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Topic: Foot (length)

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In the News (Tue 25 Jun 19)

  Bigfoot- Sasquatch Dimensions and Traits, Characteristics, Bigfoot Biology, height, weight, speed, life cycle, ...
Foot prints are the standard stock in trade of sasquatch research, and their sometimes inhuman length assures almost immediate measurement, even by first time witnesses.
The average length of its 59 foot prints is 15.5" and, thus, deviates by merely 0.1" from the larger population average.
As is the case with the ball of the foot, the heel does not grow in proportion to the length of the foot but lags behind, as the human heel does.
www.bigfootencounters.com /biology/henner.htm   (4473 words)

 Foot (unit of length) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Consequently, the international foot is defined to be equal to 0.3048 metres (equivalent to 30.48 centimetres).
In some cases, the foot is denoted by a prime, which is often approximated by an apostrophe, and the inch by a double prime.
Some metrologists speculate that the imperial foot was adapted from an Egyptian measure by the Greeks, with a subsequent larger foot being adopted by the Romans.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Foot_(unit_of_length)   (938 words)

 Looking at data - displaying distributions with graphs and numbers
The foot is a length measure that was originally introduced as a length of an average human foot.
Since the length of a foot differs among people, Germans in sixteenth century calculated the average length of a foot for sixteen men selected at random, and this average became the standard for “the correct foot”.
Length of a foot of a man is a random variable with mean 262.5 mm and standard deviation 12 mm.
www.mcs.drexel.edu /~omokliat/courses/mcs312W02/HANDOUTS/HAND5.htm   (374 words)

 Online Conversion - Sizing System Information for Shoes
The length of a foot is commonly defined as the horizontal distance between two parallel lines that are perpendicular to the foot and in contact with the most prominent toe and the most prominent part of the heel.
Foot length is measured with the subject standing barefoot and the weight of the body equally distributed on both feet.
The length of the inner cavity of a shoe must typically be 15—20 mm longer than the length of the foot, but this relation varies between different types of shoes.
www.onlineconversion.com /clothing_shoes_sizes.htm   (1040 words)

 The Effective Foot Length Ratio: A Potential Tool for Characterization and Evaluation of Prosthetic Feet - Journal of ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Effective foot lengths were measured by finding the distance from the heel of each prosthetic foot to the center of pressure in foot-based coordinates at a loading angle that represented the approximate shank angle at opposite heel contact during walking.
The effective foot length is defined as in Figure 2 because the force moves forward from the heel of the foot to the anterior end of the roll-over shape during a step.
The heel end of the foot is used instead of the beginning of the roll-over shape (posterior end of the roll-over shape) because roll-over shapes determined with the quasistatic method miss the movement of the center of pressure of the ground reaction force that occurs shortly after initial contact.
www.oandp.org /jpo/library/2004_02_041.asp   (2763 words)

 Foot Pain and Podiatry - Woman's Fashion Shoe Guide
A foot orthotic is actually a device that changes your foot's position in the shoe and is usually made by a foot specialist from a cast of each foot.
If a poor fit is noted with the dress foot orthotic and the shoe, either another shoe should be considered or the device should be returned to be narrowed by the doctor or the laboratory who made the device.
The way the foot orthotic should go into the running shoe is that the heel part of the insole that comes with the shoes should be cut out so the heel of the foot orthotic can sit on the bottom of the sole of the shoe.
www.footpain.org /Woman-shoe-Guide.html   (1299 words)

 Quantitative comparison of plantar foot shapes under different weight-bearing conditions   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
The casting foot alignment was examined by placing one arm of the goniometer parallel to the line of progression and the other arm parallel to the perpendicular line of the heel centers that were drawn on the ground.
Two-factor analysis (foot side and weight-bearing factors) of variance for repeated measures was used to determine whether the foot side and weight bearing factors could have significant interaction on the foot shape variables and whether the foot variables measured from the three different weight-bearing conditions were significantly different.
The mean foot width of the left foot under the NWB condition was 93.5 ± 5.3 mm, and it became wider under the SWB and FWB conditions by 4.2 ± 2.1 percent and 6.4 ± 2.4 percent, respectively.
www.vard.org /jour/03/40/6/Tsung.html   (2826 words)

 Units: F
Later in the 1100s a foot of modern length, the "foot of St. Paul's," was inscribed on the base of a column of St. Paul's Church in London, so that everyone could see the length of this new foot.
The footlambert describes the luminance of a surface that emits or reflects one lumen per square foot; it is the luminance of a perfectly reflecting surface under an illumination of one footcandle.
The length of the fuß varied somewhat; the Viennese version was equal to 12.444 inches or 31.608 centimeters, while the Rheinfuss (Rhine foot), used in much of western and northern Germany, was equal to 12.357 inches or 31.387 centimeters.
www.unc.edu /~rowlett/units/dictF.html   (4990 words)

