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Topic: Ford Island

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In the News (Wed 20 Feb 19)

  Welcome to Historic Hawaii Foundation
Ford Island - the centerpiece of the Pearl Harbor National Historic Landmark District - is adjacent to Battleship Row, now home to the USS Missouri Memorial Association, and a few yards away from the memorial to the USS Arizona, which sustained the heaviest loss of life that day.
Though the island's first use was for large-scale sugar cultivation, it was acquired by the U.S. government for Army and Navy development and transformed into a major air facility in the late 1930s.
Given its proximity to Battleship Row, and the fact that the island hosts the original airfield, air tower, World War II hangars, bungalows, officers' housing and more, it is imperative that we preserve the essence of Ford Island.
www.historichawaii.org /FordIsland.html   (642 words)

 Naval Air Station, Ford Island, during the Pearl Harbor Raid
Ford Island Naval Air Station, in the middle of Pearl Harbor, was headquarters of Patrol Wing Two, and an important target for the Japanese first wave raiders.
Several PBY patrol seaplanes and other aircraft were destroyed on Ford Island, and one big hangar was gutted.
Several planes from the aircraft carrier Enterprise, which was approaching Hawaii after a mission to Wake Island, arrived in the midst of the attack.
www.history.navy.mil /photos/events/wwii-pac/pearlhbr/ph-frd.htm   (1132 words)

 Ford Island
The Hawaiian island of Oahu is one of the most famous vacation destinations in the world.The "aloha" is Hawaii's special hospitality which welcomes visitors with its ocean vistas, golden beaches and perpetual spring like climate.
Before the nineteenth century Ford Island was known to Hawaiians as Moku'ume'ume, which literally translates as "island of the game." The "game" was limited to lesser chiefs and childless commoners and began around large bonfires where the chief in charge paired couples for the night.
The island's place in history was forever assured on December 7,1941, when the Japanese attack on Pearl harbor focused on the ships of the Pacific Fleet moored around Ford Island.
www2.hawaii.edu /~turner/oahu/fordisland.html   (579 words)

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www.wifusa.com /default.aspx?html=newford.html&s=ford   (478 words)

 Honolulu Star-Bulletin Hawaii News
Old seaplane hangars and seaplane ramps on Ford Island may be blended into a 75-acre visitor center that highlights World War II and the Pacific war, says Capt. Ray Snowden, commander of Navy Region Hawaii.
The United States acquired Ford Island in a series of negotiations from 1906 to 1916, the year the Army began installing gun batteries and officers' family quarters there.
This round of Ford Island planning began with Navy publication of a notice of intent in the April 14 Federal Register to prepare an environmental impact statement on Ford Island development.
www.starbulletin.com /2000/05/03/news/story7.html   (514 words)

 Paul Leicester Ford - Island 3
Although Ford vehemently denied this hearsay, he relished his rapid ascension to literary notability.
Rather than taking a chronological approach, Ford analyzed twelve aspects of each figure's career, and where ever possible, he used direct quotes to allow the subjects to speak for themselves.
Ford was applauded by scholars for his thoroughness and his ability to present Washington as an actual human being.
www.sc.edu /library/spcoll/amlit/plford/plf3.html   (543 words)

 Pacific Aviation Museum - Pearl Harbor, Hawaii
Ford Island is a 433-acre island strategically located in the middle of Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.
Numerous carrier-based planes that would have normally been parked at the Ford Island were at sea aboard their aircraft carriers for exercises that fateful morning.
Ford Island development became feasible when the Navy built a modern causeway to the island a few years ago.
www.pacificaviationmuseum.org /fordisland.php   (508 words)

 Honolulu Star-Bulletin Hawaii News
Campbell said when three developers are chosen at the end of August to submit their concepts of what Ford Island should look like, they will be given guidelines surrounding the various historical structures.
The Ford Island Development project is a multimillion-dollar public/private development made possible through special federal legislation adopted by Congress in 1999.
Ford Island is named after Dr. Seth Porter Ford, a physician who owned the island in the mid-1800s.
starbulletin.com /2001/06/25/news/story1.html   (910 words)

Ford claimed that he had discovered that the Federal Government, the FBI, and local police were working with the District Attorney's office to determine the cause of the mutilations.
Ford insisted that fires in the region had been deliberately lit to act as a diversion while a UFO was recovered.
Ford became increasingly paranoid in 1996, claiming that his phone was tapped and that he and his colleagues were being harassed by local police and other, unknown persons.
www.alienview.net /fordstor2.html   (4983 words)

 Ford Island - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
It is connected to the main island by the Ford Island Bridge.
The island officially has 1.83 km² (0.707 sq mi) of land and a population of 368 persons as of the 2000 census.
The island was in the center of the Pearl Harbor Attack, because of the battleship moorings surrounding the island.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Ford_Island   (485 words)

 Ford Island on polihale.com   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Ford Island is visible in this picture, as well as the historical markers that show where the battleships were anchored on December 7, 1941.
This is an excellent aerial picture of Ford Island, Pearl Harbor, the Ewa Plains, and the Waianae Mountains on the island of Oahu in Hawaii.
Ford Island is tiny, but has a major role in history because of the U.S. Navy and the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.
polihale.com /display/60331   (1183 words)

