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Topic: Ford Fairlane (North American)

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In the News (Sun 16 Jun 19)

  Ford Motor Company - Featured Story - Ford Fairlane Breaks New Ground as a People Mover
The Ford Fairlane concept is a six-passenger, three-row people mover that explores a blend of upscale, modern design with Ford hallmarks of safety, interior spaciousness and functionality.
Fairlane features a well-defined hood, a large cabin with upright A-pillars, four side doors with low step-in height, and a rear door with a three-way tailgate.
The driver zone in the Fairlane is marked by a strikingly low dash to aid visibility and is finished with an oak and maple bentwood laminate.
media.ford.com /newsroom/feature_display.cfm?release=19669   (945 words)

  Ford Fairlane (North American) information - Search.com
The Ford Fairlane was reintroduced for the 1962 model year to bridge the gap between the compact Ford Falcon and the full-size Galaxie, making it a competitor for GM's A-body 'senior compacts'.
Like the Falcon, the Fairlane was a unit body structure, but the body incorporated an unusual feature Ford dubbed 'torque boxes,' four boxed structures in the lower body structure designed to absorb road shock by moving slightly in the vertical plane.
The Fairlane was revised in 1966, and spawned a Mercury Comet twin.
www.search.com /reference/Ford_Fairlane_(North_American)   (1839 words)

  Ford North Smithfield   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Timely in its portrait of murderous political strife between occupier ford north smithfield and insurgent ford north smithfield and timeless in its exploration of the tortured netherworld of human guilt, "The Informer" is filmmaking for the ages.
Ford outfits his "Trail-Of-Tears-Like" saga with a strong cast, stunning cinematography by long-time collaborator William Clothier ford north smithfield and a stirring Alex North score.
Ford Fairlane (North American) - The Ford Fairlane was an automobile model sold between 1955 and 1971 by the Ford Motor Company in North America.
rhodeislandsports.usamsoc.com /fordnorthsmithfield.html   (611 words)

 Automotive Intelligence at the North American International Auto Show 2005   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Fairlane — a classic name that recalls the splendor of Henry Ford's estate — features a well-proportioned, purposeful stance that promotes Ford fundamentals — a spacious and flexible interior, safety leadership and confident driving character.
Fairlane features a well-defined hood, a large cabin with upright A-pillars, four side doors with low step-in height, and a rear door with an industry-leading three-way tailgate.
Fairlane's design blends this new shape with sophisticated elements such as the bold, three-bar grille that signifies the new face of Ford.
www.autointell.net /Events/naias-2005/ford-fairlane-conc-naias-05/ford-fairlane-naias-05.htm   (389 words)

 Turnaround plan at Ford takes some late twists | The San Diego Union-Tribune
Ford was debating whether to shift the two models to the slightly smaller rwd platform used by the Ford Falcon in Australia.
Ford Mustang, Mercury coupe: With the success of the redesigned 2005 Mustang, the next step is to maintain a buzz for the car as it ages.
Ford Freestyle, Mercury sport wagons: Suppliers expect the current version of the Ford Freestyle sport wagon to be dropped after the 2007 model year, giving it a short three-year life cycle.
www.signonsandiego.com /uniontrib/20051029/news_lz1dd29ford.html   (2311 words)

 Ford says new plan goes beyond job cuts - Boston.com
Ford Motor Co. says its new restructuring plan goes beyond job cuts and plant closings in its effort to restore North American profits.
Fields said the Ford brand is "defined by three words: bold, American and innovative." Mercury, meanwhile, is a brand that appeals more to women and to younger customers with "modern, expressive design." Lincoln is about a distinctly American approach to luxury, he said.
Ford shares rose 5 percent to $8.32 on Monday's news, indicating some investors were pleased with the long-awaited "Way Forward" plan as well as the company's larger-than-expected $124 million overall profit in the fourth quarter.
www.boston.com /business/articles/2006/01/24/ford_says_new_plan_goes_beyond_job_cuts   (1129 words)

