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Topic: Foot (unit)

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  Units: F
This unit is used to express turbidity measured by a nephelometer that measures directly the fraction of light transmitted through a water sample as compared to the fraction transmitted through a standard preparation of formazin.
The unit is used in archery, where it measures the brace height of a bow (the distance from the center of the grip to the bowstring) and also in kayaking, where it measures various critical dimensions of the boat.
The footlambert describes the luminance of a surface that emits or reflects one lumen per square foot; it is the luminance of a perfectly reflecting surface under an illumination of one footcandle.
www.unc.edu /~rowlett/units/dictF.html   (4990 words)

 Foot (unit of length) - Free net encyclopedia
Template:Unit of length A foot (plural: feet) is a non-SI unit of distance or length, measuring around a third of a meter.
The most commonly used foot today is the English foot, used in the United Kingdom and the United States and elsewhere, which is defined to be exactly 0.3048 meters.
The imperial foot was adapted from an Egyptian measure by the Greeks, with a subsequent larger foot being adopted by the Romans.
www.netipedia.com /index.php/Feet   (434 words)

 Roman and Egyptian Foot
The foot of 294.355 corresponds to a mina of 425.073 grams.
He combined the two units into an intermediary one varying between 297 and 298.8; he ascribed a similar variation to all other types of foot and cubit, since he had proved from the textual evidence that all ancient units of length are interrelated.
All units of length, except the artabic foot and cubit, which is a special derivation of the Roman foot, exist in two varieties related as the cube root of 24 divided by the cube root of 25, which I call trimmed and natural versions.
www.metrum.org /measures/romegfoot.htm   (11842 words)

 Foot (unit of length) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A foot (plural: feet; symbol or abbreviation: ft or, sometimes, ′ - a prime) is a unit of length, in a number of different systems, including English units, Imperial units, and United States customary units.
In rural regions and without calibrated rulers, the human foot was no doubt the origin of the measuring unit called a "foot" and was also for a long time the definition of its length.
In order to enable simultaneous use of the different units of length based on different parts of the human body and other "natural" units of length, the different units were redefined as multiples of each other, whereby their lengths no longer corresponded to the original "natural" standards.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Foot_(unit_of_length)   (903 words)

 Jackson Gamers' English Civil War Rules
Units moving on a 'Free move' card after using their regular move (or vice versa) are treated as having a complete new move unrelated to the first.
Units that are attacked in close combat but have not yet moved, may attempt to move away from the charging unit or units when their move card is drawn.
Units attacked in flank/rear may turn to meet such attack if they have not yet moved and pass command response die roll when their move card is drawn.
www.angelfire.com /games3/jacksongamer/ecwrules.htm   (6307 words)

 The MSDS HyperGlossary: Distance Unit Conversions
An astronomical unit is defined as the mean distance between the Earth and the Sun.
A unit of distance that would be traversed in a period of one year by an object moving at the speed of light in a vacuum (300,000,000 meters per second).
A unit of distance equal to the distance from the sun to a point having a heliocentric (sun-centered) parallax of one second (second as an angle, not a time unit).
www.ilpi.com /msds/ref/distanceunits.html   (805 words)

 The Ultimate Foot (unit of length) Dog Breeds Information Guide and Reference
A foot (plural: feet) is a non-SI unit of distance or length, measuring around a third of a metre.
The most commonly used foot today is the imperial foot, used in the United Kingdom and the United States, which is defined to be exactly 0.3048 metre.
In addition to the current standard imperial foot, there is also a slightly different U.S. survey foot, used only in connection with surveys by the U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey, it is defined as exactly 1200/3937 m (about 0.0002% greater than 0.3048 m).
www.dogluvers.com /dog_breeds/Ft   (374 words)

 acre-foot   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
A unit used to measure volumes of water, typically for use in irrigation.
One acre-foot is the volume of water sufficient to cover an acre of land to a depth of 1 foot, = 43,560 cubic feet, approximately 325,851 U.S. gallons (approximately 1233.
At current American rates of consumption, on average 1 acre-foot of water is enough to meet the industrial and municipal demands of 4 people for a year.
www.sizes.com /units/acrefoot.htm   (110 words)

 Limb Salvage Experience in a Multidisciplinary Diabetic Foot Unit
Based, moreover, on favorable experience with foot revisions and foot care in diabetic vascular patients (17), a multidisciplinary diabetic foot unit was established 1 July 1993 in the division of vascular surgery.
After the establishment of this unit, the number of major amputations decreased by 42% in the catchment area during the 2nd year (18).
After healing of foot ulcers and correction of shoes and insoles, the patients were referred to private chiropodists for lifelong regular foot care, the cost of which was reimbursed by the public health care system.
journal.diabetes.org /diabetescare/FullText/Supplements/DiabetesCare/Supplement299/B97.asp   (4935 words)