 Ford Motor Company - Press Release - Puerto Rico Ford dealers recognized for truck leadership
SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico, March 18, 1999 – Ford's nine Puerto Rico dealerships today were recognized by the company for their key role in 1998 in giving Ford a commanding lead in the commonwealth's truck market for the fourth consecutive year.
Ford also set a new record in 1998 in overall vehicle sales results, by delivering a total of 18,082 cars and trucks to Puerto Rican buyers - an increase of 12.5 percent compared to the year before.
Ford is off to a strong start in 1999, with car and truck sales up by a stunning 40 percent through the end of February.
media.ford.com /newsroom/release_display.cfm?release=1149   (704 words)

 Ford Island builds on its history - The Honolulu Advertiser - Hawaii's Newspaper
Now the island is in the midst of a transformation that could dramatically alter its appearance, its function, and its visibility.
An $84 million Ford Island master development project in the works by private developers calls for plans to build hundreds of two-bedroom apartments, dozens of two-story residential townhomes, and a waterfront promenade with shops and restaurants.
In 1964, the airfield was officially decommissioned and activity on the island slowed to a snail's pace.
the.honoluluadvertiser.com /article/2004/Dec/07/ln/ln10p.html   (1207 words)

 Naval Station Pearl Harbor Ford Island Development   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Before 1800, Ford Island may have supported only temporary habitation during fishing, collecting pili grass, and seasonal cultivation of crops due to the lack of water wells.
In 1962, the island’s airfield was decommissioned as an active naval airfield.
Later that year, the decommissioned USS Missouri was berthed on Ford Island, and in 1999 officially opened as a memorial and museum, honoring sailors and marines who fought for our country during time of war.
www.hawaii.navy.mil /FordIsland/FordIsland_History.htm   (333 words)

 The Pearl Harbor I remember
Ford Island maintained a small population of military and civilians when I was there.
My duties at Ford Island weren't that heroic, I was escorting prisoners to the base brig located at the time on the island.
It was difficult then and even more so now to think that those empty streets on Ford Island and the adjacent waterway, were the same ones that were filled with servicemen fighting for their lives and country and where thousands lost their lives.
www.suite101.com /article.cfm/african_american_lit_retired/86678   (499 words)

 Ford Island-Foreclosures Hawaii   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Ford Island - the centerpiece of the Pearl Harbor...
Ford Island Naval Air Station, in the middle of Pearl Harbor, was headquarters of Patrol Wing Two, and...
Full text of the article, 'Ford Island Photographer' from Wings of Gold, a publication in the field of News and Society, is provided free of charge by LookSmart's FindArticles service.
www.foreclosure-hawaii-us.info /ford-island.html   (772 words)

 Marine Corps Times - News - More News.   (Site not responding. Last check: )
FORD ISLAND, Hawaii — Herb Franck not only remembers Pearl Harbor, he remembers the first bomb blast there on December 7, 1941.
For six decades Ford Island, with its bullet holes, strafe marks and other reminders of the attack, sat undisturbed, a military outpost reachable only by ferryboat.
An $84 million Ford Island master development project in the works by private developers calls for plans to build hundreds of two-bedroom apartments, dozens of two-story residential townhomes, and a waterfront promenade with shops and restaurants.
www.marinetimes.com /story.php?f=1-292925-543313.php   (951 words)

 Media.Ford.com: Ford to offer unique line up of high-performance vehicles in Puerto Rico
Ford SVT was formed in the early 1990s with the charter to create limited edition, world-class performance vehicles worthy of the SVT badge.
Ford also announced the introduction of another one of a kind, high-performance vehicle: the 2003 Mustang Mach 1 special edition.
The Mach 1 was conceptualized at Ford's Vehicle Personalization group, a unit which develops “Buzz” vehicles – such as the Mustang Bullitt GT and the Midnight Escape.
media.ford.com /article_display.cfm?article_id=13067   (1023 words)

 Honolulu Star-Bulletin Local News
Ford Island neighbors plan to show their appreciation for the ferry's crews with a party as part of the "last ferry ride."
Besides shuttling Ford Island residents and workers, the ferry is the only means to carry supplies and repair crews to the island.
Accessible only by air or by boat, Ford Island is surrounded by a mystique reflecting its past and the attack on Pearl Harbor 57 years ago.
starbulletin.com /98/04/13/news/story2.html   (1178 words)

 The Prisoner of Shark Island. John Ford. | The Stop Button | Andrew Wickliffe   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Color didn’t change Ford too much, since the post-WWII calvary trilogy are not the same Ford as this film and at least one of those is fl and white.
The Shark Island Ford is the one who did exciting things with confined space and people’s place in that space, as opposed to the later Ford, who did things with open space and the place of people in that space.
I guess Shark Island never had a VHS release in the United States--but Fox Movie Channel shows it a couple times a year (probably not for President’s Day, though it would be interesting--the film presents Lincoln as a humane, soft-spoken, decent person, which modern Americans certainly don’t find appealing in a president).
www.thestopbutton.com /prisoner_of_shark_island_ford.html   (513 words)

