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Topic: Ford Probe

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In the News (Mon 21 May 18)

  Ford Probe - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Ford Probe was a car produced by Ford between 1989 and 1997, with a redesign in 1993.
A sporty coupe, the Probe was intended to fill the market niche formerly occupied by the Capri in Europe, and although it was intended as the replacement to the Ford EXP, it was also considered a possible replacement for the Ford Mustang in the North American market.
The Probe was mechanically identical to the Mazda MX-6, and both cars shared the Mazda GD platform (1988 to 1992) and GE platform (1993 to 1997).
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Ford_Probe   (646 words)

 Probe - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A robotic probe is a device that uses onboard instruments to gather and relay a variety of telemetry to controllers from remote, hazardous or otherwise difficult to reach locations.
Probes may return their data over radio links or be physically tethered to controllers or another device, or to collect and return physical samples.
The word probe is also used to describe surgical instruments, such as a laparoscope, a device that assists with surgery on the human body by allowing doctors to see and manipulate organs without making large incisions.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Probe   (388 words)

 Ford Probe: Facts and details from Encyclopedia Topic   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-08-08)
The ford mondeo, launched in 1993, was billed as fords world car, and was also sold in north america as the ford contour and mercury mystique....
The ford orion is a four-door saloon automobile model introduced by fords european division in july 1983....
The ford ikon is a sedan version of the ford fiesta on the ford b platform....
www.absoluteastronomy.com /encyclopedia/f/fo/ford_probe.htm   (1355 words)

 History of The Ford Probe   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-08-08)
Ford was stretching the design boundaries because at that time the Probe was expected to replace the Mustang.
Ford insisted on a lower cowl, a lower hood, a lower nose, and a more steeply raked windshield than Mazda was prepared to produce.
The Probe faced such established competitors as the Toyota Celica, the Honda Prelude, and the Nissan 200SX, as well as the MX-6, but it showed itself to be a strong contender.
clubs.hemmings.com /clubsites/FLAPOC/flapoc/history.htm   (1125 words)

 Hard Drive: Ford Probe GT
Road Test: 1995 Ford Probe GT Sometimes, you meet someone you've lusted for from afar, and the experience isn't what it should be.
The 1995 Ford Probe GT is a siren song for the soul, a beacon to the car-weary, a flash of purest passion in a too-chaste world.
Both firms contributed to the gestation of the current Probe; where in the previous generation, Mazda's MX-6 led the engineering process, Ford set the hardpoints for the current model.
www.hardrive.com /reviews/probegt.htm   (2026 words)

 Ford Discussion Forum for Mustang, Ford Trucks, and all models - Ford Probe GT : 1993 Car of the Year.
Ford turned to partner Mazda to produce some of the magic installed in the Probe GT, but the result is tried-and-true American beef, built in a factory in Flat Rock, Michigan, just south of Motown.
The Ford Probe GT at last gives the Buy American crowd a chance to enjoy a world-class sport coupe in good conscience, and it gives import shoppers a strong alternative to import and transplanted offerings.
Like the exterior, the Probe's cabin is dominated by smooth, sweeping elliptical forms, from the dashboard to the levers, switches and hand grips on the doors.
www.fordforums.com /showthread.php?t=19834   (3439 words)

 Ford Parts - Partstrain.com
Ford is one of the few automobile companies that have outlasted all the challenges it faced throughout its history.
The Ford Motor Company was founded by Henry Ford in 1903 and was incorporated in the same year.
After the war, Ford was a publicly traded corporation although the Ford family still maintains a controlling interest in the company.
www.partstrain.com /ShopByVehicle/FORD   (382 words)

 Ford Probe Parts @ Car Parts Wholesale
It was also planned by Ford to replace the long-time successful Ford Mustang by the Ford Probe but Probe was not as successful as expected by the company.
Ford Mustang aficionados also opposed the rumors that the Ford Probe was going to be named as the Mustang III.
Although the Ford Probe had great potentials of competing well against cars of its class, it was worth the price of other more prestigious sports coupe makes, which unfortunately, others would prefer.
www.carpartswholesale.com /cpw/ford~probe~parts.html   (437 words)

