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Topic: The Football League

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In the News (Tue 21 May 19)

  English Football | League Football England
A football community that cares for its members.
Soccer Topics is a football community dedicated to the football fans from around the world.
Discuss everything football from the latest news, transfers, matches, results, general football discussions, pre-match and after-match talk.
www.englishfootball.info   (331 words)

 Canadian Football League
Because of their influence on the league that was to become the genesis of modern professional football in the United States, some of those players are acknowledged here.
Perennially among the AFL's top rushers, he led the league in rushing touchdowns in 1965 and was voted to the American Football League All-Star team in 1965 and 1966.
Buffalo Bills in 1962, when he was the first American Football League player to rush for 1,000 yards in a season, (1,096 in a 14-game schedule), earning him league MVP honors.
www.conigliofamily.com /CanadianFootballLeague.htm   (1281 words)

  football league
The Football League was officially founded at a second meeting on 17 April.
The Football League agreed to pay referees £2 per game at their first meeting, but this was reduced to £1 a month later.
Football on the pitch was becoming less dangerous for the players.
www.gradedreading.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk /footballleague.html   (840 words)

  Football League Championship - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Reading F.C. The Football League Championship (often referred to as The Championship for short or the Coca-Cola Football League Championship for sponsorship reasons) is the highest division of The Football League and second-highest division overall in the English football league system after the FA Premier League.
According to Deloitte, in 2004-05 it was the richest non-top flight football division in the world, and the sixth richest division in Europe, after the top leagues in England, Italy, Germany, Spain and France, with combined club revenues of £306 million.
In 2004-05, the Football League Championship announced a total attendance of 9.8 million, which it said was the fourth highest total attendance for a European football division, behind the FA Premier League (12.88m), Spain's Primera división (11.57m) and Germany's Bundesliga (10.92m), but beating Italy's Serie A (9.77m) and France's Ligue 1 (8.17m).
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Football_League_Championship   (454 words)

 Football League First Division - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Football League First Division was the highest division of The Football League between 1888 and 2004, and the highest division of English football overall between 1888 and 1992.
The Football League was founded in 1888 and originally consisted of a single division of 12 clubs, simply known as The Football League.
When the League admitted additional members from the rival Football Alliance in 1892, it was split into two divisions; the original League was expanded (the two best Alliance members joining) and renamed the First Division, while the rest of the Alliance members were admitted into the Second Division.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Football_League_First_Division   (387 words)

 English Football League
"League" football in England is organised into four divisions, the foremost being the FA Premier League, the remaining three remaining under the jurisdiction of what is legally known as simply The Football League.
The League-wide League Cup, and the FA Cup that is dominated by League teams, use a single-elimination format to determine a champion.
Professional football teams from Wales (Cardiff City, Wrexham, and Swansea City) play in the English Football League, thus largely disqualifying themselves from the UEFA club competitions, although lower teams play in the League of Wales.
www.guajara.com /wiki/en/wikipedia/e/en/english_football_league.html   (777 words)

 National Football League - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The next year 1969, another American Football League team, the Buffalo Bills were the first professional football team of the modern era to begin the season with an African American, James Harris as their starting quarterback.
Like the American college football game from which it sprung, NFL football is a descendant of rugby football, which was imported to the United States from Canada in 1874, and then transformed into American college football after McGill University in Montreal invited Harvard University to Quebec to play a new Canadian version of "rugby football".
The founding of the United States Football League in the early 1980s was the biggest challenge to the NFL in the post-merger era.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/National_Football_League   (6439 words)

 National Football League - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
The league was formed in 1920 as the American Professional Football Association, which adopted the name "National Football League" in 1922.
The next year 1969, another American Football League team, the Buffalo Bills were the first professional football team of the modern era to begin the season with a fl, James Harris as their starting quarterback.
The Guarantee (January 12, 1969, American Football League Jets vs. NFL Colts in Super Bowl III) The 17-point favorite Colts, are beaten 16-7 by Joe Namath,, Randy Beverly and the New York Jets.
www.gogog.com /project/wikipedia/index.php/National_Football_League   (3641 words)

 English Football League teams - Wikipedia
The English Football League structure is now organised into four divisions, the foremost being the Premiership, the lowest being the Third Division.
The record is evaluation primarily on wins and losses, with three points for a win and one point for a draw, goal differential serving as a tie-breaker, however if the teams are entirely equal there would be a play-off at a neutral venue.
Prior to the inception of the Premiership in the early 1990s, the League was purely four divisions: Divisions One, Two, Three and Four.
nostalgia.wikipedia.org /wiki/English_Football_League_teams   (361 words)

