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In the News (Fri 19 Jul 19)

  Biography of Gerald R. Ford
Ford's reputation for integrity and openness had made him popular during his 25 years in Congress.
Ford established his policies during his first year in office, despite opposition from a heavily Democratic Congress.
Ford continued as he had in his Congressional days to view himself as "a moderate in domestic affairs, a conservative in fiscal affairs, and a dyed-in-the-wool internationalist in foreign affairs." A major goal was to help business operate more freely by reducing taxes upon it and easing the controls exercised by regulatory agencies.
www.whitehouse.gov /history/presidents/gf38.html   (634 words)

  Ford Laser - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Ford Laser is, in fact, a restyled version of the 323 produced by Mazda in Japan since 1980.
Ford New Zealand continued to assemble the Laser locally until 1997, and the range included the old station wagon model, discontinued in other markets in 1989, until it was replaced by the Escort.
The Ford Laser was also assembled and sold in some countries in Latin America such as Colombia and Venezuela, and sold in right hand drive markets in the Caribbean such as Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Ford_Laser   (640 words)

 Ford Motor Company - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Ford Motor Company has denied allegations that they profited by the use of forced labor to produce tanks for the Nazis during the war, saying that Ford had lost control of the German division by that point in the war and was not responsible for its activities.
Ford came to India in 1998 with its Ford Escort model, which was later replaced by locally produced Ford Ikon in 2001.
Ford was also one of the first top industry executives to make regular use of an battery electric vehicle, a Ford Ranger EV, while the company contracted with the U. Postal Service for delivery of a large number of electric postal vans based on the Ranger EV platform.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Ford_Motor_Company   (3798 words)

 USA: biography of Gerald R. Ford (1913-)
Ford was a very successful football player, but he did not carry the sport any further, because he saw no future in the sport.
Ford also pressed Eisenhower to keep Nixon on the ticket in 1956, and in 1960 Ford was mentioned as a possible running mate for Nixon in the presidential elections.
Ford was sworn is as vice-president of the United States on 6 December 1973, and on 9 August 1974 Ford became the thirty-eighth president after Nixon who was also forced to resign.
odur.let.rug.nl /~usa/P/gf38/about/fordbio.htm   (1067 words)

 The Henry Ford: The Life of Henry Ford
In 1879, sixteen-year-old Ford left home for the nearby city of Detroit to work as an apprentice machinist, although he did occasionally return to help on the farm.
Although Ford was not the first to build a self-propelled vehicle with a gasoline engine, he was, however, one of several automotive pioneers who helped this country become a nation of motorists.
Henry Ford realized his dream of producing an automobile that was reasonably priced, reliable, and efficient with the introduction of the Model T in 1908.
www.hfmgv.org /exhibits/hf   (747 words)

 Todd's Views: Ford
Ford has finally admitted there is a severe problem with their cruise control units following a large number of under-the-hood fires.
Ford's instructions to mechanics at this time are to simply disable the cruise control.
The result of which is that Ford is going to leave thousands of defective cruise control modules in circulation until the evidence of fire hazard is undeniable.
www.tgrigsby.com /views/ford.htm   (741 words)

 Ford Madox Ford
Ford was involved with a number of women, including the novelist Jean Rhys, who described their unhappy relationship in After Leaving Mr.
Ford Madox Ford was born Ford Madox Hueffer in Merton, Surrey.
The Correspondence of Ford Madox Ford and Stella Bowen, 1993
www.kirjasto.sci.fi /fford.htm   (1479 words)

 The Vintage Ford Tractor Resource   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The agreement between Henry Ford and Harry Ferguson began an era of innovation in small tractor technology, an era than began with the production of the "9N" Ford tractor in 1939.
Based upon the frameless design of Ford engineer Eugene Farkas, the task of actually designing the 9N was assigned to a team of Ford and Ferguson engineers under the general supervision of production chief Charles Sorenson.
Ford's use of the Ferguson System in the design of the 1948-model Ford tractor led Harry Ferguson to sue the Ford Motor Company for $340 million in patent infringements.
members.aol.com /naa60512/naa.htm   (587 words)

Ford's newest models are catching the attention of increasing numbers of the UK car buying public, with the all-new Ford Mondeo leading the charge.
Ford this week will give nine race fans from across the country the opportunity to experience the thrills of being a NASCAR race-car driver first-hand after the lucky finalists were selected from the two-month “Built Ford Tough Race to the Dream Ultimate Fan Experience” promotion.
Daimler AG and Ford Motor Company are forming a new, privately-held company that will focus on automotive fuel cell technology and allow the two automakers to further expand their global leading position in fuel cell technology.
media.ford.com   (392 words)