 NPR : Q&A: Ford's 'Way Forward'
Ford President and Chief Operating Officer Jim Padilla, the No.2 man at the company, told me Ford's big mistake last time was that it failed to recognize that the industry was experiencing not the normal ups and downs of the market but a fundamental shift in the very nature of the market.
The Fairlane is a stylish minivan concept that Ford calls a "people mover." The Reflex is a sporty mini-compact concept car with a diesel-electric powertrain, which Ford showed at the Detroit Auto Show this year.
The Fairlane concept wagon, which it unveiled in Detroit in 2005, is a striking alternative: a cross between an extended SUV and a minivan that gets away from the boring box look.
www.npr.org /templates/story/story.php?storyId=5168799   (1342 words)

 Bold Moves: Article Feature   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Ford’s Fairlane, dubbed the “people-mover” Concept, was unveiled at the 2005 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS), held annually in Detroit.
The Ford GT90, unveiled at the 1995 Detroit Auto Show was stunning in every measure, and similar to the legendary GT40 racecar in terms of vehicle height and its mid-engine layout.
Ford’s rationale for selling the cars was to liberate them from dusty warehouses and give them second lives in the hands of enthusiasts as the automaker headed into its centennial celebration in 2003.
www.fordboldmoves.com /Article.aspx?episode=15&id=e3ef50a6-a240-437f-858e-4701dc89e979   (1372 words)

 Ford Freestyle - Wikicars
The Freestyle, along with its sibling the Five Hundred and the Ford Escape Hybrid, are the first American Ford vehicles to use a continuously variable transmission (CVT).
Ford was initially reported to be considering ceasing the production of the current D3-based Freestyle early, due to initially slow sales, and replacing it with the Mazda-engineered (CD3 platform) Ford Edge crossover utility.
There are also indications that Ford may be developing a new crossover vehicle based on the Ford Fairlane concept utility vehicle, as revealed during the 2005 auto show circuit.
wikicars.org /en/Ford_Freestyle   (511 words)

 Ford shuts more plants, slashes white-collar ranks, offers blue-collar buyout   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Ford said it will complete its cuts of 25,000 to 30,000 hourly jobs by the end of the 2008, four years ahead of its previous target.
Overall, Ford's North America manufacturing capacity is cut to 3.6 million units by the end of 2008, down 26 per cent from 2005.
Ford's U.S. market share is projected at about 16 per cent at the end of 2006, declining further when production of the Ford Taurus sedan and Mercury Monterey minivan ends this year and the Ford Freestar minivan dies in 2007.
www.cbc.ca /cp/business/060915/b091522.html   (908 words)

 Segment-Busting Ford Fairlane Concept Explores New Ways to Move People   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Fairlane employs a multi-link independent rear suspension that is package efficient, increasing interior dimensions and deftly balancing a smooth ride with precise handling.
Ford Motor Company's global powertrain program assigns the design and development of specific types of engines to specific company operations that have the greatest experience and expertise with that type of engine.
Ford's North American operations are the center of excellence for V-type engines because of the high market demand for them in North America.
www.worldcarfans.com /news.cfm?newsid=2050117.004&page=2&lang=eng&ford=1.html/country/acf   (1281 words)

 VehicleVoice News: Lincoln
Ford's press release for the MKS is shown below the fold.
The Lincoln MKR Concept Car seen at the 2007 North American Auto Show is the first vehicle to use all seven of the cues.
Ford North American design chief Peter Horbury admitted that they looked at a mild derivative of the Fairlane as the Lincoln, but thankfully this alternative was abandoned.
blog.vehiclevoice.com /manufacturers/lincoln   (5078 words)

