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Topic: Ford Crown Victoria

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In the News (Mon 19 Aug 19)

  Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptors
Ford corporate representative Brian Geraghty has admitted under oath that the Crown Victoria’s record is among the worst when it comes to protecting police and their passengers from being incinerated.
The Crown Victoria police cruiser’s fuel tank is flawed in two critical ways: (1) it is located in the crush zone behind the rear axle, where it is most likely to be rammed into the axle, suspension system or other components and ruptured in a crash; and (2) it lacks protective shielding.
Under questioning, Ford also insisted to Arizona authorities that the CVPI had never been equipped with fuel tank shields, but it was subsequently discovered that Ford had put a partial shield on either side of the CVPI’s fuel tank in 1996 and 1997 to protect it from puncture by the rear frame rails.
www.safetyforum.com /cvpi   (2381 words)

  Ford Crown Victoria - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Crown Victoria, or "Crown Vic" as it is often referred, represents the top-of-the-line sedan in the Ford model line-up.
The first "Crown Victoria" appeared in 1955; it was a 2-door 6-seater hardtop coupe, part of the Ford Fairlane range, that differed from the regular Victoria model (named after a type of carriage) by having a stainless steel band that 'crowned' the roofline, passing right over the car, as an extension of the B-pillar line.
Ford was rumored to be considering replacing the aging Panther platform with the front or all-wheel drive platform based on the D3 architecture.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Ford_Crown_Victoria   (2214 words)

 Ford Crown Victoria History
Today's Crown Vic is the backbone of fleets; a car for enterprises that need a rugged, simple sedan with plenty of room for passengers and cargo space for all their stuff.
Ford's new chassis for the 1965 full-size model line eliminated the semielliptical leaf springs that had been the basic rear suspension since '49 in favor of coil springs for the solid rear axle.
The '65 Ford would become the basis for not only all future Winston Cup racecars (thanks mostly to the efforts of the Holmon-Moody race team and its parts-selling operation), but its basic suspension system is used under the current 2003 Crown Victoria.
www.edmunds.com /ford/crownvictoria/history.html   (5840 words)

 Ford Crown Victoria - Wikicars
The Crown Victoria is manufactured in St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada, rides on the 1979-vintage Ford Panther platform and utilizes the universal 4.6 L SOHC SEFI V8.
The first "Crown Victoria" appeared in 1955; it was a 2-door 6-seater hardtop coupe, part of the Ford Fairlane range, that differed from the regular Victoria model (named after a type of carriage) by having a stainless steel band that 'crowned' the roofline, passing right over the car, as an extension of the B-pillar line.
Ford was rumored to be considering replacing the aging Panther platform with the front or all-wheel drive platform based on the D3 architecture.
wikicars.org /en/Ford_Crown_Victoria   (1654 words)

 Ford Crown Victoria gas tank shield protection may help prevent people from being trapped inside their vehicles and ...
Ford Crown Victoria gas tank shield protection may help prevent people from being trapped inside their vehicles and burned to death following a rear-end crash.
Ford Crown Victoria Why it's a turkey: The Crown Vic is a mainstay for police and taxi fleets across the U.S. But its trusty "Panther" mechanical platform dates back nearly three decades, and its old-fashioned sheet metal runs on as if it were still 1992--the last time the Vic saw significant appearance changes.
Ford's Panther line of cars, which consists of the Crown Victoria, Lincoln Town Car and Grand Marquis, is the oldest auto platform in North America.
www.crownvictoriasafetyalert.com   (1585 words)

 Ford Crown Victoria Review - Edmunds.com
The "Crown Vic" moniker goes back several decades to when Ford adopted the name for a high-line trim level on the full-size LTD sedan, as baby boomers and their elders no doubt recall.
Despite its 2-ton curb weight, the Crown Victoria was reasonably quick thanks to a 4.6-liter V8 engine with 224 horsepower and 272 pound-feet of torque; LX models equipped with the upgraded performance package were a bit swifter, with 239 horses and 287 lb-ft of torque.
The Crown Victoria was dramatically restyled for 1998 by adopting the formal roof line previously used exclusively on its Mercury Grand Marquis twin.
www.edmunds.com /ford/crownvictoria/review.html   (778 words)

 Ford Crown Victoria Police Vehicle Goes Green
Ford Motor Company announced today its new 2008 Crown Victoria Police Interceptor will be offered as a flexible fuel vehicle allowing it to operate on E85 ethanol or gasoline.
Ford is the largest producer and seller of police vehicles with more than 80 percent of the market.
Ford has placed more than two million flexible fuel vehicles on the road, and has pledged to make half of its production capable of running on alternative fuels by 2012, provided the necessary fuel and infrastructure are in place.
puregreencars.com /Green-Cars-News/Other-Green-Car-News/ford-crown-victoria-police-.html   (492 words)