 Football League
The oldest (but far from wisest) League in the world was founded in 1888, and initially consisted of 12 clubs in the midlands and north of England.
The new set-up was not called the English League as initially it hoped it too would include Scottish clubs, but these later (1890) formed their own league instead.
In 2004 the Football League decided to call its top division 'the Football League Championship' (which presumably they thought sounded better than the 'Premiership wannabes league'), thus 'elevating' the old Division 2 and 3 to 'new' Leagues 1 and 2.
www.btinternet.com /~brentours/SP31.htm   (629 words)

 Utah Football League   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
The Utah Football League, Inc. is registered with the State of Utah as a non-profit entity.
Conforming to NCAA rules, the league has been a springboard for a number of players that have gone onto to play college and professional football.
The Utah Football League and the Rocky Mountain Football Leagues have merged into one league for the 2004 season.
eteamz.active.com /utahfootballleague/index.cfm   (187 words)

 Non-League Football :: Soccerphile
A few years ago it seemed that all football below the media-hyped Premiership was in danger of collapsing into insignificance but there is a definite sense now that non-league football can survive the commercial onslaught of recent years by re-inventing itself.
Now that the football bubble appears to be unable to grow any bigger, the non-league pyramid has swallowed hard and accepted a fact the Football League might do well to heed: You’re not going to make it so just enjoy your football instead.
The old tenet of faith that held England’s league’s together in a common bond of fan identity was that in theory any team could rise up the divisions if they were good enough.
www.soccerphile.com /soccerphile/news/sean/non-league-football.html   (1107 words)

 ArenaFootball.com—The Official Web site of the Arena Football League
Arena Football players have been a part of Hollywood for years.  Page 2's Mary Buckheit recently sat down with The Game Plan's, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, to learn how the film treated him.
By Nathan Boudreaux -- The Appalachian St. victory over Michigan shocked the football universe and opened the eyes to the talent that resides at small schools.  The AFL has its share of small school stars, including Georgia QB Chris Greisen.
By Nathan Boudreaux -- Bobby Sippio was signed by Kansas City after the AFL season and opened the year on the club's practice squad.  But, everything changed last week when he was signed to the active roster to fill-in for injured WR Eddie Kennison.
www.arenafootball.com   (1118 words)

 Fantasy Football: Ed Hughes Football League
The Ed Hughes Football League was founded by a group of University of Houston alumni as a basic scoring league with nine original franchises in 1980.
Four of those franchises are still in the league and 9 of current 12 owners have been in the league for at least 15 seasons.
We are among the oldest continuous leagues in the U.S. Of the 12 current EHFL owners 7 live in the Houston area with the others in New Jersey, New York, Colorado, Florida and Maine.
football2.myfantasyleague.com /2004/home/48295   (282 words)

 Women's Professional Football League
The principal attraction was to be a football game between two teams of girls attired in the colors of Yale and Princeton.
This spin-off league was formed largely because the NWFL decided to limit intersectional play due to travel costs.
With additional women's leagues sprouting, the WPFL remains the ONLY women's full contact football league promoted as a viable professional women's football league, and the longest operating women's professional sports league in the nation.
www.womensprofootball.com /history.htm   (1325 words)

 Starting a Fantasy Football League by Dr.Football
Fantasy Football is growing in popularity and many people are itching to get involved.
Leagues can be formed between friends, co-workers or relatives (in cases of big families).
The Commish must be a guy that the other owners trust, because he will be in charge of the league setup, draft, scoring the games, transactions, etc. This sounds like a tough job (which it is); but it can also be very rewarding.
www.drfootball.com /startingleague.htm   (1752 words)

 Top 20 Encyclopedia
The National Football League (NFL) is the largest professional American football league, consisting of thirty-two teams from American cities.
The rise of pro football was so fast that by the mid-60s, it had surpassed baseball as Americans' favorite spectator sport in some surveys.
The founding of the United States Football League in the early 80s was the biggest challenge to the NFL in the post-merger era.
encyc.connectonline.com /index.php/National_Football_League   (4369 words)