 Private Ford? - Forbes.com   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Yet, when Bill Ford and his minions had the chance to spell out the specifics of their recovery plan, they were remarkably thin on details.
Ford's North American business will return to profitability by 2008, at the latest, they said.
At a Ford gathering a couple of years ago, Bill Ford hinted that he'd actually considered the possibility back in March 2003, when Ford shares were trading around $6.50 a share.
www.forbes.com /business/2006/01/23/ford-restructure-privatization-cz_jm_0124ford.html   (647 words)

 Ford   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Ford is considering importing its European market S-Max crossover, Mondeo sedan and wagon, and Transit commercial van to the United States, according to Ford CEO Alan Mulally.
Ford today announced the fully redesigned 2008 Escape and Mercury Mariner are entering the marketplace with sticker prices that average $1,100 and $1,300 less than the 2007 models.
North American design chief Peter Horbury and European design chief Martin Smith are said to be developing a common design language for all Ford-brand cars, Ford design vice president J Mays told Automotive News.
www.leftlanenews.com /category/ford   (1433 words)

 Macomb Daily : Ford finds sanctuary; names concept for Fairlane estate 01/10/05
Ford unveiled five vehicles Sunday at the North American International Auto Show, ranging from one it called an "urban sanctuary" to another intended to suggest genteel living on a grand estate.
The Ford Fairlane, named after Henry Ford's estate in Dearborn, features an all-glass roof, bound around the edges with canvas similar to the material used to make a polo player's helmet.
Ford Shelby GR-1 concept featured a polished aluminum exterior and is the sequel to last year's Shelby Cobra.
www.macombdaily.com /stories/011005/bus_ford001.shtml   (367 words)

 Ford North America "Way Forward" Plan Accelerated
Ford will cut its North American salaried-related work force by about a third and offer buyout packages to all Ford and Automotive Components Holdings (ACH) hourly employees in the U.S. The reductions will contribute significantly to reducing ongoing annual operating costs by about $5 billion.
Ford will accelerate by four years its previously announced goal of reducing 25,000 to 30,000 North American manufacturing employees by the end of 2012.
North America manufacturing capacity is being adjusted to 3.6 million units by the end of 2008, down 26 percent versus 2005 — in line with consumer demand and as announced earlier.
www.theautochannel.com /news/2006/09/15/022000.html   (2229 words)

 Green Car Congress: Ford to Cut Operating Costs by $5 Billion, Salaried Work-Force by 1/3
Ford will cut its North American salaried work force by about a third and offer buyout packages to all Ford and Automotive Components Holdings (ACH) hourly employees in the U.S. The reductions will contribute significantly to reducing ongoing annual operating costs by about $5 billion.
Ford is cutting its manufacturing capacity to 3.6 million units by the end of 2008, down 26% versus 2005.
Ford is quickly reaching the "stink of death" stage, where their problems have received so much mainstream media attention that they'll start impacting sales.
www.greencarcongress.com /2006/09/ford_to_cut_ope.html   (1551 words)

 Lincoln Auto Blog-Ford company leaders rethinking North American plan as demand for ...
Last week, CEO Bill Ford said Ford's Americas president, Mark Fields, and his team "have intensified their efforts, with an emphasis on reducing costs and accelerating product development." Ford did not provide specifics in his conference call with analysts and journalists after the company's disappointing second-quarter financial report.
Ford executives are also discussing a small minivan for the 2010 calendar year.
North American design chief Peter Horbury recently left the door open to borrowing a B-segment car from another part of the world.
www.lincoln-autoblog.com /2006/07/28/ford-company-leaders-rethinking-north-american-pla.php   (408 words)

 News - Ford Land
Ford Motor Company is developing Fairlane Green, a green retail and recreational center that sets the standard for environmentally and socially responsible development.
Fairlane Green is the largest landfill redevelopment project in Michigan and the largest under construction in the country for retail use.
Redevelopment of Fairlane Green was made possible through a master deed that allows Ford to maintain ownership of the subsurface land (the original landfill), while selling rights to develop the surface to third parties.
www.fordlanddevelopment.com /fairlane/f000/f000_story8.jsp   (1308 words)