 Wound Care VCW1116 Diabetic Foot - Unit summary
The multifactorial nature of diabetic foot disorders will be discussed with a focus on key areas such a pressure and foot mechanics, sensation, circulation, cellular aspects and microbiology.
Clinical evaluation of the foot in diabetes is covered with a focus on assessment and evaluation of diabetic foot wounds.
Management issues for the diabetic foot such as the use of wound dressings, antibiotics, debridement and orthopaedic reconstruction are explored along with other health related issues.
www.vcp.monash.edu.au /courses/woundcare/vcw1116unitsummary.html   (323 words)

 Unit VIII
This groove is for the passage of the flexor hallucis longus tendon.
When all of the bones of the foot are viewed together there are some important anatomical combinations that are important functional units for the foot.
It follows a path down the lateral side of the leg passing behind the lateral malleolus and goes under the lateral aspect of the foot to attach on the plantar surface (bottom) of the foot on the medial cuneiform and the base of the first metatarsal.
www.courses.vcu.edu /DANC291-003/unit_8.htm   (5055 words)

 gizmag Article: Toyota's i-unit Personal Mobility Concept
Toyota is launching the "i-unit" and other concept vehicles and helper robots with a "Mobility Performance Show" to dramatise the future of mobile technology and its potential role in society under the theme of "the dreams, pleasure and excitement of mobility in the 21st century."
The "i-unit" is a "personal mobility" concept vehicle based on the revolutionary PM-01 announced by Toyota in 2003 - a cross between a partially enclosed motorcycle, an open wheel racer and a speedy vehicular exoskeleton for single person transport.
Like the PM-01, the "i-unit" offers personal mobility in an ultra-compact size with variable positioning, enabling the passenger to move among other people in an upright position in low speed mode, and a low center of gravity that ensures stable handling when the vehicles recline in high speed mode.
www.gizmag.com.au /go/3538   (469 words)

 Relative Humidity Controller Manufacturers,Relative Humidity Controller Suppliers,Humidity Sensor ...
This unit is specifically designed to provide 100-200 CFM of conditioned air to small rooms and reach-in chambers.
The unit is specifically designed to condition both modular paneled walk-in rooms and preexisting laboratory or process areas.
Since this generating unit is self-contained, it can be easily used to condition existing walk-in rooms, custom chambers and even existing laboratory or process areas.
www.indiamart.com /humiditycontrol   (1086 words)

The egg-shaped design of the “i-foot” that wraps around the passenger is meant to express the dream of future three-dimensional mobility and the feelings of safety and reliability upon which that dream is built.
The ability to mount and dismount comfortably was of primary consideration in the design of the bird-like legs, which bend toward the rear.
Steering and speed of the “i-foot” is controlled with a joystick, a fun form of driving different from that of conventional forms of mobility.
www.toyota.co.jp /en/news/04/1203_1d.html   (300 words)

 BBC NEWS | Technology | Robotic pods take on car design
The open leaf-like "i-unit" vehicle is the latest version of the concept which the company introduced last year.
Built using environmentally friendly plant-based materials, the single passenger unit is equipped with intelligent transport system technologies that allow for safe autopilot driving in specially equipped lanes.
Standing at a height of well over seven feet (2.1 metres), the unit can walk along at a speed of about 1.35km/h (0.83mph) and navigate staircases into the bargain.
news.bbc.co.uk /1/hi/technology/4082301.stm   (864 words)

 The Diabetes Foot Unit
This may seriously impair the quality of life of those affected, frequently results in amputation of the affected joint or limb.
The Diabetes Foot Unit tries to prevent these complications by way of specialised care and rigorous and constant follow-ups with the patient.
Despite the fact that so far only a very few of these units exist, they are proven to be the best method in preventing medium-term complications.
www.drmartin-duce.com /html_en/frame_foot.html   (91 words)

 Map Maker Forums - us foot vs international foot unit
In looking at various gis or mapmaking software...I am finding that most fail to recognize the difference between the international foot unit and the us foot unit.
Some states here in the US have to use (by law) the us foot unit.
We do this since few other places use the foot and where someone does use the foot for small scale historic purposes the difference of about two parts in a million is not a problem.
www.latitudecartography.co.uk /forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=108   (163 words)

 foot- WordWeb dictionary definition
A linear unit of length equal to 12 inches or a third of a yard
"one foot of the chair was on the carpet"
A member of a surveillance team who works on foot or rides as a passenger
www.wordwebonline.com /en/FOOT   (205 words)

 foot - OneLook Dictionary Search
noun: a linear unit of length equal to 12 inches or a third of a yard
Phrases that include foot: foot pound, acre foot, foot and mouth disease, athletes foot, crows foot, more...
Words similar to foot: base, feet, footed, footing, foundation, ft, fundament, groundwork, hoof, infantry, pick, substructure, understructure, animal foot, hoof it, human foot, invertebrate foot, leg it, metrical foot, metrical unit, more...
www.onelook.com /?w=foot&ls=a   (597 words)

