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Topic: Folk instrument

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In the News (Tue 22 Jan 19)

  Ukrainian Folk Wind Instruments
The instrument is in widespread use in the Carpathian Mountain area of Ukraine especially among the Hutsuls where it is known as a zozulka: a name derived from the Ukrainian word for a small cuckoo bird.
The zubivka is one of the oldest folk instruments in Ukraine.
The instrument surma is made of wood with a conical bore, having a bell at one end and a double reed similar to that used in the oboe at the other.
home.att.net /~bandura.ca/VMfolkBook/wind.html   (2192 words)

  Musical instrument - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The frequency of the wave generated is related to the length of the column of air and the shape of the instrument, while the tone quality of the sound generated is affected by the construction of the instrument and method of tone production.
All classes of instruments save the electronic are mentioned in ancient sources, such as Egyptian inscriptions and the Bible, and probably predate recorded history.
The oldest known man made instrument is a mousterian bone flute from the "Divje babe I" cave site (Slovenia), made by neanderthals around 45.000-50.000 years ago from a cave bear bone.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Musical_instrument   (499 words)

 Greek Folk Music and Dance - Instrumentation Styles   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-17)
The bouzouki and baglamas are typical folk instruments found in the taverna style or rebetiki music of the seaports and urban areas.
The bouzouki is the descendent of ancient Greek and eastern instruments.
The baglamas was often favored in the early part of the 20th century as a solo instrument for men in jail or for a small group of "rebetes" to play for singing and dancing.
www.greekfolkmusicanddance.com /instrumentation.html   (1147 words)

 Sudeep Audio : Folk Instruments of India with audio samples
It is said that this instrument used to occupy a position of considerable prestige.
This is a rhythmic instrument rather than a melodic instrument and it is used to accompany instruments such as kartal, dotar, or khol.
This instrument is not a native Indian instrument.
www.sudeepaudio.com /folk/folkinst.htm   (2337 words)

 Musical Instruments
As described by Edward Lane and others, these instruments were the 'ud, the Qanoon, the nay, the Riqq, and the kamanjah, a spike fiddle, which during the late nineteenth century was replaced with the Western violin, but which also remained as a folk instrument under the name Rababah.
Another common instrument, whose function is comparable to that of the Rababah in Egypt and among the eastern Bedouins, is the Moroccan folk Rabab, a long-necked fiddle with a round skin-covered sound box and a single string made of horsehair positioned to the side rather than in front of the neck.
Folk instruments are becoming popular in the cities and are frequently modified to suit urban musical styles.
www.classicalarabicmusic.com /instruments.htm   (2110 words)

 Folk File: T
In the 60s and 70s, songbooks of folk music were quite popular, but the work of transcribing the songs was obviously turned over to someone who knew nothing about the tradition, since they were usually set for piano in awkward keys for folk instruments.
Folk songs about them reveal that they have never been treated particularly well, but at present (1994), a woman of the Irish travelling people has been elected to a political position, and says she will spend much time in an effort to increase the awareness of the situation.
A small thumbscrew on members of the violin family or other instruments, used to make fine adjustments to the tuning without fooling with the friction pegs, which are fairly coarse in their action.
www.folklib.net /folkfile/t.shtml   (6646 words)

 Folk Instruments   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-17)
The zither or tambura is one of the widest spread folk instruments.
The violin as a folk instrument is used by professional or semi-professional musicians.
It was, and is, rarely used as a solo instrument, accompanied at least by another instrument (bagpipe, hurdy-gurdy, viola) or by an entire Gypsy or peasant band.
www.zti.hu /museum/introduc/folkinst.htm   (1044 words)