 The Ultimate Foot (unit of length) - American History Information Guide and Reference
A foot (plural: feet) is a non-SI unit of distance or length, measuring around a third of a metre.
The most commonly used foot today is the imperial foot, used in the United Kingdom and the United States, which is defined to be exactly 0.3048 metre.
The imperial foot was adapted from an Egyptian measure by the Greeks, with a subsequent larger foot being adopted by the Romans.
www.historymania.com /american_history/Ft   (366 words)

 Foot definition - Medical Dictionary definitions of popular medical terms
The foot as a measure of length is 12 inches or a third of a yard or, metrically, 30.48 centimeters.
The foot was originally the length of a man's foot and served as a measurement of land.
Hand Foot And Mouth Syndrome - Hand foot and mouth syndrome is clinical pattern consisting of a rash on the hands and feet, and in the mouth.
www.medterms.com /script/main/art.asp?articlekey=3499   (440 words)

 Foot length, an accurate predictor of nasotracheal tube length in neonates -- Embleton et al. 85 (1): 60 -- Archives of ...
ETT length from foot length with 95% prediction intervals.
Fetal foot length as a predictor of gestational age.
Pospisilova-Zuzakora V. Determination of the body length of the fetus with the aid of the length of the sole of the foot.
fn.bmjjournals.com /cgi/content/full/85/1/F60   (2448 words)

 Foot Pain and Podiatry - Men's Fashion Shoe Guide
There are some men that need to use a dress foot orthotic to help control the amount of foot motion in the shoe as well as relieve pressure to certain areas of the foot.
However, some types of athletic foot orthotics will fit into a men's dress shoe because the device is narrow in the heel area.
If a poor fit is noted with the foot orthotic and the shoe, either another shoe should be considered or the device should be returned to be narrowed by the doctor or the laboratory who made the device.
www.footpain.org /Men-Shoe-Guide.html   (1274 words)

Measure the length of the adult's left foot from the wall to the tip of the big toe.
The results of your calculations should be about 15, illustrating that the length of a person's foot is approximately 15 percent of his or her height.
When a forensic scientist has the length of a foot, the forensic scientist will be able to approximate the height of the individual.
www.cyberbee.com /whodunnit/foot.html   (214 words)

 foot   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
A measure of length in the English-speaking world; since the 12th century, the foot has been legally defined as one-third of a yard.
The median foot of American males (as many smaller as bigger) is 10.4 inches long, and the female median is an inch smaller.
The most recent change in the length of the foot was the result of an agreement among the English-speaking countries to eliminate discrepancies between their customary measures.
www.sizes.com /units/foot.htm   (287 words)

 Foot Length Measurement   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Lay a straight edge at the end of the longest part of the feet (usually the big toe) and record this distance to the nearest mm on the fit kit sheet.
If the difference is less than 5 mm simply record the length of the longest foot.
However, if the foot length difference is greater than 5 mm, record this on the fit kit sheet for later reference.
cherry.dcwi.com /cherry/info/fit_info/foot.html   (111 words)

 Foot length, an accurate predictor of nasotracheal tube length in neonates -- Embleton et al. 85 (1): 60 -- Archives of ...
Foot length, an accurate predictor of nasotracheal tube length in neonates -- Embleton et al.
Foot length, an accurate predictor of nasotracheal tube length in neonates
Foot length is a reliable and reproducible predictor of nasotracheal tube length and is at least as accurate as the conventional
fn.bmjjournals.com /cgi/content/abstract/85/1/F60   (317 words)

 footDrHorsley: Singing The Hand-Me-Down Shoes Blues
Many times, patients mention that they believe that their foot problems are a direct result of the hand-me-down shoes they wore when they were children.
Some people have a short heel to ball of the foot length and others have a long heel to ball of the foot length.
If this bending of the foot or the shoe occurs at the wrong time or place on the foot or in the shoe, the shoe will cause severe problems, pain or foot malfunction.
www.footdrhorsley.com /lifestyle/shoesong.php   (893 words)

 Leg Length Discrepancy :: FootSmart
People with leg length discrepancy, when one leg is longer than the other, usually have a waddling-type gait where the hips seem to move up and down during walking as the body tries to compensate for the inequality.
The object of treatment for leg length discrepancy is to level the pelvis and equalize the length of the two limbs.
Where leg length discrepancy is greater than 2-2.5 centimeters, however, surgery may be needed to shorten the longer limb or lengthen the shorter limb can be performed.
www.footsmart.com /Heel-Pain-Leg-Length-Discrepancy.aspx   (548 words)

 Foot (unit of length) information - Search.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
A foot (plural: feet) is a non-SI unit of distance or length, measuring around a third of a meter.
The most commonly used foot today is the English foot, used in the United Kingdom and the United States and elsewhere, which is defined to be exactly 0.3048 meters.
In addition to the current standard international foot, there is also a slightly different U.S. survey foot, used only in connection with surveys by the U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey, it is defined as exactly 1200/3937 m (610 nm greater than 0.3048 m).
c10-ss-1-lb.cnet.com /reference/Foot_(unit_of_length)?redir=1   (438 words)