 Ford Crown Victoria Cases
At issue is the Crown Victoria's fuel tank, which is located behind the rear axle and within the vehicle's designated "crash zone." High speed rear-end crashes push the fuel tank against portions of the rear axle or suspension system with enough force to rupture the tank, spill fuel and ignite the vehicle.
Last fall, Ford issued a technical service bulletin to dealers stating that, upon request, they were to make two minor modifications to Crown Victoria Police Interceptors to lessen the chance of fuel tank punctures.
During pretrial discovery in the Cruz case, Ford admitted that modifications should be made in its police interceptor vehicles because of the enhanced exposure that such vehicles have to highway speed rear-end collisions.
www.perryhaas.com /crownvictoria/crownvictoria.html   (2851 words)

 Reference.com/Encyclopedia/Ford Crown Victoria
Crown Vics are also popular as police cars internationally: The Moscow, Russia city police use several Crown Vics.
In the case of the Crown Victoria, it is a combination of factors including a number of different traits, such as the nature of and position of the gas tank, and the unique circumstances of the car crashes.
The likely scenario is that Ford will implement various chassis/suspension changes in the future up to the imminent cancellation of the Panther platform sometime in 2008-2010 without introducing drastic and expensive powertrain or drivetrain changes.
www.reference.com /browse/wiki/Ford_Crown_Victoria   (1577 words)

 Ford Crown Victoria Parts - Ford Crown Victoria Accessories - Partstrain.com
Actually, there were two different vehicles manufactured by Ford that had the name of Crown Victoria, although if you’ll have to look closely on the current generation of the said vehicle, you can safely say three.
The first generation of the current Ford Crown Victoria was introduced in 1979 as a deluxe version of the LTD line of cars based on the Ford Panther platform.
The batch of Ford Crown Victorias that looks similar to what we have now was introduced mid-year of 1992 after the entire LTD line-up was dropped by Ford.
www.partstrain.com /ShopByVehicle/FORD/CROWN_VICTORIA   (522 words)

 1999 Ford Crown Victoria - The Car Connection
And yet, while the Crown Victoria is big, it doesn't feel so big when maneuvering in traffic, thanks in part to a stiffer structure and rear suspension elements that control the chassis and ease the ride.
For steering, the Crown Victoria retains a recirculating-ball mechanism with power boost because the system translates less road shock to steering wheel and imparts a more luxurious feel to the driver.
Both trim levels - Crown Victoria and upgraded LX - use the same ratios for gears and rear axle, although with the handling package, a quicker axle ratio (3.27:1) is included.
thecarconnection.com /.../1999_Ford_Crown_Victoria.S180.A900.html   (915 words)

 Ford Crown Victoria: Features and Information
And as we all know, safety and comfort are the top priorities of buyers and consumers alike, moreover, this is what Crown Victoria exactly offers that gives the Ford Company a sale of nearly 80,000 Crown Vics a year.
In addition, Crown Victoria was in fact used as police mobile to meet the rugged demands of police use for performance, durability, and safety.
Ford Parts Crown Victoria are now accessible at your fingertips.
www.classicsedan.com   (171 words)

 Ford Crown Victoria Fire Defect Injury Lawyer
The popular Ford Crown Victoria model has been linked to hundreds of fires that have resulted in the deaths of police officers and civilians.
The Crown Victoria's gas tank sticks up in the trunk area making these cars susceptible to fires when they are involved in rear end crashes.
The Crown Victoria along with two other Ford Vehicles, the Lincoln Town Car and Grand Marquis, are the only American-made automobiles that have gas tanks located behind the rear axle.
www.yourlawyer.com /topics/overview/Ford_Crown_Victoria   (409 words)

 2002 Ford Crown Victoria   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The 4.6-liter Ford plant with overhead cam configuration in standard application produces 220 hp at 4750 rpm and torque of 265 lb-ft at 4000 rpm.
There are now three versions tagged as a base Crown Victoria, the LX series and new LX Sport with equipment added for lively handling and higher performance.
Seating for base Crown Victoria and LX consists of two three-person benches, with the front one split and combined with a fold-down armrest so it functions as two individual seats.
www.cartrackers.com /am/showarticle.php?id=7400   (1015 words)

 2004 Ford Crown Victoria review, specs, price quote
The 2004 Ford Crown Victoria is offered in three models: Standard, LX and LX Sport.
The four-door 2004 Ford Crown Victoria readily defines the term "full-size" as it applies to sedans.
With a total of 20.6 cubic feet of space, the Crown Victoria's trunk is the biggest in its class, perfect for golf clubs.
www.new-cars.com /2004/2004-ford-crown-victoria.html   (577 words)

 2001 Ford Crown Victoria - The Car Connection
With the demise of the Chevy Caprice ("Shamu the car") in 1996, the Crown Victoria and its in-house twin, the Mercury Grand Marquis became the sole representatives of what had just 10 or so years before been the dominant type of passenger sedan built by U.S. automakers for 50-odd years.
This is basically Ford's police-interceptor package, so you can drive around in the same car, sans light bar and a few other small details, as Officer Friendly.
But on the other hand, the Crown Vic does have all the truly important elements of what used to be considered "luxurious." It is wonderfully roomy in a way that Americans less than 30 years old probably have no memory of.
thecarconnection.com /.../2001_Ford_Crown_Victoria.S180.A3013.html   (852 words)