 Ford Probe Homepage: Dedicated to the High-Performance ford Sports Coupe
Ford first introduced the Probe in 1989 with three trim levels: the GL, LX and GT.
The redesign in 1993 was the last major redesign for the Ford Probe as it was dropped in 1997 along with three other slow-selling Ford models.
Ford Probe Ford Parts are the best parts that you can give to your car whenever you feel like some of your parts are worned out.
www.bestperformancecar.com   (410 words)

 The Ford Mustang Probe
The Ford Mustang Probe is an IMSA racer that competed in the Grand Touring Prototype series during the mid-eighties.
Ford's racer shares part of its name with the sports coup that showed up on the scene just a few years later, but that's where the similarities end.
The Mustang Probe GTP sported a multi-port electronic fuel injected dual overhead cam 16-valve 2.1L 4-cylinder that produced an astounding 650 horsepower.
www.performanceprobe.com /gallery/misc.php?do=mustangprobe   (138 words)

 1993-97 Ford Probe Prices & Review   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-08-08)
Probe is a sleek 2-door hatchback, whereas Mazda's MX-6 is a 2-door notchback coupe.The Probe's wheelbase grew by four inches, overall length by two, but interior dimensions changed little.
The Consumer Guide® 1993-97 Ford Probe road test gives consumers a quick snapshot of a vehicle's performance with pros, cons, and numeric ratings.
The 1993-97 Ford Probe photo gallery includes both exterior and interior photographs the vehicle.
auto.consumerguide.com /auto/used/reviews/full/index.cfm/id/2040   (749 words)

 Advice buying Ford Probe? Any problems? - Forums   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-08-08)
One Ford mechanic who I spoke to on the phone who seemed very knowledgeable when it came to my Probe gave me several examples of how much it would cost me for things on "other" cars compared to my Probe, and the differences in price were ridiculous.
The Probe rode the curve as if it was on rails, even at twice the indicated ramp speed (kids, don't try this at home).
I have owned a ford probe for about 2 years and the overdrive light came on a few months ago and then it just somehow went out 2 weeks later, i learn to just ignore the dashboard lights on the probe.
townhall-talk.edmunds.com /direct/view/.ef0e9a2   (3068 words)

 Caprice VS Ford Probe: The Andru Badeira Page
FACT: If this shit brown Probe were to be involved in a head on collision with a Caprice, well the effects would be devastating, because, the only thing that outweighs the caprice is the owner of that unnamed shit brown Probe that has been the topic of this e-mail.
As a proud owner of a Ford Probe GT, I would like to say that by no means is that fat slob associated with Ford, Mazda, or any other ford owner in the country.
I would also like to bring to your attention, that the brown Ford Probe mentioned had, in no way, chosen to be purchased, owned or driven by the fat slob mentioned.
www.djbrian.net /archive/theboat/shit.html   (4388 words)

 Ford Probe Parts - Partstrain.com
The Ford Probe was introduced to the US market in 1989 and was nearly identical to the Mazda MX-6 when introduced.
Both the Ford Probe and the Mazda MX-6 were based on the Mazda GD platform from 1988 to 1992, and on the GE platform from 1993 to 1997.
But the car fell short of Ford’s expectations, as it was not able to match the success of the Ford Mustang and in fact never got near the expected sales figures.
www.partstrain.com /ShopByVehicle/FORD/PROBE   (456 words)

 Probe planet, ford probe performance
Thank goodness that reason and sanity won out and Ford didn't give in to those who had planned to replace the venerable Mustang with the Mazda-designed Probe sport coupe.
The Probe has grown old since it was unveiled in the 1989 model year.
It didn't help that early design exercises and concepts of what was to become the Probe were stunning and expectations were sky high for a mind-boggling hunk of sheet metal.
www.fordprobe.iwarp.com /performance.html   (286 words)

 Ford probe, 90 ford probe, 1994 ford probe gt
Covering all generations of the Ford Probe and MX6 as well as the 626 and.
The Probe was a joint venture between Mazda and Ford ford probe..
Ford was stretching the design boundaries because at that time the Probe was expected to replace.
www.auto-part-web.com /ford-probe.html   (289 words)

 Ford F150, Ford Probe, Ford Models, Ford Transmissions, Ford Performance, Ford Direct, Ford Sierra, Ford Apparel, Ford ...
ford topaz She read some of yours deserve a broom to be.
ford f150 I was an attractive engaging and took her this child's.
ford transmissions He sobered a slipper protruding from the new life was...
products.on.ufanet.ru /ford-736.html   (4207 words)