 Gerald Rudolph Ford — Infoplease.com
Ford captained his high school football team in Grand Rapids, and a football scholarship took him to the University of Michigan, where he starred as varsity center before his graduation in 1935.
Ford was elected to Congress in 1948 for the first of his 13 terms in the House.
As a legislator, Ford described himself as “a moderate on domestic issues, a conservative in fiscal affairs, and a dyed-in-the-wool internationalist.” He carried the ball for Pentagon appropriations, was a hawk on the war in Vietnam, and kept a low profile on civil-rights issues.
www.infoplease.com /ipa/A0760622.html   (854 words)

 TIME 100: Henry Ford
In 1905, when there were 50 start-up companies a year trying to get into the auto business, his backers at the new Ford Motor Co. were insisting that the best way to maximize profits was to build a car for the rich.
Ford instituted industrial mass production, but what really mattered to him was mass consumption.
And as his tin lizzies bounced over the rutted tracks of the horse age, he campaigned for better roads, which eventually led to an interstate-highway system that is still the envy of the world.
www.time.com /time/time100/builder/profile/ford.html   (579 words)

 Ford Motor Company - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Ford radically reformed the methods for large-scale manufacturing of cars, and large-scale management of an industrial workforce.
Today, Ford Motor Company manufactures automobiles under the highly-recognized Lincoln and Mercury brand names.
Models like the Ford Mondeo from Europe could now be imported completely built up.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Ford   (3798 words)

 Former President Ford dies - Gerald R. Ford - MSNBC.com
Ford was an accidental president, Nixon’s hand-picked successor, a man of much political experience who had never run on a national ticket.
That single act, it was widely believed, cost Ford election to a term of his own in 1976, but it won praise in later years as a courageous act that allowed the nation to move on.
She remained one of the country’s most admired women even after the Fords left the White House when she was hospitalized in 1978 and said she had become addicted to drugs and alcohol she took for painful arthritis and a pinched nerve in her neck.
www.msnbc.msn.com /id/10949314   (799 words)

 Ford buyouts take off, but at a price - USATODAY.com   (Site not responding. Last check: )
DETROIT — Even as Ford Motor (F) announced good news Wednesday — that it would cut its workforce faster than expected — the automaker highlighted the depths of its problems by acknowledging it would burn through $17 billion in cash in the next two years.
Ford had hoped to eliminate 25,000 to 30,000 jobs by 2008.
Ford also said that even with the unexpectedly high number taking buyouts, it still may need to resort to layoffs in plants where not enough people volunteered to leave.
www.usatoday.com /money/autos/2006-11-29-ford-buyouts_x.htm   (473 words)

 CHAPTER SIX: Henry Ford and the Nazis
Ford accused Morgan and others of using war and revolution as a road to profit and their influence in social systems as a means of personal advancement.
It was Henry Ford who in the 1930s built the Soviet Union's first modern automobile plant (located at Gorki) and which in the 50s and 60s produced the trucks used by the North Vietnamese to carry weapons and munitions for use against Americans.
A substantial holding, 40 percent of Ford Motor A.G. of Germany, was transferred to I.G. Farben; Carl Bosch of I.G. Farben became head of Ford A.G. Motor in Germany.
reformed-theology.org /html/books/wall_street/chapter_06.htm   (2500 words)

 John Ford
Most see Ford hitting his straps with his first directing Oscar for The Informer (1935), but for me, when Lincoln steps onto the balcony and commands the band to play Dixie to a Northern audience at the end of the Civil war in Prisoner of Shark Island (1936), we are seeing Ford at his best.
Early in his career, Ford talked about what he called "invisible technique", to make an audience forget they were watching a movie.
It is his capacity to mythologise; to ennoble that which might otherwise go unnoticed (like the image of the Philippino extra listening to the announcement of Pearl Harbour, or the "expendable" limping away down a beach, "glorious in defeat", because the artist tells us they were and are).
www.sensesofcinema.com /contents/directors/02/ford.html   (2258 words)

 Posts from the Ford Category at Autoblog
The new Ford Fiesta is based on the same platform as the Mazda2 that was officially introduced at the Geneva Motor Show in March.
Ford's commitment to safety and sustainability has allowed Susan Cischke to move on up in the corporate world, with her new title of senior V.P. of Sustainability, Environment and Safety Engineering.
Ford and Delphi had offered to float Coghlan and Russell for a couple of months, but the workers rejected that proposal because the two companies would not cover pensions and unemployment obligations, citing the precedent it would set.
www.autoblog.com /category/ford   (3636 words)