 Complete Folk of the Wood Policies
Every Instrument will be ready to play; it will be intonated so that it plays pefectly in tune throughout the neck; it will be adjusted to ensure a nice low action without any buzzes; and it will be thoroughly inspected to ensure that the instrument is impeccable before it ships.
Folk of the Wood is not responsible for shipping costs of returned instruments which have been found not to meet expectations.
If the instrument arrives damaged, or is lost in transit, it is the responsibility of the one shipping to file a claim; Folk of the Wood does not take any responsibility for instruments that arrive damaged or is lost in transit.
www.folkofthewood.com /page443.htm   (3833 words)

 FOLK MUSIC INSTRUMENTS:   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-17)
In the folk style, a bass-note pattern is maintained with the thumb (with or without the use of a thumbpick), while the melody is played on the "high" strings with the fingers.
One of the nice things about this instrument is that it's generally tuned to an "open" G chord (just strum the unfretted strings, and you get a G), with the fifth (shorter) string acting as a drone.
As a lead instrument, the tenor is played in the mandolin style—in which the melody notes are picked individually-or in the chordal style, in which each note of a melody is played with a different chord.
www.motherearthnews.com /DIY/1984-01-01/Folk-Music-Instruments-Choose-the-One-Thats-Right-for-You.aspx   (4874 words)

 Indian Instruments, folk music India
Shehnai - is a double reed instrument with a pipe that has seven holes and a trumpet of brass or copper attached at the end.
Khamak — A small instrument capable of producing a very interesting sound, it is a one sided small drum with the other side left open to insert a string.
The ancient instrument Pakhawaj is said to be the mother of the Tabla and it is said that Amir Khusro, in the 14 th century, divided Pakhawaj into two parts and invented a new instrument called Tabla.
www.beatofindia.com /mainpages/instruments.htm   (1515 words)

 Virtual Instrument Museum
These two instruments were both first described as plucked string instruments, and later as having two strings and being played by pressuring the strings with a strip of bamboo, suggesting that the earliest Chinese bowed instruments were derived from plucked stringed instruments.
In the twentieth century, equated to violin, erhu became a primary instrument for solo, duo, or concerto forms, and the leading instrument in both small regional ensembles and the modern Chinese instrumental orchestra.
In the course of the twentieth century, the erhu was gradually elevated as a solo instrument and as "China's violin" by conservatory trained musicians and composers in concert music compositions, while it was still used as an important accompanying instrument in opera performances.
learningobjects.wesleyan.edu /vim/cgi-bin/instrument.cgi?id=19   (1077 words)

 Ukrainian Folk Percussive Instruments
The buhay is an instrument that originated in Western Ukraine and is classified as a friction drum.
This is an instrument consisting of copper or brass plates strung from a wire.
In some folk instrument ensembles a steel horseshoe dangling from the end of a gut string is struck with a piece of metal wire.
home.att.net /~bandura.ca/VMfolkBook/percussive.html   (933 words)

 Hungarian folk musical instruments part 1 - decriptions of whizzer, bagpipe, cimbalom, zither, hit gardon etc
It was a significant instrument of the ancient Hungarians, symbolizing the universe.
Up to the 16th century it was the military instrument of the hussars (cavalry), when it was replaced by the shawm (töröksíp).
The gardon is an ancient stringed percussion instrument of the Székelys of Csík and Csángós of Gyimes.
www.passiondiscs.co.uk /articles/hungarian_folk_instruments1.htm   (1948 words)

 T’rung – the folk-musical instrument
The process of creation of this special folk-musical instrument is indeed an hymn of labour and spirit of the Vietnamese ethnic groups during living and growing.
Referring to folk-musical instruments made by bamboo and its family in Vietnam, we can draw a list with flute, monochord, T’rung, Klongput, pan-pipe… Among them, T’rung is appreciated as a favourite and original one.
T’rung musical instrument is made by hanging the different pointed bamboo tubes on one shelf to create nice sounds.
www.viethandart.net /Htmls/musical.htm   (722 words)

