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Topic: Ford Escort (European)

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In the News (Mon 17 Jun 19)

  Reference.com/Encyclopedia/Ford Escort (European)
The Ford Escort was a British automobile launched at the end of 1967 as a replacement for the Anglia.
Codenamed within Ford as Erika–86, and sometimes referred to as the "Mk IV" (although it was not officially the fourth generation), it was instantly recognisable as an updated version of the previous model, with a smooth Scorpio style nose and the "straked" rear lamp clusters smoothed over.
The fifth generation Escort was launched in South America in 1992, being manufactured in Brazil and Argentina by Autolatina, a joint-venture between Volkswagen and Ford.
www.reference.com /browse/wiki/Ford_Escort_(European)   (3654 words)

 Ford Contour - Used Ford Contour :: Ford-Forums.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Launched in 1981, Ford Escort is a termed as the "World Car." This model was especially designed for the US market, as there was already an Escort version in the European market.
In late 82, Ford Escort was launched with 80 horsepower.
The 1984 Escort came with two new optional engines and also transferred the horn button to the steering wheel from the end of the turn signal stalk back.
www.ford-forums.com /Escort   (306 words)

 FORD Escort Pictures from Car Picture Gallery
Introduced in 1981, the first American Escort was intended to share common components with the European Mk III (as with its sister, the Mercury Lynx), and was launched as a 2-door hatchback and as a 4-door station wagon, with the 4-door hatchback following a year later.
In 1991, the Escort and the Mercury Tracer were replaced by models based on the Mazda B platform also used by the Mazda 323.
Ford, which owned a 25 percent stake in Mazda, already sold a version of the 323 in Asia and Australasia, called the Ford Laser, which replaced the old rear wheel drive Escort there.
www.cars-directory.net /gallery/ford/escort   (411 words)

 The Ford Escort   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Escort, both in Britain and on the Continent, became an icon.
When the Escort was launched, Ford prepared a rallying version, which was later marketed as the Escort Mexico, commemorating the car's victory in the London to Mexico Rally of 1970.
The fourth-generation European Escort of 1990 was a departure from the world car: by now, the American Escort was also a reskinned Mazda 323.
users.skynet.be /ddddv/Ford_Escort.htm   (777 words)

 Cars - Ford Escort
Escort was a British automobile launched at the end of 1967 as a replacement for the Anglia.
The Ford works team was practically unbeatable in the late '60s/early '70s, and the Escort's greatest victory was in the 1970 London-Mexico rally being driven by Finnish legend Hannu Mikkola.
Ford Escort Mk II The square-edged Mk II version appeared in early 1975.
listing-index.ebay.com /cars/Ford_Escort_(European).html   (876 words)

 The history of the Ford Escort, Ford Focus, and Mercury Tracer.
Ford’s first “World Car”, the Escort, was introduced in the North American market for the model year 1981.
The Ford Escort (a totally different version) had been available in other parts of the world as a rear wheel drive car from 1968-1980.
The EXP was now called the Escort EXP and it received the same aero headlights and came in two models, the luxury and the sport.
www.escortfocus.com /html/history.html   (2571 words)

 Inside Line: Ford Escort/Mercury Tracer -   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Ford replaced the 1.6-liter engines with two 1.9-liter engines: a carbureted version with 86 horsepower and a fuel-injected version (standard on GT and optional on other models) with 108 horsepower.
The Escort's Mercury twin, the Tracer, debuted this year and was identical to the Escort except for a handful of distinctions: body style offerings (the Tracer came as either a notchback sedan or wagon) and differences in front end and taillight design.
Ford made it worth the wait by giving the ZX2 a flashy body style all its own and a 2.0-liter 16-valve engine dubbed "Zetec" that pumped out 130 horsepower and hustled the ZX2 from 0 to 60 mph in around 8 seconds.
www.edmunds.com /insideline/do/Features/articleId=49542   (2541 words)

 Qwika - similar:Ford_Australia
The Ford Telstar was an automobile sold by the Ford Motor Company in Asia, Australasia and Africa, comparable in size to the European Ford Sierra and the American Ford Tempo.
Ford Fairmont is a name that has been used for two unrelated models of automobile; one in Australia and one in North America.
The Ford Escort was a compact car manufactured by the Ford Motor Company from 1967 through 2003.
www.qwika.com /rels/Ford_Australia   (902 words)