 Foot - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
For the unit of measurement, see Foot (unit of length).
Customs about foot covering while indoors vary significantly from place to place and usually depend on climate, weather, and other factors.
In Japan, the custom is so widespread that floors are often made of materials that are too soft to survive being walked on by shoed feet.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Foot   (357 words)

 Foot: Hand and Foot, Hand Foot Canasta, Aqaurius Soft PC Unit Converter, ...
Foot: Hand and Foot, Hand Foot Canasta, Aqaurius Soft PC Unit Converter,...
Aquarius Soft PC Unit Converter is a simple and fast unit conversion software for the Microsoft Windows platforms.
One of the main features of this unit converter is the ability to let you add your own custom units for conversion.
www.fileedge.com /all/foot   (482 words)

 Technifex FauxFire® Simulated Fire Effect
The 5 Foot Unit of FauxFire® Rental uses a Mini-Steam unit.
The 8 Foot Unit of FauxFire® Rental uses Theatrical Smoker unit.
Units available in 5 Foot or 8 Foot Units
www.technifex.com /pages/products/products_fauxfire_rentalB.html   (349 words)

 Online Conversion - Convert just about anything to anything else
Area Square centimeter, Square meter, Square inch, Square foot, Square mile, Square Kilometer, Acres, Circles, More...
Density kg/cubic meter, lbm/cubic foot, lbm/gallon, aluminum, copper, gold, water, More...
Torque Pound-force Foot, Pound-force Inch, Kilogram-force Meter, and Newton meter
www.onlineconversion.com   (323 words)

 AllRefer.com - foot, unit of measurement, Weight & Measure (Weights And Measures) - Encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
AllRefer.com - foot, unit of measurement, Weight & Measure (Weights And Measures) - Encyclopedia
You are here : AllRefer.com > Reference > Encyclopedia > Weights And Measures > foot, unit of measurement
More articles from AllRefer Reference on foot, unit of measurement
reference.allrefer.com /encyclopedia/X/X-foot-me.html   (121 words)

 Converter of Heat Units
To Convert From To Multiply By British thermal unit
To Convert From To Multiply By square foot per hour (ft²/h) square meter per second (m²/s) 2.580 64 E-05
To Convert From To Multiply By clo square meter kelvin per watt (m²·K/W) 1.55 E-01 degree Fahrenheit hour square foot per British thermal unit
www.members.optusnet.com.au /ncrick/converters/heat.html   (790 words)

 FootRule - Unit Conversion, Weights & Measures Homepage
This site provides unit conversion, metric conversion, Unit Conversion, unit conversion calculator, Unit Conversion Calculator, unit conversions, unit converter, Units, units conversion, units conversions, units converter.
Weights and Measures, weights and measures, weights and measures, units of measure.
This site relies heavily on Javascript and you will not be able to make use of the facilities without it.
www.footrule.com   (280 words)

 Unit Conversion - Online Unit Converter
UnitConversion.org is the ultimate resource for unit conversion.
Use our free online unit converters to easily convert between different units of measurement.
Try: Unit Conversion Tool 5.1 - a powerful software utility that helps you make easy conversion between more than 2,100 various units of measure in more than 70 categories.
www.unitconversion.org   (977 words)

 Hand and Foot UV Phototherapy Unit - Hand UV Phototherapy System - Foot Phototherapy System
Hand and Foot UV Phototherapy Unit - Hand UV Phototherapy System - Foot Phototherapy System
For countries with electrical current other than U.S. standard, the device will require a step down transformer.
Shown with our specially designed treatment table which enables you to use the unit for hands or feet by simply moving it from the top to the bottom shelf.
www.homephototherapy.com /nbc-handfoot.htm   (156 words)

 Toyota i-foot and i-unit Robot Vehicles   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
The i-foot is a two-legged walker with an egg-shaped cockpit for a seated human rider.
The i-unit is a 4-wheeled vehicle with a single seat that is upright for slow travel and reclines for high-speed travel.
Toyota will be demonstrating these new modes of transportation in their
robots.net /article/1356.html   (139 words)

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