ wires and is naturally resistant to electromagnetic interference, providing the same flight control capabilities as fly-by-wire systems without the necessity for shielding.
They had done FBW tests on it and were converting it over to a partial FBL system to start testing it.
When I was at Edwards in 95, we went on the NASA tour, and they had an F-18 they were rebuilding with a FBL system in it. /forum/thread171798/pg1

 Flying Magazine: Fly-by-Wire Falcon
From New York, the 7X will be able to fly directly to all of Europe, Riyadh, Honolulu and all of South America.
The 7X's cabin cross section is the same as that of the company's Falcon 900EX but with eight extra feet of length and 20 percent greater volume.
The 5,700-nm range will allow the 7X to link Paris with Tokyo, Beijing, Los Angeles or Sao Paulo. /article.asp?section_id=11&article_id=75

 Fly By Wire
The group would be completed when bassist Tim McDonnell and drummer Rick Tallon joined to form the rhythm section and Fly By Wire was born.
© 2005 Fly By Wire - web design by
Their music is a groove based rock with a layer of funk, and topped with meaningful lyrics that people can relate to.

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