 Mazda:Halewood - Home of the Ford Escort
Ford originally purchased the 346-acre site on the outskirts of Liverpool in January 1960, to expand its UK manufacturing facilities.
To prepare Halewood for producing the Ford Escort in place of the ageing Ford Anglia, Ford invested a further £15 million in the plant, and the first of the new models came off the line in November 1967, two months before the vehicle went on sale.
The two millionth Merseyside Ford Escort arrived in 1981, number three million in 1988 and the four millionth in 1995.
media.ford.com /mazda/article_display.cfm?article_id=5435   (488 words)

 Ford Escort News
Ford Escort News continually updated from thousands of sources around the net.
The all-new Ford S-MAX has been awarded the prestigious title of "Car of the Year 2007".The Car of the Year is an international award, judged by a panel of 58 top motoring journalists from 22 European...
Ford's sporty MPV, the S-Max, has won the 2007 Car of the Year award in one of the most closely fought contests in years.
www.topix.net /autos/ford-escort   (724 words)

 Second hand Ford Fiesta from SG Petch
Ford marketed this popular hatchback as far back as the 80's and has never looked back.
Since then the Ford Fiesta has grown with the times and is now in its 5th generation and design.
Ford's plants in Dagenham, England and Cologne, Germany were also used to manufacture Fiestas.
ford-fiesta.sgpetch.co.uk   (358 words)

 Ford Escort Parts - Partstrain.com
The Ford Escort was introduced by Ford in the United States in 1981.
All the Ford Escorts ever manufactured and sold were equipped with relatively small engine, starting with the 1.6 liter 68 hp when it was introduced in 1981 to the 2.0 liter 130 hp engine used for its final version, the Ford Escort ZX2.
Although its engine gives it a meager performance, many Ford Escort buyers were satisfied with it, considering that most of them must have bought one because of the practicality its body style has to offer rather than its power.
www.partstrain.com /ShopByVehicle/FORD/ESCORT   (504 words)

 Ford Racing 3 for DS Review - DS Ford Racing 3 Review   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Ford Racing 3 is a dull and clumsy racing game that will disappoint even the most forgiving Ford enthusiasts.
Like its console cousins, Ford Racing 3 for the DS is a budget title, and it offers the same brand of no-frills, arcade-style racing as those versions of the game.
Ford Racing 3 is a dull, ugly racing game that simply isn't worth your time.
www.gamespot.com /ds/driving/fordracing3/review.html?sid=6142268   (1748 words)

 Ford Racing for PlayStation Review - PlayStation Ford Racing Review
Ford Racing, from Empire Interactive isn't quite that elusive diamond in the rough, but it is certainly a decent game at the $9.99 suggested retail price.
The graphics in Ford Racing follow the same routine as the gameplay setting in the career mode: You'll have to suffer through truly appalling environmental graphics in the early courses, before you get to see some nice eye candy in and around the latter tracks.
The music in Ford Racing is typical racing game fare, and to a discerning ear it may sound a bit like the soundtrack in the original Gran Turismo.
www.gamespot.com /ps/driving/fordracing/review.html   (1095 words)

 Ford Focus History
After the Ford Escort (European) Mk IV was criticised by the motoring press as being designed by the "bean counters" and for its mediocre ride, handling and quality, Ford decided to take more risks in its replacement.
Ford attempted to market the sedan version in Europe as a mini-executive car by only offering it in the Ghia trim level, something that it had tried before with the Orion of the 1980s.
The European Focus would also suffer from some recall issues, but in 2002, according to German reports and surveys, the Focus was claimed to be the most reliable car between 1 to 3 years old on the German car market.
www.ford-focus.ws /history   (1845 words)

 Escort Ford
Introduced in 1997 as a 1998 model to replace the Ford Escort GT hatchback and Ford Probe, it was based on the second-generation North American version of...
Ford Escort (European) - The Ford Escort was a small family car manufactured by the Ford Motor Company from 1967 through 2003.
Escort - Escort Fighter Escort by Don Patterson, The 14th Squadron's mission is to provide fighter escort for a formation of American bombers flying into enemy territory.
au52.abricad.info /escortford.html   (1209 words)

 Ford Escort RS 2000
The RS 2000 was designed by Ford's Cologne styling department in Germany, home of the company's high performance European operation.
But it took Ford Australia quite some time to decide that the time was right to introduce the RS 2000 to Australia, despite it not being a stranger to enthusiasts.
Despite the fact that the Australian-made RS 2000 was a long way from being a real RS in the European sense, it was still a much more exciting drive than the ordinary Escorts, and that is why it remained popular with enthusiastic drivers.
www.uniquecarsandparts.com.au /car_info_ford_escort_rs2000.htm   (539 words)