 The Tamburitza and the preservation of Croatian folk music
It is a stringed instrument related to the Russian balalaika, the Ukrainian bandura and the Italian mandolin.
Even though the tamburitza was always regarded as a national folk instrument, many serious compositions have been composed for the instrument.
Before discussing folk music in Croatia, it is important to deal with the term ethnomusicology, and its development.
www.croatianhistory.net /etf/folk.html   (942 words)

 The True History of the Autoharp
Aside from the obvious difference in the shape of the instrument, the mechanism used to damp the strings is significantly different from the autoharp as we know it.
Instead of depressing the chord bar vertically to damp the strings, the bar on the Zimmermann instrument is pulled horizontally by a "trigger." The felts extend down from the bar and went in between the strings.
Instead, he manufactured Gütter’s instrument and called it an "autoharp." He also put his patent number on the instrument -- a patent issued for "new and useful Improvements." Had he, in fact, employed his chord bar improvements, then we could give credit to Zimmermann for a new way of playing a harp.
www.autoharpquarterly.com /n_autohist.php   (1340 words)

 Violin vs. Fiddle: What's the Difference
The only true reason you'd call one instrument a violin and the other a fiddle is the approach...someone who plays fiddle tunes, a fiddler, will address their violin as a fiddle.
Some fiddlers will shave their bridge flat to ensure an easily attainable double-stop (two strings played at once)...so the set-up may be different on a fiddle...they're still one and the same instrument.
Now, no doubt about it, many old-time fiddlers will flatten their bridges so that they can play a double-stop easier (two strings at once)...I, personally, am learning the fiddle, and have found that the standard violin bridge set-up does not impede my ability to play double-stops.
www.folkofthewood.com /page4779.htm   (584 words)

 Squeeze that 'tina.
He thought his fully chromatic instrument would be ideal for the popular classics and parlour music of the day.
The piano gradually took over as the common domestic instrument, and many thousands of concertinas were consigned to dusty attics or simply discarded as worthless items.
Whatever the fingering system, the concertina is firmly established as a favourite folk instrument for solo tune-playing, ensemble playing and song accompaniment, and playing standards are continually reaching new heights.
www.suite101.com /article.cfm/folk_music/117119   (421 words)

 ezFolk Link Directory - Instrument Makers
Edward has built over 300 instruments over the past 25 years including steel string, classical, archtop, nylon jazz, and acoustic bass guitars as well as lyres, bouzoukis, and the banjola....
Instruments are built in small batches to control quality to the highest standards....
The master craftsmen of the 17th and 18th century left us with a heritage of fine instruments which prove that this was indeed a golden age of violin making....
www.ezfolk.com /links/instrumentmakers.html   (2819 words)

 RUSSIAN FOLK   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-17)
The instrument is to be found in many homes and it is used at rehearsals of church choirs.
Russian folk dance is marked by its gentle walk of the woman and by much bowing on the part of the man, who sometimes bends his knee and rises again suddenly (What's also called PRISYADKI in Russian language) The most of Russian traditional dances requiere accompanement of balalaika, garmoshka or bayan.
Russian folk tales and fairy tales with accompaniment of traditional Russian musical instruments such as balalaika, gusli, bass-balalaika and garmoshka for schools, pre-schools, colleges, adult care centers for English speaking children, students and adults.
www.barynya.com /russian_folk.stm   (3800 words)

 LVFMS-Instruments   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-17)
The instrument emerged as the staple instrument of folk music at the turn of the 20th century where it was the solo instrument of the early Delta blues artists who perfected its application in a number of sophisticated finger-picking styles.
The instrument became the primary accompaniment to solo voice performers like Jimmie Rodgers and Woodie Guthrie, whose simplistic strum while fingering only a few dominant chords (e.g., G, C and D7), formed the instrumental basis of many early 20th century folk songs.
In the 1960s, during the Folk Revival era, the acoustic guitar sound, either solo or in concert with other guitars, was the mainstay of nearly every folk musician and folk song performed.
lvfolkmusicsociety.org /guitar6.html   (313 words)