 Ford   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Ford India has a whole range of programs, products and services designed to make Ford owners the most satisfied motor vehicle owners in India.
Ford authorised dealers will carry out the repairs and replacements.
Ford Roadside Assistance Program is available to all Ford owners across India and can be accessed through the nationwide call-in number +91 98415 00333.
www.india.ford.com /servlet/ContentServer?cid=1054980303030&pagename=FAPWebIn/Page/warrantyMain_Warranty_Temp&c=Page   (343 words)

 Ford Foundation: The International Fellowships Program (IFP)
The Ford Foundation International Fellowships Program (IFP) provides opportunities for advanced study to exceptional individuals who will use this education to become leaders in their respective fields, furthering development in their own countries and greater economic and social justice worldwide.
Ford fellowship recipients have become leaders in institutions around the world and have helped build global knowledge in fields ranging across the natural and social sciences as well as the humanities and arts.
Ford Foundation staff and their family members may not serve on selection panels and are not eligible to apply for IFP awards.
www.fordfound.org /news/more/11272000ifp/index.cfm   (775 words)

 Richard Ford
Born in Jackson, Mississippi, on February 16, 1944, Richard Ford is the son of Parker Carrol and Edna Ford.
Ford, who lived for a while in New Orleans, has moved to Jamestown, Rhode Island, to work on books away from the distractions of home (Clay).
Ford tries to keep the reader interested in his boring novel, but he does not do a very good job of it.
www.shs.starkville.k12.ms.us /mswm/MSWritersAndMusicians/writers/Ford.html   (2042 words)

 All Ford Mustangs - Classic Mustang, GT, Shelby, Cobra, Roush and Saleen
Miller Motorsports Park, in partnership with Ford Racing, is pleased to announce a new professional racing series that will provide competitors an affordable way to go racing with a V8-powered, rear-wheel-drive car.
The new 2008 Ford Mustang convertible having aced NCAP crash tests and rollover resistance evaluations, stands alone in its class as the only convertible of any type that can be called a five-star safety vehicle.
ROUSH Performance continues to pay tribute to Ford’s legendary history with the 428RTM Mustang, a limited edition pony car which follows in the tremendous success of their 427RTM model introduced last year and which remains in the ROUSH product lineup for the 2008 model year.
www.allfordmustangs.com   (770 words)

 Ford Foundation
The Ford Foundation supports innovative public media efforts that raise global awareness and expand international news, public affairs and cultural programming.
Learn more about our commitment to strengthening global perspectives in public media.
Ford is celebrating 70 years of delivering on a promise to improve lives and create opportunity.
www.fordfound.org   (57 words)

 Gerald R. Ford Presidential Library and Museum
Located at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, The Ford Library collects, preserves, and makes accessible a rich variety of archival materials on U.S. domestic issues, foreign relations, and political affairs during the Cold War era.
Located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, The Ford Museum's permanent exhibits allow visitors to actually participate in history while reviewing the lives of President and Mrs.
The Gerald R. Ford Presidential Library and Museum is part of the Presidential Libraries System administered by
www.ford.utexas.edu   (232 words)

 Harrison Ford (I)
A Time for Killing (1967) (as Harrison J. Ford)....
Firewall Decoded: A Conversation with Harrison Ford and Richard Loncraine (2006) (V)....
Discuss this name with other users on IMDb message board for Harrison Ford (I)
www.imdb.com /name/nm0000148   (1083 words)

 Bill Pierre Ford: Buy a Ford Car, Truck or SUV One of the Worlds Largest Ford Dealers
"As being one of the first Ford dealers in Seattle, Washington, we have grown to become one of the world's largest Mega Volume Ford dealers.
We have gotten this way by making it easy for people to buy Fords with such things as a Ford Configurator, a Build your Own Ford tool, Ford Internet Specials, giving customers the information that they want to know from their local Ford dealer.
We are so confident of our prices that we give a $1,000 price guarantee.
www.pierreford.com   (316 words)

 The Henry Ford: America's Greatest History Attraction
November 3, 2007 - January 15, 2008 in Henry Ford Museum
The Henry Ford is an independent, non-profit, educational institution not affiliated with the Ford Motor Company or the Ford Foundation.
The Henry Ford is an AAM accredited institution.
www.hfmgv.org   (115 words)

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