 Zetec Origin/History - CEG Forums
It is used in cars such as Ford Mondeo, 1995-2000 Ford Contour/Mercury Mystique, 1999-2002 Mercury Cougar, 2000-2003 Ford Escape/Mazda Tribute, 2000-2003 Ford Focus and 1998-2003 Ford Escort ZX2.
The biggest problem was that a special Ford formulation of oil was required otherwise the valves tended to stick.
In 2002 a supercharged 1.0 litre (95hp) version was released for the Ford Fiesta, to compete with the 1.0 turbo 16v (110hp) version of the VW Golf.
www.contour.org /ceg-vb/showthread.php?t=92   (862 words)

 FOCUS Guys - Ford Forums - Mustang Forum, Ford Trucks and Cars
Ford made the best of what it did not have by using the Escort name which was well known for the ZX2.
This platform was used in the Ford Escort, Mercury (Ford Australia) Capri convertible, and Mazda MX3.
They are built off the European Escort platform, not the Mazda 323 platform that the American machines are based on.
www.fordforums.com /showthread.php?t=474   (783 words)

 :::: Zakspeed Ford Capri INTRODUCTION ::::
Depending on your point of view, the Ford Capri is either an automotive icon or a slightly vulgar blue-collar 'boy-racer' - the wheels of choice for every flash Essex boy in Britain.
The Ford Motor Company had already succesfully raced a touring car version of the MKI Capri in the early 1970s.
In the following years, Ford continued to be represented competitively in both the ETC and DRM by the Zakspeed-built Group 2 and then (from 1977 onwards) Group 5 versions of the MKII Escort.
www.geocities.com /zakcapriturbo/intro.html   (740 words)

 Ford EXP & Mercury LN7 Owners Club
Ford's feeling was that if you want room for four or five passengers buy an Escort or a Granada.
The whole marketing philosophy behind this car was rather like that of a European GT Machine -- a personal-transportation vehicle for two, with a shotgun seat for emergency transport of a third.
The Ford Escort Mk III, codenamed "Erika", was the third generation UK Escort (First Generation here in the US) and was launched in September 1980.
www.fordexp.com /content/default.asp?artid=46   (474 words)

 2000 Ford Focus ZX3   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
He believes those tail lamps mounted high on the C-pillar just don't look right, although he'd guess that they do contribute to the safety of the vehicle, by allowing the car to be seen from a distance.
Ford has done an exceptional job with the stereo, including several features that you don't normally see in this price range of vehicle.
Overall, Chirico enjoyed his time behind the wheel of Ford's latest world car and feels that despite the exterior design this is one great little car.
www.edmunds.com /reviews/longterm/articles/44025/page003.html   (857 words)

 Ford Escort Body Parts: Durable And High-End Body Parts In OEM, Aftermarket Standards for Reliable Escort!
Among Ford’s model that sported the classical signature of a Ford vehicle (elegance and power), was Ford Escort; this model was introduced to join the lineup of Ford vehicles with top quality and durable Ford Escort body parts.
The Ford Escort was introduced in the market by Ford Motor Company in 1967 and was produced until 2003.
Each year, since the Escort was introduced, there had been several changes in the model’s features and appeals aimed to improve it to suit current market demands.
www.innerauto.com /Ford_Parts/Ford_Escort_Parts/Ford_Escort_Body_Parts   (339 words)

 Ford Escort (European) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
However, the car wasn't really an Escort at all, being based from a Sierra floorpan and mechanicals, including its longitudinally mounted engine, and was merely clothed in body panels to look (supposedly) like a standard Mk 5.
Stung by the criticism of the original Mk.5, Ford facelifted the Escort and Orion in September 1992, giving the revised cars a new grille, bonnet and, in the Escort hatch's case, a new rear end.
The Escort hatchback and station wagon were produced in Argentina until 2003, being sold side-by-side with its successor, the Focus.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Ford_Escort_(European)   (3704 words)

 Ford Motor Company - Press Release - Ford Automotive Operations - Ford Exports
Ford exports cars and trucks to nearly 200 countries and territories.
In 1998, of the 219,378 built-up units exported by Ford from all sources to all markets, 140,152 were shipped from the U.S. and Canada, 63,162 from Europe, and 16,064 from Asia and South America.
Ford Worldwide Direct Market Operations (WDMO) is the company's business unit charged with marketing Ford products in direct markets from any source, and with providing logistical support services to exports of North American, European, South American and Asia-Pacific sourced vehicles to all markets.
media.ford.com /newsroom/release_display.cfm?release=51   (546 words)

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