 Height Estimation from Foot and Shoeprint Length
Foot length displays a biological correlation with height that suggests the latter might be estimated from foot- or shoeprints when such evidence provides an investigator the best or only opportunity to gauge that aspect of a suspect's physical description.
Previous utilization of percentages and linear regressions of foot length to make height estimates is reviewed and appraised, as is such use of shoeprints.
Suggestions are made for the practical employment of shoeprint length, preferably as a direct measurement but also indirectly as a shoe size indicator, for height assessment.
www.astm.org /JOURNALS/FORENSIC/PAGES/2004.htm   (181 words)

 Short Foot Length: A Diagnostic Pointer for Harlequin Ichthyosis -- Suresh et al. 23 (12): 1653 -- Journal of ...
Phalanges in the foot and hand were not visualized satisfactorily.
The femur–foot length ratio is used as a marker for suspecting
short foot length, which was diagnosed during a targeted scan.
www.jultrasoundmed.org /cgi/content/full/23/12/1653   (1198 words)

 Effective Prosthetic Foot Length Ratio | September 2004 | John Michael's Corner - oandp.com
This pathological gait is characterized by decreased excursion of the center of pressure under the foot in the direction of forward progression.
Hansen et al suggest that the total foot lever arm can be approximated by measuring the linear distance from the posterior heel to the most anterior aspect of the roll over shape, and term this the "effective foot length" or EFL.
To facilitate comparisons regardless of foot size, they propose dividing the EFL by the total length of the prosthetic foot, which gives a ratio indicating the total effective lever arm.
www.oandp.com /news/jmcorner/2004-09/1.asp   (937 words)

 Lesson: evolution mini-lesson: Lengthy Relationships
Calculate the stride length (S) by dividing the distance (D) by the number of strides (N) Sw = 2.000cm / Nw; Sr = 2.000cm / Nr Measure and record your leg length.
Test you hypothesis by measuring a person's foot length and using your graphs to predict the height.
Paleontologists use the ratio of stride length divided by leg length (S/L) to tell whether a dinosaur is walking, trotting, or running.
www.indiana.edu /~ensiweb/lessons/footleng.html   (1135 words)

 12 Foot Handles
Above the 50 foot level, the length of the handle is so great it must be used with the handle parallel to the building to minimize sway.
The length of the window washer handle must be carefully adjusted on the ground from an actual measurement.
Then adjust to length of measured line, using all but the top section to which the brush is attached.
www.tuckerusa.com /12foot.htm   (863 words)

 Left foot leans out - Invision Power Board
If this has not been a structural issue (actual bone length difference from left to right, confirmed by x-ray), it could be what is called a functional leg length issue.
A functional leg length issue is an imbalance in the muscular support of the pelvic bones.
Often times the imbalance is generated by a jarring of one limb such as stepping into a hole in the ground unexpectedly or planting one foot on the ground while pivoting with some force.
www.foot.com /forums/index.php?showtopic=201   (329 words)

 Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center - Pedorthics/Diabetic Foot Studies   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
The goal of this project was to develop knowledge and quantitative methods and measurement devices for effective, expeditious, repeatable, and consistent design and manufacture of well-fitting, comfortable, and functional orthopedic footwear.
Ball length (Lb): The length measured from heel to middle of the ball;
The foot data points are shown as fl diamond; US military lasts (from AA to EEEEE) are shown as blue upward triangles; The suggested U-V shaped lasts are shown as red downward triangles.
www.med.nyu.edu /rehabengineering/research/usmilfootwearstudy.html   (763 words)

 Fogdog Sports
Hold the pencil as straight up-and-down as possible while measuring and be sure that your pencil remains in constant contact with your foot during this process.
To find your foot length, measure the distance between the two longest points on your tracing.
The result is your foot length and the number you will use to determine your shoe size.
www.fogdog.com /fog-determine-your-shoe-size--bg-222865.html   (911 words)

 Foot Length Difference or Width Difference
The definition of a true shoe size is that it will have one full size of length or space (3/8 of an inch) beyond the end of the toes.
The other possible solution is to fit the larger foot a half size short (only a half size toe room) and give the smaller foot two full sizes in front of the toes.
Occasionally, due to width differences the opposite of the length differences, I have been able to fit someone with two full sizes of foot length difference in the same shoe size.
www.fittedshoe.com /SHOE_ARTICLES/Different_Size_Feet.htm   (1175 words)

 Case of the Month
The soldier’s left foot was found to be 0.5 cm longer than the right.
This appears to be a minor variation, but in combination with the extra width, the length difference provided enough extra abduction forces on the MTP joint that pain resulted.
A different study of 6,800 subjects found that approximately 65% of men and 75% of women exhibited differences in foot length.
www.jaapa.com /issues/j20050901/articles/cotm0905.htm   (1019 words)

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