 Football League Manager Service
The hardest part about running a fantasy league, besides accurate stat keeping, is keeping up with all the league's transactions and lineup changes.
Not only is it difficult for the league secretary, it's also difficult for team owners when they can't reach the secretary.
For those leagues that don't award free agents or waiver players on a first-come-first-served basis our sophisticated computer systems can hold all claims and bids and award the players to the appropriate teams based on your league rules.
www.allstarstats.com /2000/football/info   (1154 words)

 Football - The Patriot League Official Athletic Site
Lafayette's Brad Maurer was named the 2006 Patriot League Football Scholar-Athlete of the Year and was one of 106 student-athletes to be named to this year's Patriot League Football Academic Honor Roll, announced Executive Director Carolyn Schlie Femovich Friday.
A pair of First-Team All-Patriot League linebackers have been selected as All-Americans by The Sports Network as Colgate's Mike Gallihugh was named to the second-team and Patriot League Defensive Player of the Year, Fordham's Marcus Taylor, was named to the third-team.
Three Patriot League scholar-athletes have been tabbed to the Associated Press All-American football team, as Fordham's Benjamin Dato, Colgate's Mike Gallihugh and Lafayette's Mike Saint Germain were all third-team selections.
patriotleague.ocsn.com /sports/m-footbl/patr-m-footbl-body.html   (338 words)

 "Fantasy Football League" (1994)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
The resident Statto would be there, as their geeky mate, always in his dressing gown and slippers, who tended to concentrate on the details of football, whilst Frank and Dave would deal with the passion, and the humour.
There would also be a hilarious 'Phoenix from the Flames' where a goal from past football would be re-created by Frank, David and one of the players involved.
There has never been a better programme on football, and it is one of the greatest comedy shows ever, in the opinions of football supporters.
www.imdb.com /title/tt0108769   (320 words)

 KryssTal : Football (League 2005)
The third level is renamed as League 1 and the fourth level is renamed as League 2.
Their 15 goals conceaded was one less than the record set by Liverpool in 1979.
The run consisted of the last 2 matches of the 2003 season plus the entire 38 matches of the 2004 season and the first 9 matches of the 2005 season.
www.krysstal.com /league2005.html   (398 words)

 NIFL - National Indoor Football League   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
The National Indoor Football League was created in October of 2000, when two fledging indoor football leagues, the IPFL and the IFL, combined with 8 new teams.
The idea was to create a league with more similarities to the outdoor game, while providing inexpensive family entertainment and accessible quality football action for all the communities involved.
The first league championship, dubbed the “Indoor Bowl”, was played in Biloxi, Mississippi on August 4, 2001 with the Mississippi Fire Dogs defeating the Wyoming Cavalry 55-21.
niflfootball.com /content/history   (510 words)

 Canadian Football League
This league was developed so people can have fun and play football Canadian style.
This was the actual value for a touchdown in the Canadian Football League from 1904 to 1956.
Football after the draft is done.As you can see its from alot of different games the stuff its for our use so no worries about the copyright.Anyone that can program in access any help would be appreciated.
www.angelfire.com /sports/HybridFootball/Canadian_Football_League/OfficialHomeCFLSiteb.htm   (203 words)

 Ivy League Football   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-30)
Four Ivy League football players have been named as 2006 Preseason All-Americans by The Sports Network, including Harvard senior running back Clifton Dawson, who is on pace to break Ed Marinaro's League career rushing record.
The Ivy League is certain to have its first Super Bowl participant since 2001 and we have come up with 20 questions (and answers) about the League's history with the Super Bowl.
He was a football giant, an author of one of the game's first books, a successful defensive coach and a contributor to national periodicals.
www.ivyleaguesports.com /sports/index.asp?intSID=3   (2305 words)

 Fantasy Football League Management from MyFantasyLeague.com
Check out our fantasy football demo league, set up your own free trial league, read our customer comments, or browse around the rest of the site.
Login to your 2005 league as the commissioner and follow the "Upgrade This 2005 League To A 2006 League Now!" home page message.
Simple and advanced fantasy football scoring systems (including conditional rules) along with virtually every position imaginable are supported.
www.myfantasyleague.com /?google-ad   (271 words)

 Midwest Football League - About the MFL
The Midwest Football League exists as a social club for the sole purpose of bringing together adult amateur football teams, which in turn compete against other members of this league in the game of American football.
Every effort is made to restrict membership to individuals that adhere to the policies of the League and are willing to work with the other member teams in a positive and constructive manner.
This President organizes all League functions, resolves League issues, and assures the League is operated for the best of all members.
midwestfootballleague.com /staticpages/index.php?page=about-the-mfl   (357 words)

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