 Ford Design Head Says Fairlane Nearly Identical to Concept
The production version of the upcoming Ford Fairlane will look nearly identical to the concept shown at the 2005 North American International Auto Show in Detroit, says J Mays, Ford Motor Co. chief creative officer and group vice president-design.
Ford has said the upcoming CUV will not be named the Fairlane, but it has yet to announce a new moniker.
The Fairlane replaces the Freestar, which will end its production run at Oakville next year and leave Ford without a minivan in its lineup.
wardsauto.com /ar/ford_design_fairlane   (265 words)

 Ford Motor Company Global Auto Shows » 2008 Focus: Ford’s Commitment to Small Cars   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Ford needs to realize people don’t have to vote but they have to buy cars and there are more car dealers to choose from than political candidates.
Ford, you got the interior right- really nailed it, but I can’t believe how ugly the exterior reskin of the Focus is. Swing and a miss…Sure it’s bold, but it’s not bold like the Jaguar concept, more like a toothless panhandler who will do anything to get your spare change.
Ford must NOT REALLY be hurting financially otherwise they would do the no-brainer move: get rid of their North American division(mostly white collar design/marketing types- most manufacturing jobs are gone anyways) for passenger cars and expand their European division to cover North America.
autoshows.ford.com /7/2007/01/04/ford-2008-focus   (18573 words)

 eBay Guides - Guide To 1967 Ford Fairlane
One marked a beginning: the debut of the Australian Ford Fairlane, the largest luxury car built in that country, which continues to be made to this day.
The other marked an end; though North American Fairlanes would continue to be built through 1972, 1967 was the last year the Fairlane "Thunderbolt" rolled out of the Ford factories.
This 1950s Fairlane represented Ford's luxury class, and was intended to compete with the Chevrolet Bel Air.
reviews.ebay.com /Guide-To-1967-Ford-Fairlane_W0QQugidZ10000000001130768?ssPageName=BUYGD:CAT:-1:SEARCH:5   (491 words)

 Ford's Plans Shrink Along With Its Workforce - washingtonpost.com
Ford's broad restructuring reflects an industry malaise that was further underscored yesterday by DaimlerChrysler AG's projection that it expects its Chrysler unit to lose $1.52 billion this quarter.
Ford said it doesn't expect to return to full-year profitability in its North American operations until after 2009.
Ford said it expected its U.S. market share to fall to "the low-16 percent range" by the end of the year and to as low as 14 percent in coming years, a level that endangers Ford's position as the No. 2 U.S. automaker.
www.washingtonpost.com /wp-dyn/content/article/2006/09/15/AR2006091500368.html   (855 words)

 Ford's turnaround plan derailed   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Ford faces most of the same challenges as GM, including skyrocketing health care costs, the annual tab for which Ford says equals what it pays for steel to build cars, and pension costs.
Ford already has announced some plans to eliminate more white-collar jobs in North America, and now insiders say, up to 30 percent of its salaried North American work force — or about 10,500 jobs — could go in the next few years.
Ford has more hybrids on tap in the near future, which could put it in a good position to capitalize on the predicted mini-boom in hybrids.
www.edmunds.com /insideline/do/Columns/articleId=106637   (917 words)

 BlueOvalNews (Ford News, Ford Forum) - THE LATEST NEWS
Ford is Mazda’s largest shareholder and strategic business partner, and this was Mulally’s first visit to Mazda in Hiroshima.
The company is donating the first Limited Edition Ford Shelby GT Standard Stratocaster® guitar in support of this annual charity event to benefit the Greater Cleveland United Way and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s education fund.
This is risky business, given that Ford’s 2005 decision to kill the Taurus centered on the fact that is was a “damaged brand,” spoiled beyond redemption by they company’s outright neglect in favor of a temporarily-profitable ride on the late-‘90’s SUV train.
www.blueovalnews.com   (838 words)

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