 Paul Leicester Ford - Island 4
Ford served as the editor of this interesting volume, consisting of twelve anonymous short stories, one of which was written by Ford, "A Family Tradition." Some of the other famous authors included Sarah Orne Jewett, Owen Wister, George Washington Cable, and C.G.D. Roberts.
Because Ford was widely recognized as a literary and historical scholar, he was chosen in 1902 by the Dodd, Mead publishing firm to edit their new journal, the Bibliographer.
Ford is a permanent loss to American bibliography." A writer at Harper's Weekly stated that "there can be no doubt had Mr.
www.sc.edu /library/spcoll/amlit/plford/plf4.html   (579 words)

 Ford Island Photographer Wings of Gold - Find Articles
I joined VJ-I on Ford Island in Hawaii in November 1942 when USS Saratoga (CV-3) went into dry dock after her second torpedo hit.
Our photo lab was on Ford Island a mile from the barracks, the mess hall and the rest of the squadron, so we had a long walk to work.
The Pali was a sheer drop from the top of a mountain straight down nearly 2,000 feet to near sea level and the access road to it wound around all the way down.
findarticles.com /p/articles/mi_qa3834/is_200410/ai_n9521012   (986 words)

 Ford Island Development - dKosopedia
The US Navy envisions a development on Ford Island with a maximum of 420 family housing units, bachelor-enlisted quarters for 1,000 personnel, 190,000 square feet of office space for 1,500 additional employees and a training complex.
Ford Island to house new naval data central By William Cole (Honolulu Advertiser, 7-8-02)
Ford Island’s new lodge has military families happy to visit -- The accommodations in Pearl Harbor are part of a $500 million renovation project By Gregg K. Kakesako (Honolulu Star-Bulletin, 2-8-04)
www.dkosopedia.com /wiki/Ford_Island_Development   (247 words)

 Ford Island's aging historic sites face new assault - The Honolulu Advertiser - Hawaii's Newspaper
Ford Island's aging historic structures are suffering from decades of neglect and are in severe disrepair.
Elements on Ford Island that played a major role in World War II were listed in Categories 1 and 2, meaning they could not be altered, demolished or removed without first consulting with the state historic preservation officer and the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation.
Furthermore, she says the Navy is working on a new agreement to insure that none of Ford Island's historic elements — bullet holes and strafing marks included — will be removed without extensive consultations with public and private preservationist groups.
the.honoluluadvertiser.com /article/2001/Jul/07/ln/ln04a.html   (1416 words)

 Ford Island Photographer Wings of Gold - Find Articles   (Site not responding. Last check: )
I joined VJ-I on Ford Island in Hawaii in November 1942 when USS Saratoga (CV-3) went into dry dock after her second torpedo hit.
Our photo lab was on Ford Island a mile from the barracks, the mess hall and the rest of the squadron, so we had a long walk to work.
The Pali was a sheer drop from the top of a mountain straight down nearly 2,000 feet to near sea level and the access road to it wound around all the way down.
www.findarticles.com /p/articles/mi_qa3834/is_200410/ai_n9521012   (986 words)

 Ford Island Bridge Opening   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The bridge spans Pearl Harbor from the Halawa section of Honolulu to Ford Island.
Photo shows bridge under construction (Ford Island in the foreground and the USS Arizona memorial at right) Named Mokuumeume by Hawaiians, then Ford Island after its 1866 owner.
Continuing around the island, past the USS Arizona Memorial (just offshore) the old ferry slips, the Air Traffic Control Tower, and past the faded sign "Ford Island Post Office 96818" on the old Fire Station (now closed).
www.stampshows.com /fordisland.html   (476 words)

 Sanibel Island Hotels - Affordable Accommodations
The islands' summers yield warm Gulf waters that bring families back to its welcoming beaches year after year.
Upscale Captiva Island, connected by a bridge to Sanibel, is an exclusive, small community where you can walk to fine dining, live music, galleries, sunset on the beach or sunrise on the bay.
Close to both Sanibel Island and Ft. Myers is the lively community of Fort Myers Beach.
www.sanibel-island-hotels.com   (404 words)

 Junk Car Removal Ford Island, HI - Junk cars in Ford Island, Hawaii
Our nationwide pick-up is fast and free, and all proceeds from the junk cars are donated to benefit youth at risk in Ford Island and many other cities.
Junk-Car.org is a car donation program opened to help underprivileged children in Ford Island and many other cities in Hawaii.
You will receive a tax-deductable receipt when you junk your car in Ford Island.
www.junk-car.org /city/Ford-Island_HI.html   (379 words)

 AirNav: NPS - Ford Island NALF
In this space we feature lodging establishments that are convenient to the Ford Island NALF.
If your hotel/inn/B&B/resort is near the Ford Island NALF, provides convenient transportation, or is otherwise attractive to pilots, flight crews, and airport users, consider listing it here.
Distances are approximate, and may vary depending on the actual route traveled and the location of the travel start on the airport.
www.airnav.com /airport/NPS   (365 words)

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