 Ron Korb Instrument Gallery: Japanese Flutes (Ryuteki, Shinobue), Irish, Bamboo
As the popular folk music in Ireland was the country fiddle music, the flute soon was adapted to play the same repertoire.
The instrument is so long that a mouthpiece extension is needed to make it possible to reach the finger holes.
The instrument on this recording is from West Java and is used as part of the gamelan orchestra.
ronkorb.com /instrument.html   (845 words)

 Folk Instrument makers and manufacturers of the world
This website is dedicated to folk instrument manufacturers and makers of the world.
I have tried to be as comprehensive as I can by listing all the instrument families on the navigation system alongside, but no doubt you will be able to tell me about all the ones I have missed - I am more than willing to remedy the situation if you drop me a line.
Any folk instrument manufacturers wishing to be included just drop me a line and I will review and include your website if I feel it deserves to be here.
www.hayzee.com /index.htm   (246 words)

 CTMS | Folk Music Links
Folk Alliance Regional organizations exist to to promote folk music and dance in particular areas, hold an annual regional conferences, to carry out such other projects as are of benefit to Folk Alliance members in the area, and represent the interests of their members to the parent organization.
Folk Mote Music is in Santa Barbara and carries one of the largest selections of Celtic harps on the west coast.
The New England Folk Festival Association is a non-profit educational and cultural organization, incorporated under the General Laws of Massachusetts to encourage, sponsor, and preserve high standards of performance of the folk arts and traditions in New England and elsewhere.
www.ctmsfolkmusic.org /links.asp   (8350 words)

 The Banjo: The People and The Sounds of America's Folk Instrument   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-17)
More than 60 instruments will be on view, including early instruments rarely presented to the public.
This exhibit focuses on the evolution of the actual instrument, but it is primarily a tribute to the diverse people who have played and loved it for over 300 years.
Today, America’s instrument continues to be played in every style and remains an important instrument in contemporary music.
www.longislandmuseum.org /exhibits/banjo.htm   (534 words)

 Thanthi Panai (tantipanai) Indian Folk instrument   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-17)
This tuning peg is used to tune to the tonic.
When the instrument is played some small metalic rings which surround the string inside the resonator begin to virate.
It is based upon an older instrument that used gut strings.
chandrakantha.com /articles/indian_music/thanthi.html   (175 words)

 Instruments of the Baul's of Bengal
DORATA (west Bengal) - a folk instrument much like it's classical cousin, the sarode, and not unlike it's western relative, the fretless banjo.
GOPICHAND - this one string instrument allows you to change the pitch by squeezing the bamboo sides.
a long double cord is wound directly under the loop and is used to hang the instrument around the performer's neck.a circle of fl tuning paste made from rice or wheat flour, iron fitting and water is applied to the drumhead slightly off center.
babukishan.com /instruments.htm   (867 words)

 Rus: Folk Musik Instruments - Part 1
Basically nothing more than a "pennywhistle" this instrument is more usually found as a children's instrument but is found in rural areas,in the backpacks of hikers, in the rucksacks of soldiers and aboard ships.
The instrument can be tuned to the major scale or the Mixolydian mode (with a flatted 7th note) and you only get one octave's worth of notes.
Most have a wooden bell which narrows down at the end like a bulb although some of the more modern instruments have a larger tubular section at the end past the fingered part of the barrel.
www.suite101.com /article.cfm/rus_cultures_cuisines/116612   (423 words)

 Folk Mote Music - Wind Instruments   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-17)
The didgeridoo, or Yidaki as it is called in the Yolno language, is the oldest wind instrument in the world.
Traditionally the didgeridoo is used to accompany singing and dancing and to alter the state of consciousness of both player and audience.
The bamboo flute is a traditional folk instrument found throughout the world.
www.folkmote.com /wind-1.html   (117 words)

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