 1990-92 Ford Probe Prices & Review   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-08-08)
The Consumer Guide® 1990-92 Ford Probe road test gives consumers a quick snapshot of a vehicle's performance with pros, cons, and numeric ratings.
Our 1990-92 Ford Probe price charts allow you to calculate price based on condition, mileage, and equipment level.
The 1990-92 Ford Probe photo gallery includes both exterior and interior photographs the vehicle.
auto.consumerguide.com /auto/used/reviews/full/index.cfm/id/2161   (729 words)

 Ford Probe FAQ - Q & A
In response, Ford kept the Mustang as is and released the Ford Probe as an additional model to its lineup.
The Probe proved to be an instant hit, and Mustang sales were as strong as ever.
I have heard of one case where a Ford dealer installed some "missing pieces" in the dashboard of a '93 to eliminate a couple of rattles.
probefaq.org /qna.html   (1225 words)

 Concerns about ford probe gt   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-08-08)
FORD PROBE GT Ford Probe Gt ford probe gt...
Ford Probe Gt Cadillac Le Mans Felgen Gebrauchwagenmarkt audi cabrio cabriolet toyota zubehör isuzu händler gebrauchtwagenmarkt frankfurt renault megane coach auch kleintraporter zu verkaufen auto preisliste motoren tuning zweitakt;...
If Ford had made the Probe GT to perform as well as it looked, they would never have...
gadgets-gd.com /articles/42/ford-probe-gt.html   (166 words)

 Ford Alternator - Ford Taurus Alternator - Ford Probe Alternator - Ford Ranger Alternator
Ford Alternator - Ford Taurus Alternator - Ford Probe Alternator - Ford Ranger Alternator
The battery light on your dash is another indication of a bad Ford alternator.
Every Ford alternator we sell is designed for the specific model that it fits, and all parts on our rebuilt units are fully inspected and replaced where necessary.
www.car-stuff.com /fordalternator.htm   (329 words)

 Ford Forum - Enthusiast Forums for Ford Owners
Ford Forum is a Ford discussion forum & one stop resource for all Ford related discussions, with forum topics including vehicle maintenance, technical help on auto repairs and performance upgrades.
If this is your first visit to Ford Forum you may wish to view the Ford Forums FAQ page.
The latest minivan entry for Ford provides all of the technology in family vehicles with a smooth styling.
www.fordforum.com   (972 words)

 Import Modifications - 1993-97 Ford Probe GT, SE, GTS, KLZE
This mod will set your Probe apart from almost any other on the street and will give it an excellent agressive look.
Typical horsepower gains on the V6 Probe are between 4-8 horsepower.
The cd contains just about every Ford Probe Install and modification we know of as well as some of our other most popular modification articles such as the Lambo Door Conversion, Electric Supercharger Instructions and many, many more modifications.
www.importmodifications.com /fordprobe   (625 words)

 Ford Probe Hubcaps, Ford Probe Wheel Covers and hub caps - Hubcaps.com
Once you have located the picture of the Ford Probe hubcaps or Ford Probe wheel cap you need, please click on the order button below the picture or call us Toll Free with the Ford Probe hub cap item number located below that picture.
These are used Ford Probe hubcaps and Ford Probe wheel covers, in new condition.
We offer FREE SHIPPING on all Ford Probe hubcaps orders in the continental U.S. You may order your Ford Probe hubcaps securly online or call us Toll Free at (800) 826-5880 to place an order or for questions and answers.
www.hubcaps.org /probe.html   (234 words)

 Ford Probe -   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-08-08)
Chrome wheels were also included in the package, as well as having a "blank" center reflector.
Probetalk.com the Forums section is more useful than the rest of the site, which is to say, it's still useless.
AUTIV Budget Speed: 1993-97 Ford Probe GT - Information on buying a 1993-97 Ford Probe GT.
psychcentral.com /wiki/Ford_Probe   (708 words)

 Ford Discussion Forum for Mustang, Ford Trucks, and all models - 1990 Ford Probe GL HeadLights
Ford Discussion Forum for Mustang, Ford Trucks, and all models - 1990 Ford Probe GL HeadLights
Hey Everyone, i ending up buying a 1990 Ford Probe GL 2.2 L. i noticed when i turn off my lights the lights wont go down.
Ford family keeps dynasty alive through five generations
www.fordforums.com /showthread.php?t=67026   (180 words)

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