 Ford Crown Victoria - AutoWorld.Com
Powered by a V-8 engine, Crown Victoria's trademark features include one of the largest trunks in the industry, comfortable seating for six adults and large car safety.
Because of its rear-wheel-drive handling and ample seating and trunk, Crown Victoria is the pursuit vehicle of choice - providing balanced performance with comfort for the officers and plenty of storage for their equipment and gear.
And the Crown Victoria name will be removed from the police package and vehicle will be re-named Ford Police Interceptor.
www.autoworld.com /news/Ford/CrownVictoria.htm   (394 words)

 2003 Ford Crown Victoria review, specs, price quote
In other words, the 2003 Ford Crown Victoria is the choice in lines of work that are wholly dependent on smooth-running, high-performing vehicles.
The four-door 2003 Ford Crown Victoria is available in a sedan body type in three models: Standard, LX and LX Sport.
The 2003 Ford Crown Victoria has a clean, aerodynamic outer design that features wide door openings, a large glass area for good outward visibility, wraparound headlamps and heated foldaway dual remote-control power outside mirrors.
www.new-cars.com /2003/2003-ford-crown-victoria.html   (730 words)

 Flexible Fuel Ford Crown Victoria Police Cars Go Green - Ford
To help police fleets go green, our new 2008 Crown Victoria Police Interceptor will be offered as a flexible fuel vehicle (FFV).
We have achieved 50-state certification for all Ford and Mercury 2008 FFV passenger models, which include Ford F-150, Crown Victoria and Mercury Grand Marquis.
In addition to our FFVs, fleets looking to go green can also choose from two hybrid models, Ford Escape and Mercury Mariner, as well as a number of Ford PZEV (partial zero emissions vehicle) models.
www.ford.com /innovation/environmentally-friendly/ethanol-e85/cvpi/police-interceptor-344p   (327 words)

 Ford Crown Victoria (1995)
In that first year it was known as the Ford LTD. After its introduction, Crown Victoria seemed a more regal name that was well-suited to the largest and most opulent model in the Ford lineup.
The 1995 Crown Victoria demonstrates that a world-class, full-sized luxury sedan built in North America can successfully compete with the best in the world in its class.
CONCLUSION: With its improved design and performance Ford is vividly demonstrating that the Crown Victoria is a full-size, fully equipped vehicle for a wide range of income and age groups.
www.theautochannel.com /vehicles/new/reviews/wk9448.html   (832 words)

 Edmunds.com - 2006 Ford Crown Victoria Research Reviews and Specs   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The Crown Victoria, a top-of-the-line version highlighted by a "basket-handle" chrome accent strip that looped over the greenhouse, joined the lineup in 1955.
The Victoria models continued throughout the 1950s as derivatives of the Fairlane series.
The Crown Victoria name returned in 1980 as the high end of the full-size LTD models and once again became a best-seller.
edmunds.com /new/2006/ford/crownvictoria/100594118/researchlanding.html   (331 words)

 EV Rental: Environmental Vehicle Rental Cars 2001
The Dedicated Natural Gas Ford Crown Victoria is a state of the art full-size passenger car that provides all the comfort and performance features of its gasoline counterpart.
You see the Crown Victoria qualifies for access to the HOV lanes in California and Arizona with only a single occupant.
The Ford Crown Victoria is an Ultra Low Emissions Vehicle which is 90% cleaner than conventional gasoline vehicles.
www.evrental.com /crown.html   (202 words)

 2006 Ford Crown Victoria - Review - IntelliChoice
The Crown Victoria further hews to the domestic big car archetype with its wide bench seats, soft suspension, large trunk, and relatively poor fuel economy.
Police departments like the Crown Vic because the V-8 makes it fairly quick, the rear-wheel drive provides predictable handling, the interior has enough space for an officer and all his gear, the simple mechanicals are durable, and the cars aren't expensive.
This welcomed feature, optional on all three versions of the Crown Victoria, moves the brake and accelerator pedals closer to the driver, allowing him or her to sit a safe distance from the steering wheel and its airbag.
www.motortrend.com /roadtests/intellichoice/369_0509_review_2006_ford_crown_victoria   (732 words)

 Used Ford Crown Victoria | Search Pre-Owned Used Ford Crown Victoria Cars in Automotive.com Classifieds
Automotive.com lets you search for used Ford Crown Victoria by sub-model, location, price, and more, so that you are in control when buying online.
Though they were what most people drove in the 1950s and 1960s, full-size cars like the Ford Crown Victoria are now an anomaly.
For 2003, Ford's largest sedan, the Crown Victoria, may look very similar to last year's offering, but there's been plenty of changes under the skin to keep it technically up to date....
automotive.com /buy/used/11/ford/crown-victoria/index.html?src_id=2045   (341 words)

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