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Topic: Footage

  Stock Video Footage - Royalty Free by Wrightwood Labs
Stock Footage and Stock Video collections start at $149.99 for 30 minutes of royalty free stock footage and video.
offers one of the most extensive and varied collections of royalty free stock footage and video to be found anywhere.
If you need stock footage or digital video, royalty free stock footage collections are the best value to be found.
www.wrightwood.com   (293 words)

  DVD - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
This can include audio commentary that is timed to the film sequence, documentary features, unused footage, trivia text commentary, simple games and film shorts.
Other extras that can be included on DVDs (extra to the main audio/visual programme) are motion menus, still pictures, up to 32 selectable subtitles, seamless branching for multiple storylines, 9 camera angles.
They would also include song remixes, ring tones, photos and other digital extras that can be accessed on a computer.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/DVD   (4598 words)

 FOOTAGE.net - The Stock, Archival, and News Footage Network
Since 1994, FOOTAGE.net has been the premiere stock footage resource to reach the trade's best stock footage sources - news, creative, archival, and RF.
You can even send it to the content owner, along with any other information you care to send - how it will be used, pricing, turnaround time - you choose what you want to share.
Demo Reels View dozens of demo reels from the world's best stock footage sources.
www.footage.net   (220 words)

Colour cinematography developed in the 1930s but did not become general for another 20 years, when various forms of wide-screen presentation in the cinema were extensively adopted.
Originally moving picture film was shot at various speeds using hand-cranked cameras; then the speed for mechanized cameras and projectors was standardized at 16 frames per second, which was faster than much existing hand-cranked footage.
A new standard speed, 24 frames per second, came with the introduction of sound.
www.artzia.com /Arts/Movies   (442 words)

 FOOTAGE.info - The Stock Footage Information and News Portal
Number one for news footage in North America.
For more than a decade, FOOTAGE.info has been operated as a service to the footage industry by consultant John Flewin, trading as Television, Archives and New Media.
Business services include commercial footage consultancy, strategic planning, collection valuations/appraisals, bulk footage buying, project supervision and Google sponsored link management.
www.footage.info   (247 words)

 Footage Firm - Royalty free stock footage and stock video
Footage Firm - Royalty free stock footage and stock video
Royalty-Free HD and SD Stock Video Footage From Around the World
Send e- mail to info@footagefirm.com with questions or comments about this web site.
www.footagefirm.com   (103 words)

The Chophouse is Jason's home studio where he is creating the most part of his projects beside Metallica.
"Cliff 'Em All" was a video release in '88 which included much of the band's private footage of their three years with Cliff Burton.
Metallica had made no promos for it because the aim of the video was to show Cliff and the band as they really were.
www.encycmet.com /dictiona.shtml   (1606 words)

 Stock Video Footage By FootagehouseHD - The Best Quality High Definition Stock Footage, For The Best Value
At FootagehouseHD we strive to provide our customers with the best quality HD stock footage, for the best value.
Best of all, these are the same clips that are available in the HD format, so you can now edit with SD content and easily migrate your projects to HD in the future!
When you order Standard Definition footage from FootagehouseHD you get stock footage at 720 x 486 30 fps NTSC resolution.
www.footagehousehd.com   (326 words)

 Artbeats - Royalty Free Stock Footage For the Video Professional
Artbeats - Royalty Free Stock Footage For the Video Professional
Welcome to Artbeats, the leader in Royalty Free Stock Footage!
Use the browsing system below to search through thousands of clips to find just what you are looking for.
www.artbeats.com   (47 words)

 Encyclopedia of American Industries - Service
This category includes establishments primarily engaged in performing services independent of motion picture production, but allied thereto.
These include motion picture film processing, editing and titling, casting, wardrobe and studio property rental, motion picture and video tape reproduction, and stock footage film libraries.
This classification covers establishments primarily engaged in the distribution (rental or sale) of theatrical and nontheatrical motion picture films or in the distribution of videotapes and disks, except to the general public.
www.referenceforbusiness.com /industries/Service/index.html   (6041 words)

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